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Graphites for eczema

I have been taking graphites for a week for an eczema rash on my hands that I have battled for years. I quit my mint toothpaste at night, but nothing seems to be helping. I am allergic to the nightshade family, but haven't been able to escape eating occasional peppers and tomatoes. But I thought graphites would work in spite of those allergies. I'm learning as I go, so maybe I'm wrong. Will it just take longer or am I somehow messing up my own remedy? I plan to order some books to read on better understanding and treating homeopathically, and have them in my Amazon cart. I would love to end this horrible, itchy rash ASAP.
I do have other symptoms that matched up with graphites, but the big concern is the eczema.
  Lidgy on 2014-11-02
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
the remedy depends on person who is taking it.So, if selection is wrong it might give unsatisfactory result.
please answer the question ask in http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/188925
gaintrox 8 years ago
1. The main suffering is an eczema rash on my hands. Primarily on my right hand. It's worst first thing in the morning to the point of chewing and gnawing. Then the great itch just goes away, but it still have shriveled, dry, red patches all around my palm and fingers and knuckles. It's white and scaly or flaky at times, and sometimes my skin cracks and bleeds.
2. Other physical ailments are chronic constipation. I'm pregnant right now, and increased chelated magnesium is helping to alleviate that.
I also have developed spider veins in my legs, over the last few years, but have associated that with being on my feet all day long, often with heavy loads.
I have a bump on my shoulder that itches at times and plan to see a dermatologist to have it removed (both a brother and sister of mine just had moles removed)as well as a mole that bothers me, and I have a skin tag I was about to get some oregano oil for.
Between this baby and the last, I had a hard time losing my belly fat in spite of a low carb, traditional diet, and thought I might have shot my adrenal glands to pieces, this baby will be number 6.
Sometimes I'm sluggish in the morning, making coffee my early morning friend. I've thought many times of switching to a Yerba mate. I've even made it a day here and there. But then the bulletproof coffee summons. Yum.
Most of these ailments aren't that bothersome, and I've found ways to deal with them.
Oh! My scalp has been itchy lately. That seems new though.
And I recently developed plantar fasciitis.
Bad posture.

3. I really think my depression is linked. Probably by gut health, but have to repeatedly revert to the GAPS diet for the whole family and was hoping that homeopathic so could help fill in the 'gaps' . Usually, by depression, I just mean irritability and a feeling like all of my life won't be any better than the worst of them. I remind myself at these times that 'this too shall pass' and use songs and memorized scripture to encourage myself. But overwhelmed, angry, and irritable, and despairing would describe those times the most. I have increased my vit. D with a liquid drop beyond my fermented cod liver oil and it seems to help dramatically.

4. When I'm at my worst I want to run away, and my hands are super inflamed and swollen.

5. My eczema started when I was about 9. My mom has it, and most of my children have it to various degrees. One of them has responded very well to aquamarine gemstones. Actually I haven't tried them on myself. :P
I can't connect it to any past event or disease, just food intolerances. Dairy, nightshades, peanuts...

6. My hands are the worst in the morning. My depression (when around) is usually mid day and night when I am tired. I have a renewed sensibility after resting for the night (usually).

7. My eczema is aggravated by hand washing, dish washing, (which I do constantly), eating aggravating foods. Nothing seems to help. Conventional lotions aggravate it, and I can't find a natural oil that alleviates it either. My skin just sucks it up and it's gone.

8. Other than hand washing, I can't see an external stimuli. Well, I take that back, my hands hurt when I handle raw meat, they hurt when I pull weeds....just about everything I handle hurts. When I sweat pushing the jogging stroller. Sheesh. They just constantly itch. Right now they itch between my fingers. It's CONSTANT.

9. No certain humidity or temperature seems to change it.

10. Mental set-up-
I guess I get irritable, but for the most part I'm a cheerful person, and agreeable. When irritable, it's usually because of one thing that I can't seem to let go of long enough to not transfer the mood to dealing with other people, like my children and/or husband. It makes me less tolerant of the little things, and I become impatient when I ought not.
I feel fine before and during a thunderstorm. I like them.
I do not like being consoled very often. I like being heard and listened to as I work my mind back to reality and deal with the problem, but I don't necessarily need to be consoled. I a usually self consoling I guess. But there are times here and there that I do need it.
My eyes are sensitive to light, and sometimes pregnancy has my sense of smell a little touchy, but other than that I wouldn't say I'm that sensitive. We have 5 kids in a very echoey house. That gets old and I send them back outside sometimes, but otherwise it doesn't bother me for the most part.
I bite my nails.
I love my husband and children! I enjoy pouring my life into them and they are worth every 'inconvenience'.
11. My biggest fear, which I haven't thought about for sometime is losing a child or leaving them motherless if something were to happen to me. But I also know that they would be in the Lord's hand and He is so much more capable than I am.
I haven't had repeating dreams in over a decade.

12. I crave apples. Fruit of any kind, really. And sauerkraut. Sometimes chocolate and coffee.
I have an aversion to .... Mushrooms. And seafood.

13. My thirst is normal.

14. Hunger is normal.

15. Apparently my body can't stand nightshades and dairy. Or peanuts. Or soy. Or wheat, even sourdough.

16. I sweat a normal amount I think.

17. Bowel movements are being treated regularly with chelated magnesium. Otherwise, hard/knotty.

18. My two and four year olds keep climbing into my bed. I've changed my mind about getting them to stop. I think they need it right now. Considering, I sleep pretty well.
But it varies. I try to sleep on my left side for pregnancy, but often have to adjust to my back.
19. Ahem. Yes, my desires are fulfilled.

20. No, I don't think I'm much different from others. Except for the way we eat. But I know A LOT of people who eat the way we do. I'm just waiting for everyone else to catch on to the realities of real food! Lol

21. I have used hydrocortisone cream in the past on my hands. It doesn't seem to help any more, when I've tried out of desperation. Other than that, no. And I haven't noticed a problem from it.

22. Major diseases in my family- my 90 year old grandmother has Alzheimer's. I think it's from a conventional diet. One of my brothers and a sister had malignant moles removed. My dad has heart issues. My mom also suffered from eczema for years before menopause.
My children- one I keep on a GAPS style diet because he was exhibiting symptoms of dyspraxia. Or borderline autism. It helps! He's fine! Unless he gets dairy. Then he's a mess.
That started after his MMR shot and no one has been vaccinated since.
A few of my other children have eczema, but theirs seems more seasonally related, and perhaps a little by different foods that none of us consume any more.

23. I look like a normal woman. My lips are a little pale and dry, but it is starting to get cold out. My hands are shriveled and red rashly. My hair is long, and healthy for the most part. I am fair complected and have moles and freckles. I wear glasses for near sighted-ness. I have a long torso and short legs. And MAYBE a little more pudge down my sides and legs than what is fashionable, but certainly not more than what is healthy. Besides, I'm 6 months pregnant with number 6. I'll run it off after the birth. ;)
I have square shoulders when I can stand up straight, but have had a posture problem since early childhood. I pop my own back frequently throughout the day in order to right myself and benefit some from chiropractic help, but have to fix my posture constantly throughout the day!

24. Periods used to be like clockwork, but became late and irregular since my last baby. I'm pregnant now. They last longer than they should. 5-7 days.
I do have grumpy PMS. BUT not dramatically.
Normal flow.
Thick and bright.
Occasional clot.
Lidgy 8 years ago
stop taking Graphites .
take Petroleum 200c only one dose in a week at the morning in empty stomach.
in 200ml of hot water add 4 tabs each of calc flour 6x +kali phos 6x+nat mur 6x+kali sulph 6x +silicea 12x mix them( u may keep the mixture in bottle after it cool down)take about 50ml of mixture twice a day before half-hour of taking lunch and dinner.do not eat and drink anything 15min before and after taking medicine
report back after 10 days of taking medicine
take care.
gaintrox 8 years ago
Thanks! I will get these ordered right away!
Lidgy 8 years ago
Hi! My remedies finally arrived today! How many tablets of the 200c petroleum would you say is 1 dose? 5?
Lidgy 8 years ago
4-5 pills
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gaintrox 8 years ago
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mani_jee 8 years ago
Just as a note, I have switched from coffee to Yerba Mate' for the duration of this treatment. Everything I read was very controversial over whether it was a problem or not, but I don't want to go to all of the trouble and expense and then messing up my own treatment with my coffee vice. Surely I can make it 10 days...and if I can make it 10 days....maybe I can make it longer.
Lidgy 8 years ago
Ok... Well this is a pickle. Day 1, and I was in the mad rush of cooking for 11 people and forgot to take my remedy before dinner. In cases like that, should I just wait a certain amount of time before taking it and then doing my bedtime routine?
[message edited by Lidgy on Fri, 14 Nov 2014 23:56:52 GMT]
Lidgy 8 years ago
Petroleum one dose in a week ; if u forgot to take it at morning in empty stomach u can take at evening or before dinner in empty stomach (morning will be better).
The mixture if u forgot a dose u can take it when u remember even after lunch and dinner but do not eat and drink anything 15min before and after taking medicine .
take care
gaintrox 8 years ago
I was going to post some pictures of my hands, but they didn't show up. They are worse this morning than yesterday. I did have to cut up a venison liver for dinner last night and that seemed to really aggravate. Other than that, I can't see that I've done anything to antic-dote. I'm super tired and the coffee pot is calling me. I'm sipping green tea instead.
[message edited by Lidgy on Sun, 16 Nov 2014 16:27:21 GMT]
Lidgy 8 years ago
Zady101 8 years ago
u can take coffee 2-3 cups a day .U have not done anything antidote it is how homeopathy work medicine show aggregation wait for three days take the mixture as u are taking and report back.
take care.
gaintrox 8 years ago
Great! Thanks!
Lidgy 8 years ago
I have been so busy with life I haven't had a chance to respond. I think my hands started to get better, but I can't say if it's because I stopped eating dairy out of desperation or if it's because of the treatment. They were actually fine for the last few days until tonight, when I had a piece of cranberry salad with cream cheese topping and some raw milk. Shortly afterwards, as I was tucking my children into bed and chatting with them my hands started itching so badly I was gnawing at them before I even realized. Gnawing. And the inflammation is coming back, which had gone. I plan to start the GAPS diet. Our whole family seems to need it and food heals. Or hurts.
Lidgy 8 years ago
avoid milk product and soya, . .About GAPS diet do not use it now .This diet contain nuts and seeds which u should not take now because u are going to have a baby and hard food should be avoided.
continue the remedy keep me update in the interval of 7-10 days.
take care.
gaintrox 8 years ago
Sorry it's been a bit. We have had a lot going on.
My hands haven't improved much, if at all. And I'm developing a rash on my legs. But it's a very random rash with just a splotch here and there. Same thing in a couple spots on my arm. 😛
I'm wondering how much of this is stress.
I started dissolving one in the morning and one in the afternoon of each remedy (save the petroleum) under my tongue because I was in too much of a hurry. I can tell that the silicea helps with my afternoon exhaustion and irritability. I put some vitamin E oil on last night and though itchy still, my hands and legs look a lot better.
The spot on my shoulder was removed yesterday, and will be biopsied, but they think it's just a cyst. Which seems random.
Lidgy 8 years ago
1-Did the rash on ur legs and arms ever occur before in ur life time or it is the first time u are having them ?
2-What are the changes u are feeling after taking the remedy
physically as well as mentally write the points and explain maximum as u can.
take care.
gaintrox 8 years ago
I have never had a rash on my arms and legs before. It does seem to help considerably when I put vitamin E oil on it, but it's still there some.
Mentally- I feel pretty good, in spite of being 30+ weeks pregnant with some major stressors in my life. I have been able to maintain an even head and I can tell that as I get tired and frustrated in the afternoon, I can take the homeopathics and I have a sense of renewal and am less irritable, though not necessarily with a boost in energy. I think maybe the silicea is my helper there?
I have been having a lot of general discomfort with the pregnancy (which I expect) and Braxton hicks contractions but my midwife says that sounds like it's from fatigue. They usually start in the evenings. As of last week, the baby was still breech, but it has time for now. I'm looking for a good chiropractor for that.
Otherwise, I feel fine.
Lidgy 8 years ago
I take that back. I did get a rash on my legs a few years back. I thought it was a clove, nutmeg or cinnamon allergy as I had been seasoning my coffee. But I haven't been seasoning with those lately. Before, I quit seasoning and it went away.
Lidgy 8 years ago
continue the remedy for one more week and give feedback.
take care
gaintrox 8 years ago

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