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I'm trying to do the Best for my Father who has a Tumuor in his Stomach and Liver

Hello! I need help for my father who has a Tumuor in his Stomach and another one in his Liver. At the moment he is in a very difficult situation unfortunately, as his
health is detoriorating day by day.

This is a short summary of how everything started. Last year, my father was unfortunately diagnosed with Stomach Tumuor. All started after a gland/lump appeared on his left shoulder around the Clavicle Bone area. Initially, the lump was analysed by means of a bioposy and my father was informed that it contained abnormal cells.

Following that, a CT Scan was conducted and unfortunately, the Scan showed that my father had a Malignant Tumuor in his Stomach. Following this, in August last year, my father started to take Chemo where 6 sessions consisting of 6 continuous days (night+day) each session, have been given. These 6 sessions were given every two weeks over a period of 3 months. Sessions of Rays treatment were also given to him.

Later this year, further diagnosis showed that apart from the Stomach Tumuor, my father unfortunately developed another kind of Tumuor; this time in his Liver.

Following that, the Oncologist ordered that my father to start taking more Chemo sessions. In fact in August this year, the second set of Chemo sessions

started, consisiting of approximiately 6 hours each session (half-day sessions). The medical plan by his Doctor was to take a total of 8 sessions, but he took only 6 of these half day sessions. The reason was that the last CT scan conducted last September, showed that the tumuors in both his stomach and his liver were still
progressing and there was no point in keep on taking Chemotherapy as it was not being effective in fighting against the Tumuors which developed and kept on growing.

Last month, my father had an appointment with a Professor at the General Hospital; about his medical problems as a follow-up consultation. Unfortunately this Professor
informed my father, that the Tumuors which he has, are considered to be Grade 4 and he also described them as non-curable and also terminal, unfortunately. In other words, he was informed that at this stage, there is nothing one can do because since last year, the tumuors kept on growing and there was no improvement from last year.

The present situation is that my father is very weak, he lost a lot of weight in the past weeks and he is eating everyday, less and less. He also drinks only a little
bit everyday as well. He spends most of the time in bed, helpless. The strength is his body especially in his feet is diminishing. He vomits every 2/3 days and he feels his stomach full all the time. His appetite for food decreased a lot too. He also feels a muscle on his tummy/stomach moving. His doctors expalined that it has to do with his malfunction of his intestines. He feels also another different and uncomfortable upward movements in his stomach. For the first time after a year, last
week, he started to complain about a very uncomfortable pain in his ribs which he described as painful pressure on the side of his right ribs. This pain didn t leave
my father to sleep properly, and he had to take pain killers (paracetamols) in order to sleep properly. As from two days ago, he started to feel another new kind of pain together with the other 'pains', this time a burning kind of pain in his tummy which also made him have sleepless nights. During the day, the same kind of pains are repeating themselves, but are less when he stays on the sofa.

It is so sad to see him like this and very heartbreaking at the same time. He is the best father in the world, a good man and that's why I feel obliged to do whatever
possible and the best to help him get his strength back and fight against his health problems.

An important thing to let you know is that my father is currently taking some medicines which the doctors from hospitals gave him which are domperidone pills,
omeprazole ant-ulcer pills and potassium pills too. He is also following an Alkaline based-diet, based also on food which is 'good' for his blood type, which is 'O'
negative. This kind of diet was suggested by a Biochemist who gave also my father some health supplements and vitamins to help him against his fight against his
Stomach and Liver problems. But as I told you, everyday he is eating and drinking less and less. And undfortunately, things didn't improve much, I would say.

Following all this, a friend of mine who is into homepathy, got me in touch with a very experienced Homeopath who deals with patients like my father. After explaining my father's health situation he suggests my father to start having the following homepathy medicine for the coming 2 months:

1)Arsenic Album 3CH, in liquid form, one dose is 2 drops in a teaspoonful of water, one dose before every meal.

2) Hydrastis Can Q (Mother Tincture), in liquid form, one dose is five drops in a teaspoonful of water, two doses daily morning and evening.

3)Magnesia Phos 3DH, in tablets, 5 tabs a dose, one dose every 15 minutes till the relief for pain.

The reason I'm writing in this forum, is to get some opinions/feedback about the three different kind of Homepathy mecidicine which my father's Homepoath is suggesting for my father, as I am relatively new to this subject. So any opinions, feedback, recommendations, views, advice, etc which you might have about the best kind of homepathy for my father in his present and difficult situation, will be greatly appreciated.

I'm really thankful for your time and dedication in reading this email and I also appreciate if you can help me assist my father against the fight he has with the problems he has in his Stomach and in his liver.

Please feel free to ask if you need more details.

Thanks and regards,

Kevin on behalf of my father Jack
  kevin78 on 2013-11-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Ars in such a low potency should not be given.
Zady101 9 years ago
Other than Mag phos, dont give him anything. Give him Mag phos 6X and not 3DH.

Codurango 30C

Dissolve 2 drops in 3 tablespoons water on a cup, stir a few times and drink. Do this once everyday for 7 days and update me.

Nat phos 6X/ Nat Sulph 6X

2 tabs each 3 times a day

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Zady101 9 years ago
Hi- I suggest you get an opinion from the MD homeopaths
at http://www.pbhrfindia.org

These are very well known homeopaths who specialize
in cncr. with a homeopathic approach that is more
like allopathy. These are 3 generations of them focused
on cncr and they work and share info with the MD Anderson
Hospital in usa texas ( largest usa cncr center)

They will work with you along with any other methods
you choose to use. They also do not charge for patients
who cannot afford. Use the link I gave you, bc there
are other drs with the same name advertising treatments.

I think the best advice comes from people who have
already treated large numbers of cases like this.


simone717 9 years ago
Thanks a lot for your replies Zady & Simone. I really appreciate.

at Zady - may I ask you why you suggest not to give the Arsenic Album 3CH, in liquid form which you are describing as 'such a low potency'? and why you suggest also not to give the Ars & the Hydrastis Can Q but to give only the Mag Phos?

In fact so far I managed to get the Mag Phos 6CH is balls form. I m assuming it s the same thing you re referring to, that is the Mag Phos 6x.

Just to let you know, he is only having Mag Phos when he feels pain on his right side of his ribs and/or in his belly. And in fact it did release the pain and it's working. Everytime he is in quite considerable pain, the first thing I do is to put 3 balls of Mag Phos directly under his tongue and if he's still in pain after that or the pain remains the same, I give him 1 tea spoon of water from a 100ml glass with 3 balls of Mag Phos dissolved, every 15 mins and prolongate accordingly.

What he is complaining a lot about, however, is reflux. In fact he is having a lot of these especially during the day. And he tkes out several reflux during the day. Do you suggest he can take also Mag Phos to relief this, or something else?
kevin78 9 years ago
at Simone - thanks also for your very good advice Simone. It's good to know and I will try to get in touch with these Homepaths.

Have a great day and love and peace to all.

kevin78 9 years ago
Hi Kevin,

Zady is traveling, so you may want to click his name and
email him for faster response.

The natphos6x/ and the nat sulph are cell salts. The nat phos 6x
is excellent at helping stomach acidity and reflux. Cell salts
are mild and can be taken with other things. Don't know
where you are? or how hard it is for you to get remedies.
But if usa, they are in Whole Foods. Or North America you
can order from Vitacost online, if UK you can order from
Homeoforce online.
simone717 9 years ago

Pls start meds i prescribed without any delay.
Zady101 9 years ago
Thanks a lot for your help both Zady & Simone. At the end of the day we had to take a decision about which types of homepathy medicines path we need to follow and we came to the conslusion to follow the ones given by my homeopath's father, that is the three I listed above. It was not an easy decision to take, but we came to this conclusion.

Having said this, I'm sure the medicine you recommended is also a very good option. Thanks a lot guys for your help and advice guys.


kevin78 9 years ago
Ok Kevin, best of luck! There is no such term as 3rd or 4th stage in homeopathic parlance. This is a medical rubbish, of putting a timeline. Please stop all allopathic treatment. Take only homeopathic treatment. Your father's condition can be salvaged.
Zady101 9 years ago
Thanks a lot for your very nice and encouriging words, Zady. You managed to bring a smile on my face, and yes I truly believe in your words because in life, there's always a solution, especially woth natural ingredients.

Thanks a lot to everybody and may I wish you all the very best in life and in health.

Take care and thanks for your support.

hugs to all.

kevin78 9 years ago
Hi guys,

Let me update you a little bit of how things are at the time being.

The pain I referred to related with his right side ribs and in his tummy, was very well controlled using MAGNESIA PHOS 6CH balls. After 1 day using Mag Phos, it disappeared. All other pains are gone too. The thing is that he is now having a lot of reflux and the pain associated with that. But I'm not giving Mag Phos to tackle this, as it's noty a continous pain like he had in his right side of his ribs and in his tummy. The reflux always results in ejecting a very dark brown liquid from his mouth. It's odour it's quite particular and strong. The amount is sometimes in small volumes, sometimes quite a lot. And he is eating practically only liquids like fruit juices (freshly made), soups (freshly made too), and maybe 750ml of water everyday. We were given the advice to stop giving him solids for the time being. And anyway, his appetite diminshed a lot for food in general. We stopped all kind of allopathy and also the health supplements I mentioned in my original post, to give his body a break. Maybe this is resulting for more vomit as until some days ago, he was taking Domperidone Tablets which act as an 'anti-vomit', we were told from Hospital. So we're only treating with homeopathy for the time being. Till we receive the homeopathy medicine suggested by my father's homeopath, which are the Arsenic Album 3CH, in liquid form; the Hydrastis Can Q (Mother Tincture), in liquid form; and the Magnesia Phos 3DH, in tablets, I am giving my father the following kind of Homepathy:

- MAGNESIA PHOS 6CH balls whenever he feels pain in his right side of his ribs or in his tummy – started with 3 balls under his tongue followed by a small tea spoon of Mag phos balls dissolved in 100ml of water every 15minutes until the pain disappeared – and it seems that it worked for him, thank God.
- NUX VOMICA 30CH balls – I give this to combat the Reflux. If it's bad I start by giving him 3 balls of NUX directly under his tongue. If not as bad or if reflux persists, I give a small tea spoon of Nux balls dissolved in 100ml of water every 10minutes until the reflux decrease. Seems Nux is doing it's job, but not as desired and so from today, I am started using Lycopodium to check whether this is a better option than Nux. So for now we stopped giving NUX.
- LYCOPODIUM 30CH balls - started today instead of NUX to see whether this has a better result. Seems his body is having less reflux and also vomiting less. But still a bit early to compare with NUX. And to be honest he still has reflux symptoms. I have at my disposal, Phosphorica and Pulsatilla as well, but didn't use them so far.
- ARSENICUM ALBUM 30 CH balls – 3 balls under his tongue in the morning, another 3 in the afternoon, and 3 more before he sleeps. This we use as a part of the 'cure'.

The reflux is still taking place everyday and happens both during the day and night. The worse is when he's in bed mostly, and during the night. For example two nights ago, he woke up at 12.30am made an hour ejecting reflux and vomitting, slept and woke up again at around 3am because he had reflux and made till 6am awake ejecting the dark fluid. And of course he had a very tiring night. These same symptoms are also very frequent, whenever he wakes up after a sleep I mean; irrelevant whether it's in the morning, afternoon, evening or night, and irrelevant if he had a good sleep. Is it the problem itself which is causing this to happen? maybe because we stopped giving the allopathy? maybe the cleaning, detoxifying effect after all the chemo he received, etc!? honestly, I don't have an idea.

One last note. I've noticed a pattern that when my father has a 'good' day (i mean where he has breakfast, lunch and dinner and also drinks 'normally' – let's say max close to 800ml), he then has to pay the dues in the two days which follow. In these two days, especially in the first one, the reflux is heavy, vomit is very frequent and in bigger amounts. Then he enters into a kind of vicious circle during these two days, where he wants to stay all the time in bed, he eats a maximum of one 'meal' during the day (sometimes nothing), and drink very little. Would say maximum of 500ml. Makes two days like this. On the thiord one he feels better and here we go again.

Sorry for my very long reply, but the situation is like this at the time being.

Any ideas, suggestions and advice will be greatly appreciated.


kevin78 9 years ago

If you want treatment from me, I will guide you. However, i request that you do not self prescribe in this kind of condition. You would be better off taking treatment from your friends father or here with me but self prescribing is not advisable.
Zady101 9 years ago

I'm getting advice from a friend of mine who has been in homeopathy, for 15 years, but to be fair, she's not a homeopathy doctor. Until we get the proper medicine from abroad, the medicine which we're giving are based on her suggestions. The others are based on a homeopath doctor which is experienced with these kind of cases.

So any advice or suggestions you might have about the homeopathic medicine I'm currently giving, and especially, about how we can fight the reflux he's having, will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot Zady.


kevin78 9 years ago

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