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16 wk baby..sleep probs..chamomilla HELP PLZ

I need some help with my 16 week old daughter. She had been sleeping through the night (6-8 hours) until 5 weeks ago when we started her on somme medicine for her reflux (prilosec). Immediately that first night she began waking every 2 hours. We discontinued the medicine after 2 weeks (it was not helping and was likely causing her to have some stomach cramps) but she has continued the night waking.
She takes a few daytime naps but often wakes after 30 minutes and is very angry that she is awake. I often go in there, give her back her pacifier and pat her back to sleep.
Her hands are often cold and clammy, feet chilly, stools are dark yellow/brown and very sticky (she is only fed breastmilk). She gets mad when she has to go to sleep and fights it often until she passes out.
I started chamomilla 30c 2 days ago and last night she slept 8 hours...how long should I give it to her? I am afraid to get too excited and discontinue too early!
I also forgot to mention that she does have some reflux and often wakes with gassy bubbles.
We are desperate to get some sleep and get her some as well...thank you all ahead of time for your help!
  aurabindo on 2005-10-15
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Once she is stable on the Cham stop it and only give it again when the problem comes back,

This may happen 2 or 3 times.
walkin last decade
How do I know stable? Three nights of sleeping? Or more? Also, forgot to mention that I am giving her 30C three pills 3X/day...hope this is right!
aurabindo last decade
3 nights sleep is stable.
30c is too high---use 6x twice a day.

for reflux use silica
NOT the maritima sold by this site its a relative of the bluebell.

THey spell is Silicea
walkin last decade
Hi walkin,
Thanks for the reply. She had an ok day today..a bit out of it but had three naps each 1 1/2 hours, which for her is huge. Also was not too upset to put down and was able to put herself to sleep with not too much help. I spoke to a local homeopath today who said maybe it was right remedy but that now I might need a 1M dose...I think that is stronger and you are saying less potent is better so now I feel confused. Please excuse my ignorance on this...will a lower dose be helpful now, even though I have already dosed her with the 30C? Also, she is still having the forehead sweating a little when she feeds. If I get the silcea (I have 30x of this at home) can I use the strength I have or do I need lower. Also, should I give it to her at the same time as the chamomilla? Sorry so many questions. Thank you again!
aurabindo last decade
Potency is one of the most misunderstood parts of homeopathy.

In this case I would say that 1m is too high , although I personally believe in hi potencies.

30x of silica is ok -BUT do NOT use 2 remedies at the same time .

Probably best to do nothing for a week and see what happens.

As Prof Kent said "" on of the most difficult things is to ,, sit on your hands,, ie do nothing.
walkin last decade
Thank you Walkin for the quick reply. Before I read your post last night I had given her one dose of the 30C and she was very restless from 2;20AM onwards and is very fussy today...seems very drowsy, poor eye contact, worse relux with some sucking in of her bottom lip and back arching. Generally out of sorts. I will wait the week to see how things go. One question though...are these worsenings the effect of an overdose or is chamomilla the wrong remeday? Thanks again!
aurabindo last decade
Probably the effect of the hi potency - which should fade
walkin last decade
Thank you again! She had a rough night last night but seems just a tiny bit better this morning. If it is ok, I will wait the week and then update you mid week next week to see how to proceed.
aurabindo last decade
Now it has been 3 days and 4 nights since I gave the single dose of Chamomilla 30C. She had a decent day 2 days ago but a terrible night and has been bad since then. Now is having a lot of gas that smells like rotten eggs.
Also quite a bit of drooling and blowing bubbles.
Very sqirmy and uncomfortable in her bed (she is on her stomach).
Very tired but unable to sleep.
She has a very happy, friendly disposition when awake. Smiles a lot and easily.
Very bright eyed and interested in the world around her.
Most difficulty is when going to sleep. Alot of resistance to going to sleep even when tired. Seems to get wired from being awake too long and is hard to settle.
Anger at sleep time seems to be much better.
Wakes after first half hour of naps.
Continued waking every 2-3 hours at night.

I am wondering if the symptom picture still fits for Chamomilla. When I look at the info it seems to me that it does but that maybe she had a similar aggravation from too high a dose or me giving it too many times, too many days. Her personality is not a fit for the chamomilla but the reflux, gassiness, and sleep seem to fit.
Would love some feedback on how things are progressing and any thoughts on if it is the right remedy or too early to know.
Thank you deeply!
aurabindo last decade
Does she prefer to sleep on her stomach?

Has she ever done this with her bottom in the air?
walkin last decade
she has always slept on her stomach due to both the reflux and the fact that she twitches and flails a lot when she sleeps and she used to wake herself up. I think at this point she would prefer to sleep on her side but every time we put her down like that she wakes herself up and then can't go back to sleep because she is so busy looking around.

I don't ever remember her doing that with ehr bottom in the air. She used to turn her head from side to side and move around but never where she scrunched up quite that significantly.

Also note that her hands have always been very cold and clammy as have her feet (hands colder than feet though). The rest of her body seems warm. If I rest my hand on her and she falls asleep on me, we will both be sweaty where the skin was touching.
aurabindo last decade
I forgot to say that she continues to arch her back when on her back and seems sqirmy all the time.

Also that last night when we went in to give her back her pacifier at 1:00 AM she was passing a lot of gas.
Thank you again!
aurabindo last decade
The problem should fade away - but if some still remains try a single dose of Medorrhinum 30c
walkin last decade
That is very interesting. The Natoropathic physician we consulted here 2 months ago prescribed medorrhinum for her. We gave for 2 weeks and her reflux seemed a bit better (the dose was 30x three times a day). But after 2 weeks she was worse again and he had not given us any instruction on how to proceed (he thoought maybe she needed pulsatilla). At that point we did not have too much faith in him so we never followed up.
So I have a bottle of 30x here in the house.
Should I give the 30x or should I order the 30c?
How much longer should I wait to see if it fades? In 2 more days it will be a week since I gave that last single dose.
If the medorrhinum gets rid of the arching and the other side effects but she is still not sleeping, then do I give chamomilla again? And if so, at what dose and for how long?
aurabindo last decade
Just a little futher update. She is pretty much all over the place again. Took 2 good naps today but seemed tired all day. Fought being put to bed this eve and woke a half hour after being put down (as usual). I was unable to settle her down. She became very angry, thrashing about in her crib and moving her head from side to side. Crying as if she had been hurt or was very upset. I finally picked her up to soothe and a few minutes later she was calmer but looking very sad. Put her down again and it took 45 minutes for her to finally fall back asleep. We are beside oursevles. So frustrated that we are unable to figure out was is going on and why she stopped being able to sleep through the night (don;t know if meds or vaccines may have interfeared). Very nervous about doing anything for fear it will make things worse again.
aurabindo last decade
If you have the 30x use twice a day for 10 days - then wait and judge results after another 10 days
walkin last decade
Just one quick question before we start tomorrow with the medehrionum....If we notice an imporovement before the end of the 10 days, should we discontinue or keep giving regardless? Or conversely, if she gets worse?
aurabindo last decade
In the case of improvement stop anf wait - only resume if the improvement stops
walkin last decade
Thanks for the reply. Have been holding out on giving the mederhinnum to see what happens. Over the last 4 days her sleep has gotten progressively worse. She will sleep a half hour to 2 hours and then wake and take an hour or so to settle. She wakes very angry, thrashing around in her crib and standing on her feet with her bottom in the air. Finally she will settle and then sleep maybe 3 to 4 hours and then same again. She is only averaging a few uninterrupted hours a night and then fighting to go to sleep and then at the wake ups is the worst ever.
The sucking in of her bottom lip has gone away so that side effect is better.
I still feel she fits for a lot of the chamomilla profile (not all though) and it did work wonders for those 2 nights. It just seems that since that time she is going downwards progressively.
The interesting thing is that when she is not sleeping she is charming and sweet. It is like 2 totally different children.
aurabindo last decade
If she fits the chamomilla so well try getting the 3x I mentioned earlier.
walkin last decade
In earlier post you mentioned 6X twice a day...should I order the 6 or 3 and either way is it twice a day until symptoms improve?
aurabindo last decade
6x or 3x -- yes twice a day --until symptoms improve
walkin last decade
Hi.im mariyam from.india.my baby boy is 5 months old.he is a premature baby..he face a lot of sleep problem in both day and night.he look very much disturebed and he is a sound sleeper.doctors prrsccribed him melatonin tonic but that doesnt work on him..i dont want to give him chemical drugs.i want homeopathy treatment fot his problem .so plz can you advice me which medicnes should i use to cure his treatment.i cry a lot coz of him.....i want him to be relax n happy baby .plzz suggest me some medicnes that i can try to treat his sleep pattern in both day and night...thaankzz.
Draigardui 5 years ago

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