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Hyperthyroid -- Graves disease 2


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Graves Disease - thyroid

I am a 43 year old female who 2 years ago was diagnosed with Graves which is an autoimmune disorder. Help! I need help finding alternatives to treat this disease. Apparently my great grandmother had 'goiter' as they call it back then so this could be hereditary.
I had all the resulting classic symptoms of hyperthroid:
sleep problems
rapid heart beat
hair loss
loose stools
sensitivity to heat
memory loss
weight loss

The first Medical Dr recommended Radioactive Iodine (RAI) to kill my thyroid. My second DR agreed to put me on Tapazole 10mg. After 1 year I have stopped Tapzole (60 days ago)to try to go into remission but per the DR - no luck -- the free T3 levels are rising again and I am beginning to feel the symptoms reappear.

I am looking to find more natural alternatives to the RAI. This is all pretty scary as I have been very healthy up to now.

I will admit that I first started feeling the symptoms of hyperthyroid after trying the Adkins diet for a few months -- a cooincidence maybe? Now I try to eat more fruits/vegetables and exercise more frequent - avg 1 mile per day walking.

Are there any homeopathic solutions that have been sucessful in treating people with this condition?
If so, how do I find out?
  sortleff on 2005-11-28
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

Do you have any relief yet? I have had Graves disease in the past....I sware I have all the symptoms but last month my blood work came back fine. I am losing weight....I am 5'3 and weigh 99 lbs. If you had any relief....let me know.

jtlaharder last decade
You don't by any chance eat or drink anything with aspartame (aka Nutrasweet)in it, do you? Things like diet soda, sugarfree jello, pudding, etc. There is a book called "Sweet Poison" in which the author was diagnosed with Graves disease and she discovered it was the aspartame and other excitotoxins that were causing it. If you do eat or drink anything with aspartame in it, you need to read this book. Log on to the website aspartamekills.
catgranny last decade
Hi Sortleff,
I can understand your pain. I am 36, diagnosed with Graves 4 yeears ago.
Recent Symptoms are:
rapid heart beat (taking Atenolol - beta blocker to slow heart rate)
eyes sensitive to light
frequent tiredness
burning eyes
swollen thyroid
I don't think I'm sleeping well

I've been on Mathimazole (generic Tapazole) for 3 months and symptoms have gotten better.

Have you had any responses to your message on 11/28/05. I need help and I'm also seeking natural alternatives to the RAI.

celina last decade

Need detailed case history to suggest a remedy. You need a deep acting remedy which considers all your mental as well as physical symptoms.

Here is the questionnaire:

Try to answer as many questions as possible. Some may be irrelevant to you. Just skip those.

1. What is the main reason you need treatment?

2. Describe your complaints giving the following details:

Complaint 1 :
A. Location (Part of body affected)
B. Sensation (Type of Pain)
C. Time (When does it happen, Variations during the day/night)
D. What makes you feel better or worse.
E. Accompanying complaints.

Complaint 2 :
A. Location (Part of body affected)
B. Sensation (Type of Pain)
C. Time (When does it happen, Variations during the day/night)
D. What makes you feel better or worse.
E. Accompanying complaints.

3. Past Illness history?

4. Ailments in the family? (BP, Diabetes, TB, Cancer etc )

5. What medication are you taking currently (or taken in the past)?

6. What foods do you crave? List from the strongest craving to the weakest.

7. What foods do you have an aversion to?

8. What foods aggravate you? (including allergies)

9. Level of thirst? Normal water intake during a day?

10. Digestive functions (Appetite, bowel , acidity, bloating , gases etc.)

11. Energy level throughout the day? Rate it from 1-10 (10 being excellent).

12. Perspiration: How much do you perspire? Where? Smell/ stain of the sweat? Are the stains easily washable?

13. How is your sleep? What position do you prefer to sleep in? Is there any position you cannot sleep in? Do you walk/talk/grind your teeth when you are asleep?

14. Describe your dreams in detail? Do you had any recurring dreams or images/ pictures/ themes?

15. Gynecological History

a. Describe your menses (periods): Pain or associated complaints during menses? Colour / amount / odour ? Clots? Stains easily washable?

b. Leucorrhoea? When? Stains ? Of what colour ? Easily washable?

16. Obstetric History:
pregnancies / abortions / deliveries ( normal/ caesarian/ forceps) etc . Any complaints during pregnancy?

17. Which season do you like the most? Why? Do you need fan ? How much covering do you take? Woolen clothes? What temp of water do you prefer for taking bath?

18. Is there anything else in the environment you are sensitive to? ( car sickness etcÂ…)

19. What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you? Describe in detail.

20. What part of your life do you have the most difficulty coping with? Why is that?

21. What was your childhood like? Describe your parents and your relationship with them. Describe your relationship with your siblings and other extended family members. Did anything in your childhood have a profound effect on you? Describe your school and college life.

23. What is your occupation? What differentiates you from the other people in your place of employment? What difficulties do you have at work?

24. What is your self-confidence level ?

25. What fears do you have? Do you have any phobias?

26. What parts of yourself or your life would you change if it were at all possible?

27. What do you do to relax?

28. Describe all other aspects of your nature in detail.
magicure last decade
soo, I see the posting stopped a few years back. Any word on the homeopathic options for hyperthyroid?
mashenka last decade
In the absence of adequate details the homeopathic remedy bears a very low chance to have any impact.

Magicure could have helped if the details had been given.
kadwa last decade
kadwa, what details do you mean? The 28 questions poste by magicure? Who in their right mind would post answers to questions like 'what fears do you have' in an open forum?
mashenka last decade
One should never reveal his or her personal identity while giving details on a forum like this. If id is not revealed all sorts of details can be given. The homeopathic remedy is always selected on the basis of peculiar details.
kadwa last decade
Hello sortleff!
I would like to help you, if I can.

You have already provided information about some symptoms. I would like som more details. Please answer my questions.

sleep problems; please explain.

rapid heart beat, in what situation is at its worst? At night, after breakfast, or generally after you've eaten?

Some foods that aggravates the symptoms? etc.

Hair loss: Only on your head?

anxiety: Can you feel a kind of hurried feeling, associated with anxiety?
When anxiety is at its worst?

loose stool: What time of day?

sensitivity two heats: How do you like a warm room?

memory loss: In what situations it is at its worst?

Tremors: Is it your hands, or elsewhere on the body as well?

weight loss: Do you have a good appetite, eats a lot but is still losing weight?
Irritability: In what situations, and what time of the day is at its worst?

Is it hard for you to sit still; better Exertion?

Have you ever felt numbness in the fingers?
Are you a quarrelsome person, dictatorial, feel depressed in the morning, do not like being contradicted, etc?

Other things that you would like to mention?

Parakletos; practioner of classical homeopathy.
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Parakletos last decade
I have been taking a combo of 5 homeopathics for the last 6 weeks. I feel great, and virtually all of my Graves symptoms have vanished, but my blood results do not show improvement. Any thoughts?
mashenka last decade
One of the five remedies in the combo is working for you. The improvement in blood results should follow.
kadwa last decade
thanks for replying to this. Any idea how long it would take for bugleweed to bring thyroxine count down?
mashenka last decade
Sorry. No ideas on bugleweed.
kadwa last decade

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