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4month almost 5 month old with baby reflux need help!!! ASAP

I've written into the forum before. I am aware of Nat Phos Nux Vomica Joe and everything.

I need advise please no rants.

My son was diagnosed with silent reflux at age 3 weeks.
we've had him on prevacid since 6 weeks old (Dr. suggested). It worked for a while but he got terrible belly pains. Starting 2 months we've been adding cereal(dr. suggedted too) to his formula as well. First we started with oatmeal and it made him gassy. Then Barley which he did great with but they discontinued it :( so I asked the Dr. and he said try Multigrain. We started that about a week before the flare up. He gets a tsp per ounce.
I finally took him off prevacid about a month ago (at almost 4 months old). i did it cold turkey.
I used Nat Phos 1/2 tabs 4x to help for 2 days and then just Chamomilla 1 tsp the 3rd day.
He did great for about 2 weeks. I mean an angel baby good.
Just these past 2 weeks the Flare up began.....
10/31 to be exact
I was driving in my car with him in his car seat he began to cry and I stopped at a gas station to console him in the back. I gave him his pacifier and he screamed and suddenly a huge goo bubble came out of his mouth he arched and more clear goo came out and he began choking. I freaked and I got him right out and calmed him down. Thanks goodness he was ok.
The next day(Friday) he did ok and Saturday became a little irritable.
Sunday 11/3 he was the worse!! Would not go down for longer than 20 minutes and crying from when he woke up.
Monday 11/4 I got him right on Nat Phos as I did the first time. I knew it was reflux.
Not to mention he is teething like a mad man.
Monday 11/4 I gave him 1/2 tab 3x He did ok but some waking out of sleep to scream.
11/5 Tuesday 1/2 tab 4x a day
He did ok but he had some stomach pain too pull in feet and crying. I feel Nat phos gives him stomach pain. Still wanted to be held and irritable.
11/6 wednesday 1 tab 4x Nat phos 1tsp of nux vomica 30c 1x He did great in morning but got irritable toward end of day whinig with stomach crunching. Hence why end of day Nux
11/7 Thursday 1 tab 5x 1 tsp nux v 2x Irritable toward mid day and set off by little things. Pooped major from Nux v napped better though.

11/8 Friday Nux v 1x Nat phos 1 tab 4x Still irritable but can be consoled. Still liked to be held.
Saturday 11/9 I just gave him Nat Phos 3x 1 time 1 tab 2x 1/2
Better but slightly irritable less stomach issues.
Sunday 11/10 I gave him 1 tsp of chamomilla and 2 tab Nat phos
Better mood just liitle flare up of reflux and irritable behavior with gulping reflux. Good Naps but constipated

Monday 11/11 2 tsp chamomilla 1 tab Nat Phos
Great baby and not too irritable. Slept amazing with naps

Tuesday 11/12 2 tsp Chamomilla 1 tab Nat phos
Great Naps and mood great slightly irritable just after last feeding of night though so gave nat phos because spit up. Pooped afternoon.

Today he started to spit up and became irritable late morning and needed to be held all day I gave him 2 tsp of chamomilla this morning and after arching and spit ups I have given 1 1/2 Nat phos so far. I first episode of arching and 1/2 after 3 pm feeding. He seems better now he is sleeping finally but he did not take longer than a 20 minute naps today.

Overall I have noticed he started to do better with mood toward this Tuesday. I am not sure if that is due to the Chamomilla or not.
I do think the Nat Phos works but too big of a dose I feel hurts his tummy.
The chamomilla I think worked with his mood and tummy issues and also he is teething like crazy ..hands always in mouth and irritable. I think the teething contributed to the reflux too.

My questions are .... are these the right remedies to be using?
Is it ok to use both if they seem to work?

He has always managed to sleep great at night 9pm-7am straight even with flare ups. But I notice he doesn't nap with flare ups.

I am thinking of maybe switching to rice cereal too maybe the multigrain is too much?

Please some opinions.....
  daniellec on 2013-11-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
is he tolerating breast feed ? i mean does he vomit or spit out milk while or after breastfeeding ?

is baby worse between 4-8pm and sometimes also at 2AM ?

Does he reject the breast and vomit up breastmilk as curds after feeding and are hungry after ?

any other symtoms like cramps, spasm and pain ?

What about tongue dirty white or brown in centre ?

Dr. Rahat
[message edited by Dr. Rahat on Wed, 13 Nov 2013 22:56:18 GMT]
Dr. Rahat 7 years ago
He is formula fed neocate and cereal.

He is worse from 2-5pm

Never vomits

no spasms other than arching when silent refluxing.

It is a little white in center
daniellec 7 years ago
Use Nat phos 3x 3 times in a day.

Lycopodium 30 at bed time only.

Report after 3 days.

Dr. Rahat
Dr. Rahat 7 years ago
Dr. Rahat, she is not going to be
able to go buy Nat Phos 3x. They sell
it here in 6x. It would have to be
ordered in 3x and that would take
some days. Lyco 30c is available at the store.
simone717 7 years ago
Why the lyco 30 if I might ask.
What does this do?
daniellec 7 years ago
Also do you not agree with the use of cham and Nat phos?
daniellec 7 years ago
I also want to mention his eating
7am 6oz formula 7teaspoon cereal
12pm 5 oz formula 6tsp cereal
4pm 5oz formula 6 tsp cereal
8pm 6oz formula 7 tsp cereal
daniellec 7 years ago
Kindly do as advised lycopodium will work or i will change the remedies equation. Don't worry your baby will be fine.

take 1 spoon of luke warm water put 3 drops of lycopodium 30.

Dr. Rahat
Dr. Rahat 7 years ago
They only come in pellet form boiran brand. Do 3 pellet in a spoon?
daniellec 7 years ago
What does lycopodium 30c do?
Before I purchase today.
Is it for reflux? For gas? For colic?
Please inform thanks :)
daniellec 7 years ago
Is it ok to use Chamomilla 30 c twice a day or as needed with Nat Phos 6x 5 times a day or as needed
My baby has reglux and is teethibg hard which makes the reflux worse.

I feel his symtoms match Chamomilla more and he was calm when he took it.
Please give me more info on lycopodium
daniellec 7 years ago
Dear daniellec,

As you mention in your previous post that your baby get worse between 2-5pm, That's why i prescribed lyco 30.

Just give him 1/2 pill 2 times in a day, no need to mix it with chamomilla or nat phos.

Wait for 24 hrs if lyco respond well then you may continue prescription till 2 days more then report to me.

If lyco fails then nothing will happen just go with chamomilla 30 dont mix it with nat phos.

Dr. Rahat
Dr. Rahat 7 years ago
Dr Rahat,

She cannot give him a 1/2 pill. What we
have in usa is boiron tiny pillules.
simone717 7 years ago
ok, fine then give 4 tiny pillules crushed in half spoon luke warm water or milk. 2 times in a day
[message edited by Dr. Rahat on Fri, 15 Nov 2013 20:27:08 GMT]
Dr. Rahat 7 years ago
As I had asked prior can I try chamomilla twice a day Along with Nat phos instead of lyco?. He seemed to respond well to it a a few days ago.
He did ok today so far slept this afternoon too for 2 hours!! That's great.
I gave him 1 nat phos full tab after 1st feed then 1/2 between 1st and 2nd feed as he refluxed a bit. Then 2nd feeding 1 full tab and I plan on doing 2 tabs later today
Like I said can I try chamomilla with nat phos or is this not a good combo? He is teething and arches a lot. Had is not an issue anymore.
daniellec 7 years ago
Is he is responding well then no need to give him lyco, if reflux resumes specifically 2-5pm then you may use lyco as prescribed.

Combo is fine but dont exceed it more than 3 days.

If you have been giving this combo since last 3 days then stop it and put him on Chamomilla only.

Dr. Rahat
Dr. Rahat 7 years ago
So far he is responding with just nat phos. But still little irritable if irritability persists tomorrow I will try adding chamomilla too. How much can I give with nat phos 6x 4 tabs a day.

How long should I do the nat phos is it safe to use for 2 weeks?
daniellec 7 years ago
How would I make the pellets if chamomilla. I get different answers from people.
Do I dissolve 4 pellets as well and in how much water?
Do I give him this mixture twice a day? Do I use tge same mixture or make new each dose????
daniellec 7 years ago
You are getting confuse and making me also if you are going with my prescription i request you to stick with me only.

here are the answers of your query.

'Nat phos 6x' 1/2 tablet in a milk just after feed.

If he doesn't respond then make it 1 tablt just after feed.

Pl. dont exceed the dose more than 5 tabs in a day.

Dont mix the remedies. If nat phos is responding then no need to hurry dont try to to mix the remedies just wait have patience.

Just stick with nat phos till 3 days then report.

Dr. Rahat
Dr. Rahat 7 years ago
Ok will do so continue nat phos 1 tab after feeds no more than 5 times adat. If he gets better do I dc trade tabs or stick with for 3 days.
daniellec 7 years ago
Sorry was typing fast. I will stick with Nat phos no more than 5 times in one day. If he starts getting better do I decrease amount? How long can he stay on nat phos until? When should I decrease when I see some results or 100% relief
daniellec 7 years ago
Dr. Rahat,

I wanted to ask you a question about this, please click
my name and email me, as I don't want to
cause any more
confusion for the patient here.


[message edited by simone717 on Sat, 16 Nov 2013 04:33:43 GMT]
simone717 7 years ago
So far nat phos is working. Question: he does not seem to burp sometimes after a feed is it still ok to give nat phos after or do I absolutely need to wait for a burp.
Another question he is definitely teething is it safe to use chamomilla with nat phos should I wait til reflux is 100% under control before I use Cham for teething not everyday but can I use a tsp when he is irritable from teething sometimes it's every other day ... Is that safe? If not what can I use for relief for him
daniellec 7 years ago
after feeding, take him in your lap vertically and stroke his backside, he will definately burp.

pl. continue nat phos

You may use chamomilla, when he is irritable.

Dr. Rahat
Dr. Rahat 7 years ago

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