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Hypothyroidism and Low WBC

I am looking for a good Homeopath in Dammam/Khobar,Saudi Arabia.
Can someone pls help me.

I am suffering from Hypothyroidism,Low WBC (Leucopenia),Low HCT and Hemoglobin(Anemia).The Low WBC and Anemia is chronic and doctors have never been able to figure about what's the cause.I do not want to take antibiotics or synthetic vitamins anymore.
I also have chronic Sinusitis.I have non stop post nasal drip.Bad breath and also decaying teeth.I also have weak digestion and acidity.
Acid reflux medication do not help me.So I stopped taking them.Recently my gave me Protexin(Probiotic) in place of Acid blocker and Protexin is helping with digestion but still not much.
I also have very painful periods.There is a lot of pain in tightness on first day.I am not taking any pain killers now.I also get a lot of blood clots during menses,flow is normal.Just heaving on first 2 days.My periods last about 4 days.
I have dry and oily skin on face and also acne problem,even though I am 33.Skin on rest of the body is dry and itchy always.
I also have hyperpigmentation on face and different parts of body.My face looks very dull and pale.
My eye sight is getting weaker day by day and it is very blurry.I also rub my eyes too much without any reason when I am sleeping.I have dark circles around my eyes(upper and lower eyelids),dark nasal bridges and also inner corners of eyes.My eyes are also sunken deep.
I am very sensitive and emotional person.I worry,fear and cry easily.
My health is declining and Modern Medicine is not helping me.I would appreciate if someone can tell me about a homeopath in Saudi arabia.
  saudia21 on 2014-07-20
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Pl stop all other Homeopathy medicines
PL take
1. Graphitis-200 (200c) 6 pills twice a day
2. Pulsetilla-1m (1000c) 6 pills at bed time

You can send a photo image file on my email address 'shouse_nsk at rediffmail dot com'
Pl take this treatment for 15 days and then give me feedback

R.P. Tamhankar
shouse_nsk 8 years ago
Many thanks for replying to my message.
But Iam n Saudi Arabia getting homeopathic medicine delivered is not possible.
For this reason Iam looking a homepath near me.
saudia21 8 years ago
You ask for Siomne she can probably help in this matter to get you a homeopath in saudia,just click on her name and send her an email if she doesnt reply here within 2 days
bapu4 8 years ago

Try emailing Rishimba, a homeopathic Dr. who volunteers on here.
He is an engineer working in mostly Qatar if I remember right, but
he may know someone who can help you. His email is
Rishimba At Vital.Force At Yahoo.com

You can also email Zady who volunteers bc Zady's work takes him
to your area. email is hzady100 At gmail dot com.

You need references from someone who has local knowledge as I have
been told that some homeopaths in very upscale mall settings etc
are really not practicing real homeopathy.
[message edited by simone717 on Thu, 24 Jul 2014 22:08:24 BST]
simone717 8 years ago

There are many people who bring Homeopathy medicines from India. because there is daily traffic from India to Saudi

R.P. Tamhankar
shouse_nsk 8 years ago
Thank you everyone for your help.
Simone717,I emailed Zady already.I hope he reply me.

To R.P. Tamhankar,I appreciate your reply from the bottom of my heart.I asked some people before to get me the homeopathic meds but people around me don't believe in Homeopathy and also they say that they will have trouble at the airport.So I don't have anyone who could help me in getting the meds.
saudia21 8 years ago
Hi again-

I found one.

Zille Subhani a homeopath grad
from the British Institute of Homeopathy-
He is in Jeddah. He is a member of
the homeopathyworldcommunity site.
Zille Subhani DHM, Jeddah Saudi Arabia, Mobile: 00966504662505
Email zskhan
AT almabani Dot com Dot sa

You have to write out email address on
here or it won't show up-

Hopefully this is current and he could
give you good references to good
people if he is too far away.

I found the mail and phone on a
homeopathic blog comment- when
I googled his name.
[message edited by simone717 on Fri, 25 Jul 2014 21:09:24 BST]
simone717 8 years ago
Dear Simone717,
I appreciate your help from the bottom of my heart.
I will contact Zille Subhani.

I have also found out about Homeopathic clinics in Bahrain.

Dr.Asha Sreekumar at BMG Homeo Clinic,Manama,Bahrain

Dr.Jayasree at KIMS Bahrain Medical Centre

there is also Dr.Raaj Swetta.

Will going to a homeopathic clinic be a better idea?
I see that hospitals are just business only theses days.I have never found a doctor who would help me in getting rid of my problems.So I am a little hesitant that homeopathic doctors at clinic would be also sitting for buisness only.
So pls can anyone tell me if private homeopathic doctors are better or homeopaths at clinic?

thanks in advance
saudia21 8 years ago
Hi- you cannot generalize. You have to investigate.

I would first call up and ask if you can buy medicines from either one. You could
say you have worked with a homeopath when you were outside the area, and would
like to continue with them and is it possible to buy whatever the out of area
homeo prescribes.

Second, you can find their web pages, and testimonials and research them in
your own language, what people say, one must do the homework.

Third, When you call up, ask if you were to go to them, how does it work>

( normal is spend 1 and half hour with the Dr. who asks questions about
your totality- mental, phys, emotional and really listens) Then do they practice
classical homeopathy and give one remedy at a time. Have they done successful
cases of hypothyroidism?

Do they tell you the remedy they are giving you? I would not go to anyone who
will not do that.

Large clinics are going to be impersonal. Large clinics that have many branches like
a fast food place are all about money, and not healing., Use your intuition on this-
if it feels not right, probably IS not right.

I would also suggest you google Dr. Deoshlok Sharma and hypothyroidism-
this is a difficult disease- He is a very, senior homeopath with 2 India clinics
and he has done many of these cases and had good results.
There is nothing like experience in these matters, you save a lot of time.

You have to call deoshlok- as the email part of his practice must be overloaded-
If you call , they will give you a time where he will call you back.
If me, I would strongly consider flying to India and seeing Deoshlok or working
with him by phone and getting meds from these other places.
[message edited by simone717 on Sat, 26 Jul 2014 16:44:39 BST]
simone717 8 years ago
DEar Simone717,thank you again for your help.
Dr.Zille Subhani replied to me and he also sent me some questions to answer but due to Eid holidays,he will reply me next week.As he is out of town now.
Anyways,I agree with what you said about doing own research about teh homeopathic doctor and this is what I will always do.
I cannot travel India.So I will try to find someone near me.
I have hope that I will find someone good. :-)
I will also post my questions here after getting teh remedy from Dr.Zille Subhani.Just to be sure that I am getting the right remedy and also to help other people if tehy are also searching a good homeopathic doctor.
saudia21 8 years ago
Hi- Just trust the dr. and see how it goes for a month or so.

Every homeopath has his own way of taking a case and it is rare for
them to agree.

Dr. Subhani has proper training and experience-we have very few
real homeopaths on this forum -so please just work with him for a time
and see what results you get.
simone717 8 years ago
Dear Simone717,
I will work with Dr.Subhai.I am just waiting him to return from his holidays.Hopefully he will reply me in few days.

Anyways,I was just educating myself about Homeopathy and Homepathic medicines and I came across Ubichinon Compositum by HEEL (Germany).I was surprised to see that it has Hydroquinone 8X 3mg.I am just wondering if it's the same Hydroquinone that is used topically by dermatologists for skin pigmentation?I heard that it is carcinogenic that how could this be taken internally in the form of tablets and injections?
I have no interest in using this product but I am just wondering what kind of medicines are used in homeopathy and what is t he philosophy of using those.so just wondering if Hydroquinone8X is same as Hydroquinone used in creams?
saudia21 8 years ago
saudia21 8 years ago
Dear Saudia,

If it was in creams it would have to say 1x, 3x, 6x etc if it was
homeopathic. Potency numbers indicate that a substance
was diluted in water a certain amount.

Homeo medicines above a certain potency have nothing of
the substance in them- they are an imprint of the substance
on a molecule. The proper use of homeo meds is to find
a substance that is similar to your disease symptoms and in
chronic issues, similar also to your mental, emotional state and
similar to what makes things better and worse. It is individualized
to the person. This is bc homeopathy is based on 'like cures like'
meaning that body/mind has an imbalanced state and if you
bring in a 'similar' state thru homeopathic medicine, the body
will raise the life force and clear out both of them and restore

There are over 5000 remedies-if you look at the top of forum
front page and see the alphabet, this is a materia medica and
you can read all the symptoms-medicines do not have to match
all the symptoms to work, just the important ones.

I suggest that people who want to change their skin, just use
regular bleach protocols from the skin specialist-bc obviously
your skin color is genetic and not a disease and using a homeopathic
potency is to match a disease state, so down the road this
is going to cause problems bc you don't need it and would
probably have to take it constantly .
simone717 8 years ago
Dear Simone717,
I was really disappointed with Zille Subhani.After a week he sent me a file and asked me to read it and find the problems I have.
The document had few diseases and there were suggestions of some medicines like pain killers etc.I am not interested in diagnosing myself and I am already reading a lot online and taking natural supplements to increase my immunity and health.I found Zille khan not helpful at all.I am also against taking any modern medicine because these only treat the symptoms and not the main problem.I am against taking any pain killers.
Maybe I shouldn't waste my time in Homeopathy as I don't think Homeopathic doctors are really smart enough and I dont think they are really following Homeopathic rules.
Anyways,maybe I should search for a Functional Medicine doctor?
I am really disappointed.
Or maybe I should give Dr.Raj Swetta a try.He is in Bahrain and licensed by Bahrani government.
But thanks anyway for your help.
[message edited by saudia21 on Wed, 06 Aug 2014 17:23:41 BST]
saudia21 8 years ago
Hi- I agree with you. That is not proper homeopathic case taking
and prescribing. It is too bad you have such limited options as
far as getting medicines there.

I would see if you can find out more about Dr. Raj and how he
does things and go to a Functional med dr. if nothing works out.

Your only other option is to decide that you would fly to India
to get the medicines or have someone who goes back and forth
to get them for you, and then you could have your choice of
working with any homeopath worldwide via skype or phone or
simone717 8 years ago
Hi simone,
I read that saudia says that bringing meds from India is a hassel(as told by travelers to her),as you rightly said she should catch such a person who frequently visits india,she also should explain him that its not a hassel at all as the meds are easiest to carry in Pocket.
bapu4 8 years ago

[message deleted by simone717 on Thu, 07 Aug 2014 08:33:20 BST]
simone717 8 years ago
Simon and Bapu
I know some of my patients carrying Homeo medicines to Saudi through their relatives and friends

R.P. Tamhankar
shouse_nsk 8 years ago
Dear all,
Yes,many people are carrying homeopathic medicine with them to Saudi Arabia.But unfortunately there is no one who could help me.And some who said they can bring, will be travelling at the end of this year and I do not want to wait that long.
I am planning to visit Dr.Raj Swetta next week in Bahrain .I will see what he says.Otherwise,I will ask for Homeopathic pharmacy in Bahrain.There are Homeopathic clinics there so they should be having a pharmacy there.
I will also ask Zille Subhani if he can give me homeo.remedies which R.P.Tamhankar recommended.

1. Graphitis-200 (200c)
2. Pulsetilla-1m (1000c)

I would like to thank you all for your concerns and help.
Take care.
saudia21 8 years ago

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