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Sinus and blocked nose when sitting down

Hi all

I have a peculiar case in that my nose (right nostril especially) gets blocked whenever I sit down.

I also get stomach pains when sitting.

Standing I feel fine.

I suffered from very bad acidity and constipation but pulsatilla 6c has worked wonders for my stomach.

Is there any medicine I can use for my nose ?

thank you in advance.
  Inpain999 on 2014-03-12
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
see whether lycopodium helps.
kadwa 9 years ago
Thank you.

that was my first choice. But lycopodium started giving me sinus pains.

Pulsatilla 6c combined with Kali Mur 6c seems to be working quite well for me for the time being. .. Should I increase the potency for a complete cure ?

thanks again
Inpain999 9 years ago
Yes. You should see how the higher potency works.
kadwa 9 years ago
Thank you dear doctor

Can I put forward my mothers case to you please ?

She has been suffering from high blood pressure as well as tinnitus. She does retain a lot of water and has pit marks from water on her skin. She also has some moles on her back. She is easily agitated and gets burning in her soles. The situation worsens at night. She does have joint problems too.

Based on this assessment I gave her apis 6c - which really helped with her water retention. This has worked remarkably in reducing the swelling in her legs and ankles and decreased overall body weight.

The BP, tinnitus high blood sugar however persists. I have tried arnica, lachesis and pulsatilla, nat mur, sulphur and belladonna but to no avail. I think lycopodium was also tried once last year but that didnt bring any effect either.

Nat sulph 30c helped reduce water retention also but for some reason increased her blood sugar (even though its a remedy for diabetes?)

Would you be able to recommend anything ?

thank you so much
Inpain999 9 years ago
please differentiate among the following remedies by adding more case details.

rub 1 - extremities; heat; burning; feet; soles
rub 2 - clinical; hypertension
rub 3 - bladder; retention of urine
rub 4 - skin; swelling
rub 5 - hearing; ringing

sr. no. remedy occurence marks rubrics
1 sulph 5 20 r-1(4),r-2(4),r-3(4),r-4(4),r-5(4)
2 lach 5 18 r-1(3),r-2(4),r-3(3),r-4(4),r-5(4)
3 sep 5 18 r-1(3),r-2(3),r-3(4),r-4(4),r-5(4)
4 lyc 5 16 r-1(1),r-2(3),r-3(4),r-4(4),r-5(4)
5 puls 5 16 r-1(1),r-2(3),r-3(4),r-4(4),r-5(4)
6 calc 5 15 r-1(1),r-2(3),r-3(3),r-4(4),r-5(4)
7 ph-ac 5 14 r-1(1),r-2(3),r-3(3),r-4(4),r-5(3)
8 cupr 5 13 r-1(3),r-2(3),r-3(3),r-4(3),r-5(1)
9 nux-v 4 16 r-2(4),r-3(4),r-4(4),r-5(4)
10 bell 4 15 r-2(3),r-3(4),r-4(4),r-5(4)
11 caust 4 15 r-2(3),r-3(4),r-4(4),r-5(4)
12 con 4 15 r-2(3),r-3(4),r-4(4),r-5(4)
13 graph 4 14 r-1(3),r-3(3),r-4(4),r-5(4)
14 kali-c 4 14 r-2(3),r-3(3),r-4(4),r-5(4)
15 nat-m 4 14 r-2(3),r-3(4),r-4(3),r-5(4)
16 acon 4 13 r-2(1),r-3(4),r-4(4),r-5(4)
17 aur 4 13 r-2(3),r-3(3),r-4(3),r-5(4)
18 dig 4 13 r-2(3),r-3(3),r-4(4),r-5(3)
19 phos 4 13 r-2(3),r-3(3),r-4(4),r-5(3)
20 ars 4 12 r-2(1),r-3(4),r-4(4),r-5(3)
21 canth 4 12 r-1(1),r-3(4),r-4(4),r-5(3)
22 carb-v 4 12 r-2(1),r-3(3),r-4(4),r-5(4)
23 petr 4 12 r-1(3),r-3(1),r-4(4),r-5(4)
24 sil 4 12 r-2(3),r-3(1),r-4(4),r-5(4)
25 thuj 4 12 r-2(3),r-3(3),r-4(4),r-5(2)
26 bar-c 4 11 r-2(1),r-3(3),r-4(3),r-5(4)
27 rhus-t 4 11 r-2(1),r-3(4),r-4(4),r-5(2)
28 verat 4 11 r-2(4),r-3(4),r-4(2),r-5(1)
29 arn 4 10 r-2(1),r-3(4),r-4(4),r-5(1)
30 ign 4 10 r-1(1),r-2(3),r-3(3),r-5(3)
31 plb 4 10 r-2(1),r-3(4),r-4(4),r-5(1)
32 calc-s 4 9 r-1(3),r-3(1),r-4(1),r-5(4)
33 cic 4 9 r-2(1),r-3(3),r-4(4),r-5(1)
34 cocc 4 9 r-2(1),r-3(1),r-4(4),r-5(3)
35 ferr 4 9 r-1(1),r-3(1),r-4(4),r-5(3)
36 iod 4 9 r-2(1),r-3(3),r-4(4),r-5(1)
37 nit-ac 4 9 r-2(1),r-3(3),r-4(4),r-5(1)
38 psor 4 9 r-2(3),r-3(1),r-4(1),r-5(4)
39 agar 4 8 r-2(1),r-3(1),r-4(3),r-5(3)
40 cham 4 8 r-1(3),r-3(1),r-4(1),r-5(3)
41 chel 4 8 r-2(1),r-3(1),r-4(3),r-5(3)
42 bar-m 4 4 r-2(1),r-3(1),r-4(1),r-5(1)
43 kreos 4 4 r-1(1),r-3(1),r-4(1),r-5(1)
kadwa 9 years ago
Thank you sir for responding. In addition to your list I would add:

1. Hearing: Buzzing
2. She has some warts/moles on her back
3. Daibetes
4. Leg cramps
5. All symptoms worse at night
6. Short tempered
7. Lachesis made symptoms worse
8. Apis helps
9. Sometimes feels blood rushing to head and body becomes cold ( I know this sounds similar to lachesis but lachesis made the cramps worse and added anxiety to the problems - as well as heart palpitations)
10. a history of urine infections - burning when urinating
11. pain in back and shoulders - sciatica
12. pain in knees - especially when walking - has to tie a bandage around ankle or she has knee pains and cramps

Im not sure what else I can say. Really appreciate your help .

Thank you
Inpain999 9 years ago
Please see how Veratrum Alb affects her. Later thuja and causticum.
[message edited by kadwa on Tue, 25 Mar 2014 07:10:11 GMT]
kadwa 9 years ago

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