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adenoids, tonsillitus, very poor growth 7yr kid pls help

my kid age 7yr have tonsils and adenoids and has very poor growth (height n weight), poor apitite,thin n slender, grinds teeth at night,is very sensitive to noise,exitement, talkative,
pls help
  win51 on 2014-08-29
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I can try to find a suitable remedy for you. Before doing that, please click on my username to know about me & my prescription skills.

Please answer the applicable questions below so that I may be able to select a remedy. Answer under the questions leaving them in place:

1. Age, weight, height
2. Physical appearance of the child e.g. thin, chubby, tall, short
3. Describe the nature of the child (shy, headstrong etc. give details)
4. Have the growth milestones (e.g. teething, standing, walking, talking etc. )achieved early, on time or late
5. What are the symptoms of the health problem
6. What makes the problem better without using medicines
7. What makes the problem worse without using medicines
8. How is the child behaving emotionally during this problem
9. How long the problem has been there
10. What is the reason of the problem in mother’s view
11. How is the child’s thirst & appetite
12. What does the child like to eat
13. What does the child dislike in food
14. Is there any strong preference of taste e.g. sweet, salty, sour, bitter
15. How is the stool & urine
16. How is the child’s sleep
17. What is the child afraid of (animals, insects, darkness, alone etc.)
18. Where does the child sweat normally
19. How much does the child sweat (little, moderate, a lot)
20. Any problems with nose, throat, ears, chest
21. Is the child normally cold or hot
22. Was it a planned pregnancy, if not, how did you feel on finding about it
23. How was the pregnancy of the mother (morning sickness, bleeding, happy, sad, tense etc)
24. How is the relationship of mother & father
25. What diseases run in your family (mother & father)
fitness 8 years ago
first of all thanks for trying to help

1. age 7 yrs, wgt 17kgs, ht. 115cm
2. thin ,slender, por wgt and hgt.
3.shy, fearful,
4. growth milestone acheived little late
5. health problem :.
kissing tonsills,throat pain, adenoids, asthamatic broncitis,
early tooth decay, weak , difficuilty in breathing properly snores in sleep, difcuilty in swallowing food

6. nothing
7. rain , damp weather, and cold makes conditions worse
8. is always very emotional
9. since 3yrs
10. hav no idea
11. very poor appetite, thirst normal
12. normal house food (sabji roti) mostly
13. does not like sweets, chocolate, bakery products,as other children would have, cannot even have little spices in food have mostly plain food.
14. no sweet, no sour, or bitter, or salty.
15. stool hard n urine normal sometimes constipation
16. sleep good but not deep very sensitive to noise, so listens in sleep also
17. afraid , fearful of animals, insects, darkness, being alone also.
18.more than normal sweating, in head in hair and back of head,neck area and back.
20.throat, chest, nose,specified above
21.normal but towards hot
22. yes and very happy
23. tense , and had gdm in last 3 months n took insulin
24. normal nothing disturbing
25.constipation n pilestill today

my kid is hyperactive n cannot sit at a place, not for having food or studies also, continous moving around and jumping.exitment,
talkative (likes to talk a lot),friendly, respectful, very emotional and attached to family,with poor growth comparetively,
medications : feels better by tubercullum one does in 6 months followed by kali-bich, when ever req.

can tonsills and adenoids be controlled and shrinked and growth b put on track or hgh b triggered .

pls reply
win51 8 years ago
I request some more opinions from other doctors in forum also . please try to help
win51 8 years ago
Your kids medicine is Tuberculinum which you have already used and got good results from. In these type of cases there is generally present hereditary pthisical tendency. The starting potency in my experience is 10M. For reference you can go through J.T.Kent's 'Lectures on homeopathic Materia Medica', chapter on Tuberculinum Bovinum. You can also go through Kent's articles on adenoids in his 'lessrer writings'.
telescope 8 years ago
10M is a very high potency which even experienced homeopaths rarely use.
fitness 8 years ago
Yes 10M is quite high and not for new doctors. Tuberculinum is a nosode and it should be given high for two reasons one, the nosodes act best in the higher potencies; two we are trying to root out an inherited tendency.There is an additional reason-- low potencies will not show sharp results and the doctor will be tempted to change the remedy thus spoiling the case. However if the potency is an issue we can always start a little lower like 1M but not lower than that. Thanks for showing your concern.
telescope 8 years ago
Its not about being new or experienced. There are 3 clear schools of homeopathic prescription, low, medium & high potency.

The problem with high potencies is the danger of out of control aggravation, in a physical setting where you meet the patient and hence are accountable, you can go as high as you want.

Prescribing 10M on an internet forum its not only irresponsible but outrightly dangerous as no homeopath can tell before hand how an individual will respond to a remedy.

Kindly tell if this child aggravates dangerously what will the mother do.
fitness 8 years ago
Out of control aggravation occurs only on two occassions: when a deep acting remedy is administered during acute attack of certain conditions like bronchial asthma and when the patient is given correct constitutional medicine in incurable states. For example if you give sulphur or silicea to a TB patient when there are extensive structural changes in vital organs you will set off what you call uncontrolled aggravation.
telescope 8 years ago
I wish I had more time to elaborate but I can safely add that your assumption about aggravation is incorrect. I hope you don't find it out at someone else's cost.
fitness 8 years ago
thanks for reply to u both but which medicine n how to give is still pending and what bout growth parameters in which my kid is lacking , which medicine should be given for triggering growth for weight n height or for hgh, and can by which drug adenoids n tonsills will be shrinked for easing breathing and eating food.

pls reply.
win51 8 years ago
You had already mentioned that Your kid felt better from a dose of tuberculinum which actually covers all his symptoms mentioned by you including his restless nature. Now if you know the potency that was used you can administer it again and do not disturb the action of the remedy on any account. You have to give the remedy time to act and the time will vary according to the potency.There may be fever, mucous in stool or vomiting of mucous when the action of the remedy starts. All this will pass away in a day or two.
telescope 8 years ago
thanks ok fine, i gave him tuberculinum 1m approx 1 year ago and kali bich 200 last week also for cough n cold . do i need to give him tb 1m again, but his growth has not improved nor his adenoids or tonsills and wen to repeat medicines pls advice.
win51 8 years ago
You said he felt better after tuberculinum-- in which matters did he feel better? Duration of action for 1M is roughly 30--45 days. You can either repeat or go to the next higher potency 10M. I suggest you repeat tuberculinum 1M and see how it acts. The first indication of good action of the remedy will be in the mental sphere so your kid should exhibit less restlessness . Keep me posted on any development. Thank you.
telescope 8 years ago
thanks i ll give him tb 1m and reply the changes after 30-45 days
win51 8 years ago

You do not have to wait 30 days to give feedback- you can
give feedback to Telescope after a week, so he can monitor
the action of the remedy.
simone717 8 years ago
ok i gave him tubercul 1m today
win51 8 years ago
hi there,
sorry for late reply.
my kid is feeling better but with little ease in breathing from nose.
last 20 days he hav lost 2kgs of weight ie approx 12% of his weight and his hper activity is not decreasing .

how can his weight n height can be increased , do we hav any medicine to increase HGH and push growth to its normal level.

pls reply
win51 8 years ago
Imo, this way of treatment is not optimum. It may resolve the case but will take very long.
fitness 8 years ago
Hi win51,
It will be your luck if Fitness takes your case.
Please follow fitness's instruction to get your baby cured.
mahmoodjnu 8 years ago
pls try to discuss and advice to help instead,
pls advice for growth factor,
win51 8 years ago
I was just giving an observation. Please continue with your present prescribe.
fitness 8 years ago
Please give your son Sulphur 30 one dose in the morning and observe any changes. report after two days.
telescope 7 years ago
i gave him sulh 30 today mrng
win51 7 years ago
I have given tub 1m to my daughter 2 years old with speech delay tonsils frequent cough cold .week liver is it ok
ridhimaawasthi 4 years ago

If you had asked before administering the medicine it'd have been better. Now after giving it asking if it's ok is not going to help much.

These are nosodes and deep acting ones. These can be given when the giver knows what he/she is doing and is capable of assessing whether an anti miasmatic is required or atleast if a medicine is indicated and to assess the effects from the medicine.
maheeru 4 years ago

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