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Confused in finding Asthma Remedy

I have found many remedies that seem indicated for asthma. I can not be sure which is correct for me. Here is my picture: My asthma started at 18 years from pnumonia in college. I've had excema on hands and arms all my life. I have violent attacks of sneezing in the morning and am highly allergic to dogs but not cats. The asthma (quickly progressing chest constriction and fear of not being able to breath in at all) seems to happen at random times at least four to five times a day and always very severe in the middle of the night. Is better in summer and near the shore, and much worse in early fall and winter. I always have a complete loss of my voice from larynx irritation from coughing by Christmas. I am currently not taking any meds except a rescue inhaler (Albuterol). I have considered Arsenicum and Argentum and Nat Mur. I haven't taken any yet because I'm not sure how to dose. I recently had sucess with Ignatia after a cold, if that is helpful at all. Please advice.
  samnbudsmom on 2005-11-22
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
This was a remedy suggested by Joe and I am trying it for my daughter....

"I have been able to help many who are Asthmatics to overcome their ailment with Nat Sulph 6c in the Split Dose which is made up as follows:

Get a 500ml bottle of spring water
Pour out 100ml
Put in 3 globules or 1 drop if you have the liquid remedy.
Hit the bottle hard on your palm or a cushion and watch for the water to fizzle like when you open a bottle of soda. This is called succussion and it increases the potency of the remedy every time before a dose.
Mix a teaspoonful of the remedy after succussion in half a cup of water and sip it once daily.

Your daughter should find that she is much relieved within 3-5 days of using this remedy."
new2town last decade
Thankyou for the post. My only concern with this remedy is my asthma is markedly better in humid weather, not worse.
samnbudsmom last decade
Glad to note that you have copied the post on my Asthma therapy which has worked many miracles of healing especially for those who were chronic Asthmatics who were on multiple inhalers daily who are now not dependent on them anymore.

You have however not indicated your daughter's response to this therapy which I believe she has been using for about 2 weeks and I would like to have news.

To Samnbudsmom

You are advised to use the therapy above and see if it helps you, as I believe it should. In the event that it does not help, please post your response and I may be able to prescribe another remedy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe De Livera, Purchaced Nat Sulph 6c and prepared as adviced. Aprox. 20 min after first dose I experienced a violent burst of coughing and chest constriction which was partially relieved by expectoration but within 2 min had gotton quite severe and i had to resort to my resuce inhaler. Is this to be expected? How long should I continue remedy before trying another? Thanks!
samnbudsmom last decade
Did you remember to use the remedy in the Split Dose method ? I shall copy my instructions below:

"Mix a teaspoonful of the remedy after succussion in half a cup of water and sip it ( 1 Teaspoonful of this remedy ) once daily."

If after you have followed these instructions, you are still sensitive to the remedy, you are advised to stop it. It is possible that you are hypersensitive to this remedy which usually helps others who are chronic cases of Asthma.

Post your response from time to time on this forum and I shall follow your case closely as your reaction is very rare.
Joe De Livera last decade
I followed instructions exact. I had a bad night. I am very congested in my chest, nose and head. I'm not sure if this is the remedy or a cold coming on and the timing may be a coincidence. At any rate, i believe I will try a different remedy. In researching, I fit the remedy picture for Causticum in many ways. I do not have this on hand, so I may first try HEPAR SULPH CALC, which I've had luck with in the past for my children's sore throats. It also seems to cover many symptoms. The primary symptoms I am trying to resolve are the constrictive, scarey asthma attacks (worse in dry weather) and dry bleeding cracking skin on my hands and fingers. I will post again soon. any thoughts are always appreciated. Thank, you, Joe for responding.
samnbudsmom last decade
Your Asthma attacks can be controlled by Ars Alb 200 dose 4 globules taken on a SOS basis when you should have relief in under half hour. Please note however that this is not to be used too often as the Nat Sulph 6c Split dose should control it as it has done in many cases both here in Sri Lanka where I live and abroad as you can read on this forum.

For your dry cracked and bleeding skin you can use Arnica 30 in the water dose and you should have relief in a week.

I am presuming that you will all other drugs and medication if you decide to use my therapy. Also no coffee and cola drinks and preserved meats like sausages, ham bacon as they contain saltpeter which antidote remedies.

You mentioned that you used Hepar Sulph for your children's sore throats. I have found that Belladonna 30c is easily the best remedy for this ailment. It must however be taken as soon as one feels that itch in the throat and taken every 2-3 hours till the symptoms are arrested.
Joe De Livera last decade
Correct third line in penultimate para to read:

I am presuming that you will STOP all other drugs ...........
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe, do you typically prescribe remedies based on ailments and disregard the personal elements that make homeopathy what it is? I have used homepathy on myself, my children and a few select others for the past ten years and if there one simple fact that i have learned it is that you can't always use the same remedy for the same ailment. I like to share my sucesses, like you, so that others can learn but not take blindly as fact. You disregard the fact that my asthma is better in humidity I believe this to be a key element. You suggested my friends daughter take Bryonia for migraines but I did not take your advice because it was just too quick. You can not practice homepathy this way, this is not how it works. I don not doubt for a moment that you have helped people, and that is a wonderful thing, but many people on these forums are new to homepathy and take your suggestions as fact. Lets please teach them to look at their whole picture, and then suggest. That is my suggestion, dear.
samnbudsmom last decade
I have always maintained that I am not a classical Homeopath. I did not do any formal studies at a university as Homeopathy to me is a science which at first I refused to accept as it seemed to be so illogical but when I was cured of my frequent colds, I decided to do a study of this science about 35 years ago and then decided that I could help those who suffered from various ailments with the small stock of remedies that I had at that time.

Homeopathy is not my profession. It is only a hobby and as a result I have been singled out by many as being able to help them when other qualified homeopaths have failed. I believe that it just the originality that I am gifted with that has enabled me to discover 2 important remedies one for Diabetes --Arnica 30c and the other for Obesity--Nat Phos 6x. As you perhaps are aware, these remedies are not listed in the MM's and Reps currently in use.

It would take too much time to use the classical method exclusively to treat an ailment and I have evidence that the majority of Homeopaths practicing in India and Sri Lanka do not use this classical approach as it takes too much time which I cannot afford as I have my other professional duties to attend to.

I prefer to start treatment of the ailment with a remedy that I have used and know can help but if it does not, I then use Radar software to identify the remedy on the basis of the symptoms.

The great advantage in prescribing on a forum such as the ABC is that there are many consultants who can cross check the remedies prescribed by each other like you have done with the remedy that I have prescribed for Asthma. If one remedy does not help the patient, another can be prescribed but in your case you have only used Nat Sulph 6c in the split dose for just a few days and Asthma is not an ailment that you can possibly cure overnight.

You do not have to use my prescription as you seem to be knowledgeable about Homeopathy yourself and if you feel that the remedies that you have identified can help you and your children, you are free to do so.

All I can say at this stage is that I have helped many chronic Asthmatics and have used Nat Sulph 6c as the default remedy. If it does not help you after at least 2 weeks you can use another remedy that I may be able to indicate after that time.
Joe De Livera last decade
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Alexthink last decade

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