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Breast lumps, tenderness, fever

I am breastfeeding my 18 month old still and she has had a cold and is weaning herself, so not feeding as much.

Yesterday I started having lumps and tenderness. I have massaged it and stood for a while under the hot water in the shower. It hasn't gone down.

I have a fever of 100, so not a bad one. It was slightly higher and I took Belladonna. It is red in the area of tenderness.

I called Ask a Nurse and they say I need to be seen in the next 4 hours. I really don't want to be put on antibiotics. Any suggestions? Is this really something that I need to be seen about so quickly?
  lmhoopes on 2005-10-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
To ease tenderness and lumps and fever use bryonia 30c,5 drops in a little water four times daily.It will help you.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Did Belladonna help? In what potency did you take it? how often?
I think this condition can be helped with homoeopathy.
magicure last decade
Thank you for your replies, Sajjad and Magicure.

I used Belladonna 30x two times about 3 hours apart. It seemed to help a little, but not a lot. Then I did end up using the Bryonia. It was hard to tell if that made a difference. Maybe I didn't give either of them long enough time. I think I will try the Bryonia for a day or two to see what works.

I do feel better today than I thought I would. The fever is gone. The tenderness is still there along with the lumps. I am less tired than yesterday.

Thanks for the help.
lmhoopes last decade
a natural remedy that also helps is to wear a cabbage leaf in your bra. this is not a joke, I have used it myself and advised many other breastfeeding mums to try this - there is something in the leaf that helps this condition and the inflammation.
erika last decade
I got rid of my breast lumps, tenderness and fever after a few days of taking the Bryonia. They are back again and I would just start the Bryonia, but I also have a sore throat and fever which started before I noticed the lumps and tenderness. So I don't think the fever is due to the breast tendernessss, etc.

I took Belladonna several times yesterday and today to fight the fever. It started slowly yesterday. It wasn't sudden, but my face was red, etc. And I had a sore throat and headache.

After the Belladonna didn't work, I tried Ferrum Phos. I took it about three hours ago. It is now about 3:30 pm and my temperature is over 102, higher than it had been, so I don't think this is the right choice. It had been lingering between 100 and 101.

My headache is not as bad and neither is my sore throat. I feel a bit nauseous and chilled most of the time. I am not feeling like eating but am thirsty and want cold things.

My mood is calm. I am thinking I may fit Phosphorus or Nux Vomica but want to get someone's opinion. I am not irritable so am not sure about the Nux Vomica.
lmhoopes last decade
Now I also have achy legs.
lmhoopes last decade
erika last decade
Hi Erika or anyone, I ended up using Tylenol last night to get my fever down because it got to 103 and my husband works nights so I had no one to get the Phytolacca.

The fever was gone all day. I took the Phytolacca a couple of times today. The store I get it from only has 12C. I am feeling more energetic today and eating a little more although not at my normal level.

The breast lumps and tenderness have not improved and in fact seem maybe to be slightly worse. Plus it seems now to be going to my right side too where previously it had been only the left side.

Around 6:00 I took my temp because I felt chilled again and it is rising again. At that time it was 100. I know not a major fever but elevated anyway.

Do you think the Phytolacca is working?
lmhoopes last decade
I guess I could give more information about my symptoms, too. I coughed a lot last night and it took me until 3:30 to get to sleep. The cough is dry.

I have some hoarseness particularly in the morning and after eating lunch.

My nose is mostly stuffed up. Occasionally a clear discharge.

I am starting to be achy in other parts of my body besides breasts.
lmhoopes last decade
Alternate phytolacca and bryonia thrice daily atleast for a week.If fever is keep on coming back,there must be some other problem.Erika once advise you cabbage leaf.You did not try that,i was looking for the result,however Erika will advise you something again.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Thanks Sajjad. No I haven't tried the cabbage leaf yet. I will try that too.

When you say thrice daily do you mean to take both remedies three times a day alternating for a total of six or do you mean to alternate and take a total of three a day?
lmhoopes last decade
Alternation means one medicine first day and second medicine the second day and so on till cure,this is just to accelerate the cure.
sajjadakram635 last decade
I ended up taking both remedies every day for three times each to total six.

The tenderness and fever have left but I have been very very tired and worn out. I thought the tiredness was due to the cold or flu that I had. Could it be related to taking remedies the wrong way?

I'm so glad you responded, so now I will take it the right way and hopefully feel better. Thanks.
lmhoopes last decade
Tiredness may be due to cold,there is specific remedy for this but u dont need that,the tiredness will leave automatically.For your information only the remedy is SARCOLACTIC ACID.
sajjadakram635 last decade
all the symptoms you had which seemed like a cold or flu were most likely related to your mastitis, so your tiredness is normal during this and after this for a short while.
Pls follow Sajjad's advice.

Also get plenty of rest, make sure your dietary calcium intake is adequate, follow a good healthy diet and drink plenty of fresh water (not too much!! but plenty for you).
erika last decade
Thanks so much Erika and Sajjad. I wondered if it was all related to the mastitis. It makes sense especially with the tiredness.
lmhoopes last decade
Sajjad and Erika,
After I started to alternate the phytolacca and bryonia correctly, I began to gain energy and by yesterday I was able to say I felt better. I continued to take the remedies because I wasn't totally where I wanted to be.

Last night I had an elevated temperature just under 100F. I was up coughing until about 2:00 am. It is a cough that begins whenever I breathe in. I ended up getitng up and making hot lemon and honey. That calmed the coughing and I fell asleep by elevating my head to prevent more coughing fits.

During the night and today I have had achiness in my chest and back. It is hard to tell if some of the chest pain is more lumps.

My temperature is between 102 and 103 F. I am coughing again when I breath in.

I went to a naturopathic doctor today to pick up some vitamins that I use from him. He listened to my chest and it is okay.

I also had not used the cabbage leaves yet because we don't use cabbage for much and didn't have any in the house. I kept forgetting to put it on the list and then I started feeling better. I did get some tonight and have started using the cabbage leaves.

I tried to eat supper tonight but was nauseous and only ate a few bites. I feel kind of hungry now, but nothing really appeals to me.

I am planning to go back to a doctor on Tuesday. That is the first chance I have because I have missed so much work and do not want to miss anymore.

What can I do? Should I continue the same plan?
lmhoopes last decade
Just an update from yesterday's e-mail. I don't think that everything I described above is related to the mastitis anymore because my breasts no longer hurt and are not lumpy feeling. Wouldn't I feel it if I still had some infection there?
lmhoopes last decade
poor you - it's not much fun feeling so rotten for such a long time! Stop taking the remedies for one day and drink plenty of water, then come back with any remaining symptoms for advice on further remedies.
erika last decade
What erika said is correct.There is no need to take any remedy.
Take plenty of water but what you drink should come out,it is much better to drink water empty stomach and in the early morning without taking anything.Doing this the water will clean your body from any toxic agent that are held in the body in the lase 24 hours.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Hi. It has been about a day and a half since I took any remedies.

My symptoms include achiness in the left nostril and discharge from there. I have a head ache above my eyes, mostly the left one. The left eye burns a little.

Also some coughing during the night mostly dry but when I woke I had some yellowish mucus come up with the cough. The cough at night is sometimes a gagging kind of cough where I think I may vomit but don't.

I was very achy last night in the shoulder blades and lower back. It is better this morning but I can tell still there as I move around.

I am a little tired, draggy. Weepy I think from being sick for so long. But this isn't the worst I have felt. I think it is just the length that is discouraging.

Currently my temp is normal. Last night it hung around 100F and then in the night I woke up all sweaty and chilled.

I want to ask advice on books to have to learn more from. I really think homeopathy works because it has helped my son so much with his asthma type symptoms and I am good at treating that. I am discouraged though when I try to help myself. There is not a homeopathic doctor here. This website is wonderful and I rely on it. Sometimes action is needed quicker than an answer comes though, so I would like to be more educated. I use Everbody's Guide to Homeopathic Medicines by Stephen Cummings and Dana Ullman and I look up remedies on this website. Any other good books to recommend to be more precise in my remedy taking and giving?

I have an appt with a nurse practitioner tomorrow, the earliest they could give me. I think I am going to try to get one with another doctor today, just to see if there is any infection etc. I will report back any findings on that.
lmhoopes last decade
Well, I went to a doctor today, so in addition to the most recent post, I have more information.

I have an ear infection and sinusitis which I guess is a sinus infection. My ears are a little clogged feeling and itching. He said my right ear is red.

The doctor said that my lungs are clear and the coughing is coming from mucus from my nose.
lmhoopes last decade
I think you better take Kali Bichromicum 6c,5 drops in a little water twice daily atleast for 10 days for all your ear and sinus problems.
The best book for u is this,
Pr Willis Alonzo Dewey
This book will give you precise indication.Though it is a old book but worth reading.

sajjadakram635 last decade
Erika and Sajjad,
I have not posted for a while because I got better. I took the kali bichromium, only it was 12 pellets instead of 6 c drops. Would this matter?
I also took an antibiotic from the doctor.

It never seemed to go away completely even though I felt much better. I still had clogged ears and nasal discharge.

This week the symptoms became more obvious. It started out with watery discharge from my nose at night, along with stuffiness. Then it turned into thicker yellow green discharge. I took ars alb one night and it seemed to help it.

Yesterday I woke up feeling the breast lumps again and had a fever of about 101.5 F. I got it down with Nux Vomica.

Now I still have pain and tenderness in the left breast. It got worse over night because I heeded someone's advice to not nurse the infected breast. I pumped in the middle of the night but the infection seems to have spread and now covers nearly half of my breast. The skin is red.

I have continued nasal discharge, greenish, and hoarse voice.

I am now nursing the left breast and using the cabbage leaf, taking the phytolacca and putting garlic oil on my feet. Should I alternate the phytolacca and bryonia again?
lmhoopes last decade
Yes you can alternate Bryonia and Phytolacca.May i request you to take care of your breast it ia very senstive organ.sajjad.
sajjadakram635 last decade

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