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My uncles Dog,itching all body

Respected forum members,My uncle has female dog,that scratches whole body,full day due to severe itching

1.Dog is female dog of 2 and half year.
2.White,palmelian breed
3.itching starts from morning onwards and continues whole day.
4.She does scratch continuesly,whole trunk and limbs.many times she scratches till bleed and creates small wounds.

5.Aggravating factor- dont know.
Relieving factor- steroid(prednisole 10 mg) tablet,initially dog used to get relief with antihistamine tablets like CETRIZINE 10 mg,but now get TEMPORARY RELIEF by only steroid.

6.Her skin is becoming considerably black nowdays,all over trunk and legs.Before her skin was redish white,as it would be for healthy dog.

7.Duration- This itching problem is started almost 2 years back.But Initially it was less severe,and less itching for lesser time of day,not whole day.But slowly severity and duration of itching increased and have become for whole day.
Onset- slow gradual

8.Appetite- decreased over period of time.But eats well only when her favorite food is offered.

9.Food likes- likes sweet things a lot.Specially made up of milk cream.Likes CADBURRY chocolate very very much.Goes mad for Cadburry.Also likes to eat Ice-creams.Eats nonveg food and fishes(cooked and raw both). She also likes EGG YELLOW YOLK very much.

Dislikes- rice,chapati,spicy,vegitables.

body size-small ,thin compare to other dogs but active.

11. Sleep- She is very much active all time,but not hyperactive.Takes proper sleep in night and daytime,if she is not getting much itching due to effect of steroid.

12.Nature- generally she is very much furious.Always barks a lot on new persons.But never barks again,once that person become familiar.
She do not like,to be disturbed while eating and sleeping,otherwise she will become very much furious and come to bite that person but do not bite actually.
She never actually bites anybody,just shows her intense anger.
Generally she calm but gets furious when things happen that she doesnt like,and she does never entertain that.
But She loves a lot for her owner and has lot of affection for owner.She does always wait for them,for just their presence around her,when her owner(my uncle and aunt) not around her.She do not eat or drink anything if her owner is not there with her or in front of her for more than 6/8 hers,she literally get very sad and sit at one corner for their arrival.and gets very much happy,excited and active when her owner come at home.Atleast my uncle or aunt should be there infront of her.She will never bark on the owner and LIKES VERY MUCH WHEN OWNER PAMPERS AND CONSOLES HER.

13.Her menstrual period is not regular.Her expected MC date is missed and not came still in last 3 months.She had never given birth to any puppies,but she likes to take care of other dog's puppy.

14.They have also tested for Thyroid hormone,by blood test,but test results were normal,no problem.

15.Her stool,and Urine frequency is normal.She drinks water normally,she is never seen to be thirsty.But she likes to drink cold water.

16.She likes cooler environment but not hot climate.But her itching is not affected by summer or winter season.

17.She also getting considerable hair-loss.But she does not like at all,if they cut all her body hairs and make her almost naked,for reason of relief in itching,but she do not like this and becomes inactive,sad and shy till she gets some hairs on body.
Also she do not get any relief by trimming whole body hairs.

She do not have any other health issue.

She is very much active,but not hyperactive.

Please suggest any remedy that will stop her body itching.

Thanks a lot.
waiting for genuine reply.
  dranandpt on 2014-02-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
give 10 pills of sulphur 200 and give a feed back after 4 days.
anuj srivastava 7 years ago
Thanks a lot Sir,I will give said remedy and reply you back.

Dr Anand
dranandpt 7 years ago
I had given sulphur 200 C,10 pills to the dog.
response- there about 20-30% decrease in itching but not long lasting for two days only,then again started all old symptoms of itching.

Please guide me further for treatment.

dranandpt 7 years ago
give one more dose of sulphurand start kali phos 6x,3 tablets three times a day and give a feed back after 4 days.
anuj srivastava 7 years ago
Thanks Sir for your instant reply.
'Kali phos 6X tablets' is biochemic cell salt tablets or homeopathy tablets ?

Also is there need for increasing potency or frequency,sir?
dranandpt 7 years ago
cell salt,will let you know after 4 days abt the frequency.
[message edited by anuj srivastava on Tue, 25 Feb 2014 05:36:31 GMT]
anuj srivastava 7 years ago
ok sir,I will report you.
But there is one problem,today my uncle given steroid medicine to dog.its given by vet. doc. as to be given whenever itching gets uncontrollable and very much severe to dog.
Today dog has got very severe continuous uncontrollable itching,so my uncle had to give that steroid medicine.Due to this medicine effect the itching will stop for 2/3 days.And then it really gets difficult to decide that change in symptoms is due to that steroid or homeopathy medicine.
I have already told to my uncle to avoid any other sort of medicine during homeopathy treatment,and he agreed to this,but when the dog gets very very severe itching,dog gets aggressive and irritated,so we have no other option than giving her steroid ,to save him from such disgusting distress.But still i will avoid to give steroid to dog,as max as possible

Today i have not given 2nd dose of sulphur,as I have to buy kali phos tabs.,so i thought i will start it together.
[message edited by dranandpt on Tue, 25 Feb 2014 18:47:34 GMT]
dranandpt 7 years ago
steroids should be avoided .


has deworming been done for the dog,if so when?

you can also buy Sabadilla Q,one ounce and mix 5 drops in drinking water ones a day in addition you may like to apply it externally also after dilution.
anuj srivastava 7 years ago
Sir ,the pharmacy person asked me that he do not understand,what is Q potency of sabadilla ?He was telling that they do not sell LM potency.
What is meaning of 'Q' is it any different potency than routine?
please help me out.I have bought Kali Phos 6x.
dranandpt 7 years ago
mother tincture---Q

What is the lowest potency available for sabadilla
anuj srivastava 7 years ago
ok sir,they have mother tincture of sabadill,and i have bought that.
dranandpt 7 years ago
sir,I want to inform you that,after giving about 3 doses of Kali Phos 3 6X tablets,do has started severe itching again.
After giving 1st dose,sulpher 200 C dose,itching was reduced by 30 %,but thenafter there was no further improvement after 2nd dose of sulpher 200 c,on 26th feb.
And yesterday full day dog was scratching intensely,like before and was very much irritated due to itching.

Deworming has been done periodically,everytime they go vet. doc for itching problem they would give injection Ivermectin,but after so many injections also no improvement in symptoms.Last injection was given before 2 months.
dranandpt 7 years ago
Its about more than 4 days,after 2nd dose of Sulphur 200 C ,and Kali phos. 6x thrice daily but dog is still scratching a lot,no improvement,lots of itching whole day.

Plz suggest further treatment,sir.
dranandpt 7 years ago
continue kali phos for 4 days and give a feed back.sparay water mixed with sabadilla q as advised.if the itching does not subside then go in for DOLICHOS 30,THREE TIMES A DAY,since there are no eruptions.

feed back after 4 days
[message edited by anuj srivastava on Sun, 02 Mar 2014 05:35:31 GMT]
anuj srivastava 7 years ago
ok sir,i will do as you are saying.
should I continue further giving, sabadilla Q 5 drops in drinking water,or should i stop it now?

Also any further dose of sulphur ?We used only 200 potency of sulphur,can we any try greater potency,or increase frequency.As with first with only suphur dog has got 30 % relief from itching but it was temporary.

As I am asking more questions,its just by eagerness to get my dog some relief from itching,please do not get annoyed by my questions,nowhere there is intention to cross you and your opinion/decision.
[message edited by dranandpt on Sun, 02 Mar 2014 07:00:37 GMT]
dranandpt 7 years ago
please observe the stool of the dog for worms,you may continue sabadilla.hope you are spraying the dog with mixture of water and sabadilla also.

sulphur not for now,wait and watch.

there is no problem,you may keep on asking questions.
anuj srivastava 7 years ago
Thanks a lot sir,I will follow your advice.
dranandpt 7 years ago
I have given sabadilla mother tincture,internally and externally after dilution.but itching didnt stopped.

Then I have also given Dolichos 30 C three times day,also Kali phos is continued.But still no improvement.Dog is itchng badly as before.

What can be done further in treatment.Should i Dolichos ?

Its very bad time for that dog...
dranandpt 7 years ago
i am surprised .give a dose of sulphur 200,for thee days in the morning.

stop other medicines for the moment and give a feed back after 4 days and if possible upload the pic of your dog.
anuj srivastava 7 years ago
ok sir,i will do.
Sir,I have one query
Is sulphur is constitutional remedy for my uncle's dog?
dranandpt 7 years ago
it should be the constitutional remedy,with no other symptom forthcoming,every thing is based on presumptions.
anuj srivastava 7 years ago
i have given suphur 200 three days and was waiting for improvement and still dog is itching badly.No improvement of any kind.

They have given the skin specimen for testing in veterinary pathology after scrapping skin as per suggestion of veterinary doctor.

Sir,I will update here,with reports.

Is there any further possible homeopathic treatment to save poor dog ?
dranandpt 7 years ago
give him a dose of mezerium 200.for three days and give a feed back.hope he responds to this medicine.
anuj srivastava 7 years ago
ok sir
dranandpt 7 years ago
I couldnt give mezerium to dog,as my uncle started with allopathy treatment to the dog with veterinary Doc.
They have given him antifungal drugs and and multivitamin syrup and with that dog is now doing good.Itching is decreased by 70% .
Surprisingly they had already tried with antifungal drugs but that time dog was not responding to any of them.But this time drug is working.I guess its multivitamin rather than antifungal drug which is helping.I think itching was due to any vitamin deficiency then?
I have also checked there is no steroid or antihistaminic drugs in dogs allopathic medicines.
They have also started with Liv 52 for animals syrup, for dog .
I am quite happy dog is doing well now.One of the final skin test report yet to come.I will soon update here about that.

I would rather be happy if homeopathy could cured dog's itching,because with allopathy there is always fear of recurrence.
Thanks for your constant support,Sir.I will udate after while.
dranandpt 7 years ago

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