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Lipomas on Head (Scalp)

Sir, I am ArunachalaSivan and I am 76 years old male. I have 3 Lipomas on my head. In the past there were only 2 lipomas on my head and i left it untreated as it was not causing any problems.Now, a new one has sprouted out of the back of my head and it is growing in size and makes uneasy to sleep.Please suggest me some medicines so that this problem could be solved.
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  ArunachalaSivan on 2014-09-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Dear arunachala,
I will try to help you but I will request you to put your other peculiarities(other means apart from lipoma) because you might have observed that lipoma is not easy to treat.pl put down all your physical and mental peculiarities which are otherwise and not found commonly.
I will help you with some examples.
OBSTINATE CONSTIPATION due to portal stagnation. Crawling and stitches in anus. SENSATION OF SOMETHING ALIVE IN ABDOMEN, STOMACH, ETC., especially on left side. Abdomen swollen, feeling of something heavy.

Tingling in various parts. Chorea and hysterical affections. Frequent and extreme changes in sensations and mental conditions. Anger with violence followed by repentance. LAUGHING mania. Drowsiness and LASSITUDE; better by literary labor.

you may not have all these symptoms but this is for example,you can give your symptoms/peculiarities in this fashion.
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bapu4 7 years ago
I have these lipomas or cyst since 1965 and I don't know how it formed.The doctors told me that if it was not disturbing me then I could just leave it.I also have some small lipomas in my hands but I left it untreated.Last week, I met a Dermatologist and he told me to surgically remove it. My son is saying that it should not be done and a solution can be obtained through homeopathy.Now, I find a new one is also coming.I have been taking Triphala Guggulu and Kanchanara Guggulu for the past 5 months and surprised to see another one is sprouting out.I think because of taking these medicines I got a new one.
I had a mild heart attack in the year 2004 and since then I have been taking medicines like Sorbitrate 5Mg and etc.,.I have problems like
3.Ulcer and Acidity
4.Burning sensation in the stomach.
Previously,I took Dulcolax for the constipation problem and stopped it.Then I started to take Bio-Chemic Combination No.4.But there is no permanent solution for Acidity and Ulcer,Constipation .
ThankYou and waiting for your reply.
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ArunachalaSivan 7 years ago
pl elaborate on point no 1,2,3
when it started how are the modalities(condition in which they are better and worse)ulcer,burning the exact area and time,where is the ulcer located,your food,your liking and dislikings,Thirst,bad breath,toung coating ,your sleep-pl elaborate,exact location of lipoma on hand
Your nature and behaviour to yourself AND others.
What about your BP and sugar?
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bapu4 7 years ago
I am a pure vegetarian.I don't have blood sugar and in the last week I had BP 112/65.

1. I have pilesand I am taking Pilex from Himalayas and apply Proctosedyl ointment and so far that problem is controlled.

2. Acidity problem occurs daily after taking food and for the past 20 years I take Ranitidine or zenitac.If I don't take this medicine then acidity gives trouble.

3. For constipation problem I take banana daily at night and Dulcolax became useless and ineffective.

4. Because of the burning sensation in the stomach I think it may be due to ulcer.This happens after I take food.
I take 4 litres of water daily.
I go to sleep at 10 P.M and wake up at around 6 A.M.
I take coffee in the morning at 6 A.M and food daily in the morning at 9 A.M .In the afternoon 3 P.M I take Idlies or something like that and have Coffee. In the night I take food at 8 P.M.
I read newspaper or go to banks,stationery shops between 10 AM to 12 PM
I watch Televisions from 12 P.M to 2 P.M. I again go to sleep from 2 P.M to 3.30 P.M. Then in the evening I go for walk at 6 P.M to 6.45 P.M . I go to market to buy vegetables.
My nature is soft and I don't get angry unneccesarily. I don't move with all my neighbours but a few only.
There are 2 small lipomas in my right hand and its location is in between the elbow and wrist placed one after another.
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ArunachalaSivan 7 years ago
see you will have to stop coffee for these meds .you can take tea instead.If yes we will go further.
What is the degree of hardness of your other lipoma on head.Does this new lipoma pains?
You have not answered
'ulcer,burning the exact area and time,where is the ulcer located,what doctors said abut it'did you have a very high stress in life after which this ulcer came?since when you have piles?
Iknow this is taxing you,but unless I get the clue for remedy I cant prescribe,and the clue will be thro your answers only so pl bear with me.You will appreciate that Homeopathy doesnt send patients for diagnostics and wastes the money of the patient and there after give palliative medicine,it is this session of questioning only that gives the clue.I asked you for peculiarites and uniqueness that I should get thro your answers for a good prescription so far every thing seems common.Pl go thro my earlier post where I have mentioned specifically for it like modalities ,pl find peculiarities and tell .
Your piles,ulcer,Lipoma all may be thread of one single theme,if we get the remedy fitting that you will get the relief in all the problems ,a remedy can not be prescribed on single lipoma.
where are you located,your height ,weight,physique,colour.

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bapu4 7 years ago
I stay in Chennai.
Height : 180 Cm
Weight : 79 Kg
Physique : Good
Colour : Fair

I have stopped coffee and started taking milk.You asked me about the peculiarities and I think I can explain as,
I don't have habits like Smoking,Drinking Liquor etc..,.
I don't have Laughing manic problems or Hysteria and don't get anger unnecessarily.
since 2010 I have piles, but that problem occurs only occasionaly because I took Pilex for more than a year.For Ulcer, I did'nt consult any Doctor and go for the check up
but I feel burning sensation 2 Hours after taking food. If I don't take Zenitac, definitely there is burning sensation in the Lowest part of stomach.I stopped taking fried foods as it causes more burning sensation and no stress is there for me to cause this problem.For constipation, I can say that sometimes it occurs and does'nt occurs in other times.
The new lipoma on my head scalp is soft and not painful.But 3 months ago it was small and now it is like a small onion in my head.
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ArunachalaSivan 7 years ago
I was avoiding this questionnaire to ask you to fill but I think ,It should be filled,what ever questions you have already answered you can say AA against them(already answered)
Pl. copy this questionnaire in your reply box and then reply each question.

• Any significant feature (e.g. sunken cheeks, stooped shoulders, thin chest etc.)

3. Your profession

4. Describe your personality in at least 20 words (e.g. stubborn, lazy, suicidal, don’t want to work, always in a hurry etc.)

5. If money was not an issue and you had a month of vacation, what would you do

6. How is your relationship with your parents, spouse, siblings, children etc.

7. If relationship is not ok, what’s wrong and how is it affecting you

8. Do you smoke/drink/drugs, if yes, details of why & since when

9. What is your main health problem & its symptoms

10. When did this main problem begin

11. What is the cause of this problem in your view

12. What non-medicinal actions make the main problem better (e.g. massage, warmth, cold, lying down, sitting etc.)

13. What makes it worse (e.g. massage, warmth, cold, lying down, sitting etc.)

14. How do you feel mentally & emotionally during this problem (e.g. weepy, irritable, restless, sad, hopeless, fear of death etc.)

15. What other health problems do you have

16. List down all health problems and when did they start (approximate month & year)

17. What non-medicinal actions make these other health problems better (explain each problem)

18. What makes these other health problems worse (explain each problem)

19. What animals or insects are you afraid of

20. What situations are you afraid of (e.g. heights, closed spaces, ocean, darkness etc)

21. What occupies your mind mostly

22. How do you respond to consolation & sympathy

23. Do you want to stay alone or with people

24. How is your sleep, if not good, why

25. Do you have any recurring dreams

26. Is your complaint affected by weather, if so, which weather affect & how
27. Do you normally feel hot or cold

28. What foods you crave & love (not what you eat due to health or other reasons, rather what you love)

29. Is there any food that you hate and can’t tolerate

30. What taste you crave & love (e.g. sweet, salty, sour, bitter)

31. Is there any taste which you hate and can’t tolerate

32. Do you like warm or cold food

33. Do you want to eat indigestible foods (chalk, lead pencil, mud….)

34. How is your thirst (less, moderate, excessive)

35. Do you have excessively dry lips or mouth or both

36. Do you have any coating on tongue first thing in the morning, if yes, details

• Is coating thick

• Color of coating

• Where exactly (back, middle, sides etc)

37. Any taste in your mouth first thing in the morning (e.g. bitter, sour)

38. How is your skin (dry, oily, rough, acne, pustules, boils, psoriasis etc), upload here or email me a picture of the skin problem

39. Please upload here or email me a close up picture of your hand nails (without nail polish or any treatment done). Picture should be of nails, not hands. Click my username for my email address.

40. Details about your sweat, answer all these points: where mostly, how much, smell, does it stain, if yes what color

41. Any problems with eyes/vision, if yes, since when

42. Any problems with ears, nose, throat (e.g. nose always blocked, runny, discharge color)

43. How is your stool, answer all these points: how often, consistency, any blood, any particular smell etc.

44. How is your urine, answer all these points: color, smell, any blood etc.

45. How is your sex desire (e.g. no desire, low, moderate, high, very high)

46. Are you satisfied with your sex life, if no, why not

47. Do you masturbate, if yes, how frequently

48. Are you satisfied after that or want more

49. Males genitals (any problems with erection, any pain, any itching etc.)

50. Females menses details (reply to all these points)

• Regularity (early, late, irregular, duration of cycle)

• Flow (low, moderate, high)

• Clots (none, some, a lot, huge clots, bright color, dark color)

• Any discharge (color, consistency, smell)

51. What illnesses are running in your family

• Mother’s side

• Father’s side

• Siblings (brother/sister)

52. Are you taking any medicines (allopathic, homeopathic, supplements, acupuncture etc.)

53. Have you had any surgeries or implants, if yes, give details

54. Have you had any long term treatment (physical or psychological), if yes, give details (what, when, where, why, the list of medicines used)

55. What homeopathic remedies have you taken in the past (potency, dosage, approx. time frame)
bapu4 7 years ago

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