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Sweetest kitty w/ itchy ears and skin, , runny eyes

I rescued a number of kitties in 2001 - had them vacinated, treated for other ails nd found home - two I kept.

They are girls and are about 5 or 6.

Pippy is the one I am most concerned w/.

Issues that worry me and I hope to find remedy for:

Had been on revolution for 1.2 for ears mites -vet said all was well... found out after switching vets SHE STILL HAS THEM... gave tresaderm - they seem to be back.

Eyes are constanty runny or have dry cakey brown stuff (runny is brown colored)

Found out teeth were bad - had two removed - they look good now but am worried about ramifications fr. years of decay

7 weeks ago realized we had fleas - had flea busters come into house after 6 weeks it did not work - they came back but meanwhile SHE HAS BEEN GETTING CREAMED -t ried all natural remedies, garlic and brewers yeast still miserable

After she and other kitties finish eating she runs under bed and hides -

Also hides when it's time to go to sleep - then when everyone settles she gets in my legs, I pet and cover her and she purrs.

Each morning goes directly to sun - prefers sun (read it may be sign of pain - vet can't find issue0

Also, rubs head against boxes her step brother like to play and sleep in... rubs head quite hard- again sign of pain?

Loves kitties the best - somewhat nervous around us but, whenever palytime or time for yummies front and center and really loves attention.

Sorry it's long, know in hoempathy details important...

Would consult homeopath but her step brother (my 12.5 year old) had been diagnosed w/ incurable oral melanoma + existing IBD so we are going all out for him and cannot at this time afford the consulation).

She is on raw diet since Augsut of this year - had been on antibiotics in Spet. for teeth issue and prior to that when they had adverse reaction to shots in 2002.

Wised up no more shots since 2002.

Any advice would be appreciated.

I know western med. is especially ineffective for kitties (years of attempted help for IBD and thousand of dollars later discover it was ALL DIET related)- I am very grateful for any help you all might offer!

Thanks a bunch and good health and happiness wishes to all,

Her sister ears continued to bother her - vet diagnosed yeast infection - never cleared up constant battle.

This year changed vets and discovered they both had EAR MITES... poor things.

Vet prescribed tresaderm they seem to be back.

Pippy also had teeth problems and this year we had two removed - serious decay.

I had them on Iams (a dry food ) since Augst they have been on
  Ann05 on 2005-12-12
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
First and foremost the more chemicals you use on an animal the more appealing they become to the fleas. Chemicals and vaccinations weaken the immune system. Fleas do not like strong and healthy animals.

I too used Fleabusters, applied it myself and found it worked great. Some do require a second application so you should find it working soon.

For fleas-Bathe the animal with shampoo. All you need is soap to kill the fleas. Use Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap diluted with water or mix it with Mane 'n Tail soap. Fleas hate peppermint. Fleas only spend one percent of their life on the animal and that is to eat. So chemical collars and dips and creams do nothing. You want to strengthen her so the fleas say, she doesn't taste good.

Homeopathic Sulphur will do that trick. Dosage-30C, one time daily for 6-8 weeks and then one dose every other week. If infestation is severe use 200C, 3 x weekly.

If this does not help or if the infestation is severe with too many bites use CTENOCEPHALUM 30C or PULEX IRRITANS 30C.

Slice a lemon in a pot of water and bring it to a boil. Shut flame off, cover it and let it steep overnight. In the morning, warm the mixture and with a wash cloth wipe down your cats. Store mix in a container. Wipe them down daily. Smells great and fleas do not like it.

Vaccum daily and empty canister or vacuum bag often. Wash bedding often.

I am confused as to if they are on a raw diet or Iams. Raw is best, Iams is garbage. Raw diets heal animals and sustain them and are a must for decaying teeth.

There are many remedies for tooth decay. One is rinsing the mouth with calendula Q. One drop in a bit of water. Another man on this forum is using this for his dog with severe tooth decay and he says the gums and teeth are healing.

For runny eyes-Bathe them daily with Euphrasia Q-5 drops in 8oz. of pure water.

For ear mites-All you need to do is swab the ears daily with olive oil. The oil suffocates the mites.

Namaste27 last decade
For the yeast infection and IBD-Raw diet.

See if you can find someone who has kefir grains and learn how to make kefir water for your cats. My cats get this and it helps greatly.

After the fleas are conquered and if they still have itchy/red ears look into getting them Psorinum 30C if they tend to be chilly and prefer warmth. It is a great nosode remedy that tends to clear up many issues.

You can also bathe the ears with the diluted Calendula Q if they are irritated.

Namaste27 last decade
Oh gee thanks sooooo mcu for you replies...

My Pippy has been on raw diet since 08.05 (I did not know how awfl the Iams was until my other kitty went to homeopath...)

I have the sulphur at home now - should I use it?

You mentioned the other two remedies - the situation w/ Pip is I have not found fleas on her ever (only once on sister kitty) but she is obviously being creamed - biting horribly at herself (as are the other two, but to lesser degrees)

I know the fleas are here though so it is not another issue...

I will dind Dr. Bonners soap today and will do lemon rinse as soon as it steeps long enough...

Thanks a bunch for the ear mite advice, I now am so distrustful of western vets and their awful medicines...

My Pippy and I are gratedul for your help - she is a loving little kitty and would given you lot's of purrs were you near!!!!

Fondly, Ann
Ann05 last decade
Gosh I just read my reply, sory for the awful typing errors... I am not too good at this I will be moe careful in the future!

I wanted to add a few more items - I have always vacumed the whole house daily and all furniture twice a week (kind of a neat freak)and am now even vacuming the closets as well as edging daily!

So, the question is this: Will the damp kitties from the lemon rinse dilute the fleabusters?

Re.: the Calendula Q, is that the same as the calendula tincture I already have?

Thanks again Namaste, you're a real peach!

Ann05 last decade
Yes, begin the Sulphur and please don't expect an overnight miracle. It takes time.

Damp cats will not affect the Fleabusters. Wetting down all the carpet or steam cleaning it will.

As long as it is Caledula Mother Tincture or Calendula Q.
Namaste27 last decade
Okay Namaste call me crazy but I gave Pippy the higher dose of Sulphur at 12:45ish Pacfic coast time and she is much better as far as the biting and I also think it perked up her energy... she played w/ sister and was up until 5pm... when she layed down on a kitchen chair she DID NOT SPEND tons of time biting and fussing w/ herself. she just laid down and went night night....

HURAAY FOR Namaste... we will certainly keep on your program

Thanks again.

Oh and one other thing... why do you think it's a yeast infection... it's funny when I began researching all thins holistic pet care and diets I ran across a site (Pat McKay's)and stumbled on the fact that Pippy might have yeast infection (she used to super fuss w/ her private area but since raw diet that's much better - I always thought it was a behavioral issue)- however did you come to that conclusion?

Also, where did you learn all this about kitties and proper holisitc care?

Ann05 last decade
Sulphur works quickly with some. Very powerful.

I think you mentioned something in your previous posting. about treating them for a yeast infection to no avail.

I have 22 animals and all have come to me abused, abandoned, neglected, ill. I have rescued and rehabilitated animals for 15 years and studied homeopathy for 15 as well.

Namaste27 last decade
Gosh Namaste wait a saint you are thanks again for all your help...

Pippy is still doing good- (althought she did have atough time w/ the itching and scratching in the bed last night, but I trust that with time all will be well).

Her fur looks better and her energy is fabulous...

Blessings to you and yours,

Ann05 last decade
Namaste27 last decade

Per your instruction (and my eyeballing situation) I dosed Pippy last wek w/ 200c Sulphur...

Question: This week I began 30c daily, is this right, or should I continue w/ 200c ?

Also, this week after dose she seems somewhat tired maybe yucky feeling...by afternoon evening perks up... also if I play w/ when she seems yucky she ready to go so maybe I am imagining...

If it's the wronf remedy choice on my part might I make her nauseated or hvae other ill effect
Ann05 last decade
"Homeopathic Sulphur will do that trick. Dosage-30C, one time daily for 6-8 weeks and then one dose every other week. If infestation is severe use 200C, 3 x weekly."

You should begin low and then go high. So pick a potency and stick with it. Since you began with 200C maybe stick with it.

You can try a dose of Nux Vomica 30C in the PM if she seems chilly, irritable, hungover, sensitive to noise and light and tired in the AM.

Sulphur may be detoxing her and making her feel sleepy. I don't think she is proving the remedy. Sulphur helps many, even makes the coat glossy.

Namaste27 last decade
I misunderstood direction - thought when you said if infestation is severe dose w/ 200c...

The 200c is what i did last week, and as I said she seemed much better (even more energy, less shy) and HER COAT DID LOOK BETTER....

When you said I don't think she is proving the remedy what does that mean?

Thanks again... (and I've read the help you gave poor kitty w/ tumors, what a good soul you are),

Ann05 last decade
No problem Ann. You did right by starting with 200C. Stick with that dose. You can taper off to once weekly as she improves. Use your intuition and sense the cats energy. That is how you will know when she needs a remedy, when it is not working. etc.

Proving a remedy is when you give the wrong remedy the cat begins to exhibit symptoms that they did not have before, or rather symptoms that, that particular remedy cures. Like a remedy for constipation if given to a non-constipated cat, may suddenly become constipated, thus proving the effectiveness of the remedy and what it is used for.

Ahh, hope I make sense.

Namaste27 last decade
Thanks again Namaste...



p.s. no need to reply... I can see how busy you are helping all of us here,w/ your many kitties at home, and I am sure lots of other people and animals...take care of yourself too!
Ann05 last decade
Dear Ann:

I hope so much that your kitties will very soon achieve great health so they can enjoy their lives and the wonderful "mommy" who loves them so.

Only natural remedies and natural lifestyles will benefit not only their lives but ours as well.

Stay away from vaccines, medicines, etc. I have had cats all my life and, it has been a learning experience. Actually, we were all ignorant some years back but little by little society has progressed with their knowledge of healing with respect to humans as well as animals.

When I lived in Florida my babies were shampooed regularly at my homeopathic vet's and their fur was a dream plus, they were clean. I do not believe in that they say when they insist that cats do not need a bath because they clean themselves. Everyone needs a bath - everyone and everyone is better off for it.

I will remember you and your babies in my thoughts and prayers.

Also, Namaste, many blessings of the Universe to you for your apparent love and kindness towards innocent, helpless animals who give so much in return to us just for loving them. May your kind soul receive a million-fold in return the kindness you give.
Mousitsa last decade
Mousitsa and Ann..............

Thank you, and my herd thanks you as well for your loving thoughts and words. I write quick and brief as computer time is limited in this house.

Namaste27 last decade
Oh Mousistsa thanks for you reply... especially the part about giving kitties baths...

I used to give my Felcity (the oldest) a bath (it seemed to help his so called IBD) weekly and sometimes semi weekly...

Everyone I knew teased me and said I was making F's lofe miserable...

Thanks to Namaste, and now you, I am once again giving him and my other two a bath (which is very amusing, the other two were abandoned and are 6ish and find the bath- thing some type of awful molestation... but I talk to them the whole time and explain that lovely Namasste thinks this will help so hopefully they will abosrb my explanation)...

Best to you and yours -


Sorry for the dealyed reply - the past wekiisg has been hectic and crazy - going to give Pip. a bath, I'll include you in the explanation now!
Ann05 last decade
Hello again Ann:

Forgot to mention that when I was still "ignorant" in the early 80's I adopted a rescue kitty who passed on and went to heaven a couple of years ago while we were in Florida. She was very, very special to me - I know that they are all very special in their own way but she WAS special and represented a particular time in my life as well.

Well, as I always do when I get a kitty, I immediately took her to my "feline vet" in New York at the time and because the little angel had fleas, the "bitch (vet)" gave her a fea dip. Well, what the heck did I know. I figured she's a vet and she knows what is right. Well, my poor little Mousitsa, whose name I use as my I.D. had this checmical junk on her all those years until we moved to Florida and I started getting them bathed and groomed at my vets.

Imagine if I had only done it years earlier - all those years with those chemical toxins on her little body and she finally died of lung cancer a few years ago. I feel so guilty.

So, learn from my mistakes and always remember everyone needs to be bathed and cleaned. There are wonderful, all natural shampoos for kitties out there that are very holistic and they smell like heaven and leave their fur like silk.

Mousitsa last decade

I am so sorry to hear you lost a kitty to lung cancer.

I too, have a kitty w/ rare form of cancer (malignant oral melanoma) and am sure he contracted it due to my awful health care choices (he also had flea dips when he was a baby)...

I wish to heavens our western vets would open up to the many gentle ways that homeopathy )and holistics in general) can help our pets - instead I fear they will choose to remain purposefully ignorant...

You are a good soul for healping others... your kitty, Moutitsa, was blessed to have you in her life!

Happy New Year,

Ann05 last decade
I just read my post above... sorry for the awful typing errors (esp. the spelling of your i.d./kitty's name) ... if you were here in person you would understand, I talk (think) very fast and am totally unable to type at the same speed!!!

What a dork, sorry again,

Ann05 last decade
Nothing to apologize for Ann - when typing on my PC, I often makes mistakes also - in spite of the fact that I have a very good command of the English language and grammer. It's just the way it is .... so, make your typing errors - we all do - and, we know what you are writing anyway.

By the way, I don't know if I mentioned this, but my baby who died of Cancer was named Persefoni (as in Greek mythology) however, she was always affectionately known as Mousitsa, which is the name I chose for my ID.

I wish for you and your babies a wonderful, happy New Year with lots of happiness, success and whatever your heart desires.

Hugs and kisses from my Bouboulina (tubby) Dafni - who is like a runway model (tall, lanky and the most gorgeous sliver fur I have ever seen) and my sweet, shy, "scardy cat" Dimitra.

Happy New Year
Mousitsa last decade

Gosh your brood sound lovely, I will keep all of you in my heart and mind this New Year (w/ thoughts of a happy, healthy 2006)!!!

Blessed be,

Ann05 last decade

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