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Advice needed


I was wondering if I can get some guidance.
My wife has been suffering from depression for many years. We had tried SSRIs in the past and not only they did not help, she gained 20 lbs weight which she has not been able to lose. Understandably we do not want to go that route.

I did a lot of reading about homeopathic remedies and figured out that her personality is Nat Mur and Sepia. I started her on Nat Mur 30C twice a day. The plan is to give for 3 days and follow with the same of Sepia. She felt much better after the first dose of Nat Mur and so far has taken two doses.

In all the reading I have done, the only thing not clear is how long to take the medicines. Should she take it for a few months, since the problem is chronic fir over 10 years?

Thanks for any help.

  Ravirr on 2014-09-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
The following additional information is required to help your wife.

1. Age
2. Male or Female or other
3. Single/Married
4. weight
5. Height
6. country
7. climate
8. List of your complaints

9. Since how long are you suffering from each complaint

10. Diabetic or non-Diabetic
11. Desire sweets/sour/salt
12. Thirst
13. Tongue and Taste
14. Current Blood Pressure (without medicine and with medicine)

15. One situation that had a
big effect on you?

16. Important Question.
Current and previous remedies/medicines you are taking or took in the past?

17. Educational Qualifications of the patient
18. Nature of work, what do you do for living?

19. Important Question.
Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry,
impatientÂ…and so on.. How are you different from other persons, public speaking or not, you can describe all of the details about your behavior, love and affections.

20. Color of the secretions/discharges e.g
Pus, urine, stool, sputum, Saliva etc.

For Females Only
21. When is the period during the month approx. date?
Any monthly cycle issues? Regular, early, late, before problems, after problems,
pain, any other discharges?

22. Are you pregnant? If yes, please give pregnancy start date? Any current issues?
nawazkhan 5 years ago
Hi Ravi,

If she felt better from Nat Mur, then you do not give Sepia.

When a remedy has a reaction, you wait to see what the
effects are over a period of days/or weeks if a high potency.

Every person is going to have different reactions depending
on their state of health, if the remedy is correct, if the potency
is right and amount of doses are right.

How often and how long a remedy is taken depends on the
individual, there is no set protocol.

The remedy when right has to match the overall mental,
physical, emotional, what makes things better or worse-
when it is a close match, it matches the Disease state of the

The body won't let there be two ' similar ' things going on
so it boosts the life force to clear imbalances-
the life force of the person does the work, the remedy is a

You can fill out the form that Nawaz put on here and let
him guide you.
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simone717 5 years ago
She cannot be both Nat-mur and Sepia. While there are some similarities between them they are only superficial. One has to understand the fine difference between them to get genuine cure from either of them.

Every remedy has many aspects of course, and the one that suits one person may be somewhat different from another.

Nat-mur is a mineral remedy. The main issue of the minerals is completeness or incompleteness. Nat-mur feels incomplete without someone else, a person on which they can depend. Their identity depends on being part of a relationship, a duo, a pair. They rely entirely on that person to know who they are, to be someone. The conflict for them comes from the interplay of the two elements (sodium and chloride). One wants them to attach, the other wants to detach. They constantly go back and forth between wanting to be in this relationship and not wanting to be in it (clinging and rejecting). The real trauma for them comes when the relationship ends - they don't know who they are, everything they thought they knew about themselves was caught up in this relationship. They will dwell on its end for a very long time - years, perhaps forever (until they get the remedy of course). This is why we know it so well for grief, but the grief as this flavour.

After one (or many) disappointment, grief or separation, the chlorine aspect is often exaggerated and they will seek to remain free of any bond to another person. They reject affection, reject love, reject dependence another, to avoid the pain that goes with the breaking of this bond. They remain sensitive, very sensitive, even romantic, but their fear of being hurt walls them off from potential relationships (and pain).

The question a Nat-mur patient often asks is 'Who am I inside of this relationship, who am I now the relationship is gone?'

Sepia on the other hand is an animal remedy, and the main issue for animals is Competition and Survival. Sepia is usually in competition with someone more dominating and controlling, usually someone of the opposite sex. We see the remedy frequently in relationships where the women is being dominated by the man, but this can be the other way around. Sepia people see love as a chain, a leash, that traps them, holds them to someone, when they want to burst free and go on with their own lives alone. Love drains them, the demands of those who love them and who rely on them. Parenthood is especially hard for Sepia, where someone requires so much from them. All they want to fly away from these responsibilities and have no one to look after except themselves. This usually produces great guilt in them, shame, and may in fact cause them to give even more to their loved ones.

So a terrible cycle begins where they become more and more emotionally depleted. Eventually they stop feeling, stop loving, become frigid, indifferent, even hateful. They are like a sponge that has had all the water squeezed out of it and then left in the sun - dried up emotionally.

The question Sepia often asks themselves is 'Who is in control of my life? Who is in charge, you or me?'.

Nat-mur's underlying driving motivation is 'Don't hurt me'. When in their late stage (most sick) they reject love, caring, dependence, attachment to avoid the pain of a bond breaking. Nat-mur wants to be alone so that no-one can hurt them again (or at all).

Sepia's underlying motivation is to break free from the bonds of responsibility that love and caring place on them, so that they can escape and be independent with no demands on them. Sepia wants to be alone so that nobody can put any pressure or demands on them again.
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Evocationer 5 years ago

That was absolutely brilliant. It hits right at what I was looking for. My wife is definitely a Nat Mur and your explanation clarifies it. I will hold off on Sepia.

The next question is how long do I continue Nat Mur. I am a medical doctor , so the general feel is to think it takes longer to remedy a chronic problem. My idea was that since this grief has been there for more than a decade, she needs longer duration. This may not be true in Homeopathy...

One other titbit is that she saw a homeopathy doctor in 7 years ago for psoriasis. She was prescribed passiflora incarnata mother tincture 5 drops twice a day which she had been taking for almost 7 years. She has not been regular with this medication due to her depression, though. This has improved her psoriasis significantly. That doctor mentioned that she needs it for about 5 years. She has not been in touch with him of late but continues to take it since it improved her psoriasis. She used to not have periods before that but it seemed like passiflora helped her get back her periods.

Finally, I like your explanation and thought process. Can you suggest good books to learn more? My wife responds well to homeopathy and has chronic illnesses like psoriasis, depression, inability to lose weight, hypothyroidism, etc. I am certain most of these are interconnected with her grief being the main center piece.

I have tried allopathic medicine and there are no effective and safe medicines for her issues in my field.

Thank you very much.

Ravirr 5 years ago
How long to continue a medicine is complicated. This is something we call Second Prescription and is governed by a principle we call the Direction of Cure. By understanding the exact reaction we decide whether to redose, change the dose, change the potency, change the remedy, or do nothing. It isn't easy to explain all of the possibilities here.

Taking a herbal tincture is not done in homoeopathy. Nor is giving someone a medicine every day for years on end. Unfortunately, this person you saw was not an actual homoeopath. It is quite likely the psoriasis was suppressed, and this may have complicated her emotional or mental state. Undoing that suppression will be necessary to effect a cure, and that will be made more difficult and painful now. That also requires an experienced homoeopath. The longer she suppresses her symptoms the more likely she will become incurable. I must urge you to seek a genuine cure for her overall (underlying) disease.

Genuine cure does not:

1. Isolate one part of the case for improvement
2. Require constant dosing to maintain the improvement
3. Leave more important parts of the case (emotions, thoughts) untreated while superficial symptoms (like skin) are removed.

This is what allopathy does, and this doctor has treated allopathically with herbs. It isn't homoeopathy.
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Evocationer 5 years ago

I suggest you look at this site and perhaps get guidance there- online if
you have to.

Scroll down and see the psoriasis case-
note what he has to say about grief being
a major component.http://raviclinic.com/cured-cases-details-2/
simone717 5 years ago
Got it, I'll try and find a good homeopathic doctor locally. I wonder if there is a list of recommended doctors..or perhaps an online consultation? I am not really comfortable putting all the intimate details in an open forum.

In terms of Nat Mur, we used three doses (5 pills of 30C) 12 hours apart and she felt a lot better. This morning, there was a distinct anger towards the people that she felt hurt from. I raed that too much Nat Mur can cause anger, so I stopped giving any more. Although I originally planned to give 5 days (10 doses), I stopped after three. We have to wait and see how she does.
Please let me know if I need to do anything else in the interim.


Ravirr 5 years ago
You wait now, many times things come up and leave
after a few hours, and continue to come and leave-
especially if a person is sensitive this can go on
for a couple weeks.

Psoriasis is very difficult to treat- many homeopaths
palliate it bc they don't know how to cure it-

so seeing what this dr. has done is rare. I would
work with someone who has cured people and can
show you that. It is not often that you see this
kind of evidence- some people have a real gift for
simone717 5 years ago
Thank you. I will pursue treatment online with Dr. Ravi from Lucknow.

I will hold for now, but to be sure, was I correct in stopping after three doses? Is anger a feature of overdose?

Ravirr 5 years ago
It means the remedy is working. Nat Mur and Ignacia
are people who have stuffed normal emotions and
emotions are stored in the body in the nerves, muscles
and organs. They have to come out and be released.

Healthy anger is a red flag for most people that someone has crossed their boundaries or something is
not right. If the patient still has to deal with these
situations again- often counseling would be a good
thing to give them tools in handling difficult people
or circumstances.
simone717 5 years ago
Thanks for sharing
Drravibhatt last month

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