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for god sake help overpowering sleep,excessive sleep,excessive dreams,even 12 hours sleep is unreffreshed. 3


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for god sake help overpowering sleep,excessive sleep,excessive dreams,even 12 hours sleep is unreffreshed...

age 23
tongue white coated complete.not mapped total white coated in the morning,later after eating only tip comes in orignal colour but remaning part of the tongue reamins white.this coating absorve colour when i drink cola it becomes black,after tea yellow.

feet and hands burns at night.that stop me to sleep.better from washing.in summer this symptom goes to its intence then i use wet towel and put it on feets hands arms.

this symptom comes from sleeping too much whitch day i sleep much that day great anxitey and pressure in temple and at that time feet thumb nail slightely change its colour from tranparent to lite dark brown black color..some time dizzy feeling,and in dizzy feeling dont have proper word for that like small dots rising in head,when you hit your elbow on table that rising sensation it is like that

thirst increased frequent need for cold water about one glass.increased urination.hunger is also good.
like sweet most salty and sour things as well.

weak memory,can not carrey the trend of thought while reading have to re read.

my main problem is sleep.
excessive sleep,excessive dreaming,if i have noting to do in a day i will sleep around 12 hours in that sleep i will woke up and see the time and sleep angain i will see the time twich or thrice,when i woke up i feel that my sleep is not completed need more sleep and whenever i woke up i was in a dream.dream are not frightful that disturb me sleep dreams are most of the time about frieds family aobut things i am worried.for example my mobile memory car stuck in mobile and i am dreaming about that.most of time with out logic with out sence,talking with them going with them at some place.dreams comes like continious movie.i have difficulty to falling a sleep sometime tolly tire and sleepy but could not fall a sleep,frequent yawning but can not go to sleep in mind thinking ideas,but when i am slept then i can continiously sleep 11 to 12 hours in that while one time after 5 to 7 hours of sleep i woke up go to toilet for urine,drink water then come back and sleep easily again.in total sleep i woke up 2 to 3 time watch time and sleep again.and in that 2 to three time i was dreaming.and i am sure i dream all the night.when i see time that i have slept 9 hours i try to get out of bed but i feel i am not slept completly i need more sleep.some time sleep is to seet i can not get out of it.

but if i woke up and get out of bed even after 6 hours or 7 hours then all the day i will not get any nap but i will feel i am not completly slept.unable to leave the bed.

never told my frieds about depression try to behave like normal but i am not.when depressed dislike compnay.some time like dislike the compnay of strangers.
incomplete erection,prostaic fluid discharge on every erection.some time one drop comes in tip wiht out erection.premature ejaculation.

past medications.

acid phos.30c,200d,200c,1000c
for a 3 months on 200d other twich or thrice.ome time acid phos worked like magic but it would not last more than one or two day so repeat and it agin worked but not every time so i changed potencies but no use.

kali phos,6d for two week.

Kali Phos 30c 3 to four doses.no change

natrium muriaticum..200c for two weeks no change

nux vomica.30 d 30 c 1000c
before sleep it some time helped me to fall a sleep.

anacardium orientale 200c for two weeks no change

agnus caustus 200c for two weeks no change

arsenicum album 200c 1000c
for two weeks no change

sulphur 1000c 6 to 8 doses after a week period and it helped a little in matter of burning feet and hands

indolum 6d 30d 30c 200c for two months in that time changed that potencies start from 6d then onward no use.

silecia 30c two to there times

arnica 30c for to five times

gelesium 30c two to three times
caladium 30c two to three times
lycopodium 30 for week 200c few doses
pulstilla 200c taking from a week one dose every day on own pricscription.

i searched through internet a lot red books articles,from 3 to 4 years i am suffring from this.read and try a possible medicine.for passing time best prefrence is watch a movie.
  nachiii on 2013-12-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
P stop trying so many med that too in high potency .pl take nux vom 30 evening time for 5days .Drink more water.Report after 5days and then I will advise you.
akshaymohl 9 years ago
many many thanks you replied.

sir i have nux vomica 30 at home so i have taken one dose and continue as you advised.

after that which medicine you want me to use it took around two days to get a medicine because medical stores normally not keep the homeopahtic medicine at store.they order for it to compnay.i asked this so i can get in time.

the other medicines i have used before

lachesis 200c two to thress doses

and SKATOLUM 30d also few doses.

last night dreams,4 people in that dream,from 4 people i know three persons,one is my best friend and second is a man who alway ready to qurell i met them one by one shake hand and called there name in dream,and said there name and asked how are you then i asked them why you came here,my friend said that i came to fight with naveed,he is talking behind me.naveed is my another good friend .then i asked him that how you came to know he is talking behind you.he said sajid told me.then in dream i am telling him sajid is like this like that.he is not a person whom you can trust.and in reality he is also like this.

why i worte this dream because i took there name in dream i described the qualities of that person that he is not a trust able person i said many things about him.all were true.

i am curious that was i dreaming or was i thinking.

food i did not ate at home,


ladys finger,bhindi

taroo,arbi or arvi

and tori

boiled rice

these all food have sticky thing inside.

in childhood i had bedwetting problem at the age of 14 it stoped i used homeopahtic medicine for that not sure it was the effect of that or time was the cure.
when i was in my country two yers ago i have allergic flue in a week one time or two,i get the flue,in that flue continious sneezing and the intersting thing it finish in a day after sleep totally gone no symptom left.

it was i think dust allergy and ellergy from strong smells like perfume and petrol.

or on morning when i woke up i will start sneezing.
i used to say to my parents i starts sneezing is due to when you woke me from sleep early,if i am not slept completly it start sneezing so let me sleep one hour more.in this was they do not disturb me many time.

but that time my sleep was not like this i goo for a walk and running before going to school.before i sleep at 10 or 11 then woke at 6 o clock.in age of 16.

do not have any white hairs.
height 6 feet weight about 85 to 87 kg.
have normal hairs of chest and arms of size half inch but there are some extra long hairs on arms and chest on some spaces size is little more than one inch and those are extra black and shiny.
3 fatty lumps in arms on diffrent places.of size less than half inch from many years and they did not increase there size or quantity.
i came to knwo that are fatty lumps because my uncle have many of same size in skin and they showed to doctor,then it was removed by surgery and they build again.

i know that allopathy can give a little relief me from my symptoms but i have faith in homeopahty.and i want a complete cure.thats why i am not taking allopathy and dying every day.i do not want to be a person who live on pill.
[message edited by nachiii on Wed, 18 Dec 2013 18:03:30 GMT]
nachiii 9 years ago
Interesting case
mani_jee 9 years ago

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