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How to reverse homeopathic adverse reaction

How can I halt the effect of a homeopathic formula I just took which is making me quite ill WITHOUT taking homeopathy?

I just read that sniffing strong essential oils would help, any other ideas? I have only eucalyptus oil at home, and am allergic to it.

Many thanks
  Beebs12 on 2014-12-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
have coffee, eat some peppermint
type things, they may help- or else
get some Vicks and rub it all over you,
that has helped people, it may be little
by little though.
simone717 8 years ago
Thank you, I am unable to drink coffee, can't metabolize, its literally like poison to me, peppermint - am allergic, and same for Victks?

Any other suggestions? what about tea? This I can tolerate.

Peppermint, I may be able to smell the leaves but not eat and swallow.

How many days or weeks should I drink tea, try to chew on pepperming, or find an essential oil I can sniff?

Right now, I have pods of cardamom in each nostril, alternating with anis seeds, and may try to drink black pepper.

Any other ideas?
Beebs12 8 years ago
Vicks works due to camphor- so you could try
to sniff something with camphor in it.

Camphor is known as a major antidote to remedies.

I don't think tea will do anything. The problem with
"formulas" is that you don't know what is doing what-
you could have one remedy in there that helps but it
could be in a too low or too high a potency.

Eventually this will wear off by itself.
simone717 8 years ago
Yes, am allergic to camphor too.

I just found this article which shows how dangerous homeopathy can be, and as I am extremely sensitive, I will give it a rest for now.
Beebs12 8 years ago
How about if I eat lots of black pepper, I can tolerate this...
Beebs12 8 years ago
I don't think it will do anything.
simone717 8 years ago
The is only one reliable way to antidote a too-strong aggravation or side-effects is to have the correct homoeopathic medicine prescribed.

What exactly has happened though? You do realise that the primary (initial) effect of a good homoeopathic medicine will in fact make you feel worse don't you or make old symptoms return? Are you experiencing a homoeopathic aggravation? Or are you experiencing completely new symptoms never seen in your life before?

The main way patients interfere with cure, is by palliating or suppressing their symptoms with other kinds of medication, usually pharmaceutical medication since this is very strong and specific to particular symptoms. This would also interfere with an overreaction, although I would never suggest this unless the patient's health or life is in danger.

Aromatics don't antidote, nor does coffee, toothpaste or any such thing. You can try to create a new state using something you are sensitive to - if your vital energy has been altered in one direction, you can try to alter it to another, although of course this can just produce new symptoms. Homoeopathy is a pretty strong kind of therapy, it resists simple things like smell, food etc.
Evocationer 8 years ago

If you check Beebs previous posts, she
has many serious physical problems
and needs a very experienced person
to help her in remedy choice, and dosing
and potency.
simone717 8 years ago
Thank you, I thought so too. This is why I am exposing myself to EMF to which I am already sensitive.

Since taking the formula for a gum abscess I had immediate reaction of allergy, in the throat, swelling. Its been like this on/off all day, not anaphylaxis.

I had strange sensations in my left arm and thumb most of the day.

When I first too it, I felt dizzy, whoozy, unwell.

Then, during the day, strong sensations in gum, upper jaw.

I have been unable to eat all day, no appetite, and also, would rather not, seems allergies have increase.

I drank some warm water and salt, but mostly warm water without salt.

Concur that I need to rest my energy and yes, it may create new symptoms.

You seem to understand how homeopathy works on energy.

Sharing that in the past, I had negative results from all energy work, including Qi Gong, Pranayama breathing (very gently, slowly, and few), Meditation (some), acupuncture, Mudras, Tui Na massage, and a type of healing from a Korean Sifu, who kneads the body, whilst he burps. The reaction was extreme, tachycardia, lasted six months, and felt very unwell.

Some Qi Gong sifus say that there are too many damaged cells, damage with cells communications such as ion channels, electric and EMF pulses between cells, and that the best way to approach and redress is by gentle meditation and visualization and abstain from energy medicine.

Your thoughts much appreciated about this.
Beebs12 8 years ago
Ah, it sounds like you are an ultrasensitive. Homoeopathy can be very difficult for people such as yourself, especially if you come under the care of a person without the skill, knowledge and experience to deal with this trait in a patient.

Even with all those things, ultrasensitives remain a challenge, it is true.

However, homoeopathy can cure this state, at least the negative impact of it. I have had a few ultrasensitives over the years, and using the more advanced methods of dosage found in our latest editions of the Organon of Medicine, their extreme reactions can be managed (reduced significantly).

I think such people always remain sensitive, but it seems to become a more positive thing in their life.

I can see that I have responded to one of your previous threads, about why you were taken off Silicea 200 when you were apparently doing well on it.

The problem you may be having, when I look over your previous posts, is that the practitioner has acted hastily by changing medicines. Are you able to go back to Sil 200? I can guide you with dosage and follow up if you like, through the forum here.
Evocationer 8 years ago
the practitioner put me on a higher dose of silica, from 200 c to LM. I didn't feel "right" I stopped. Baecause of the emergency of another gum abscess and fear of getting another heart attack, I phone a homeo pharmacy and asked to recommend a formula, which is the gun powder formula.

What worries me, now, is that even if reactions settles down, how do we know, I will not suffer delayed side effects in few weeks or months from now on?

I didn't see your post about silica, I will try and find it. Thank you.
Beebs12 8 years ago
200c will have been the higher potency. I think I saw Simone post that it was LM6 you were moved to? That is not higher, it is lower, but it is also a very different kind of potency. I am not quite sure why the homoeopath wanted to do that if you were doing well on 200c. Basic rule is always 'Don't change anything that is working!'.

Another basic rule is 'If you make a mistake, go back to the last remedy and potency that worked!'.

It's not rocket science. I don't know how people get mucked up like this. Maybe there was something else going on the homoeopath saw ...I don't know.

However, what I can tell you is using a 'forumula' as this pharmacy suggested is a serious breach of homoeopathic protocols, and runs serious risks. Formulas break all of the basic principles of homoeopathy, and nobody can assure you they are safe for this reason.

The only way to know nothing terrible will happen, is to make sure are cured, and the only way to do that is to have proper homoeopathic treatment that follows all the principles.
Evocationer 8 years ago
OK, 200c was for the gum abscesses. Worked well, but I felt "altered", different.

Then I sent the homeopath an article about someone who was very ill seriously with CFS which I was also diagnosed with, and how when she was started on Silica, she recovered.

Silica also works on some infectious pathogens. So who knows why she recovered.

I suggested to my practitioner that this may help me too, so the silica LM was prescribed. But, I didn't see any improvement, I felt worsening. I stopped taking it.

And the rest is history. I contacted the homeo pharmacist who then advised the formula and yesterday I tried calc sulphur, but didn't feel "well" on it.

Because I am uber sensitive, I can tell immediately if something is helping or not, but then, give it the benefit of the doubt, if the sensations are sublte, and give it a couple of days or even a week or so.

Today, the reaction ws strong, immedgiate, and was not too pleased with swollen windpipes, slightly, but swollen most of the day. I have been drinking warm water sometimes with salt.
Beebs12 8 years ago
Then perhaps 'worked well' wasn't what we look for in homoeopathy. The physical symptoms in particular locations should not respond without a general, mental AND emotional improvement. And they usually respond much later, days, weeks, sometime months depending on the severity of tissue change.

Any beneficial remedy will make you feel unwell first. This almost always the first sign of improvement. When someone is not particularly sensitive, the wrong remedy will often do nothing, or be barely noticeable. That does depend on how aggressively it was used though - even the most resistant patient can eventually be forced to produce side-effects if given enough of a remedy.

For those very sensitive people however, they can get an 'aggravation' on almost everything, so for these cases you have to pay attention to the other ways we have of determining if the remedy is good for them or not.

The main way we do this is by looking at the movement of the symptoms/energy through the case. This is called Direction of Cure, and it is the most important guide we have for case management. Without it, a practitioner can aggravate, suppress, confuse and wreck a case.

Aggravation is the first potential positive sign. The best way for this to occur is to be short and sharp. This shows a high vitality, and good potential for cure. The worst way for this to happen is for it to be long, drawn out, and putting the patient in danger. This shows a low vitality and/or a high degree of tissue/organ damage. Such cases are much more difficult and prognosis is less positive, although homoeopathy offers the most hope to these patients.

This is the primary action of a medicine, and it happens because of the basic law of nature we use to cure - the Law of Similars 'what a medicine can cause it can cure'. So to cure, it must cause, and if a good remedy is chosen, its symptoms will look very similar to the ones you already have - thus the apparent 'worsening'.

The secondary action of the medicine actually comes from the patient not the medicine - it is the response of the vital force to this primary action (what we also call a proving). It is usually the opposite of what the medicine does, and so it neutralizes the symptoms, which include the ones you naturally produce.

This reaction may not happen for several days, or several weeks depending on the situation. Typically I see it happen about 4-7 days after the medicine is taken. Before this, people can feel quite sick. I rarely see anyone able to tell it is positive at this stage, because it feels like they are getting worse or having a flare up of their symptoms.

The improvement when it occurs is not total however, except in true Acute situations (emergencies, epidemics). It usually starts in the highest part of the affected areas - Mental then Emotional then General then Physical locations then Pathology. In fact, as the energy moves through the person, down the hierarchy, through the organs, out through the various excretory systems - it can seem like certain things are getting worse rather than better. This is often necessary - we see the disease as being moved from more important places to less important ones.
Evocationer 8 years ago
Thank you so much Evocationer for succinct explanation of how homeopathy works.

My worry here is how to know that within days, weeks or months, I will not develop some serious life threatening issue?

I have been taking for last six months or so:

Naryani Homeo for a day or two. Stopped, too ill.

Nux Vomica and Mag Phosphate for gallbladder pains. (on/off)

Have been having cyanosis/hypoxia and extreme breathlessness when walking, happened three times. (I suffer heart failure and other health problems, but not suffered such symptoms). Not had those again.

Two other rems for tooth abscess but forgot which ones. I will try and find out and let you know

Silica 200 for tooth abcess

Then, one sip of water from pillule from gun powder/Hecla lava/Pyrogene 30c, reacted immediately, and since. Allergies in the throat but not anaphylaxis, sensations in left arm and thumb, feeling unwell, dizzy, flatulence, stab in the heart, loss of appetite, and insomnia.

Should I keep a journal of all sensations and symptoms for the next few weeks?

I contacted a healer in France, sent him my photo, he says he will let me know if there is anything that can be done.

Thank you so much sharing your knowledge and wisdom.
Beebs12 8 years ago
Thank you for the explanation.

The effects on those who very sensitive with long seated deep pathology may suffer unpredictable side effects, which can't be prevented or reversed?

Other than abstaining from taking homeo and other energy medicine, the best that can be hoped for is that the energy will "reset" somehow and spare the patient?
Beebs12 8 years ago
It seems to me you are being given medicines for the wrong reasons. We do not give medicines for specific local/organ problems and pathologies. We look at the whole case, and prescribe on those things that are peculiar and strange, that are individual. The mentals, emotionals and generals (symptoms or characteristics that apply to the whole person -'I' symptoms) are our main guides. The symptoms in specific locations or organs may not even need to be covered by a remedy that covers those things higher up, to cure them.

Going in the other direction - taking 'gall bladder' remedies or 'abscess' remedies is not good homoeopathic practice. In fact such prescriptions will often suppress, and drive the disease deeper into the person, thus causing all sorts of other symptoms to occur (as seems to be happening to you).

You must strengthen the person from the centre, before dealing with those peripheral problems. That is the only way to ensure a person's long-term survival. The kind of treatment you seem to be describing is doing the opposite - working from the edges, and leaving the centre weak and out of balance. That imbalance will actually keep trying to recreate symptoms in various places, and tends to undermine any work done by those remedies being aimed at specific symptoms.

It is the job of the homoeopath, hopefully one experienced enough and trained well enough, to watch for the direction your case is moving in, to make sure nothing life-threatening will develop. This is what I talked about in my last post - it is only by proper application of the Direction of Cure that we can be sure you are being cured and not just palliated or worse ... suppressed and weakened further.
Evocationer 8 years ago
The homeopath spoke and asked questions, observed, and remained in contact, taking notes.

What does it mean to "strengthen the person from the centre" ? do you mean emotionally, spiritually, energetically?

Can those homeopathic meds cause potentially dangerous symptoms?

What if I consulted a radionics practitioner or radiesthesist/kniesiologist to test which remedy may have caused long drawn worsening of symptoms?

I will not stay up much longer, its almost midnight here. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge, compassion and wisdom. Amazing!! Gives me hope of perhaps redressing this mess.
Beebs12 8 years ago
Hmmm.. well perhaps it is just the way you are describing the remedies (Silicea for abscess, Nux-v for gall bladder). If the homoeopath is treating the whole picture that is fine. Oftentimes patients don't understand the depth to which we are prescribing, and may focus on a specific problem which they attach to the remedy name.

"What does it mean to "strengthen the person from the centre" ? do you mean emotionally, spiritually, energetically?"

The centre of a person in homoeopathy is their vital energy or life force. When it is strong, it can easily resolve problems with minimal or no damage to the organism as a whole. When it is weak, external influences can wreak havoc and have long lasting effects.

The vital force manifests through all the various 'levels' of a person - energy, mind, emotion, body. One could argue that all of this is the spirit of the person, and in fact it is often said that the vital force is 'spirit-like' (as are our medicines).

So the vital force, when it is strong, will conquer most problems without help, or with minimal help.

"Can those homeopathic meds cause potentially dangerous symptoms?"

This is actually a complex question (or the answer is anyway).

In and of themselves, our medicines are probably the safest thing you could ever ingest. There is little to no physical substance left in most medicines used in homoeopathy. There are no toxic effects.

However, our method of refining a substance into a 'spirit-like' substance unlocks great power from it, and transfers it to water which is then easily assimilated by our bodies (which are mostly water). Our medicines can go as deeply as anything can.

A patient may overreact to a medicine because of their sensitivity, because of the precarious nature of their pathology (especially when in vital organs), or because the prescriber (or the patient if not following instructions) is reckless and overdoses them. Depending on the strength of the vital force, this may or may not have serious consequences.

We have a whole lot of guidelines to protect a patient as best we can, from adverse reactions to the medicines. If they are followed, and the prescriber respects (and believes in) the power of our medicines, homoeopathy is the single safest therapy in existence.

Prescribers who are reckless, poorly trained, don't actually believe in the power of the diluted dose ... these people can misuse our medicines and cause terrible things to happen - just as with any modality.

Symptoms which are suppressed, usually because only a specific set of symptoms in one location are being treated, is the worst behaviour, as it essentially weakens the person's life force and sets them up for a multitude of future problems. This, however, is true of ANY medical system, not just homoeopathy. Homoeopathy is more forgiving of mistakes because there is no toxicity.

So as a tool, it is both safe and dangerous, really depending on how it is used.

"What if I consulted a radionics practitioner or radiesthesist/kniesiologist to test which remedy may have caused long drawn worsening of symptoms?"

I would not waste your time with this kind of method of choosing/confirming medicines. They are almost always wrong, and the times they are right appear to be pure chance. I cannot count the number of patients over the years that have tried to get around the complexities of remedy selection doing this (as well as dowsing, spirit guides, pendulums, meditation prescribing, electrical gizmos and so on). I have never once seen cure done this way, and have seen plenty of side effects, suppression, and other problems created. I have never even seen a genuine case published of cure created this way. I am sure these things may have some other kind of value, but not for choosing a curative homoeopathic remedy.
Evocationer 8 years ago
Thank you for your reply.

I gave up worrying....and just hope, there is no worsening.

One positive aspect is that the BNP for the heart failure, shot up to 602 (ref <50), then went down to its lowest ever at 150.

The worrying new symptoms is cyanotic/hypoxic upon walking, (not cold related), but related to minimal physical exertion.

I am meditating twice daily and visualization to strengthen the inner energy, to mitigate potential worsening leading to more disabilities, or even another heart attack.

I have to keep reading you posts several times in order to grasp what your posts convey, and I keep learning each time.

From what I understand, is that there is long drawn out aggravation, and if my energies is strong enough, I will survive whatever health issues, and new ones such as cyanosis and hypoxia, (I don't know the cause, but there must have been an underlying condition. Cardios think I had coronary blockages, but refused angiogram).

So, with diet and meditation, daily, to strengthen the inner energies, I may just be lucky and escape a serious event? Is it possible?

Your input much appreciated, I've learned so much...Thank you again.
Beebs12 8 years ago
It is important to live well, alongside homoeopathic treatment. The remedies are remarkable, activating healing potential we often don't even know we have. But you still need to provide the foundations for good health - diet, exercise, clean environment, reduced stress, loving supportive relationships, purpose in life etc. Meditation is an excellent support for good health.
Evocationer 8 years ago

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