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aggravation of symptoms good sign?

Hi to all,
I recently posted on here and never heard back so I'll this again.
I had been on calc. carb and kali carb each on at a time, and noticed huge inprovements, but some thing sjust still were missing. My personality didn't fit calc carb very well, and neither did it fit kali carb, Also while on the calc carb i got tons of white spots on nails and very dark circles under my eyes that seemed to be getting worse, and althoug both helped a bit with fluid retention in the face and body, I knew there was still room for improvent.
Then I read siliceas profile. Wow, personality spot on along with spinal deformities, spots on nails, osteoporosis, skin issues, ammenoreah, thyroid issues, youthful appearance, prone to exhaustion,
on and on.

So I took 6x of silicea, five pellets and immediately fluid began to worsen in my face. This has been a primary issue for me of unexplained origin. I took another dose four hours later thinking maybe I was imagining things, but no, definately worsened the chronic problem. I also felt
very sleepy all of a sudden and my eyelids collected fluid(a problem that kali carb never aggravated or helped)
My question is, where do. i go from here? I know that a string aggravation of symtpoms indicates a possible cure,
however I'm taking such a low potency that. i'm really at a loss for where to go at this point.
  brook29 on 2013-11-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I never got a response beck from those that I spoke with. So I proceeded, did more searching and deduced from the effects of the previous remedies where I needed to go. I found more info on silicea which Was recommended to me initially a long time ago, but had forgotten about it as the 'constitutional' remedy. When revisiting the silicea personality, I found it far more compelling than any symptom combination amongst the remedies, which seem to overlap. I would love to know your opinion.
brook29 8 years ago
Hi, checked my last thread and the last answer was mine to rehash som or the question. To be clear my lips are cracked at the corners but the fleashy part is not terribly dry. i'm also claustrophic with people sharing the space with me. Alone I am generally fine.should also mention that when i took the silicea Immediately developed a sore in the corner of my mouth and now there is a slight soreness on the left hand side deep with in my neck.
brook29 8 years ago
weight gain in the form of fat, water/swelling in face, around eyes, around chinand jawline, and body mostly midsection that fluctuates and can be profound
brook29 8 years ago
yes, I will attach below my answers to your questions previously.
brook29 8 years ago
I hope this is better for you. If you still need more info let me know. thanks.

Re: homeopathy is helping but need advice From brook29 on 2013-11-07
1. Your age & sex:

29 yrs old female

2. Describe your appearance i.e. weight, height, body type :
auburn/blonde hair, blue green lightish eyes full face particularly around the jaw line. tend to puff around eyelids as well. broad chest and back when heavier weight.
Hieght is 5'5' 154 pounds was around 114 four years ago prior to starting mentruation. Had higher progesterone then though than i do now. I look very youthful, about 19 years despite the fact that I'm 29.
Carry weight/water bloat around mid section upper arms and face puffy.

3. What is your main health problem & its symptoms :

Unable to reduce weight, despite extremely clean diet and activity. Fluid retention in face has been there even at times when weight was very low.

4. When did this main problem begin :

always had digestive issues. Chronic fatigue since as long as I can remember. Prone to infection since baby. Jaundice at birth with very swollen cheeks as a baby which worried my parents but was never revisited by doctors until i had pseudemonas of the bladder and urine backflow into kidneys at age 4. cramping, severe back fatigue at all points. Bit back pain worsened after going on hormone cream and latenet growth spirt at age 18. placed on birth control in late adolescence and really caused worsening of mood and digestion
After i re-fed at an eating disorder recovery center the facial swelling started. I had anorexia at 16-18.Weight problems also became more noticeable when I went on thyroid meds and also bioidentical progesterone cream.

5. Can you relate any event or events which triggered this problem :

I would have to say the infection and surgery as a young girly had a profound effect on me as well as losing my grandmother which deeply saddened my mom. My grandmother was very much like me. Were she still alive i think I'd be closer to her than my mom, as she would have helped me to understand my mom's emotional troubles better.
I have always had leaky gut/digestive issues that plagued me. I had an operation to lengthen my ureters at age 4 and was a rather sickly kid. Was bit by a tick in 3rd grade when I contracted lyme which remained somewhat dormant or hidden until college when the fatigue became unbearable. did not get my period until age 27.
whatever the origin, i have had ongoing problems with my pituitary and hormones making me very introverted and struggled through childhood emotionally,psychologically and academically low thyroid, ammenorhea, anorexia to avoid stomach discomfort and fatigue, etc.

6. What makes the main problem better :

In the past i uld have said fasting, however even that causes it's own form of crqmping and discomfort.
Less meat helps, or at least close attention to food combining such as carbs alone and meat alone and fruit alone. But went on a low carb diet and really aggravated chronic fatigue,thyroid and hormones.
Cool weather seems to make the swelling in my face better. and eating rice cakes with steamed broccoli and tahini makes my stomach feel the best. Acupuncture helps a bit and laying on my left side reclining but with a bend at the waist and a few pillows under my left armpit.Laying on a hard floor is heaven for me

I went on a Meyer's cocktail with Mag. iv drip two summers ago and lost about 17 lbs of water intwo weeks. It was shocking. But to this day very little causes change. A few of the homeopathics have helped a bit which is why I've decided to go this route. Calc carb definately made my skin and face more even toned, supple and a bit less puffy, and graphites made the constipation and purplish acne marks subside temp. And I probably sweated off a couple of pounds when i first tried kali carb. All the homeopathics have improved my energy and stamina though.

7. What makes it worse:

Eating and not eating. the fluid used to come on with food ingestion and now it's there all the time since i developed a severe case of estrogen dominance. Eating and sitting upright makes my spine sore and burn with sharp pains both gassy and not under both sides of rib cage. Sitting upright in a chair is horrible and brings cramps on immediately even when no eating. I have to crack my back to get any releif from the backpain brought on by sitting upright or eating. Pain in abdomen is like menstrual cramps most of the time as well as the stomach cramping. Sharp pains between hips across just above pubic bone. stressful situations worsen face reddening and heat on head.
Drinking water makes fluid worse also and sleeping flat on mattress at night the fluid comes up around my eyes and i wake with swollen lids and puffy face. Fluid moves downward throughout the day ending up around hips and groin area causing thighs to rub and chafe and catch on pants.

8. What other health problems do you have :

I have slow thyroid (low T3) which has improved as my weight has also climbed, Almost none existent progesterone and normal estrogen with slightly elevated testosterone at certain times. Lyme and epsteinn barr in remission. genito urinary issues rotated kidney causes pain at times, especially on waking. Also grey swirls/spots in front of eyes for morning meals and upon waking.

9. How do you feel mentally & emotionally (weepy, irritable, restless etc.) :
In general I'm restless about my painting but proud of starting it again after a long hiatus due to illness and disinterest. Excited about my future in a new city.

Since taking afew high doses of calc carb and nat mur my mood is great. I am managing my anxiety and depression which have been issues for me in the past. occoasionally forget to breath amd tense stomach are still issues in periods of stress though.

10. Describe your personality (stubborn, easy going, always in a hurry etc.):

I'm an artist. I'm an enima to most, including my parents sometimes. It seems to more people know me the less they understand. Still feel like child in many ways. Don't feel sexually mature, still a virgin. very strong bond with parents. Finally am strong enough to state my dreams though and live far away from them in the city amd am providing for myself. This big change was the most important thing I've ever done and really shocked my parents. Since prog. levels dropped my creativity has been negatively impacted. What was once an unspoken work for me is now much more tenuous and obligatory. It is so much a part of me but much more difficult to access. This scare me but I forge on in spite of this because it's important to me.
tendency to be easily disappointed by others and myself. I hesitate to start relatinships for fear of that person not liking me. I'm a brave person however. Have lived with total strangers and never drink or smoke to feel more relaxed in social situations so I very adaptable. I like to joke and be sarcastic which I think is my way of connecting with males for fear that they might think i was flirting. I have had a few intimate relationships with men but they were bad choices and I feared my decision. And frankly my health was so bad for about a decade that I really put relationships to everyone on the back burner.
Tend to be late. Smile easily. Independent thinker who often sacrifices her own thoughts and keeps quite in order to not ager anyone. For many years lived to please parents for fear they would get sick of me and not like me anymore.

11. How do you relax:

watch a movie while I have a meal, walk, go on subway and people watch, hang out in apartment with roomlmates.

12. Do you normally fight or flight :

I both fight and flight. I get very angry over injustice however I would just as soon leave a job that isn't going well or even remain in a bad situation than complain to the boss or state my opinion. If there were some sort of emergency though, I'm the type of person who would stay and try to take care of the problem.

13. What animals are you afraid of:

Rats, alligators, snakes, possums, raccoons

14. What situations are you afraid of (heights, closed spaces, ocean etc):

Tight things around my head claustrophobic to some degree. not that bad though.heights to some degree for fear someone will jump.

15. What occupies your mind mostly:

What to avoid eating in order to not bloat, and asking myself if I offended someone because try to be overly considerate and selfless even though I also often worry about my own well being. And my art and what I'm painting. Also very concerned with what others feel towards me.i was a loner for so long that i fear this will happen to me again that I'm too old to learn how to form long lasting friendships and relationships outside of my parents and brother. before i moved out of my parents house i was consumed by what they thought of me.

16. How do you respond to consolation & sympathy :

I am always the first to apologize in an arguement because I fear anyone being mad at me. even if they are wrong. If someone consoles me, I get uncomfortable and feel like too much focus is on me. And I might even think they resent having to console me, like I'm high maintenance.

17. Do you want to stay alone or with people :

I like to live with others but have my own private space. I like to eat alone so i can relax and recline so my stomach doesn't cramp up.

18. How is your sleep :

wake at around 2-4 since started taking homeopathics but have no trouble falling asleep.

19. Do you have any recurring dreams :
In general i cannot recal dreams that well

20. What type of weather do you like and how it affects your complaints:

Bad in hot, swell up all over face gets VERy red. yellow atound mouth can be noticeable. Cold weather makes nails turn blue feet cold face becomes more thin and dark circles around eyes become more pronounced as well. as purple acne
scars around mouth stand out.

21. Do you normally feel hot or cold:

I can be both drastically from sweating to freezing. the temp of foods is noticeable. Hot food makes me sweat, and cold food makes stomach hurt and nose cold along with hands and feet.

22. What type of clothes you wear :

No belts, baggy shirts and comfortable jeans. Casual more menswear influenced, than girly. no dresses but nice looking.

24. What foods you love:

I love tahini, papaya,chocolate but have 't had it in over ten years, carbs over meat but not real sugary stuff and definately not candy. Love the smell of pizza dough but haven't had that in a decade either due to food allergies.

24. What foods you hate:

beets parsnips spinach hominy pumpkin yellow squash green pepper

25. What taste you love (sweet, salty, sour, bitter) :


26. What taste you hate :


27. Do you want to eat indigestible foods (chalk, mud….) :


28. How is your thirst :

Drinking is difficult because the more i drink the more i retain. I can feel it slosh around in my stomach and so i try to drink small amount throughout the day and without food.

29.Do you have dry lips & mouth :

dry lips

30.Any coating on tongue first thing in the morning:

yellow in far back whitish coating midway back a bright red dots on the tip. also tooth mark on one side after sleeping

31. Any taste or smell from your mouth first thing in the morning :

at one point when i ate anything curciferous i.e broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, goiterogenic, rutabega, turnip I had a strong odor of these foods for about 24 hours afterward. this seems to have stopped. if i breathed through my nose the air from my nostrils smelled this way as well.

32. How is your skin:

skin tends to be spotty with enlarged pours around the nose in mornind espescially, wrinkly forehead when I drink a lot of water, puffy cheeks smal bumps on backs of arms and shoulders. very veiny legs, cherry angiomas on both breasts since taking prog. cream, dark purple marks from strange breakouts on temples, strong vertical indentation down middle of forehead above the brows and not from scowling. one hand has a markedly yellow cast to it while the other is normal. skin on toes is often dark purple when sitting in chairs. skin on face often clammy as with feet. Pinkness around mouth and chin and around nose and acne which was improved by a few homeo. most noticably calc carb. acne seems most inlfuenced by food. wrinkles at corners of mouth.

33. Details about your sweat (perspiration) :
Sweat easily but face just gets very red. food makes me sweat if its warm food. not a foul smell i don't think. i get by withou wearing deoderant. my feet sweat more than they used to though.

34. Any problems with ears, nose, chest, throat :
have trouble taking deep breaths not because i can't but because it just doesn't come naturally. i'm a shallow breather.
occasionally get a pain in neck throat area brought on by food.

36.How is your stool and urine:
constipation. various stool textures. difficult to pass in general. feels like lack of urge to go despite necessary need to. have had periods wher stool had smoke coming off of it regardless of room temp. very stange. mucous in stool after enemas or colonics. urine has large stringy mucus which almost looks like toilet tissue remnants but on closer examination is almost clear and snot like. also oil slick on urine when eating heavier oil like palm oil.

37. How is your sexual life & desire

i have no sex life:
i want it. i love men, love the feelings i have being around them. i just don't think they think i'm sexy or attractive. my body has gone through radical changes in the past two years and I have not really come to terms with the curvy veluptuous label. I was flat chested and boyish looking in physique a few years ago and now i have a little more going on then i know what to do with. I often flirt and then regress before the conversation is over.

38. Females menses details for regularity, flow, clots, discharge other than menses (reply to all these points)

first period ever at 27 with the help of chaste tree.prior to that had a cycle that correlated with my moms but never a flow. just bad cramps and emotions of fear and depression.
when i got my cycle i still lived with my parents. my mom, at practically the same time went into menopause. i think this is connected. i had a roommate who was female and i lost my period while i lived with her. she left for a month and i got my period while living with just guy roommates. since living with my new roommates(both girls)i have not had my period.for the first year and a half of my period i got my flow at exactly 2:30am in the middle of the night on a28 day cycle. cycle starts with brown spotting and is fairly lite during the day but nightime is heavier. severe emotion shifts during period time regardless of flow. Argue with parents, feel guilt, paranoia. sometimes if i was a day late i would stretch my hips and bring on the flow.
hips have sharp pain when walking. pinched nerve feeling. My hip bine structure is incredibly underdeveloped. i have a split endometrium and a complete septum.

39. What illnesses are running in your family, mother’s side & father’s side & brothers/sisters :

momsside: lung thyroid/autoimmune, digestive issues, depression eating disorders
fathers side: eating disorders, parkinsons, social anxiety,

40. Are you taking any medicines (allopathic or homeopathic) :

at the moment taking kali carb200 and carbo veg 200 on different days and with 3 day breaks in between. graphites 50m when i need constipation relief.

41. What homeopathic remedies have you taken in the past (potency, dose, approx. time frame):

have taken calc carb and nat mur and really helped witg my skin and anxiety immediately but the benefits subsided during the week in between 200c doses. I tried doing low doses of these during the days in between high boses and found I got horrible pain on my right side under ribcage so bad i couldn't stand up.

Kali carb did not releive swelling of eyelids like calc carb did, but lessened dark cirles a bit while calc worsened them around eyes.

Silicea6x caused immediate fatigue, sore in corner of mouth, facial swelling and around eyes and the numbness in left toes to become more noticeable. Did improve the texture and skintone of face despite the swelling. and took the redness away.
brook29 8 years ago
Do you mean the first text body i wrote, or when I answered all the questions. I'm not clear what original post you are referring to.

is the original posts. hope that helps
brook29 8 years ago

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