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back /shoulder muscles/joint + knee pain + acidity, etc.

Dear Doctor,
I am 37, weight 67, height 5.6”
I have been suffering from back shoulder muscles/joint + knee pain + acidity.
The details are as follows:
1. MIND: Nervous, restlessness, want to do all thinks to do hurry, ambitious, talent but lack of courage & confident but I have a good academic result, caring, kind hearted to poor, fear of death always, fear of thief & dark, fear of thunder, fallen in love easily earlier but can never say. I am really nervous to face any kind of interview, trembling occurs throughout my body.
2. EXTREMITIES: Too much Shoulder, neck, back joint muscle pain and I feel better when lie down or lean with something. Also a gentle massage to my muscles feels better as I marked yellow in the pictures and which I have been suffering from my age of 14. It might be that I have to read much sitting continuously at my reading desk. And still much pain I feel to writ this message. May this pain caused by stomach pain and acidity.
3. A bit knee weakness + pain now & aggravated by cold weather.
4. Slight finger joint pain.
5. Waist & knee pain was much at my age of 13 and I had to take some injection of PANADOR LA (penicillin)
6. HANDS: Hands trembles during writing at the last minute of examination may caused by super tension.
7. Feet sweats much and bad smells much to socks, but much improvement I feel by taking Silica 1M for a month long.
8. CHEST: sometimes chest inside pinching pain occurs when I burst into laughter, may be caused by much acidity.
9. STOMACH: The most important thing is that I have been suffering from my childhood for a pain in stomach upper part or middle, a tiny thumb like area, and this pain basically occurs only after eating while walking. Earlier it disturbs 70% now disturbs 30%.
10. HICCUP: it occurs by taking much chilly.
11. Bowels system: weak from childhood, loose motion, no constipation.
12. RECTUM: Few days earlier I suffered much rectum itching for about 8 month and get rid of by using allopathic ointment.
13. ACIDITY: much acidity feel and it really creates a pressure at whole chest.
14. HAIR: Also I highlighted yellow marking in which area I feel pain under the root of hair. Only gentle massage can realize the pain.
15. HEAD: Sweats much at back head specially during playing badminton, etc. A partial sweat occurs at armpit during tense or taking with others at phone. And much painful pimples grow only in that highlighted yellow marking area on head, suffers few days and get rid of them automatically. But suffers sometimes. This head pimples (3~5pcs only) might appears due to interrupted sleep. Also it is noted that I was hurt at my right head at my age of 6. As soon as I was hurt everything was moving in front of me and it happed few minutes. After that vomiting arises. I was suffered 2 days then. But still today I cannot move head frequently as other can do.
16. SLEEP: not good, sleeps broken 1 or 2 times.
17. DREAM: things that I am always thinking something in sleep, but cannot recollect sometimes.
18. THERMAL: Reluctant to go for bath, cold water at 1st feels chillness. Do not like too much hot & cold weather. But like gentle breeze & spring weather.
19. I feel hot on my face, ears, back neck area specially, perhaps when I am in tense. And after bath it aggravates and I have to give normal cold water on my face, ear and neck and feel better.
20. NOSE: After bath most of the times sneeze occurs due to this hot feeling sensation perhaps.
21. Also in hot dump room increase my sneeze, water discharge from nose with itching as well as watery eyes.
22. EYE: For more than 1 years my eyes lower part are sunken and darkness visible, but it should be removed. Also I am a bit color-blind as I did not read the colorblind book as my age of 15 at Air-force examination.
23. FACE: on my left face 3/4 tiny sunken hole and right face 1/2 which may be I think it is caused as a cannel creates inside my right cheek from my age of 14. Though I cannot express it properly & not serious but why it is staying such a longtime. Sometimes pimples create on face upper part 1/2, not much & not much visible in appearance.
24. MOUTH: I carefully see Most of the time at the 1st word is difficult to say, but then is frequent.
25. TOUNGE: get sour after eating, which I have to brush to remove white tick substances
26. TASTE: I like to eat all kind of foods. I like much to take hot tea and cold drink in hot weather.
27. Apatite: is less
28. THROAT: Tonsillitis from my childhood & suffered 80%, now suffered sometimes.
29. COUGH: most of the time I feel tickling cough and suffered much basically at night 9~12pm caused by some food or drinking water goes inside of respiratory area.
30. SKIN: it is dry and gets crack in winter season basically hands and legs and have to used oil/gisarine. In my childhood at 5 I had itching throughout the body and got rid of by using allopathic medicine so far remember.
31. ABSESESS: sometimes abscess occuers in acute summer season at armpit, chest, finger, thigh as I had a record.
32. TENSION: now I feel tension basically about my financial matters/loans as it need improvement
33. Earlier my ASO TITRE found 250 in my childhood.
34. palm & feet feel burning sensation.
35. Feel much reluctant to get rid of from bed in the morning.
36. Weakness
37. weakness of teeth from childhood.

I took earlier –
Calc carb 1M
Lyco 1M
Phos 1M
Silica 1M (works better)
and many more.

But I am really suffering from pain at back muscles joints as mentioned aforesaid.
i) My mother suffered acute Rheumatoid Arthritis for 24 years & died in kidney failure caused by taking huge medicine.
ii) My maternal grand mother suffered acute Rheumatoid Arthritis.
iii) My father suffered diabetics and died in heart attack as caused by smoking.
iv) My paternal grandmother suffered in diabetics and died in gangrene.
v) My paternal grandfather became blind at his age of 78 and suffered more 10 years and died.
vi) My maternal grandfather suffered in diabetics and suffered many diseases, gold bladder operation and died in respiratory problem.

I want to fully cure and do want to attack such kind of disease.

Please help and advise.

Kind regards,
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  mati on 2014-01-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
adding more point 34~37

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mati 9 years ago
Try ARGENT NIT 30C three doses on a single day,each dose every 4 hours.

See the response in the next 7 days. If you feel better come back to me for a long term dosage.
rishimba 9 years ago
Dear Doctor,

Many thanks and let me come back after 7 days.

kind regards.
mati 9 years ago
Dear Doctor,

It really improves my overall condition 65% and feel much better.

Please advise to proceed further.

Best regards,
mati 9 years ago
If you are improving gradually, no need to take any further dose.

When you see your improvements have stopped or you are going down-hill, take a two doses of ARGENT NIT 200C on a single day maybe 4 hours apart.

Then wait and watch your condition for the next one week.

Keep me posted once every week for the first few weeks.
rishimba 9 years ago
Dear Doctor,

Noted with many thanks and keep you update accordingly.

Best regards,
mati 9 years ago
Dear Doctor,

Sorry for late reply due to otherwise busy but i follow your instruction and took 200c and by this time also took Argent Nit 1M and feels better. Cheeks sunken area improves but i feel both knee pains during movements and both shoulder/scapula joint pain are still there. Mild message feels better.
Also i really feel much weakness all the time, specially in the morning to get rid from the bed as we go to bed at night as 11.30pm~12.00am, I like tea much to get refreshment. Please help & advise.
Best regards,
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mati 9 years ago
What's your exact suffering at present? Sensations as you feel and can describe in your own words.

Exact locations?

What triggers the pain?

What makes it better and what makes it worse? Like

Time, Temperature, Initial movement, Continuous movement, Hot or cold application, Rubbing, Hard pressure etc.
rishimba 9 years ago
i) back joints muscles pain near shoulder is not improve much, attached images as marked red.
Very mild message on that area feels better & i suffered it from my childhood. Much reading by sitting on chair & table or do any work by sitting or lying down continuously. Is it rheumatism!

ii) both knee joints pain feel a bit more than earlier. It occurs during movement specially walking, from knee bend sitting to standing.

iii) Tongue becomes sour after eating, specially sugar may be, all time.

iv) Tongue is not clean, have to brush

iv) I have a bit financial tense, disturbed sleep, eyes lower part becomes more blackish shade as attachment.

v)Appetite is there but not too much.

vi) Though think acidity reduces but acidity feels more by eating too much tea or oil, butter, etc. Sometime pinching chest pain occurs caused by much acidity and too much laughter.

vii) I like to eat all thinks except paesh, semai (local name)

viii) My father, paternal grand mother, maternal grand farther, had diabetics

ix) Naturally I am lean and thin at my age of 37 but looks 27 and a bit weak from my childhood and after attacked by Typhoid in 2003 i became more weak in physically.

x) My skin, lip are very much rough in winter.

Please advise
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mati 9 years ago

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mati 9 years ago
Does the knee pain reduce by itself after walking a few steps or does it continue to increase as long as you walk?
rishimba 9 years ago
yes, the knee pain reduce by itself after walking a few steps..
mati 9 years ago
If you have tried LYCOPODIUM 200C, what was the outcome?

You can take lycopodium 200C once every six hours on a single day. Wait and watch the response.

Report to me the changes in next 10 days.
rishimba 9 years ago
Noted & thanks for the remedy and come back soon.
mati 9 years ago
Dear Doctor,

Lycopodium-200 i took accordingly and feel a bit better, overall improvement 40%, specially my tongue sourness removed 80%. morning weaness is there still there improvement 30%. Knee improved 50%. But recent two days, i attached by stomach pain, may food problem. Dysentry Pain comes and i have to move to toilet. Loose motion with a bit mucus. And i see whenever my stomach is not good my weakness, knee pain aggravated much. Last two days at 3.30am i had to move to toilet due to stomach pain/dysentry biting.

2/3 pimple is visible on face sometimes and it cures automatically. but I don't like it, need fully cured because though it cured but there remains a spot or a tiny hole that really destroy the surface of the face. attached images for ref. only.

Below eye a bit sunken is visible for last two years. And i think it happens due to loan/financial pressure.

Mentally there is a similaity with lycopodium, but i have burning sensation at my hand's palm & feet.

Few hairs have already turn into white.

Please advise i need 100% improvement specially at stomach, tongue sourness, morning weakness, knee pain.

Also i most of the time am attacked by cold, huge sneezing, watery discharge from nose, water at eyes as well. and after bath sneezing aggravates.

Best regards,
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mati 9 years ago

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mati 9 years ago

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mati 9 years ago
When did you take the last dose of lycopodium?

What are your sufferings now?
rishimba 9 years ago
last dose taken 10 days back and after 10 days i again took it. But knee pain still remains as well as back should pains, throat pain due to Hot & cold weather. Acidity as well, in stomach middle area a light pain/irritating feeling before and after eating as well.
mati 9 years ago
Now sufferings:
i) a bit knee pain only from knet bent from sanding and a bit walking feels goods. Somtimes feels knee bone joints do not moves easily. Is it synovial fluid problem cause by Arthritis.

ii) acidity

iii) eye smarting sensation

iv) Shoulder pain improved 30%.

Please advise..
mati 9 years ago
i) my tongue gets sour again, please advise.

ii) face gets sunken a bit caused by pimple

please advise.
mati 9 years ago
Dear doctor Rishimba,

i) tough gets sour.

ii) 5days back I suffered huge sour vomiting with headache + eyeache

iii) slight irritating sensation at middle stomach sometime

iv) Knee pain

v)weakness in the morning.

vi) Weak bowel system a bit improved by Lyco 200 by this time i took 1M & 10M but...
most of the time outside foods creates pain at my stomach and have to move to toilet. In that case sulpher works

vii) After bath sneezing occurs most of the time.

viii) i don't know i am patient of sulpher/phos/heper sul/ lyco/ sil/ NM/Ign/stafisag or other..

ix) i am a person of a bit restlessness, nervous, burning sensation at feet & hands' palm, high ambition, tension for money,

pls help & advise.
mati 9 years ago
have there any clue to remove my face sunken problem as there was a tiny canal inside cheek from my age of 15.
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mati 9 years ago
right face side the sunken is much, has there any remedy in homeopathy...

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mati 9 years ago

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