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OWIE! Worst Bladder Infection Ever!

I just had a 2nd trimester miscarriage 9 days ago. It was all very sad. Last week after the miscarriage, I enjoyed sugary comfort foods. I also avoided drinking much of any water because my milk was coming in and I wanted to minimize that. Then I wore a maxipad to catch all the post-delivery bleeding. It was all very sad. To add insult to injury, yesterday morning, I awoke with a terrible bladder infection.

I suffer from interstitial cystitis normally, and it is often virtually impossible to tell the difference between an infection and an IC flare, so I always go in and leave a urine culture at the dr.'s office. I will get results in 2 days. In the meantime, I'm 99% sure this is an infection because I'm able to manage my IC symptoms 99.9 % of the time via diet (avoiding foods I'm intolerant to).

My current symptoms are:
1) aching bladder, spasms
2) need to urinate frequently, even after emptying the bladder,
3) dull and sometimes sharp ache in abdomen and naval area.
4) 'tired' urethra from the constant need to urinate
5) Extremely tired...little to no sleep. Fear of falling asleep.
6) Spasms in the anal area muscles...like cramps, sharp and very painful.

What I'm doing:
I've taken 10 doses of Cantharis today. In the AM it worked amazingly and it significantly reduced my burning. Throughout the day, I seem to have plateaued.

Can it help up to a certain point, and then stop?

Please help. I have 3 kids I need to raise...the oldest is 6 and youngest is 1.5 and I can't seem to get out of bed.

  Happytobehere2007 on 2013-10-31
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
2 days for results??? When you go to the urgent care centers
they can tell you in 5 minutes, it is a simple test. They
even have these test kits at the drug stores now.

Call your doctor and tell them you need to know now.
I have seen Cantharis work and then stop bc it is palliating
not curing and then it is not easy to keep trying remedies
while the infection is growing-I would just handle it with
the doctor asap.
simone717 9 years ago
In the meantime you could start PULSATILLA 12C once every 4 hours till your symptoms persist or 3 days max.
rishimba 9 years ago
Sorry. I should have clarified...a simple urine 'dip' test does NOT identify an infection for me. Again, I have Interstitial Cystitis, and so I always have some white and red blood in my urine (not visible to the naked eye). So for example, the previous time I went in for a culture sample--about a year ago--they told me that according to the dip test, I had an infection. I had to insist that they send it in for a culture because a dip test does not work.
The sent it in, and I had NO INFECTION, although they had pronounced a infection in the office. This is one of the worst problems for IC sufferers, because doctors will over-perscribe antibiotics when you really actually don't have an infection.

So, I will not know about whether or not I have an infection until the results from the CULTURE comes back. A culture takes a few days because they have to wait and see if bacteria grows. That's the ONLY way an IC sufferer can tell the difference between a flare and an infection.

I do NOT want to take antibiotics. I was hoping for more advice :(

Update on how I feel today: I woke up today and my symptoms have improved A LOT but there still is burning and discomfort, so I took 4 cantharis pellets (the bottle suggests 5 pellets 3 times a day).

I my last post, I also forgot to say that I'm taking Uva Ursi (bladder herb, 1.44 g 3x a day in pill form, GoldenRod tincture, one tsp mixed in 2 oz of water, and Young Living Oil's 'Trauma Blend' as needed on the bottom of my feet.

I am being monitored by a natural doc, but he doesn't know much about homeopathy, and so far, I feel like all the improvement I've had was from the Cantharis (based on how I feel after I take the little pills).

Again, any advice is appreciated.
Happytobehere2007 9 years ago
Hi, glad you clarified on the test. If you are a lot better as you
say, I would continue what you are doing and wait for the
test results to get the facts on this.
simone717 9 years ago
Sorry to be so needy.
Within one hour after posting my reply this morning, my symptoms plummeted.

The symptoms are different now. A lot of pain at the end of urinating, chills, hot baths and compresses really help.

I'm thinking of switching to NuxVomica 30x. Am I allowed to do that if I started the morning with Cantharis?

My culture won't be done until tonight. I'll have to convince the doctor to work after hours for me to get results STAT.

Happytobehere2007 9 years ago
Please answer these questions:

How do you feel mentally & emotionally during infection (restless, irritable, weepy etc.) give details

How is your thirst

Mouth & lips dry??

Are you chilly or hot

How is your level of energy

What are the symptoms of infection (burning pain, cramping etc)

What makes them worse

What makes them better

I am at the computer for the next 15 min and can reply ASAP
fitness 9 years ago
Cantharis potency ?
fitness 9 years ago
OK! Give me a second to type my responses.
Happytobehere2007 9 years ago
I can't thank you enough. Bless you both.

Cantharis- 30x

How do you feel mentally & emotionally during infection (restless, irritable, weepy etc.) give details
I feel weepy. Remember, i lost baby girl 10 days ago in 2nd trimester. I feel very restless, a bit irritable although I'm putting concerted energy into being considerate of those around me.

How is your thirst:
I'm drinking buckets. But I could drink more. It's not as if I am THIRSTY and feeling deydrated, but I drink big cups without any problem or aversion. It is welcomed.

Mouth & lips dry?? Yes. Dry and chapped.

Are you chilly or hot? I'm sitting in a hot bath. Hot water helps. But when I don't have the hot water on me, I feel a bit chilly.

How is your level of energy? Low. Super tired.

What are the symptoms of infection (burning pain, cramping etc)
Pain, burning especially at end of pee (this was not present yesterday), a bit itchy after I pee and am walking around (so not itchy immediately after pee, but a few minutes after I void urine). I feel a dull but sharp ache in the middle of my bladder, beneath my belly button, I feel an ache in my navel,

What makes them worse? Not drinking water, and not voiding urine constantly.

What makes them better Hot water, hot compresses, voiding urine, voiding clear and diluted urine. The cantharis seems to help a bit, but I swear I plateau and it stops helping after a bit. Just like this AM. I woke up, had some slight pain, took 4, and I totally plummeted. I've taken one ever 1 or 1/2 hour and it seems to help more gradually.
Happytobehere2007 9 years ago
Gimme a few mins
fitness 9 years ago
If course. Thank you thank you.
Happytobehere2007 9 years ago
Your remedy is Arsenicum Album 200c.

Please take two doses 12 hrs apart. Just two doses. Not daily.

One dose is one pill.

First dose: ASAP.

Second dose: 12 hrs after the first dose.

Report back with changes observed.

P.S: If you don't have 200c, take three doses of 30c in one day. That's it.
fitness 9 years ago
STOP Cantharis, you may have overdosed on it.
fitness 9 years ago
I'm off to buy it. Thank you kindly,
Happytobehere2007 9 years ago
Hi, sorry. I could only find the Aresnicum Album 30 c. So I take 3 little pills now, and then that's it, right? That's what I'm going to do.
Happytobehere2007 9 years ago
Its ok if you have taken 3 pills, one would have been enough also.

Now here is what to do:

Dissolve one pill of the remedy in half a glass of water. Stir it and keep it handy.

If the symptoms don't improve constantly within 4-6 hrs, take one tea spoon from this mixture.

As long as the improvement is continuous, don't take any more dose.

If improvement stalls or there is a slide back, take another teaspoon from the same mixture after stirring it.

Continue doing this till full relief is obtained.

This is called plussed dosing, its very effective and doesn't cause aggravation.

Keep me posted.
fitness 9 years ago
OK. I will. Thanks again.
Happytobehere2007 9 years ago
Bad news: The culture came back negative. So I've been treating a bladder infection when I've been having a terrible Interstitial Cystitis Flare. In the past, I've always been able to manage the pain via diet (avoiding foods I'm intolerant to). Hormones also affect me. Now, post delivery of my miscarriage, I think the drastic shift in hormones are affecting my bladder. It's so painful.

I felt no improvement with the pill yesterday. I must confess, I caved and took an antibiotic (because I was so sure that I had an infection).

Now what? I'm so sorry I didn't stay compliant. But I was just so desperate for relief, and I had to take the kids out trick or treating.

Shall I mix the pill in water today and take the teaspoons as you suggested? I only have 30C of Aresnicum Album.

Thank you for your patience.
Happytobehere2007 9 years ago
No problem.

Please make the liquid dose as suggested. Take it 3 times a day today, then based on need once a day later on.

The symptoms are severe enough and will not yield quickly through 30c, that's why I said 200c.

You should see relief by end of day today.
fitness 9 years ago
It's so nice to hear back from you. Thank you. I will order a 200C for future use, but it won't arrive immediately.

I've mixed ONE 30C pill in a about 1 cup of water.

I will take the teaspoon as directed, totaling 3 tsp throughout the day.

I'll follow up tomorrow.

Thank you.
Happytobehere2007 9 years ago
Hey, quick question:
I'm ordering online:
Is Aresnicum Album 200CK the same as Aresnicum Album 200C?
Arsenicum-Album-200CK-80-Pellet/dp/B00..." rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">http://www.amazon.com/Arsenicum-Album-200CK-80-Pellet/dp/B00....
Happytobehere2007 9 years ago
Yes, its the same.
fitness 9 years ago
Hi! You're kind of the rainmaker, eih?

So my bladder is MUCH MUCH improved, so I will not be taking the plussed dose of Arsenica Album, 30 C today.

But I still have some residual discomfort. Just mild ache, and I feel like my bladder is full even though I've just emptied. It is still a bit distracting, but as far as real pain, that is gone.

Do I just let it continue to improve on it's own?
Do I take another plussed dose?
Or I could try the suggestion by rishimba 'PULSATILLA 12C once every 4 hours till your symptoms persist or 3 days max.'?

I also wanted to understand what happened earlier this week. Can you offer insight:
My bladder was bad. I took the Cantharis 30C and it got way better. The next morning, I had reported that things were better, and then I took more cantharis and my bladder infection herbs and I plummeted to pain that was worse than the original.
Is that what a homeopathic overdose is? Overdose=proves the symptoms?

Thank you for your help and time.
Happytobehere2007 9 years ago
I am glad you are better.

We NEVER mix remedies or take one after the other right away. NEVER.

We will only use Arsenic now.

Keep observing yourself for 6-8 hrs, if improvement is constant, don't take remedy. Let your body take over and achieve full cure.

If it stalls or slides back, take a dose.

Regarding Cantharis, it was a partial fitting remedy so it was not curative. And yes, overdose proves symptoms.
fitness 9 years ago
Once you are fully cured, you will need a constitutional SINGLE remedy to make you strong so that you rarely get a recurrence.

I'd say give yourself 2-3 weeks after full cure and then come back for it.

All the best.
fitness 9 years ago

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