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cell salt success

I'm not sure if this is typical, but I've been having really profound improvements in a very short time since taking cell salts, for the past week and a half. I was wondering if the following medical history/past might help explain why these cell salts are perhaps ameliorating what has been a long-term deficiency: 1) As an infant I was breastfed for two months and then put on 2% cows milk (no formula) 2) I had an inguinal hernia at age 1. 3) I had significant behavioral/ADD symtoms as a child, always in trouble 4) despite being athletic/otherwise in shape I always had a bloated lower abdomen and 5)it wasn't until not even a year ago that I discovered (because of rampant antibiotic use my whole life) that I had extreme systemic candida/blood fungal condition. I began taking 'antifungals' and I've lost 35 pounds in 5 months (over a slow, dormant, winter with little exercise). My lower abdomen has literally like 'deflated'. (6) Over the years, I've had Doctors comment/touch upon suspecting 'low oxygen levels' in my blood after cursory tests. I recently began taking some iron supplements, along with vitamin C... BUT, and to my question... I wonder if these cell salts are helping nourish/hydrate on a cellular level. And that my body is happening to really really respond to that, as a result. I'd just like to able to connect the dots on this stuff, and wondering if any of it somewhat does??
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  Kellen on 2014-05-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
What did you end up taking? You just posted questions about the different potencies. From the sound of it you only just took them as well - is that right? Your posts are only a day or two old.
Evocationer 8 years ago
I had been taking from the Hyland brand, the 6x of Calc Floruide, potassium phosphate, and Silicea... for about a week and a half... But then at the store they had this great Boiron sale going on and that's when I purchased those, thinking they were equivalent to the hyland 6x, which I know now is incorrect (and I was able to return those and switch them out for additional Hyland 6x) and I've been doing that over the last few days... I've added Iron Phosphate and sodium chloride... taking no more than 2 types per day. I also have been taking Hyland's Bioplasma (all 12) once daily for the last 6 days, though I've been told that there are better brands for that. I've just noticed significant improvements in energy, focus, no lethargy in the morning, and evenness of mood
Kellen 8 years ago
What are the Anti- fungals exactly that you are taking?
simone717 8 years ago
I'm not taking any anti-fungals anymore, just taking a probiotic and have adjusted my diet to be more anti-fungal with the use of more garlic, ginger, cranberry beverage, coconut oil, little to no breads/cereals... after I had begun taking antifungals (last year in the fall)... and the improvements were quite rapid. Over the last few years I had become unable to get under 210 lbs and now I'm at 170 (basically back to what had been my average/normal weight/size my entire life beforehand.
So in regards to candida/anti-fungals etc. I'm always very watchful of it, but I seemed to get it under control and have kept it at bay (thought I'll always be watchful)... btw I'm studied ayurveday (graduated from a program), and yoga, some tai chi but homeopathy is obviously new to me. But I'm fairly well-versed in natural health.
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Kellen 8 years ago
I was curious just what were the
anti-fungals that you did take?
simone717 8 years ago
(had gone to bed/sleep). well let's see I started taking caprillic acid, as well as, immediately altering my diet as I mentioned, oregano oil and grapefruit seed extract drops in tea, and Three-lac/Five-lac (which really helped). a combination tea tree/pau d'arco/caprillyic acid/anti=funal supplement, lots of uva ursi tea
Kellen 8 years ago

As far as what you asked earlier-

If cells are working right-they can do their job right
in assimilating nutrients and all other cell functions.

So to say the cell salts nourish and hydrate is not really
the correct way to look at this bc you are looking at
them like they are a mineral supplement.You use them
only to get the cells back to working right. That is why
you do not keep taking them, bc once balance is restored
you will overdose and be out of balance in new ways.

Taking things like you are doing, you also can't tell
what is doing what. It makes more sense to take
your iron supplements for a week or so and see what difference
that is making.

Then take all the salts for a week or two and see what
difference that makes. Bc after that you may find that
you just need ferrum phos only -

Monitor what you are doing for 4 days at a time-so that
you know what is doing what.
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simone717 8 years ago
k, thanks... that makes sense. I keep forgetting that they are NOT supplements (I read somewhere that you can take them 'like' supplements) but I can see/feel how you can overdo it. It's been I suppose a 'supplement' habit to just keep taking them. Luckily I haven't taken that much of any one in particular, but I'm going to back off, wait a week and see where things are at... thanks for all your help.
Incidentally, you might be interested in this, in regards to my issues with Candida. I had researched a lot of different opinions/approaches to it, as I believe it's becoming a somewhat all too common issue. Anyways, every approach seemed to suggest this 'War on Candida', and to find THE antifungal, etc. that would completely eliminate the fungal infection. But the more immediate/profound success I had I found that the fungal infection seemed to rebound in other ways, and the 'die-off' (convalescent aftermath period) was rather harsh. So I somewhat softened my approach and immediate expectations, realizing that I was never going to all-out kill it, nor eradicate it, but somehow if I could manage it, reduce it, and work with it I'd be much better off. After all, the use of antibiotics which attempt to eradicate all 'infectious problems' is how the candida started in the first place, as we all have a necessary amount of bacteria in our bodies. And furthermore, I found 'Three-lac' to be an interesting product because they add 'yeast bacteria' in the medicine itself.. the very 'yeast bacteria' that you're trying to reduce and 'cure', so to speak. And their reasoning, from what I read up on, was that by introducing at least a little bit of 'yeast bacteria' along with the medicinal portions of the medicine, you were somewhat pacifying the 'yeast bacteria' by giving it a little bit of what it craves, thereby allowing the more potent aspects of the medicine to bypass the stomach and reach the GI tract where it could do most good. Which seems fairly copacetic with the principles of homeopathy, give like to like, to ultimately 'cure'. I'm not at all suggesting it is 'homeopathic' per se, but I thought that was interesting, and a sensible approach not totally unlike that of homeopathy. Just food for thought.
Kellen 8 years ago
I find it easier if you think of salts as 'medicine' just like homeopathic remedies
are 'medicine' and good medicine is to cure the issue where you don't need
the 'medicine' anymore.

As far as the ' like cures like' of giving the same thing as the substance this
is called tautopathy-
I have seen a few people go out and buy homeopathic candida and think that they
are going to cure it that way, and they just give themselves -More candida.

On the 3-Lac product- I have heard other people say the same thing as you on
how this works well and they try to come with reasons why also- but people do like it.


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simone717 8 years ago
How soon do you know, or if you can know, if/when the 'cells' are working properly? Can it happen right away... as soon as the first dose? Is there any way to know if/when you've taken too much/overdosed?
Kellen 8 years ago
1. For people who are very depleted from illness and or have had a bad diet
for a long time- I tell them to take the Bc-28 for a week and then see if
they start to feel better. Many times they do, and then have some specific
complaints and at that point, they take the salt or salts for those complaints.
Then monitor how things are working every 4 days or so.

If things are getting better and but not totally better, then you know you
are on the right track and continue for another week- take a break after
3 weeks and restart if needed.

If you have a specific complaint and nothing is going on from the salt after
a week then stop taking it.

Or if you take it for a week and feel worse, then stop taking it.

If you feel totally better, stop taking it. You might find in 3 days you feel
things coming back. Then take it again for a few days- if it is working
you should be able to take less and less.
simone717 8 years ago

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