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Bad odors

I'm here because I need help in a serious way! I've been suffering from bad vaginal odors for the past 2 years and doctors don't seem to be able to help me. According to them, I don't have a problem. According to me, I do! The odor is sometimes so bad that the entire room smells! I have done some 15 gyno test for yeast infection and all it's little friends, herpes and all the STD plus aids and it always comes up negative. I have tried changing soap... to use barely any on my genitals... didn't do a thing. I have tried changing my detergent... didn't do a thing either. I have even boiled my underwear (yes, I did!!) for 30 minutes thinking whatever was there would die once and for all. Even that didn't do a thing. I was treated about 15 times for yeast infections, so did my husband and it just will not go away. I sometimes get very wet in the genital area, just like if I was perspiring in a very heavy way.
I wash myself every day.
I even tried to cut dairy products and sugar but nothing will do.
There is one thing that I have realized: when I'm at home and relaxed, it all goes away. So I'm thinking it as to do with stress or something like that.
My body is trying to tell me something and I just don't know what to take to help it and help myself.
If someone can help me, please do so... I'm really tired of all this and don't know who to turn to anymore...
I don't know much about homeopathic and have never taken any.

Thanks for any replies.

A desperate women with a desparate problem...
  gabriella on 2005-11-25
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Offensive leucorrhoea,
Look up these remedies on this site,one may fit all of your symptoms, emotional, mind and physical, not just what you want fixed. This is the way Hpathy works.
Remedies are Carb-Ac, Kali-ars, Kali-phos, Kreos, Nit ac, Nux vom, Psor, Sepia.
As you can see there are a lot to choose from. (many others as well)The best idea is to go find a Hpath close to your home and let them take your case.
parachute last decade
Dear desparate, dont be one. It only aggravates your problem.
Here is good medication and thorough cleansing.
1) Clean shave the entire area.
2) Use Neem soap, do not use inside vagina. Just externally.
Complete your bath.
3) Pour 1 tsp savlon in a 200 ml tepid warm water.
4) Roll a clean hanky or soft lintless cloth in a ball - no cotton wool please.
5) Dip in the tepid solution. Hold the cloth between two fingers & insert deep inside.
6) Clean thoroughly dipping in the tepid solution four times.
7) Repeat last thing at night with Calendula Q.8) Pat dry.
9) Avoid coitus for this one month period.
10) Be happy.
Now can you give us some more details: like discharge, color, consistency, sticky or slippery, period details, are you in your 30's?
More details may help. Please dont be shy or hide things. Only then can we suggest a good medication.
nanhi last decade
Dear Nanhi and Parachute,
Thanks for your help. I have never heard of offensive leucorrhoea, I'll look it up.

The discharge I have are part like water part like wet chalk, yellowhish to brown. The discharge are small in amount, about 1/4 a teaspoon per day but Oh! so powerful in smell, which sounds like bad fish of rotten humidity. (Makes me shameful...)

Most of the time, during the day, my genital area is always wet, just like if I just got out of the bathtub and I always have a very warm to hot sensation in the vulva area.

As for my period, I don't have any problems except at the end they are a bit more brown then red (which is not what I'm use to, usually it's mostly blood color 'til the end.) Yes, I'm in my 30's.

I have also notice that penetration is painful. Sometimes, it burns if my husband doesn't prepare my vaginal entrance long enough. It also pinches when he penetrates me. (Talk about private stuff!!)

All these medication and soap you talk about, can I find them at my local pharmacist or do I have to order them via the net?

Thanks again for your help, I really mean it.

A women with a bit of hope...
gabriella last decade
Our Dear Little-Hopefull Desperate, we are glad that you are somewhat glad.
Yes neem soap, the famous one called MARGO, and SAVLON are available in super markets. If you cant find Savlon (made by ICI) use Dettol. Except dettol may burn the insides of a raw vagina. Savlon is a good general purpose antiseptic.
I hope you realise that a small discharge from the vagina is perfectly normal.
What is not normal is a smelly discharge which is a sign of a low grade infection.
What bothers me is the constant wetness you talk about.
Get a swab test done for the vaginal discharge as well as a Urine test.
I suspect urine dribbling for your condition.
I can assure you the procedure sl 1) to 9) given earlier, alone can cure your condition.
Do keep away from hubby dear for a month. Also it may be good practice if he too uses Savlon, you know what I mean.
I hope he is not the cause of your problem ?
Homeopathic drug will supplement a cure, and I need a day to look up one for you.
Please start the procedure NOW.
A well wisher - Nanhi.
nanhi last decade
From the discriptions you have posted, the closest remedy is kreosote.
Fish brine odor is Sanicula.
Creamy discharge is Pulsatilla.
Look up these and see if you have any other symptoms or mind/emotions charachteristics that fit all of you.
parachute last decade
Dear Nanhi,

I just got back from the drugstore but could not find the soap you wrote about... but... I found a soap called BACTI-CONTROL which is an intimate cleansing gel for genital area. It's soap free, perfum free and has a neutral ph. It's says on the back that it was conceived by gyno and doctors. I also ordered the Calendula Q product you mentionned. Hope this will free me!!

I know discharge is normal but, the discharge I have was indeed tested some 15 times by gyno and it always come up negative for yeast and bacteria (and I've used different gyno and doctors, believe me!)

As for a urine test, well that was never done. But I can assure you that the wetness I have is not urine. When you are in the position I am, believe me, you try to find out what it is. I've smelled it, my husband has smelled it and it's odorless and colorless, unlike urine.

The weird thing is, I keep searching the web for similar symptoms and always get the same results, either a yeast infection or just plain bad hygiene, which doesn't fit me. I shower every morning and bath every night. One thing I learned today, as I was talking to the pharmacist is that a women should never wash her private part whilst sitting in water. Always sit on the side of the bath. Also, never use a cloth whilst scrubbing, it will just get the soft skin iritated and that's not good.

As for my husband, I don't think he is part of the problem. We are very close knitted and he stand by me with my problem, holding me when I can't take it anymore. Of course, our sexual life is not what it used to be. He is always afraid he's going to hurt me. But, because we can talk about everything openly and because we've been together for a long time, it is easy to reassure him and vice-versa.
For sure you mean "Is he cheating on me?". I have asked the question, of course. When I realized it kept coming back, I was worried he was giving it to me from some other girl. Especially with the fact that he was also treated everytime I was. We had long conversation about it and no, I've been with him for such a long time that I can really tell when he's lying of trying to hide something and he wasn't.

I know that to a certain degree, my problem is emotional because when I'm at home, free of stress or worried from work, I don't have any symptoms. At all! As soon as I sit at my desk in the morning, I start to feel the hot sensation and the discharge start half a hour or an hour latter. The thing is I cannot pinpoint what bothers me this much. I've been in worst stress situations then at my workplace and never had this problem. I know my body is trying to scream out that it is not okay but I can't read through the lines, if you know what I mean.

Anyways, I hope I will get improvement... I have to say I'm a bit relieved now. Mostly because I don't feel like an idiot here. The last doctor I've been to told me that it was probably in my head, which made me ball my eyes out. Talk about sympathy!

Thanks for your help Nanhi. I appreciate it.

gabriella last decade
Dear Parchute,

Is it okay to take more than 1 homeo product at the same time?

If I mix more than one, will it affect the other?

Thanks for any replies.

gabriella last decade
This is a question that plagues people with Hpathy.
I don't personally recomend taking more than one at a time. The remedy taken stimulates the immune system to recover lost health and balance , they don't act like drugs do.
So we try to find a remedy that covers most symptoms overall, there is a reason for not taking and there are reasons for taking it also. Some can antidote, some fight oneanother, and which one worked if you find a cure for your ailments if you have taken more than one remedy at a time? repeated doses taken too many times is also a no no, these are energy remedies and can set up problems you didn't have in the forst place.
However having said all that, there are hpaths that practice more than one remedy at a time and get results, BUT, they are able to see the patient face to face and they know what they are doing. Prescrictions over the net from more than one person is not ideal IMHO. I have given you suggestions for your problem only. The best thing would be to find a Hpath close to home and let them take your case, self diagnosis and treatment is not the best way to go, especially as the stress your under is not easily pointed out by you, but can be by someone trained to look for a similum.
I'm sure your problem is able to be helped quite easily with the right remedy very soon just a matter of finding it.
Good luck.
parachute last decade
Hi my name is Tania,

I have had the same problem as mentioned above, by A desperate women with a desparate problem, for the past year n a half. I dont know what to do, i have been to several different doctor's in this time and all have said that there is nothing wrong with me or it is a yeast infection that they give me treatment for but does not seem to work. I have a discharge that is slightly brown or white sometimes with an odor attached to it. The odor is sometimes so bad that the entire room smells! I sometimes get very wet in the genital area, just like if I was perspiring in a very heavy way but it is neither hot or to cold in the room for me to be perspirating in this way.
I wash myself twice every day.There is one thing that I have realized: when I'm at home and relaxed, it all goes away. So I'm thinking it as to do with stress or something like that. When i am at work the smell is very high n i am very stressed because i think everyone is watching me n that they are judging me.

I dont know much about homeopathy but i am running out of options n its distroying my life. My friend advised me to look into this as an option as she is studying it at the moment.
love_jay last decade
When i had this symptom a dose of medhorrinum worked... i had other symptoms of med. so it was indicated .. a fishy musky odour... and as you said discharges of wet ... i took 1m first and later , and repeated doses of 1.m I took 10 m to complete.. sometimes i have to have a dose like annually..
divinci 5 years ago

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