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Increase Potency after healing crisis?

Hello, I posted a while back about myself. I am a complicated case. Many physical symptoms, mostly chronic fatigue.

My emotionals are a stramonium case. They fit perfectly. I am able to withstand the symptoms by allopathic medication because my homeopath refused to go above 200c potency.

However, what bothers me just as much is my cognitive symptoms. Two years ago I was given ARNICA in 200c potency for bad brain fog. I have had a serious amount of concussions 10 years ago, and years later I became exhausted easily and eventually could not even make eye contact.

ARNICA 200c was given 2 years ago and I had a severe healing crisis. I felt like somebody smashed my frontal skull with a hammer for 24 hours. I also had heart palpitations. I felt like I was going to die. I was crying and telling people I was sorry if I did anything wrong to them in my lifetime. At this point I had no idea what remedy I had taken and I did not believe in homeopathy, so this was real stuff. However, afterwards I felt much more vitality, and now I can look people in the eyes and talk, even 2 years later. I would still say my cognition is only 50% though. But it is better than the 25% it was at before the Arnica.

So my main question is, even though 200c ARNICA gave me an extreme healing crisis, would that mean I could possibly try a 1m for better cognition as I still have much to improve? Or does a strong healing crisis indicate the remedy was in the perfect dose and should not be repeated higher?

It is also quite confusing because my emotionals are definitely more stramonium. Paul Herscu's book explains how one can have cognitive problems of an arnica as their deepest problem that needs to be removed first, followed by emotionals of a stramonium.
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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

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simone717 5 years ago
You took Arnica 200c 2 years ago?

And now you are taking Stram 200c from your homeopath?

What exactly are you taking now, and how often- it is
not clear and are you under the treatment now of
the homeopath?

On your main question- No it would not mean take
Arnica 1M. It would mean, that you would try
Arnica 200c again to see what else that potency is
able to do. And it would be a good idea to take the dose
in a quarter cup of water, stir and take a tsp, so that
if there is an aggravation, it would be a lot more
simone717 5 years ago
I haven't seen a homeopath in 2 years. I gave up on it because my stramonium mental/emotionals were too intense and a 200c potency helped calm me, but I was only allowed to repeat it every 6 weeks, and the homeopath didn't want to go higher than 200c potency because I have bad chronic fatigue which the homeopath interpreted as my vital force being 'weak'. I was too overwhelmed so I went to a psychiatrist 2 years ago for my mental/emotionals. I still would say I am very much not pleased with my mental/emotional state because with my cognitive level I can't really get anywhere deep in therapy or anything because I don't have a good memory or imagination, and I feel dull and slow. The psychiatric medications actually have helped me the last 2 years think clearer because I am not in intense anxiety all day.

Anyway, I have repeated the arnica 200c once this August (2 years after the first time) in a dry dose to see what would happen, and absolutely nothing happened! So I can safely say that 200c arnica does not give any response anymore Simone. Unless the water dosing method you propose can have a much different effect and/or be used on some sort of dosing schedule.

Thank you for your response Simone. I am trying to get this worked out. Homeopathy is quite a miracle for some people, I am just trying to see if I can get help either cognitively or mentally/emotionally.

I have an appointment with the well known homeopathic psychologist Philip Bailey soon and hopefully I get help with my emotionals there.

My intuition tells me that if a 200c gave me a severe healing crisis than I should probably not take a higher potency. But in reading certain authors and how many concussions I had, and how arnica was such a strong simmilum at the time, I have to investigate if a possible dosing method is helpful.

Thanks Simone.
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LifeisMagic 5 years ago
Hi- you might want to talk to Evocationer
on here or Rishimba ( who is a homeopathic dr.) you can click poster
names to see profiles of people on here.

They prescribe on your totality, not just mentals-
and if you had concussions you would want to address
that and there are more remedies than Arnica to do that.

As far as P Bailey- his main book has not gotten good
reviews by homeopaths-they criticize it as going away
from proper prescribing methods and as some kind
of pop psychology ( as far as mental states) and how
he came up with a lot of his 'profiles' based on a few
patients of his. This is not adhering to homeopathic
principles and many laypersons read this book not
understanding how homeopathy really works, how
remedies have to be proved with the mentals etc and
it takes people off track thinking, I am a _______
in the book.

No one is a remedy-the remedy is just a proper MATCH
to your most important symptoms. When it is the right
MATCH, your body will not allow another similar substance. The body raises your life force to clear
imbalances then. And usually the direction of the
response of the life force being raised follows
'herings law of cure' ( you can google that)

I would do a new post and ask for Rishimba or
Evocationer in your headline.
simone717 5 years ago
I can have a look at this for you. I might go over what you have said here to get an idea of what has happened so far.

I can't usually log in much on the weekend so it will be after this.
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Evocationer 5 years ago
Ok, thanks Simone and Evocationer. I will tread lightly in my interview and prescription with Dr. Bailey, and will see if I am even a good match to work with him.

Here is my leading up history:

Grew up happy, Athletic, Big ego because of big athletic accomplishments.

Massive amounts of subconcussive blows at the age of 18 leading to a brain so sensitive that I got a concussion very easily. This is in high school football at the age of 18 in 2004 november.

The condition they call this is Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, or cte for short.

'Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is a progressive degenerative disease of the brain found in athletes (and others) with a history of repetitive brain trauma, including symptomatic concussions as well as asymptomatic subconcussive hits to the head. CTE has been known to affect boxers since the 1920s. However, recent reports have been published of neuropathologically confirmed CTE in retired professional football players and other athletes who have a history of repetitive brain trauma. This trauma triggers progressive degeneration of the brain tissue, including the build-up of an abnormal protein called tau. These changes in the brain can begin months, years, or even decades after the last brain trauma or end of active athletic involvement. The brain degeneration is associated with memory loss, confusion, impaired judgment, impulse control problems, aggression, depression, and, eventually, progressive dementia.' http://www.bu.edu/cte/about/what-is-cte/

So close to alzheimer's basically.

2004 age 18 - Slowly progress to feeling more nauseaus, more fatigued, and more anxious.

2009- Antidepressant causes 1 hour suicidal terror, fear of killing myself or others with a knife, fear of jumping out of a building, hearing voices. Leads to big dissociation after this.

2010 - Exercise a lot, makes me weak, until I get to the point I get severe brain fog and heart palpitations. I do nothing but rest and try to stay sane for 2 years through meditation and low doses of psyche meds.

2012 - So weak I cannot drive, Feel as though impending doom is coming. Feel as though I am entering into hell, sort of like feeling as though a bad drug trip is coming that will never end (I feel that same antidepressant episode feeling is going to happen, but I am going to give in to it and go into an uncontrollable frenzy of terror). Even the trees look sinister and evil. The night is scary. Tried energy work but it made me more anxious and I had a sort of feeling in my stomach and in my head that black dogs and the devil were coming to take me to hell. I do everything I can to suppress and stay calm to these things. I try to suppress my unconscious terrors as much as possible. Also for 2010-2012 to present I get random intrusive thoughts of wanting to punch/spit/stab people/kill even. It flashes in my mind and impulses but I let it go, it is much weaker now that I am on depakote and klonopin, but before I was in terror that I would give in to these, so I would use all the presence and everything I learned from meditation to just sit with my crazy subconscious without letting it take me
LifeisMagic 5 years ago
Here is a list of homeopathics recommended for alzheimers - Bart Carb. Bell. Cannabis Ind. Opium. Stram.

Here is my homeopathic history

Show up at homeopath 2012 may,

take 200c calc phos
reaction - weakens me, makes me feel like I am entering alternate reality of terror, I pray ceaslesly for God to help me stay sane before my next appointment or I will have to go to psyche ward

3weeks later
200c stramonium
reaction - calms me, strengthens me, my own voice sounds like me instead of an echo or a movie for about a week. I feel my 'adrenals' get stronger. This is only temporary, I slip back after 3 weeks, but not into hell.

3 weeks later
Homepath reads paul herscu's book stramonium
Helleborus 30c given dry daily for 2 weeks
Reaction - slight healing crisis first 2 days, feel like I am on a bad marijuana trip (I only did marijuana 5 times, liked it 2 times of 5). It makes my vision better and my cognition better

Next appointment
Arnica 200c
Intense healing crisis, Everything Vithoulkas writes about an intense Arnica state (not passive but active) I represent, with pain and heart racing and feeling like I am going to die. Afterwards I get such a good reaction that I can now make eye contact with people and emotional contact too, whereas before I could not do either. It is a miracle. Barely raises my physical strength.

6 weeks later
Helleborus 200c
Weakness, terrible reaction, same as Calc Phos, sends me into a stramonium terror state. I take stramonium 200c and 2 days later am back.

Referred to head of Naturopathic institute here in Seattle area.
Given LM 1 of Mercurious Sol.
Reaction: Weakness, same as calc phos and helleborus 200c, not quite as bad but still wrong remedy and I take stramonium to get out of it.

I wait for 2 months and finally get so exhausted by trying to suppress my unconsious terrors of suicide, losing control, that I give in and go to get psychiatric help. I get depakote and klonopin (mood stabilizers and anti anxiety) and they help a lot. My own voice sounds like my own for 1 month. I can sleep. However, 2 years later I realize I am never going to get better through psychiatric drugs, and my own voice ownly lasted a month.

My two feelings here either working up potency of stramonium (starting with LM scale or dry dosing 1m then see if 10m etc) I feel very strongly about stramonium. I mean I even had the fear of shiny objects and wore red and black all the time without realizing it.

Other one is Nat sulph. ';Mood changes due to head injuries. Does everything to not commit suicide with gun or knife because of responibility towards family'

I lean 80% towards Stramonium because Vithoulkas describes its essence as 'an eruption of the unconscious' and I feel as though I have been giving all my energy to suppressing my subconscious anger/terror for years and that is why I have chronic fatigue and depression.
LifeisMagic 5 years ago
If anybody actually read all this, kudos, and God Bless.

As you can see, I feel I should be working with a local homeopath I can communicate with frequently.
LifeisMagic 5 years ago
My first thought here would be that the miasm is not being treated correctly. I can certainly see why you feel Stramonium has some resonance with you, although any of the Solonaceae plants could be suitable too - they have similar themes of terror, fear, dark, black, animals etc.

Just going through your various posts bit by bit, these are my other thoughts (which may or may not coalesce into a single coherent view).

'My emotionals are a stramonium case. They fit perfectly'

This is always risky. This is what in homoeopathy we call a one-sided case. For a remedy to cure, it should fit the totality of the case - mental, emotional AND general (physical). It doesn't have to fit each local symptom (symptom in a specific location) necessarily, although those symptoms will often display general themes as well (bursting, throbbing, burning etc). One-sided prescriptions often have partial effects - more likely to be positive when you aim the prescription higher up the hierarchy of symptoms (Energy -> Sensation -> Mental -> Emotional -> General -> Local -> Pathological). Partial similarity results in partial improvement.

'So my main question is, even though 200c ARNICA gave me an extreme healing crisis, would that mean I could possibly try a 1m for better cognition as I still have much to improve? Or does a strong healing crisis indicate the remedy was in the perfect dose and should not be repeated higher?'

Again, we may have only a partial similar here, although one based on a specific causative event (the exciting cause). Such prescriptions can often have profound effects on chronic states arising from specific incidents, but in my experience rarely cure them if a long time has passed. The patient's own vital force reshapes the reaction to suit the chronic disposition, and the 'injury' remedy becomes only partially similar. Such remedies given within a certain time frame may cure, but after that you need to look at the whole case.

Considering the reaction was so strong, I actually think the potency was too high, not too low. If Arnica wasn't explored properly, continuing to use it could be valuable, although I would be trying lower potencies not higher ones. I am not convinced it is a good enough similar for you though.

'Anyway, I have repeated the arnica 200c once this August (2 years after the first time) in a dry dose to see what would happen, and absolutely nothing happened! So I can safely say that 200c arnica does not give any response anymore Simone. Unless the water dosing method you propose can have a much different effect and/or be used on some sort of dosing schedule.'

This could also happen with a partial similar - they are not curing the source of the symptoms, so the help they give is very limited.

Water dosing is important for repeat dosing though. Taking dry doses/pellets/pillules not only produces far more aggravation than is necessary, but when repeated will have less of a positive effect, if any effect at all.

I would also start low - LM1 or 12c, and try daily dosing for a few days or a week. Only by diluting into water though, not dry doses.

Overall, my impression is that you are being seriously overdosed with far too high potencies. You should be sticking to low and slowly working your way up.
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Evocationer 5 years ago
The other issue here are the specific symptoms and themes you talk about. I can see the similarity to Stramonium, but it feels like there is more to it than that. Stramonium belongs the acute miasm, and I am not convinced this is your miasm.

Suicidal, at the sight of a knife - alum, petr-a (though she abhors the idea - also Alum)

Suicidal with a knife - alum, Ars, aur, bell, Calc, hyos, Merc, nat-sil, nux-v, plb, positr, stram

Suicidal after fright - Ars

Suicidal by stabbing - ars, bell, Calc, nux-v

Suicidal, with fear of an open window or knife - arg-n, camph, chin, Merc

Delusion, is in hell - camph, cann-i, germ-met, haliae-lc, hydrog, ignis-alc, lyss, merc, Orig

Delusion, suffers the torments of hell - lyss, Merc

Delusion, being doomed - acon, ars, aur, bell, cycl, germ-met, hell, heroin, hyos, Ign, Kali-br, Kali-p, lach, Lil-t, lyc, med, nat-m, op, Plat, psor, puls, stram, sulph, Verat

Fear, unendurable - lyss

Fear, unreasoning - acon, calc

Fear, of suicide, with a knife - alum, merc

Fear of suicide - Alum, arg-n, caps, lach, med, Merc, Nat-s, Nux-v, plat, Rhus-t, sep, tub

Delusion, sees faces, diabolical - Ambr, carb-an, caust, tarent

Delusions, evil - absin, cycl, lach, lat-h, meny, Pegan-ha, positr, zinc

Delusion, haunted by evil images - absin

Fear, delusions from fear - falco-pe, manc, spong, Stram, Tritic-vg

Fear, of being taken by the devil - anac, puls, manc

Delusion will be taken by the devil - bell, manc, Puls

Delusion, black animals - bell, sal-fr, stram

Delusion, frightful animals - Bell, cham, Crot-h, olib-sac, Op, Stram, tarent

Delusion, grotesque animals - absin

Impulse to stab others - adam, hep, merc, plat

Impulse to do violence - alum, crot-c, Dendr-pol, hep, Iod, lac-leo, merc, nux-v, op Plat, podo, Stram, sulph, thea

Impulse to hurt others - dendr-pol

Fear of his own impulses - alum, alum-p, alumin, alumin-s, androc, germ-met, merc, osm, sulph

Delusion, own voice seems strange - alum, Cann-i, cic, galeoc-c-h

Delusion, being in a different world - cann-i, heroin, Spect

Delusion, as if drugged - falco-pe, marb-w, melal-alt, oilb-sac, op, plut-n, positr, sal-fr

Delusion, as if drunk, with cloudiness - alum

So this cursory look around your case, using various rubrics to draw my attention to particular remedies, might motivate me to explore the following remedies:

Alumina (or one of the other aluminium salts)
Cannabis indica
Evocationer 5 years ago
Wow, thanks for the reply evocationer!

I have to say, I did not read up on homeopathy for 2 years because I kind of gave up on it after I had so many aggravations and was hanging on the edge of needing to go to a mental institution.

However, Every remedy you suggest that seems interesting are ones that I have definitely looked at. I actually own Alumina LM1 through LM6 because I was trying to convince my homeopath I was it after I read up on it 2 years ago. Actually, my 'homeopath' was just a naturopathic doctor who took some courses on homeopathy in order to graduate school, but she tried hard and was smart and did her best and I am grateful. It explains why I am so informed as I kind of bounced ideas off of her which I think helped a lot.

I have read up on Cannabis Indica, and Mancinella. I know Lyssin is interesting. I also own cannabis indica, but in 200c potency. I think these are all very interesting.

One thing I don't quite agree with is that Arnica and helleborus were not good prescriptions. I just don't agree that one prescription can work. Paul Herscu's cycles and segments shows how he likes to work on the 'worst' part of the person when it is a complicated picture. I think I was definitely too muddy of a picture to heal in one remedy. His Map of Hierarchy shows how he likes to eliminate mental dullness, then other symptoms may show. I have read about the opposite happening as well, where someone will be a stramonium hyperactive etc and after healing that pressing need their best similar remedy will be pictured, and not a muddy representation of the two.


His map of hierarchy is in the middle of the page.

The other thing I think you may have a good point is stramonium is just a good acute for me. The unfortunate thing for me is I was so severe in an acute stage for so long I may have a skewed perception. One thing that perplexes me is I have had STRONG reactions to any 200c potency. However stramonium 200c was calming, cleared my mind, and gave me slight energy, with NO healing crisis. It makes me feel I needed a 1m or 10m when I was in my acute because the 200c still left me pretty mentally unstable.
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LifeisMagic 5 years ago
My ownly experience with an LM is I took a teaspoon of liquid diluted once through 8 ounces of water of Merc Sol and it caused me to get weak and worse. So I feel LM's are definitely equal to 30c AT LEAST. A bad LM prescription can definitely harm me, so I probably would rather water dose a 12c when a final prescription were to be given.
LifeisMagic 5 years ago
I didn't say there weren't good prescriptions, I just said they may not be good enough. A lot of us homoeopaths make good prescriptions - we always strive to make them good enough though, and that can take time and effort (and not a little skill).
Evocationer 5 years ago
LM potencies are made differently, have a different kind of effect, although this difference is subtle. I find using LM1 after 30c to be quite effective, or to alternate LM and C potencies in other ways. They definitely are not stronger, but one could argue that the go in deeper.
Evocationer 5 years ago
Thanks everyone so far in this thread, simone, evocationer.

I had my consult over skype with the dr. b-a-iley and he did indeed prescribe me Alumina LM1 potency.

I asked if I could use 12c at first then 30c before LM1 and he said yes.

He also concurred with my thought that LM1 is deeper acting than 30c, yet will last shorter if an aggravation occurs.

So I am hopeful to see what happens!

Oh yeah, and he also agreed with what you were saying that Stramonium was just needed by me when I am in serious aggravations or conditions, and is just an acute for me personally.
LifeisMagic 5 years ago
Well there you go - you have a second opinion for that prescription, so that is a good thing. Let us know how it goes, as I would be interested to see how both the specific prescription of Alumina and the potency used affects you.
Evocationer 5 years ago

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LifeisMagic 5 years ago

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LifeisMagic 5 years ago

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LifeisMagic 5 years ago
So the alumina lm 1 just made me feel terrible and weak and anxious after 1 month. Definitely a bad remedy reaction. I am going to work with homeopaths in my area (Seattle, Washington) from now on, and meet face to face.

I think I have my case figured out. I did go into crazy stramonium psychology for quite a while, but now that I am on psyche meds for 2 years is the stramonium in me gone? Or just suppressed?

Another thing, the rubrics evocationer used like "Delusion, sees faces, diabolical" I dont think fit me at all, I never had that sensation. Maybe I explained my case wrong. All that I ever had was the feeling a few times that I was about to enter a bad drug trip, essentially enter into hell forever. I never "saw" anything. Mostly the world just looked really ugly and dark and I started to get gripped by a terror of the world. It was stramonium, I just don't know if its still a layer that needs to be removed, or if its just an acute thing that happens if somebody gets really out of hope and suicidal depression.

Anyway, at the beginning of my illness I played online poker a lot and it stressed me out. I would have panic attacks when I was playing. I was in university and I played because I wanted security in the form of money for my future. I was not mentally built for poker though. I would feel like I was suffocating for 30 seconds if I bluffed. I played 1000 hands an hour online (10 tables at once) for up to 8 hours. Thats a lot of stress.

Anyway, I started having severe anxiety, panic attacks, my whole lower body had burning pain, like my legs and prostate. It felt like I had bengay or tiger balm all over my body. I had decreased appetite. I would awake at night feeling crazy heart symptoms like stop beating, beating too fast, then stop. I thought I was going to die all the time. I one time just layed in bed and cried because I thought I had some illness of certain death for some reason.

I would lie on the floor from midnight until 3 am in the bathroom with my legs in the shower heating the burning pain, which made me feel better. But I did not want to put my head in the shower, I would get too hot. I had extreme restless anxiety and moved from place to place every night for 2 years.

The anxiety was so bad that I went on antidepressants. Thats when the fear of knives, and strange violent impulses to kill came in my head. Kind of like "what ifs". And it freaked me out.

I got off the antidepressants, and slowly my body couldn't handle the panic and anxiety, it was so hard on the body. I fell into "adrenal fatigue" or total exhaustion. Then I meditated to dissociate from my negative thoughts.

After arnica and helleborus returned my dissociation less, my bad thoughts came back.

Anyway, I have been to a ton of doctors. I compulsively have studied my health. I have obsessed about it since I started feeling anxious, which just made things worse! The homeopath I first saw for a while I clung to and put a lot of pressure on her to get me healthy.

I think I am just simply (and sadly) an Arsenicum Album.
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LifeisMagic 5 years ago
Life is Magic-

In regards to " I think I am simply ( and sadly)
an Arsenicum Album."

No person is a remedy. We are much more than

The remedy or remedies are simply a match
to the most important symptoms and should
also correlate with, better from... worse
from... It is about "matching"

Bc the right match will be similar enough
so that the body reacts by rejecting it, and
upping the life force to heal you -usually
according to Herings Law of Cure.

Get a really experienced homeopath- Dr Judyth Ullman is up there near you- and give the
"thinking" a rest-

Sometimes homeopaths do not want to tell a person the name of the remedy bc people do what
you are doing, Say things like- " I don't want
to be the snake remedy or whatever-

You want to be well, the homeopath finds the substance that
matches the TOTALITY.The totality is a lot more than mental
simone717 5 years ago
"So the alumina lm 1 just made me feel terrible and weak and anxious after 1 month. Definitely a bad remedy reaction."

How was the dosage advised to you? How long did you take it? When did the reaction start? Did you stop the medicine as soon as this happened?

"now that I am on psyche meds for 2 years is the stramonium in me gone? Or just suppressed?"

It's hard to say - quite possibly suppressed. It is hard to know how cases will progress with treatment until you start pulling back the various 'layers'. If your constitution has a Stramonium aspect (can potentially manifest a Stramonium set of symptoms) then it could appear at any time until your constitution is strengthened, which may or may not involve actually using Stramonium at the right time.

Symptoms must direct you to the remedy. You shouldn't give a remedy that was indicated in the past unless the symptoms in the present also match.

"Another thing, the rubrics evocationer used like "Delusion, sees faces, diabolical" I dont think fit me at all"

I looked at all the various ways your statements could be interpreted into rubrics. Having thoughts of the devil MIGHT by interpreted that way (thinking of the devil implies seeing his image or face in some way). Entering into hell also implies such images. There were other more appropriate rubrics in my list (such as Delusion being in hell for example) - I just showed my working towards a remedy. However, as you can see by looking at the remedies listed in that rubric, it did not lead me to consider Alumina anyway.

"I think I am just simply (and sadly) an Arsenicum Album"

There is nothing sad about being a particular remedy, except in so much as it is always sad for anyone to be trapped in their illness. Has anyone tried Arsenicum for you?

Those extra symptoms you mention certainly might give weight to an Arsenicum prescription.

Simone is quite right to say nobody is a remedy - in fact most people require multiple remedies over the course of treatment. The central disturbance in the vital force is fluid, responsive, and will display multiple remedy 'pictures' based on what situations it comes in contact with.

One possible problem with your case though, is that you have read up on too many remedies, and the natural expression of your disease has been altered. This happens a lot with patients who study homoeopathy and our medicines in great detail. The hardest cases I ever see in clinic are homoeopaths, whose knowledge of remedies causes them to continually refer, whether directly or indirectly, to symptoms, rubrics, and remedies they know. This distorts the natural language they would normally use, and it is often the very fine differences in words and expressions that lead you to differentiate between remedies.

I don't know for sure that is causing a problem in your case, but I know that it can. In my own case, with my homoeopaths, it has been a problem. It is hard for me NOT to think in terms of remedies, since I work with patients every day where I have to do it. Letting myself talk naturally has taken a lot of effort and work on my part.
Evocationer 5 years ago
Hey thanks for the responses. I guess there is nothing wrong with needing a remedy instead of saying I "am this remedy".

Its funny that evocationer says that it is difficult to prescribe to people who have read up on remedies. I read up on Arsenicum and it says they are usually given wrong remedies as it follows their life story of being poisoned and not trusting anyone but themselves. The article was by Mati Fuller at hpathy.com. So yeah, I came to the conclusion that homeopathy is deeper than just taking a remedy. I have to let go of control and just trust the homeopath and work with them and forget about trying to solve myself.

I assume Alumina didn't work because of this. I sort of lead the homeopath to this prescription through the way I talked about it, but now I know there are many remedies about knifes, fear or going crazy, and bad fatigue.

I took Alumina 12c for a few days, no negative reaction which was good. Then 30c for a few days with no reaction. Then I did lm potency in very small doses of 1/8 teaspoon mixed into 4 oz of water then taking 1/8 teaspoon. I did that for a while, maybe 3-4 weeks. I just slowly started to feel very bad for the first time in a while. I have experienced healing reactions from homeopathics and old symptoms coming up, but this was nothing of that sort, this was just plain getting worse.

Oh, and I have never taken Arsenicum. A theme running in arsenicums life is that they get sick in order to get support and security either emotionally or financially, unless they choose to get out of that cycle. I know I have been afraid of being an adult with a job on my own since I was 20.

So maybe thats why I haven't gotten it yet. Or maybe I haven't gotten it because there is some remedy out there that fits me better that I wouldn't know. Anyway, I have decided to just try to talk plainly about my true experience and not even mention any remedies I possibly need, except the ones I have take in the past.

Its time to learn to be a homeopathic patient :/
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LifeisMagic 5 years ago
Simone, I saw an old post where you wrote about two homeopaths that could be decent in the Seattle area in

xxxx (the one I chose)

or Krista Heron

I also thought about the ullmans.

I chose xxxx because she studied with Paul Herscu who wrote the book stramonium which helped me get chosen the remedies arnica and helleborus which basically have given me half my life back so far.
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LifeisMagic 5 years ago
If you are asking me, I would go to
Dr. J Ullman.
simone717 5 years ago

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