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Iron Deficiency - Please Clarify Remedy

I have iron deficiency anemia with choric fatigue, depression etc.

I was told to take Ferrum Met 3x three times a day and then someone else prescribed
Ferrum Phos 3x and Calcarea Phos 3x both three times a day - so, which do I take - the first or the second person's prescription.

Also, do you take both at the same time or do you space the different remedies apart from each other.

Please respond, someone...
  Mousitsa on 2005-12-06
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Fer met has the interesting quality that people who need it like bitter beer!.

Both Fer phos 3x and Calc phos are good for nerveous reactions.

Personally I would only take 1 tab of F.Phos in the am and one tab of the C. phos in the pm.

Check out Natrum mur as Kent cured many cases --- where the signs agreed -- with a single tablet of 10m potency ont three sucessive days.
walkin last decade
Thanks walkin - it is a little confusing when you get more than one suggestion and they are different.

You said: Both Fer phos 3x and Calc phos are good for nerveous reactions...

Are they not indicated for "iron deficiency and thus low hemoglobin as well?

Lastly, who is Kent?

Mousitsa last decade
I think Natrum Mur is much better than others.Kent was a great homeopath who died long ago.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Hello sajjadakram635:

Thanks for the response - actually the person who recommended the Ferrum Met 3x three times a day also included in the remedy the Natrum Muriaticum 1M, once a week. This is what I have been following for the last few days since I received ALL the remedies..that have been suggested.

Do you agree with this - I also suffer from really high blood pressure - am on BP drugs and want so desperately to get off - they do nothing really to lower my BP, just a temporary fix and then it's up again.

What do YOU recommend along with the other remedies.

Thank you for your help.
Mousitsa last decade
Hello again sajjad635:

I looked and found my original post on anemia - in fact, YOU are the person who recommend the second remedy protocol, i.e. : " You need Picric Acid 6c,5 drops thrice in a little water for 15 days.I hope it will solve your problem.

For anemia Ferrum phos 3x tablets and Calcaria Phos 3x tablets,tablets each thrice daily will give benefit. Regarding Ferrum Met,i dont have any experience for anemia.

So, sajjad, do you think I should start YOUR protocol today - is it better for my anemia - I have been so weak lately - I took blood tests the other day and am waiting for the results.

Also, you mentioned in that post that you did not know anything about Natrum Muriaticum for anemia but in this last post of yours you state: " think Natrum Mur is much better than others.Kent was a great homeopath who died long ago.

So, I am a little confused - please, please help me out - tell me which protocol I should follow.

Thank you.
Mousitsa last decade
What is the picric acid for - anemia - depression ...
Mousitsa last decade
my iron deficiency ...iam getting best results from hawaiin spirulina and some liver with oj.i am in my 3week of being diagnosed as anaemic.
asteroids12 last decade
I would rather DIE than eat anyone's liver - I am vegetarian!
ploutos last decade
dear ploutos
yes i have been a veget for a yr until i found out i was iron defic.u see u have no right to judge when the fact is somepeople cannot absorb enough iron from plant sources alone thats what i have discovered.and supplementation alone is not enough.my mother has to have iron injections.hopefully the spirulina is my answer i know bits of liver has been amazing for me .as before i can hardly walk from one room to the next!
asteroids12 last decade
Oh my god, I am not JUDGING anyone - really - sometimes our words reflect something other than what we feel when we send email.

I just know that there is no way on earth I could ever eat liver - eating flesh is gross enough for me but the thought of liver is making me sick just thinking about it. I will look into the spirulina.

Thanks - I know how you feel - it's exactly how I feel - half dead.
ploutos last decade
dear ploutos
yes i quit the liver after
awhile .cause it did get sickening ,but it has been afew weeks now takin fefol that is an iron supplement and the liver and lots of red meat .have been getting slow results but .......when i started spirulina yesterday with magnesium as well i feel normal again .try it
asteroids12 last decade
Are you kidding - you saw immediate results from the spirulina - was the manesium separate or is it included in the spirulina?

You mean you saw such results so quickly with the spirulina?

If so, I will try it immediately - I cannot take it anymore - I just have no life anymore - I have had chronic fatigue for years and then this anemic crap - well, what's the point of living if your life is like the living dead!!!!!!

Sorry, that's just how I feel - be well - take care and thanks so much.
ploutos last decade
yes my mother has chronic fatigue .anyways the spirulina is called hawaiin spirulina tablets i take two in morning then a magnesium tablet its called bio magnesium .take two sp. again at lunch but remembe im also taking iron suppl from chemist two of those twice daily the iron fefol is in capsule form slow release .
yesterday i took one last spir as well at night .i feel alive!! this morning.plus every morning i get a energy boost from carrot and beetroot juiced .instant boosters juice is.
asteroids12 last decade
Oh yes, you're right - I must start juicing once again - it is pure nature's vitality.

Let me ask you - do you continue to eat meat - I am on my way out in about an hour to buy some "organic" filet mignon - that's the best i can do - no veins, no fat, no grizzle, ughxxkkshf!!!!!!!!!!!
ploutos last decade
yes im still on the meat only time will tell if i need it later or if the spiru. will be sufficient .before i got this anaemia i was doing yoga 2hrs a day.becoming very flexible.then collapse oh well.i hate being useless it gets depressing .yes i strongly recommend u try the meat as well.
asteroids12 last decade
the spirulina also will slim down the body as it seems to burn fat to get energy.i slimmed in 2days.no exaggeration my boyf says are u losing weight?
asteroids12 last decade
please take yu meat with agreen vegetable and some vit c either from a supple or from orange juice freshly sqeezed that is,this will aid the absorbtion from the red meat!
asteroids12 last decade
Hi - I just returned from Whole Foods with some organic center cut pork chops - I used to love them when my Mother made them - they were delicious - well, I just put them in the skillet and they are curling up and looking gross and I stuck the skillet in the oven and oh my god, I am so grossed out - my Mother's were a delight to look at and even better to eat. This is a nightmare - even touching them grossed me out - I just have to figure something out.

By the way, I also picked up a bottle of the Hawaian spirulina as well so, I am going to be taking them too - I bought the tablets - the powder the lady said was fishy tasting so I went with the tablets.

You're a doll - thanks for everything and will keep you posted - it doesn't look like I'll be eating these chops tonight - my cats will have a special dinner.
ploutos last decade
You're right about the vitamin c and the absorption - I did read it somewhere on the tons of research I have done.

Quite honestly, I did manage to get most of the pork chop down after I cut it into a million pieces but I am pretty grossed out so no more food for tonight - I am one of those people, unfortunately, who, once I get grossed out from even the tiniest of food issues, that's it!! What is wrong with me anyway?????

I did take two spirulina and hope I have the same results as you. Also, I might look into an "iron intravenous" - that's also a possibility.

By the way, did you say your Mother has been getting iron shots? How many does she get and in what intervals? How much does she pay - the doctor who used to give me iron shots last year charged me $75 for each one - that's a lot. And, I have no insurance. But I have read that they can also be dangerous to your heart....

Keep me informed of how you are doing.

Good night.
ploutos last decade
yes iron injections my mother takes will send yu levels up faster.when u say u got pork thats ok but lean beef probably better but remember its important to take it with greens and some citrus fruit to aid absorbtion.i dont thk ill need the iron injection as i feel awsome now since takin spirulina.but i am not you ,it can take 3months to get iron levels back to normal so try some meat for awhile .just a few maybe all u need .
asteroids12 last decade
she gets them only when her levels get really low 2monthly maybe but no she doesnt pay we are in australia.wherer are u?
asteroids12 last decade
Where else - in the good ole USA where there is absolutely nothing but greedy corporations, greedy politicians, greedy, incompetant, useless bastards who call themselves doctors - all they know to do is push drugs like you would not believe - they are all in bed with the pharmaceutical companies including our dear leaders in Washington.

Democracy - my ass!!!!!!! But, they certainly have billions and billions for their wars, etc. only filling up their own pockets while the rest of us idiots ROT!!!!!!

Democracy, my ass!!!!!!!!
ploutos last decade
how ru going ploutos u got results back yet so we can compare.
asteroids12 last decade
Good morning asteroids:

Well, I got my blood work back and sure enough my iron, hemoglobin and red blood cells were extremely low!!!

I did find another doctor who was originally conventional in practice but changed to alternative, which is good. She changed my hormones and the dosage - I have not gotten them yet - and she prescribed an iron capsule for me which is called Chromagen Forte (you can look it up) it is prescription and has quite a lot of elemental iron in two different forms. Am waiting to get it - in the meantime I have been taking Ferosol two to three times a day, ate a few pieces of meat (how I didn't gag I don't know) and am feeling a little better. So time will tell.
ploutos last decade
yes i went to a more natural and conventional doc yesterd and he said my readings are interpretated alot lower than thought .
asteroids12 last decade

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