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3 yr old son has RSV and is improving, mama is not

31 yr old female, tall, slender, olive skin.
Creamy yellow discharge from nose.
Severe headache, worse at back of neck. Loss of taste and smell. No thirst. No appetite. Restless. Trouble sleeping. extremely annoyed by blocked nose or rattling nostrils. Clearing of throat often from post nasal drip. This is the 5th day. Please help! Need correct remedy.
  Esharmony on 2014-03-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Try a dose of Pulsatilla 30c. Dissolve 3 pills in two tablespoons
of water and take a teaspoon out of that. If you have a reaction,
good or bad, wait until you feel it is getting worse again before
you take another dose.

If you have no reaction to the first dose, wait 4 hours
and try it again, and if no reaction try it one more time after
another 4 hours. If nothing happens after 3 tries another
remedy has to be chosen.
simone717 5 years ago
Thank you very much for your advice.
I will try what you have suggested.
Esharmony 5 years ago
I see you have another post on this-
did you try Pulsatilla already?
simone717 5 years ago
Yes. I had this remedy here at the house already, yesterday i asked my husband to get that particular remedy on his way home from work. i dod not take it tho until you suggested it. I took it as you suggested (2pm) Felt really no difference, then 3 hours later (5pm) felt worse and took another teaspoon, could not tell any change and took the 3rd dose (9pm) I would say I am feeling worse, but that may be bc it is the end of the day and I am tired and breaking down a little. I thought I would throw some more details out into the webisphere to see if anything stood out to someone. Thank you very much for your follow up.
Esharmony 5 years ago
You might want to wait until tomorrow to see what
the effects are.

I should have worded what I said differently. If you
felt worse 3 hours after taking it- that could be
a reaction from the remedy. It may be that you are
getting worse from the illness or it may be the remedy.

When the 'remedy' makes you feel worse that is
an aggravation and you are supposed to let it work
and see if after some time you start feeling better.
When you start feeling better, you do not take another
dose until you feel the old symptoms are returning.

So the remedy may be aggravating- and if it is, I would
expect that you would feel better by tomorrow and know
if the remedy was working or not.
simone717 5 years ago
After the first dose of pulsatilla I did notice I yawned several times and if I had not been the only caregiver to my 3 year old son at that time, I would have laid down and possibly been able to sleep, not sure, I have been having trouble sleeping. I have read several times of correct remedies inducing sleep and the patient wakes with a new lease on life. Is it possible that I I had had te opportunity to rest then I might have recovered? Or maybe I should take another dose of pulsatilla and go to bed and that might work?
Esharmony 5 years ago
I just now saw your reply. I will wait till morning and see how I feel. Hopefully I am able to get some sleep. Thank you very much for your interest. I love homeopathy, but have only begun to scim the surface over the last couple years.
Esharmony 5 years ago
No- do not take another dose. You have to wait to know
what the remedy is doing. You will know by tomorrow if
it had the right action or did nothing.

Sounds like you are in usa, if so I would send the husband
over to Whole Foods if you have one, and get Host Defense
Reishi ( says on it - supports a healthy heart but ignore that

Reishi is a huge immune system booster. They might
have a different brand- but you want Reishi. They
are powdered mushrooms in capsules. Take two of them.
This is what my family takes now if getting sick-we take
two and 24 hours later we feel like we never had
anything. You can look up reviews of Reishi on Amazon-
they are less expensive online but harder to ever get
any brands bc they are sold out all the time. I know this
will help you out.
simone717 5 years ago
I ordered the host defense from amazon and should have it by Saturday. Thank you so much for the recommendation.
I thought maybe I was in the mend when I woke up, like perhaps my symptoms had subsided a little.
I'm not sure any more. I am in a lot of pain in the right side of my face. Starting with the bones above my right eye and going all the way down under my chin, my teeth even hurt on that side. its too much. Still have yellow mucous, blocked nose on right side. Also, my husband has had the same thing as me without the yellow mucous, but he is getting terrible headaches every day, starting first thing in the morning. Very painful headaches
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Esharmony 5 years ago
You could try what the other prescriber advised, but I would not do both
at the same time-so you could see which one is working.

I would take one dose and then wait. If you get worse- stop and see if
you start to feel better after a few hours. If you do - do not take more
until you get worse again. If you feel better, wait till you feel worse again before
you take another dose. Everyone has their own way of reacting and homeopathy
is not a cookie cutter protocol, except for perhaps Arnica ( bruise or fall it is

You have given a good description- but one needs to have specifics
on what makes this better and what makes it worse. Things like warmth, or cold,
drinking hot things or cold things, sleeping, rubbing, silence, company,
open air or cold air and so on.

The other remedies have a great thirst- you don't have any thirst. More info
needs to be given-

You can be taking at a minimum 5000 mg of Vitamin c Broken up into doses for
the day- this is what is advised to take when a cold comes on. It will help and
can be taken up to Bowel tolerance.
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simone717 5 years ago
Nothing seems to make it better. I like hot and cold drinks, but I am not very thirsty and usually I am. I don't like to be too hot when I'm sleeping, like a stuffy room, and prefer to breathe cool air, but I don't want to be cold at all. I usually feel worse when I lay down, but my head hurts so bad I def feel worse leaning over to pick something up. This is the 6th day, I not sure if this mucous is yellow or light green, when I blow my nose I can feel it in my ears, still cannot taste or smell. I don't think I am going to get better. I haven't taken antibiotic in a long time and don't want to, but I am worried its a sinus infection now, who knows, I do not have a dr or insurance, I cannot get blood root (cannot remember the homeopathy name) from whole foods, but did pick up the other one. My skin is tender and my toddlers little hands feel like ice packs and hurt when he tries to pull at me for milk. I give up
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Esharmony 5 years ago
If what you bought does not help- I would try Hepar Sulph-
hepar sulph has little thirst, loss of smell and taste and yellow
mucous, headache, etc. Buy it in the 6c and mix it in the water.
If it gets worse right away- stop and wait to see if it then gets better.

If it gets better, wait till it gets worse again.
simone717 5 years ago
I have this in 30c, and took it days ago, but did not see any improvement. But will try again. is that ok?
Esharmony 5 years ago
How many times did you take it?
simone717 5 years ago
I really don't remember, maybe twice? I did not notice any change, but I prob didn't wait long enough. I am learning that my impatience is really compromising my recovery and the effectiveness of homeopathy. I feel stupid for playing the guessing game and possibly making things worse. I should add, my mother in law and my mother both think I am crazy for not taking antibiotics, my brother in law dropped off amoxacillan 500 mg twice a day enough for 8 days, they say that a cold isn't this bad on the 6th day and that I have a bacterial sinus infection. I don't know, I trust my body to heal, but if it can't I don't want to be foolish.
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Esharmony 5 years ago
I would try Kali Bich then if you already had the Hepar Sulph.

Kali bich is a big remedy for sinus infections, and is worse
for cold, has stringy yellow or green mucous, blocked nose,
pain in sinus, cheekbones, loss of smell.

Also get the saline sterile nose spray and use as much
as you want to clear the nose of germs and inflammation
which creates more mucous and when irritated lets in
more germs to the sinus passages. Never use a medicated
nose spray-

You can alsoMix 1 tsp. cayenne pepper in a glass full of lukewarm water, and sip on it slowly. Do this 3x a day, as it would distend the blood vessels in the nose and act as a mucus stimulant, which would drain the sinuses.

I would try this before antibiotics and it is too bad you
have to wait till Saturday to get the reishi as they should
be in whole foods.
simone717 5 years ago
Thank you very much. I ordered Kali bich 200 a couple days ago, and think it may be here tomorrow.
I have been drinking ginger, garlic, lemon, with turmeric and cayenne powder added to it, i blend it all then boil it for a little while and then strain, and add honey. I was starting to doubt myself and homeopathy, but you have encouraged me a great deal. Thank you again.
When you say medicated nose spray, do you mean even a homeopathic sinus spray?
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Esharmony 5 years ago
No- I mean at the drug store they have saline sterile
nose spray- it is just salt water-

You could start with Kali bich 30c which is at whole Foods.
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simone717 5 years ago
I'm sorry, I shoul have been more specific. I have a saline spray here, it is by little noses and I got it a while back for my son. I will continue to use that. You had said to never use a medicated spray, and by that I was wondering if you included a homeopathic nose spray as a medicated nose spray, I have one that had a lot of remedies in it euphorbium, sanguinaria...ect. Is that a bad thing to use?
Last question, my son does seem better, but has plateaued, he has a chesty productive cough, I have given him many doses of antimonium tartaricum, none today, but many over the past couple days. Should I try spongia?
Esharmony 5 years ago
I would not mix remedies- you don't know what is
going on then. Use the little noses.

If ant tart worked what was the potency? If you
gave him dry pellets and not in water? bc I would put
them in water and hit the bottle hard 6 times for
each new dose. That changes the remedy vibration.
simone717 5 years ago
I have ant tart 30c, I read to give him 5 pellets every 30 minutes for two hours, and I did that, before bed the day before yesterday. I think he was already at a plateau before I gave him the ant tart tho, I was trying to help the cough dry up, and it doesn't seem to have done anything. That's why I was thinking maybe spongia
Esharmony 5 years ago
Spongia has a dry cough, or croupy cough hoarseness.
short and difficult breathing, worse in warm room lying down -after midnight, exertion.

Pulsatilla- is loose cough in am dry in pm- stuffed nose,
ears plugged up, worse in warm room, better open air. bonchitis with thick yellow or green nasal discharge- needs propping up
to sleep due to cough, a whiny, clingy child tbat wants
comforting,company and lack of thirst.

Maybe one of those fits- otherwise need more info on
when, where, color of mucous, what makes it better and
worse, how child copes with this etc.

Just fyi- in future there are two master homeopaths who
will do acute things by phone and with follow up for
Around $50. I think this is a great resource to have
especially when you have kids. Google Mary Aspinwall
and Lia Bello ( a nurse homeopath)
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simone717 5 years ago
I will! Thank you! I have looked for someone like before and it was so much $$$. There are no homeopaths in my town at all. I believe the closest is a couple hours away, at least.
Esharmony 5 years ago
was also thinking on the homeo nose spray- that is the same
as taking a remedy. I don't know how many times you have used it
on you or the child. But when the remedy is wrong and you keep taking
it, it is going to Cause symptoms to show up and if not that, if
you used it too much then you will again cause symptoms to show up-
give yourself back what you just got rid of. So this may have
messed up your symptoms picture now and why things are
not working right.

Combo anything is not good to use bc you don't know what did
simone717 5 years ago
The host defense just came in the mail!! I was already feeling like I am on the mend a little. Yay! Going to get better!!!!
Thank you!!!!!!!
Esharmony 5 years ago

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