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Virus not going away


Posted recent but had trouble with log in so here goes again,

I have had virus symptoms for nearly two weeks and cant get rid of it.

I have a naturopath but haven't been able to contact him the last few days and i am getting frustrated as not getting better and missing out on a lot of work.

-Location and sensation of the most affected part. :I have aches in arms and legs mostly. Its my sore throat which is worst.
It feels like something is stuck like phlem, have only managed to cough up slight phlem green in colour. But otherwise unable to get it out. Throat a little swollen. Worse talking.
Stomach feels like its bubbling sometimes. Slightly loose bowel movements, but haven't gone much. Slight headache top of head and sides but its not bad. Sometimes dizzy

-Probable cause of the ailment. A virus possibly going around at my work.

-Amount and colour of phlegm. A little, Green

-How does it sound when you cough. I don't have a cough.

-And fever. A little bit

-When is it worst and when is it better. Its bad 24/7 at the moment i guess worst at night.
Worse getting up and walking around.

-How is your thirst and hunger. Not very thirsty or hungry, and i am the sort of person who is usually always hungry and eating.

-Describe your personality.
I am shy in crowds but can be very talkative with people i know. I can be easily annoyed, caring, concerned of others.Down to earth. Creative.

-What makes it better and worse? Lying down makes it better. and drinking Honey Lemon tea.
Talking makes it worse ( I work in a call centre )and walking around.

I have been drinking Honey Lemon Ginger and Cayenne pepper tea.

I think the Cayenne was upsetting stomach i cut it back a bit.

I have been on Gels recommended by naturopath ( not sure what dosage) 4 Pills every few hrs over the last few days which hasn't helped and have discontinued yesterday.

Does anyone have suggestions until i can hopefully reach him?
  Sarah83 on 2014-01-24
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Try 3 doses of Kali Bich 30c.

Take 3 pills under tongue and then wait for 3 to 4 hours.
If there is improvement, do NOT take another dose till
symptoms return or you plateau.

If no response after first dose, try another one in 4 hours,
and again if no response try one more time. If after
3 tries, nothing happens then you go to another remedy.

You can take up to 5000mg of Vitamin C, divided up during
the day.
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simone717 9 years ago
Just went to GP she says i have virus / Laryringitis.

I dont have Kali Bich 30c.

I can post remedies i have in moment.

Thanks for your help!!
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Sarah83 9 years ago
Chromnium tablets. Rhus 200c. Aluminia. Iodon 6. Staph 30. Ars Iod. arg nit30. Sulphur 200. Sulphur 6. Sulf Ion . Try Res ( or TrY ren i cant read naturopath writing )
Anas B. Graph6. Graph 30. Urtica. Phos30. Sepia30. Psorinum. Psor 30. Psorinum 10m. Psornium 200. Kali Ars 10m. Tub m. Lycop 200.Lycop 20. Crot Ttige( again cant read spelling of it well
Nat Mur.

The only med of these that i am on is Nat Mur 2 x day for eczema.
Sarah83 9 years ago
Hi Sarah,

What potency of Nat Mur are you taking?

How long have you been doing this?
simone717 9 years ago
I have been on Nat Mur 30 for many months, close to a year even wouldn't know how many to be honest!.

I take one in morning and one at night.
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Sarah83 9 years ago

I am asking this bc I think you have had too much
Nat Mur.

Too much Nat mur can have symptoms of sore throat,
raw throat, raw voice box , inflammation etc.
No homeopath has a person take a remedy everyday
for months. So the nat mur can well be causing
the throat issues and cold symptoms and they
are not going to leave until you stop nat mur.

How is the eczema doing?
simone717 9 years ago
Yeah i felt like i have been taking it too long but whenever i ask he says to keep going with it..

My eczema is fine, hardly flare ups for over a year. Only if i eat wrong foods ie dairy or sugar.

It used to be chronic all over now just a few patches which i can hardly see on my ankles. Skin is soft and almost like anyone else's skin
Sarah83 9 years ago
There are a lot of naturopaths out there who are not well trained in
homeopathy and use remedies like they are supplements or herbs.

The homeopathic remedy is to activate your own life force to
clear the problem. If a remedy is correct, then you would see
improvements and then stop the remedy until symptoms come back
or plateau. The gaps between taking the remedy should get longer
and longer until you are cured. So you no longer need dosing like

stop taking the nat mur. It may take a bit of time
to get the excess out of your system and see how the 'virus'
starts to subside.
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simone717 9 years ago
Thanks for the reply Simone, really appreciate it.

I am going to stop all meds, and hopefully get in touch with him.
It is a bit difficult unless i call and bug him daily which i hate.
Getting frustrated to say the least..
Sarah83 9 years ago
If he says to keep going with it as he has done
in the past, I don't see where he would change his
mind and would probably be defensive.

You simply cannot take remedies for that long-
eventually you are going to 'prove' the remedy
and get things you never had. Just go to the top
of the forum and click N on the alphabet and read
all the things Nat Mur is given for- these are all things
you can start to have if you take too much.

Good Luck.
simone717 9 years ago
*sorry wrong thread
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Aus360 9 years ago
The only concern i have is on the NAT MUR info page is says not to suddenly stop without consulting homeopath.

I dont have all the symptoms listed on that page only to do with the throat issues.

He is a qualified Homeopath as well as Naturopath so i am thinking there must be some reason he has me on this so long.

But judging by what your saying and the research i've done it doesn't seem right at all.

Hopefully i can contact him soon.

Thanks so much .
Sarah83 9 years ago
The Nat Mur info page? Do you mean the materia
medica on top of this forum?

I have no idea where the don't stop dosing info
is coming from.

Yes, I know you don't have all the symptoms on that page-
A. Unlike drugs prescribed by allopathic physicians which are tested on laboratory animals, homeopathic remedies have been tested or ‘proven’ on healthy people. A proving occurs when a homeopathic remedy is taken frequently, causing symptoms to develop which are peculiar to each remedy.

There is too much to explain here about 'basics'
and best wishes you feel better soon.
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simone717 9 years ago
I was researching the remedy you mentioned but i cannot find where you could purchase this in Australia, Vic.

I am guessing if i purchased this online from somewhere overseas it would take many weeks to post.
Which wouldn't be of use.

I decided to stop Nat Mur for now, noticed some less aches very slightly but these come and go all the time. And the 'bubbling' in the stomach has stopped for now.
Throat still so painful and swollen feeling.

I really need to get in contact with this naturopath of mine!
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Sarah83 9 years ago
Just call Newtons in Sydney and order by phone. You could
also ask them if there is a place to purchase near you.
You could also google homeopaths near you and ask
if you could purchase from them.

If you try this and it starts to help, stop Nat mur, you
cannot take two things at once.http://www.newtonspharmacy.com.au/
simone717 9 years ago
Well its been a hellish few weeks.

This Naturopath in Western suburbs of Melbourne was not contactable. I tried all forms of communication email, text, phone call, snail mail and he still would not reply!

I got so mad i sent an angry text, and he replied 'Ive been out of town busy, I suggest you find another Naturopath'

This has made me so mad as ive wasted my time trying to contact when i should of just changed to another ND. Especially after being a loyal patient for over 3 years.

Im still sick with Laringitis and now have a new ND who is really helpful who i am seeing soon.

This whole thing has been so stressful as i have been out of work along time with no voice.
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Sarah83 9 years ago
Good Luck with your new Doctor.


simone717 9 years ago

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