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Cat passing bloody mucus from rectum

Dear Simone,

My cat who is 16 years old passed bright red blood stained mucus, dime size twice last night. She cried while straining to pass stool. I massaged her abdomen. She is eating a small amount of wet food today and appears calm. She has no bowel movement for 2 days. I have given her sardines in olive oil and a hair ball remedy containing petroleum. Is there a homeopathic remedy that you can recommend. My homeopath is not available at this time.

Best wishes and sincere thanks.
  declan on 2013-12-26
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Hi Declan,

Try Nux vomica 30c. Mix one pellet in two tablespoons
of water and use a dropper to squirt a teaspoon
into the mouth.

If there is no effect after 5 hours you can do this
2 more times with 5 hour gaps. Report in 24 hours
after the last dose if nothing has changed.
simone717 6 years ago
Dear Simone,

I gave my cat Nux Vomica 30C, 1 tsp. dissolved in 2 tablespoons of water several days ago. After one dose she calmed down. Since then she has used the litter box to pass urine only. I assume that her bowel has been working recently because she has been eating and drinking as usual daily. She was calm for days with no blood traces in litter box.

At 2.30am on Sunday she started crying and moaning again. She ran to the litter box every 10 minutes, for approximately one hour. I gave her one dose of Nux Vomica 30C and she setlled down for the night. At 9am I noticed small blood stain in litter box with tiny hard stools. I have given Button one more dose of Nux Vomica 30C . She is calm at this time. She ate her wet food this morning to which I added olive oil. She is drinking lots of warm water. Her diet is gluten free and has not changed. Last week my fiancé noticed bird feathers outside her home. She may have killed a bird and ate it.

I will report back to you soon and let you know about my cat's progress.

Thank you so much for your help. I am happy that you are available. It is hard to watch a pet suffer. Declan
declan 6 years ago
Hi Declan,

So when you say she was calm for days and no blood traces
in the litter box?

Do you mean you actually saw the stool in the litter box?
And if you did was it the normal type stool?

I think you have to clean out the litter box so that you can
check it every 5 hours or so and see what the actual
stool looks like.

How old is the cat? What is the actual diet you give the cat?

Just fyi- on wet food you have to give the cat either turkey or
chicken, as simple as possible - you want the diet to be
what cats in the wild would eat, that is what their digestion
is set up for, otherwise there can be kidney issues down the line.
The kibble should have as the first listed ingredient as either
chicken or turkey bc the first ingredient listed is what is
mostly in there.
simone717 6 years ago
Dear Simone,

I saw stools in the litter box in the early hours of this morning after I gave her Nux Vomica remedy. The stools were smaller than usual, looked like pellets. I clean her litter box daily and I have seen no stools in the box for at least 2 days. I assumed that she was having bowel movements outside. I thought that perhaps she did not want to use litter box for defaecation because of a bad association with the box. My cat uses litter box daily for urination and defaecation because there are many dogs roaming around my house.

My cat is female and is 16 years old. This is the first time that she has been constipated.

Her diet consists of wet food, fish, chicken and liver dinner. The first ingredient is chicken. The food is free of meat by-products, corn, soy, wheat, gluten, artificial flavoring and colorings, sugars and sweeteners.

I also give my cat dry food once daily mixed with water, grain free product. The first ingredient is chicken meal. The food contains peas, sweet potatoes, pea protein, roasted venison, smoked salmon, ocean fish meal. Lactobacillus products, vitamins and minerals. I have given this food to my cat for a long time.

My partner was feeding her treats recently. The ingredients were not good. They contained food colorings and dyes. I discontinued them last week.

Thank you for your concern.
declan 6 years ago

I think if the litter box was empty that she was still constipated.

Try giving her a dose of phosphorus 30c the same way
as you gave the nux. See what goes on after 6 or seven hours,
if nothing, give another dose of it and report back the next day.

Up to you of course on the diet, but I would discontinue giving
the wet food of fish and the liver and just do the chicken or


simone717 6 years ago
Dear Simone,

I gave my cat Phosphorous 30C as suggested yesterday. I noticed that my cat was very lethargic and was reluctant to eat or drink much.

I contacted my reiki healer. She said that my cat had pain higher up in the stomach as it empties into the duodenum. This is why her colon is rigid as she holds it in. My healer said that she is pre-ulcerish. She worked on her digestive system and restored balance and fluids.

Today, I checked Button's litter box and her stools are normal, with more bulk. She eliminated more than usual.

Please let me know if there is a homeopathic remedy that I can give her to ward off an ulcer.

Thank you so much for helping me and my cat. I appreciate your efforts.

Regards Declan
declan 6 years ago
Hi Declan,

Happy to hear that
Button is better. The phosphorus is used for small
pellet stools that can have blood in them. Your cat does not
have symptoms of an ulcer.http://www.petmd.com/cat/conditions/digestive/c_ct_gastroduo....

I would not worry about this. Just see how she does, if she
gets constipated again, use your healer and see if that works.
If it does not, give another dose of phosphorus.

Wishing you, your fiancee and Button a Happy Healthy New Year!


simone717 6 years ago
Dear Simone.

Last Saturday I brought my cat to the vet because she was constipated again. X-ray showed a hard piece of stool lodged in the middle of descending colon. Three round deposits seen in stomach. Vet thought they were mineral deposits. Button has a slight heart murmur. I am taking cat to the vet again for urine test. My energy healer worked on my cat to help remove blockage.

My cat does not use the litter box for defaecation because she prefers to go outside. The neighbor's dogs are not at home these days.

Yesterday morning Button passed stools in litter box, normal consistency with no blood streaked mucus.

This afternoon she passed one stool with tiny blood streaked mucus on it.

I have given her Lactulose daily which was prescribed by vet.

Kidney function test results

BUN is 54 Normal is 37
Creatinine is 2.9 Normal is 2.5.
Dr. likes the Creatinine at 2.0

Please let me know the appropriate homeopathic remedy for my cat.

Many thanks. Declan
declan 6 years ago
Hi Declan,

Will get back to you tomorrow.
simone717 6 years ago
Hi Declan,

First, did the Vet talk to you about the hard stool stuck in
the intestine. Sometimes these things have to be manually
removed-how do you know it is gone?

Second on the creatine, this has a lot to do with diet as
I told you about earlier...

If you want to tell me the general area of where you are,
I can research a homeopathic vet, or at least give you
an online homeopathic vet.

You are going to need some expert homeopathic advice,
due to multiple conditions and the age of the cat.
I would not try to treat the cat on the forum- you need
a real vet that knows homeopathy.
simone717 6 years ago
If you like I can assist.

Please answer these questions:

2. What are the symptoms of the problem:
3. What makes the problem better:
4. What makes the problem worse:
5. How are you feeling mentally & emotionally during the problem (restless, calm, stubborn, weepy, want to be alone, fear of death etc):
6. Are you feeling cold or warm:
7. How is your level of energy:
8. How is your thirst:
9. Are your lips or mouth dry:
10. Your likes in food regarding taste (salty, sweet, sour etc):
11. Your likes in food regarding temperature (cold, hot etc).:
12. Your dislikes in food regarding taste (salty, sweet, sour etc):
13. Your dislikes in food regarding temperature (cold, hot etc).:
14. Any other health issues that you have:
fitness 6 years ago

How can the he answer Questions, 5, 6, 9 10 11 13

The cat needs a diet change, if you study kidney disease
in cats, they lose nephrons as they get older that cannot
be replaced, and cats in the wild hardly ever have this
issue bc the food corresponds to the diet that is right
for their digestive set up.

Declan if you want to you can email me about finding
a homeopathic vet that can work with what your
present vet is doing.
simone717 6 years ago
An observant pet owner can answer these or say don't know.
fitness 6 years ago
Dear Simone,

Many thanks for your help with my cat. I took her to the vet for a repeat X-ray of colon. Obstructed area is now clear. Button is eating and drinking well. I have changed her diet as you suggested. Stools are soft and normal. There is no sign of blood streaked mucus in stool. My vet recommended that I lower the protein content in food to rest the kidneys. I have contacted a homeopath and I am awaiting a response from her. Best wishes Declan
declan 6 years ago
That's great Declan. Happy to hear that, thanks for letting
me know.


simone717 6 years ago

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