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Tub 200c to increase baby's appetite


My 3 month old baby has always been a fussy feeder. He is formula-fed & in some instances only takes about 60-100mls of milk (supposed to be taking about 180ml). I have changed his formula & it doesn't seem to be a dislike in taste.He is also on Losec for his silent reflux.

About 3 weeks ago, a naturopath prescriped him Tuberculinum 200c (1-2 drops a day) to increase his appetite. I did a search and somehow Tub has nothing to do with increasing appetite. However his appetite does seem to increase a bit. On the down side, he seems to be having more scaly skin. Could this be an effect from the Tub?

My son gets hungy when he takes the bottle, however after a short while it seems that he is not hungry anymore. He is also not increasing in weight much & i've been to my GP once a week for the past month just to moniter his weight.

Can anyone help me? Is Tub the right thing for him??
  ParasiteEve on 2005-11-11
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

TUB 200c is wrong!

I have dealt with many babies in this situation and the remedy you need is Lycopodium

If he seems healthy do not worry too much about his weight.

The POINT of homeopathy is that we ALL individuals and do NOT conform to some standard laid down in a book.

Try Lycopodium 30c twice a WEEK in his feed -- after ONE week wait at least 2 weeks to check the effect.

Check back -- but I am away for a few days next week.
walkin last decade

Thank you so much for your reply. I had a very strong feeling that Tub was wrong & didn't know why she gave me that.

Do i use 1-2 drops of Lycopodium in his bottles? (before his feed/during)? Also, when u say after one week, wait two weeks, that means stop the Lycopodium & wait for two weeks to see the effect right??

I'm so sorry. I am very, very new to all this.
ParasiteEve last decade
4-5 drops of lycopodium in his feed.

Yes wait 2 weeks to judge the result
walkin last decade
Thanks so much for your reply. I only managed to get Lycopodium 200c. So i will use 4-5 drops to put in his bottle for that.
ParasiteEve last decade
2ooc is too high
walkin last decade

On Saturday, i gave 2 drops of Lycopodium 200c 10 mins before feeds. However, on that day my DS suddenly felt very clingy, irritable & unhappy.

I brought him to the GP on Sunday & found out that he has contracted urine infection. Could this possibly be from the Lycopodium??
ParasiteEve last decade
I would say no hope walkin will clarify.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Umm sorry.

Do you mean No.

Or do you mean no hope??
ParasiteEve last decade

Do i still continue on the Lycopodium??

He is on Antibiotics for his urine infection, but he still is only taking about 100mls per feed.

I think its getting to be a habit more than anything else.

Yesterday when he was distracted (feed him in front of the telly), he guzzled down 200mls no problem.

Help pls?
ParasiteEve last decade
Could you give details of the silent reflux and the effect of Losec on it? It may have some clue towards the lack of adequate appetite.
sahai last decade

Thank you for your reply.

He started fussying at around 6wks old. When he was about 10wks, i brought him to my GP who put him on Losec.

Before the Losec I noticed that he would drink, but after mid-feed & a burp, he would start cyring when i swing him back to the feeding position. Sometimes he would still suck after a burp but to only scream after a few sucks. He also gurgle a lot & have wet hiccups. He never puke though, that's why my GP said its silent reflux.

After about 2 weeks on Losec, he gets slightly better.. that is not longer screaming when feeding. However, he is still not taking much.

He used to never cry for a feed. He seemed to be very happy as long as he is not fed. However now, he actually cries when he is hungry (a blessing for me). But after about 100mls, he doesn't want anymore. he plays around with the teat, starts babbling & talking. If i insist on putting the teat while he does this, after a while he will arch his back & cry.

Sometimes, in desperation i will feed him again before he naps & he will take another 20-30mls. However, since he is sleepy, he sucks really slowly. Mostly to pacify.
ParasiteEve last decade
First of all, please do not take homeopathic prescription from those who are not practicing homeopathy, e.g. your naturopath. They advise on anecdotal basis without knowing the consequences. We call such people :"Licenced Murderers".

Any medicine given to a person in heavy doses over a period of time will develop symptoms of the disease, which is undesirable and has to be cured. Fortunately, you contacted us in time, before any apparent damage.

The GP gave Losec to overcome acidity. You say that, both before and after starting Losec, the baby cried, when you tried to force upon him more after he had taken insufficient feed. Also, the situation was only slightly better by Losec. It appears that Losec has not done much.

Let us wait for the result from lycopodium.
sahai last decade
The 200c is far too high!.

Losec is a pharmaceutical drug that will ONLY suppress symptoms and make the patient chronically ill.

Use either (not both together)
Lycopod 6x


Syzygium 1x

twice a day.
walkin last decade

Thanks for your reply. I could not get Lycopodium 30C, & could only get 200C. I don't think i'll be able to get any other homeopathic products either. When i bought the Lycopodium, my naturopathy wasn't there. From what i heard from the receptionist, she wasn't too pleased either.. that i bought homeopathic products without her consultation. So i don't think i'll be able to get any from now on.

Does anyone know where i can buy homeopathic products online that deliver to Perth, Australia??

Also, yesterday i gave the 2nd dose of Lycopodium in his feeds. I only put 2 drops.

I think its working. With a little coaxing (& singing from me), he is actually finishing 200mls!!

We are seeing a Paedritician today to see if they can do anything. My son will also be having an ultrasound & another test in 4-6 weeks to see if he has kidney reflux (from the urine infection).
ParasiteEve last decade
From the store at this web site you can buy homeopathic medicines.
sahai last decade

Thanks for the reply. I didn't realize that i can buy from here because the store indicated Canada, USA & UK.

Is Lycopod 6X (for reflux)the same as Lycopodium? If so, do i give him 6X or the 30C?

Also, i'm really begining to see changes in his appetite. He is begining to take about 150mls per feed now. Do i stop the Lycopodium forever or do i only give it to him again if i see the loss of appetite coming back??

So, should i buy Lycopodium 6X & 30C? I'm a bit confused?? 6X to use twice everyday, but 30C only as & when? Isn't it the same thing?? Therefore should have the same results??

Please advise so i can purchase accordingly??
ParasiteEve last decade
Ýes - on improvement stop the remedy and only give again wen the problem returns.

Lycopod is just short for lycopodium.

Probably not a lot of difference but I would prefer the 6x
walkin last decade
Hi, my baby girl is 16 weeks old is having the same problem as ParasiteEve. She is suppose to be taking 6 Oz of milk but currently only drinking abt 3 Oz. Also she is not gaining alot of weight. is it ok for me to feed her with Lycopodium 6x to improve her appetite? Will there be any side effect ?
shawnyan last decade

Lycopodium ONLY works if the baby feeds ' little and often ' if that is your condition then yes try Lycopod 6x .
walkin last decade
how much should i feed her and how often ?
shawnyan last decade
You should be feeding 'on demand'.

IF under those conditions , she feeds 'little and often' do not worry about quantity but feed on demand .

BUT if we are not in a 'little and often' then Lycopodium is not the correct remedy.
walkin last decade

John Stanton last decade
I'm giving the baby expressed milk.
shawnyan last decade
Hello ParasiteEve

I am curious to know if your problem has been fixed? The symptoms you have described sound exactly like my 4 month old daughter. She has just started losec, I can see behavioral improvements but is still a fussy feeder, she is on a low dose so I am not sure if this needs to be increased?
kince last decade
beware wolves in docs clothing
John Stanton last decade

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