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Uterine Fibroids with Heavy Bleeding/Anemic


I'm liking to find another more natural way to rid myself of fibroids and the heavy bleeding mainly.I believe this is the underlining issue to some of the other issues i'm dealing with. The lack of energy and heavy bleeding is keeping me from living life and doing things with my kids/family. Any help would be much appreciated. I have answered the many questions normally asked below. Let me know if I left anything out.

1. age and sex - 31 years old and female

2. Describe your appearance i.e. weight, height, body type (thin, medium, chubby, fat etc)

• Weight - 165

• Height -5'3'

• Body type (Very thin, Thin, Medium, Chubby, Fat, Obese) -Fat

• Any significant feature (e.g. sunken cheeks, stooped shoulders, thin chest etc.)- nails curl (hands only)- acne issues

3. Your profession - finance

4. Describe your personality in at least 20 words (e.g. stubborn, lazy, suicidal, don’t want to work, always in a hurry etc.)
In the past few years I've become lazy. Not wanting to go anywhere or do anything. Mostly due to lack of energy. I've become obsessed with cleaning in the past 3 years I can't stand for my house to be a mess or to be in someones house that is a mess or not cleaned enough to my standards. So bad that I would wear gloves to touch or pick up anything I though was dirty or unclean. Never walk around barefooted. Don't care to eat out at restaurants if do needs to be super clean or look it anyway. Use to be very social and active but not anymore. Loved being out with friends and family, loved to sing and dance but obsession with cleanliness, lack of energy and shortness of breath has severed this part of my life.

5. If money was not an issue and you had a month of vacation, what would you do - To an island. I love water especially clear blue waters known around many islands. I love swimming and sitting out in the sun. I love music, singing and dancing so being able to do or see these things is a plus.

6. How is your relationship with your parents, spouse, siblings, children etc. - great relationship with mother and father, good but struggling relationship with children.

7. If not ok, what’s wrong and how is it affecting you -I can be very strict with kids when it comes to homework,cleanliness and chores. I know I should be understanding in some cases but I don't give an inch. I'm always irritable and I know I can drive my kids crazy when something isn't done right. But when it's done right which isn't often i'm happy which then makes them happy because i'm not on them about something or making them do things again because things were not done correctly.

8. Do you smoke/drink/drugs, if yes, details of why & since when - no smoking, drink only on special occasions, no drugs.

9. What is your main health problem & its symptoms - Uterine Fibroids: 1 intramural and 1 subserous, Heavy bleeding with menstrual cycle which can last 7 days. Can last only 2 hours in an ultra tampon before flooding occurs. Overweight - keep gaining, iron deficiency and can become anemic if not kept in check.

10. When did this main problem begin - I believe about 4 years ago when I noticed my cycle was heavier and I needed to use Super tampons longer. started to have shortness of breath, no energy always in bed after work or kids activities. Hair loss at center. Hair doesn't grow as quickly and a lot of breakage when combing and brushing. Started to crave jasmine rice (addiction) about 2 to 3 years ago. Was never satisfied with other foods. Although I can eat other foods I just have to have a least 1 and 1/2 of cooked jasmine rice to be satisfied. It got so bad I was eating nothing but rice. I would cook 1 cup in the morning and eat it throughout the day if I ran out I would make another cup. Got so bad I made a doctor's appointment and was told I had little to no iron in my system. I was like the walking dead. Vitamin D deficiency, borderline thyroid gland issue (was told would keep watch) and anemic. I had to get an emergency blood transfusion which made things alot better as for energy levels and stop the rice cravings for nearly a year before they began again. I was told to make an appointment with my obgyn and found Out I had two fibroids.

11. What is the cause of this problem in your view - Overweight and have trouble working out to lose it and fibroids which keep me from living life because of heavy bleeding. Both may have something to do with me craving rice.

12. What non-medicinal actions make the main problem better (e.g. massage, warmth, cold, lying down, sitting etc.) - nothing

13. What makes it worse (e.g. massage, warmth, cold, lying down, sitting etc.) - time makes it worse

14. How do you feel mentally & emotionally during this problem (e.g. weepy, irritable, restless, sad, hopeless, fear of death etc.) fear of death. I can't live life. I'm irritable, restless, scared of not being able to be there for my kids, always tired, always wondering 'what if'. Want to scream and cry cause I can't lose the weight or at least have enough energy to workout.

15. What other health problems do you have - No other health problems that I am aware of.

16. List down all health problems and when did they start (approximate month & year) Heavy bleeding and Shortness of breath-2011; No energy-10/2012;Iron/Anemic/Blood Trans. 11/2012; Fibroids found-1/2013

17. What non-medicinal actions make these other health problems better (explain each problem) nothing

18. What makes these other health problems worse (explain each problem) time

19. What animals or insects are you afraid of - I fear all insects (didn't have this problem or wasn't aware of it until 2 years ago). I never liked bugs but I now can't stand to see them. If I see one in my house I'm paranoid I will find another.

20. What situations are you afraid of (e.g. heights, closed spaces, ocean, darkness etc) - dirt, unclean surroundings. I've never been afraid of heights but now I don't care for being to high up or I'll start to think 'what if'.

21. What occupies your mind mostly - finances and kids well being.

22. How do you respond to consolation & sympathy - not well

23. Do you want to stay alone or with people - alone

24. How is your sleep, if not good, why - restless. I never feel like I get enough sleep even if I slept for 10 hours. I tend to toss and turn. Maybe I need a new mattress.

25. Do you have any recurring dreams - I never dream or I never remember them.

26. Is your complaint affected by weather, if so, which weather affect & how

27. Do you normally feel hot or cold - I normally feel warm but not hot. My air conditioning stays around 73.

28. What foods you crave & love (not what you eat due to health or other reasons, rather what you love) - Jasmine rice only. If I could I would eat nothing but jasmine rice but I think it may be causing issues with kidneys. Use use to buy it in the big bags but after my blood trans. (about a year after) when I cooked the rice it stared to taste weird so I started to try different brands but always jasmine rice. I would last a while eating a different brand before it began to taste weird also so now I just eat the boil in bags thinking it may have been the pan chemicals seeping into the rice but I somewhat doubt it. I honestly don't know.

29. Is there any food that you hate and can’t tolerate - brown or regular white rice. taste is off.

30. What taste you crave & love (e.g. sweet, salty, sour, bitter) - salty

31. Is there any taste which you hate and can’t tolerate - no

32. Do you like warm or cold food - warm

33. Do you want to eat indigestible foods (chalk, lead pencil, mud….) - no

34. How is your thirst (less, moderate, excessive) - hardly ever thirsty

35. Do you have excessively dry lips or mouth or both - dry lips

36. Do you have any coating on tongue first thing in the morning, if yes, details - not that I'm aware of.

37. Any taste in your mouth first thing in the morning (e.g. bitter, sour) - no

38. How is your skin (dry, oily, rough, acne, pustules, boils, psoriasis etc), upload here or email me a picture of the skin problem - dry skin and I've always had acne problems.

39. Please upload here or email me a close up picture of your hand nails (without nail polish or any treatment done). Click my username for my email address. - nails curl (only on hands)

40. Details about your sweat, answer all these points: where mostly, how much, smell, does it stain, if yes what color. Head/Scalp and back, not much/moderate, no smell, no stain.

41. Any problems with eyes/vision, if yes, since when - no

42. Any problems with ears, nose, throat (e.g. nose always blocked, runny, discharge color) - I've get sinus infection often or get close to getting an infection. This started happening more in the past 3 years (2 to 3 times a year). I can carry a dry cough for months, mucus build up clear to yellowish color, hardens in back of throat and nose. Ears sometimes will drain.

43. How is your stool, answer all these points: how often, consistency, any blood, any particular smell etc. - once a day usually. Sometimes less on some days and more when it's close to that time of the month.

44. How is your urine, answer all these points: color, smell, any blood etc. yellow unless drink a lot of water that day. Strong smell

45. How is your sex desire (e.g. no desire, low, moderate, high, very high) -moderate

46. Are you satisfied with your sex life, if no, why not - no. don't have one.

47. Do you masturbate, if yes, how frequently - yes. not exactly sure. never kept count.

48. Are you satisfied after that or want more -satisfied

49. Males genitals (any problems with erection, any pain, any itching etc.)

50. Females menses details (reply to all these points)

• Regularity (early, late, irregular, duration of cycle) irregular, 7 days

• Flow (low, moderate, high) very high

• Clots (none, some, a lot, huge clots, bright color, dark color) lots of dark clots varies in sizes

• Any discharge (color, consistency, smell) white or cream, no smell, all the time. I have to wear panty liners everyday

51. What illnesses are running in your family

• Mother’s side - breast, diabetes

• Father’s side - a skin disorder: dry patchy skin where it looks like skin is peeling

• Siblings (brother/sister) - nothing im aware of

52. Are you taking any medicines (allopathic, homeopathic, supplements, acupuncture etc.) I take isotonix-multi-Vit w/iron and OPC-3. Any supplements I take are isotonixs from Market America.

53. Have you had any surgeries or implants, if yes, give details - just cesarean

54. Have you had any long term treatment (physical or psychological), if yes, give details (what, when, where, why, the list of medicines used) -no

55. What homeopathic remedies have you taken in the past (potency, dosage, approx. time frame)- none

Thanking you in advance.
  rightchoice on 2014-08-11
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Will evaluate and revert.
fitness 8 years ago
Thank You
rightchoice 8 years ago
When was the last time you had a complete physical and blood work done.

What is your fasting sugar and HbA1C.

What is your resting blood pressure.

Q-38 & 39: Need pictures.
fitness 8 years ago
Last time I had blood work and physical done was March of 2013. I was told everything looked good but would need to keep an eye on the blood count cause it was lower but not cause to be concerned yet.But I'm starting to feel the same way I did in 2012. Not as bad has it was then bit concerned it may head done the same path.My next appointment is not until late September.

I don't know what my fasting sugar or HbA1C is or how to find out. Should I get another blood test done and ask for this information?

Also it will be a while before I can send pics of my nail since I keep them cut and I will need to stop using my eucerin lotion for you to see how dry and crcked my skin gets. My skin can be managed with eucerin but nail are a concern. They only become straight if I soak my hand in water. I will try to send pics has soon as possible.
rightchoice 8 years ago
You can get a blood test done for finding your HbA1C or you can buy a kit from any pharmacy, its usually $30 for two kits and do it yourself.
fitness 8 years ago

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