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chronic kidney failure in 6 yr old dog

My 6 yr old dog was diagnosed on January 22, 2013 with renal failure. The vet didn't expect him to make it a few days. I was praying for a miracle and did some research online and ordered him Pet Wellbeing brand 'Kidney Support Gold' to help his appetite and get him to drink water. I gave him one full dropper twice a day and within 3 days he was eating and drinking. (in the mean time I force fed him watered down peanut butter with a bit of honey)and used a dropper for water. I also purchased Nepro nutrition drink for people on dialysis. I switched vets as the vet I was going to refused to give him IV treatments, she thought he was too far gone. The new vet is now giving him IV treatments three times a week, which has noticeably made him feel a lot better, but within a day or two he is back to feeling crappy. I have played around with homeopathic meds, but I am worried if I am giving him the right ones for his symptoms and the right dosage and for how long to give it to him. He has mild hypertension, likely pulmonary edema as he has shortness of breath at times especially upon waking up out of a nap or in the middle of the night. His eyes have drainage, he obviously has a calcium deficiency because he has muscle twitching, he likely has ulcers because he was prescribed sulfracrate and famotidine for nausea and acid and it has helped. He has uremic acid, with his bun and creatinine levels declining, but are still high. He has pain in the kidneys I believe, his quivers in the abdominal area and he appears uncomfortable. At times he shivers, and seems to like a heating pad on his abdomen. He is on procrit injections for his anemia as it reached 18%. I am also giving him an iron supplement, 325 mg once a day and give it to him at meal time as I hear it is better absorbed with a meal. I have been giving him niacin, I read it takes phosphorus out of body. I ordered a probiotic called Renadyl from Kibow that diverts nitrous wastes to the colon instead of going through the kidneys. He is on a liver support powder that has dandelion root and bucha leaves. I am giving him hemp oil twice a day and 600 mg fish oil. Also b12 and b100.I have tried lycopodium, belladonna, phosphorus, apis mel, thuja, and calcium carbonica. Thuja was given but dosage is 200c. I believe his kidney failure is due to vaccinations that were given to 4 of my dogs March 22 2013. Two have already died, one from immune mediated thrombocytopenia complications and the other one from IMHA,both getting blood transfusions, both on prednisone, and both had death sentences due to prednisone, Zoe (5) had muscle wasting and Marley (4) had diabetes, ketoacidosis and acute renal failure, an enlarged heart, a heart murmur and an enlarged liver. My 3rd dog, was 1 and a half and just 3 weeks after the vaccines had grand mal cluster seizures that continue to this day. The 4th dog is Kingston, the dog I am talking about with renal failure. I am looking for anyone to give me sound advice about what is the best homeopathic treatment and dosages to give him and for how long. Thank you.
  melenz on 2014-02-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please answer applicable questions and I may be able to select a remedy. Answer in front of the questions leaving them in place:

1. Your appearance (age, weight, height)
2. What are the symptoms of the problem
3. In your view, what caused this problem
4. What makes the problem better
5. What makes the problem worse
6. How are you feeling mentally & emotionally during the problem (restless, calm, stubborn, weepy, want to be alone, fear of death etc)
7. Are you feeling cold or warm
8. How is your level of energy
9. How is your thirst
10. Are your lips or mouth dry
11. Your likes in food regarding taste (salty, sweet, sour etc)
12. Your likes in food regarding temperature (cold, hot etc)
13. Your dislikes in food regarding taste (salty, sweet, sour etc)
14. Your dislikes in food regarding temperature (cold, hot etc)
15. Any other health issues that you have
16. What allopathic medicines are you taking
17. What homeopathic medicines have you taken in last 6 months (dates, dose, potency)
fitness 8 years ago
dog is 6 1/2 yrs old and is 37 lbs.1.your appearance (age, weight, height)
2.symptoms:renal failure, high bun, creatinine, and phosphorus.lack of appetite, lack of desire to eat, shortness of breath, discharge in eyes, excessively licking paws, slightly elevated blood pressure,muscle spasms,anemia,nausea,and acid,and at times shivering. what are the symptoms of the problem
3.vaccinations in march 2013 in your view, what caused this problem
4.heating pad on abdomen,iv treatments. what makes the problem better
5.not getting iv treatments, eating food high in phosphorus,and sodium,at night seems to be more symptomatic, especially shortness of breath and pain in the late afternoon and at night, in kidneys what makes the problem worse
6. my dog seems to feel depressed until i give him belladonna, seems to help but i am giving him 30c potency and seems like he needs it every hour. he feels happy after receiving iv treatments into the next day:how are you feeling mentally & emotionally during the problem (restless, calm, stubborn, weepy, want to be alone, fear of death etc)
7.cold : are you feeling cold or warm
8. low: how is your level of energy
9. low to average thirst: how is your thirst
10. no: are your lips or mouth dry
11. he likes salty foods unfortunately. he likes deli chicken lunch meat and wet food high in protein:your likes in food regarding taste (salty, sweet, sour etc)
12. cold? your likes in food regarding temperature (cold, hot etc)
13.sweet,sour: your dislikes in food regarding taste (salty, sweet, sour etc)
14.doesn't seems to want hot food anymore:your dislikes in food regarding temperature (cold, hot etc)
15. none: any other health issues that you have
16. sulfrate, b12, renadyl (probiotic),chorella, famotidine,procrit & cbd oil(2 droppers daily): what allopathic medicines are you taking
17. starting last week of january 2013 and continued:kidney support gold.starting the end of january 2013:dr.dodd's homeopathic kidney support, 4 times a day, belladonna, 30c as needed for pain,lycopodium 30x, 203 times dy, once aday:niacin,fish oil, liver support powder (with dandelion root).in the last week: 2 to 3 times a day:phosphorus, apis mel 30x, calcarea carbonica 30x, thuja 200c: what homeopathic medicines have you taken in last 6 months (dates, dose, potency)
melenz 8 years ago
Please give him a dose of Thuja 200c and report back.
fitness 8 years ago
I just gave him one dose of thuja 200c. Should i give him anymore doses today or just the one?
melenz 8 years ago
Just one dose, no more.
fitness 8 years ago
I gave him the dosage and he seems to be doing okay, more energy, eating, but yesterday he also had IV fluid treatment. Where do I go from here?
melenz 8 years ago
Observe and give me a weekly status report. We may have a slow recovery.
fitness 8 years ago
What should I give him for pain in his abdomen. He quivers and his eyes bug out due to the intensity of the pain. There are so many homeopathy meds for pain, which do you think would help him best, dosage and frequency? Much appreciation,
melenz 8 years ago
Can you tell if he would like pressure on abdomen or not e.g. he crouches or extends his body during pain.

Is pain constant or it comes & goes.
fitness 8 years ago
his pain is around the penis area it looks like because there is also a little shriveling of the skin. he moans a little and he is barely getting around. i think it may likely be due to nephritis.
melenz 8 years ago
please help!

kingston is at the vet's office on an iv fluid drip and is getting some pain meds also. they did blood work again, the last blood work was getting better, that was on feb 10, his numbers on feb 10 were:
creat 10.3
bun 156
phosph 9.7
rbc 18 percent

(jan23: creat 13.7, bun 247, phos 11.9)and on jan 27(creat: 13.1, bun 156, phosph 9.7)

now, on feb 24,
creat 12.9
bun 180
phosp 12.1
alb 238
rbc 31% (he is on procrit)

they do believe nephritis is what is causing his pain, but now his numbers climbing i dont understand. what can i do to turn this around again? i love him and i just lost 2 other dogs in the last 6 months from vaccinosis. again, i am desperate to save him.
melenz 8 years ago
Give him two doses of Cantharis 200c, 12 hrs apart and report back.
fitness 8 years ago
I just wanted to update you prior to one week. I am waiting to get the Cantharis 200c in the mail. We don't have anywhere locally to buy homeopathic meds. However, his pain has been gone for over 24 hrs now. I put him on a juicing diet. I used one carrot with one banana, added a little water and about a tsp of low fat cream cheese. I gave him approximately 1/4 cup of this mixture, 4 times a day for the pain. Should I hold off on giving him the Cantharis when I get it in the mail if he is not having any pain symptoms?
melenz 8 years ago
Correct, no remedy if no symptoms.
fitness 8 years ago
He has yellow pus coming from his urethra. I have serum anguillae 30c. Should I give this to him? If so how many and how often? Thank you.
melenz 8 years ago
Before this, I'd try a dose of Cantharis 200c and if doesn't work then go for Serum Ang., single dose.
fitness 8 years ago

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