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Reflux 12 week old ( fitness)

1. What is the age, weight & height of child

12 weeks, but has not recently been weighed. I'd say at least 10 lbs. He was 9.7 at 9 weeks, and 22" at last check-up

2. Physical appearance: Thin, Medium, Chubby

Thin and long

3. How is the child mentally & emotionally normally

He is a happy child. Very alert. Likes to talk and try to crawl. Enjoys standing assisted.. physically strong. But overall a happy go lucky baby

4. How is the child mentally & emotionally during reflux/gerd

He is uncomfortable physically occasionally showing distress on face, but will turn right around and smile.

5. What are the symptoms of reflux/gerd

Mostly writhes his legs and hunches his body when being held in upright position. When on stomach or elevated on his back will make gagging sounds and grunts. He will sometimes spit up clear, but more time than not it seems to be silent reflux.

6. How is the child’s stool

No problems there. They are yellow and a bit wet as most BF babies

7. Does the child have gas (flatulence), if yes, a lot or less

I feel he has a normal amount of gas. Not too much not too little

8. How is the child’s desire to feed

Feeding sessions are fine. No problems with not wanting to eat. Most of the time he spits up "normal" baby spit up amount, but there are times where it is projectile. This does not happen often.

9. Is the child teething


10. How is the child’s sweat (perspiration), answer all these points
• Any Smell -No
• Where mostly- Doesn't really sweat
• How much (little, a lot etc.) - very little.. sometimes on back of head when BF and where rests on my arm.

Additionally.. he does not experience reflux during the day. It only happens at night and has been occurring at 3:00 am like clock work.. waking him up. He will then continue to have it through out the rest of the morning until his first morning fed about 6:30 am. From 3:00 I am unable to put him elevated in bed, nor on his stomach. He will gag, grunt and show an overall uncomfortableness when laid down. He usually sleeps the remainder of the time on me.

He is strictly breastfed and has been suffering from silent reflux in the early morning hours since he was 3-4 weeks old. Our doctor, of course, prescribed Zantac. Although I was hesitant to give it to him at such a young age, as a parent, I hated seeing my son in pain. After 2 nights on Zantac and no improvement, we decided to quit administering and see if we could find a more natural approach. I originally tried Gripe water which made him gag and did nothing to help. The last approach was a combination of probiotic, Colic Calm, Aethusa Cynapium 30c diluted in water and pressure point therapy. With that said, the Colic Calm seemed to help on occasion, but was very hit or miss.

I have stopped everything except the probiotic.

His symptoms started out that he would wake up either 2-3 hrs after his 10:00 pm feeding grunting, gagging, spitting up generally clear liquid and making very uncomfortable sounds. After feeding him again once he woke up to eat, he would then writhe in my arms grunting in uncomfortable pain for about 1 hour. After starting the Colic Calm and others I mentioned, he no longer would lie there making grunting sounds or gag, but would still writhe in my arms after his 1:00 am feeding.

Things have since improved, as mentioned before. He now starts his symptoms at 3:00 am

As for my diet. I am vegetarian. I did cut out what little dairy I do consume for more than 3 weeks time, this did not seem to have any sort of effect either way

I appreciate your guidance in this matter and hopefully getting my son symptom free of his reflux.

Please let me know if there is any additional information I may provide!
  chaebop on 2015-01-20
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
What gives him relief during gerd e.g. carrying around, sitting upright etc

Does he like pressure on stomach during gerd

Is he normally cold or warm

How is his thirst

When was the last remedy given and for how long

When did you take the last remedy and for how long
fitness 6 years ago
I usually hold him upright while sitting in bed. When he cannot sleep on his own without symptoms, he finds relief by sleeping upright on me.

Not sure about pressure on stomach, I've never tried intentionally. I actually tried avoiding pressure since is right after he has eaten and figure might be making things worse.

He will have cold hands and feet. Has poor circulation like me, but his body is warm.

Thirst? Not sure how I would tell this. He BF and eats well.

Last remedy.. of Colic Calm, etc as described above was last given 2 1/2 weeks ago. However, in all honesty....

I found this website through another mother who had followed Joe’s advice and posted her results. I had started giving my son Nat Phos 6x. I gave him a 1/2 tablet at 8:00 and again at 10:00 which he then slept for 5 hours after! After waking up for his 3:00 feeding, I then gave him another 1/2 tablet to which cut his writhing episode down to about 5 minutes only. The second night I did the same, however gave him 1 full tablet instead on the 1/2 at 8:00 due to him spitting up or gagging slightly at 10:00, again he slept for 5 hours after his 10:00 feeding. At 3:00, however the second night and the last night the tablet did not seem to have any effect. He was back to his old uncomfortable ways for about an hour. I should also mention that he has generally slept on me due to his gagging and spitting up that would have 2 sometimes 3 hours after he had eaten, but I have drastically been able to reduce his time in my arms and transition him into his bed, which is at an incline.

I personally had started taking 2 tabs of Nat Phos 6x three times a day after meals. I also take and have been taking arnica 30c in the pellet form for my own neuropathy pain that developed when I was pregnant.

I have since stopped the Nat-phos for him as of last week since it's initial effects seem to be short lived also after seeing yours and other responses with regard to nat-phos.

I will mention, in case relevant, that at times he seems to have a very sensitive gag reflex. It's not all the time, but there are times where his pacifier will gag him or even if I touch his lips with the nipple of bottle he always uses when consuming the probiotic or a feeding. It's weird.

Thanks again
chaebop 6 years ago
Your remedy is: Calcarea Phosphorica 30c.

Please take two doses 12 hrs apart. Just two doses. Not daily.
Report back in 2 days with changes observed.

One dose is made by dissolving one pill of the remedy (or one drop, if you have liquid remedy) in half a glass of cooled, boiled water. Stir it and take one tea spoon from it.

First dose: At night before sleeping.
Second dose: 12 hrs after the first dose.
Don’t take any more dose or any other remedy unless I tell you.

If there is worsening of symptoms (called homeopathic aggravation) after the first dose, then don’t take the second dose.
Don’t take any other homeopathic remedy during this treatment.
Give a break of at least 10 minutes before eating/drinking anything before or after taking the remedy.
During the treatment, don’t eat anything which you have never had all your life.

Sometimes the symptoms for which treatment is being done can worsen after taking the homeopathic remedy. This is homeopathic aggravation and a good sign. It usually dies down within 24-48 hrs. During this time you can use any non-medicinal means to keep yourself comfortable. If the aggravation seems excessive, you can use any & all means necessary (including taking allopathic medicines) to keep yourself comfortable. Keep your homeopath fully updated if this happens.

A good example of how to report your progress is by giving %age improvement for all your health problems e.g.
Headache: 30% better
Low energy level: 50% better
Anxiety: 40% better
Sadness: No change
Depression: Worse
And so on list all your complaints.

If your child is breastfed then what you eat will have a huge effect on your baby’s health. If you eat foods which cause gas (e.g. cabbage, beans, cauliflower etc) then your baby will have gas too. Cut back on the foods which cause gas in you or your husband (because your baby may have acquired the genetic tendency of your husband to have gas & bloatedness). Eating a few fennel seeds will address infrequent gas & bloatedness, eating it in excess will cause constipation.

Homeopathy works on “individualization” i.e. the remedy for GERD which will work on one child may not work on another. There are several remedies for GERD. A particular person is promoting Nat-Phos as THE remedy for curing GERD by selectively quoting parents benefiting from his Nat-Phos protocol. This is not only incorrect but totally against the principles of “individualization” in homeopathy. I am sure desperate parents would do anything to get the cure but blindly going for Nat-Phos is not the route as many have found the hard way. It’s a case of common sense & statistics. If you give Nat-Phos to 100 kids for GERD, some are bound to improve, it doesn’t mean that it’s THE remedy for GERD. Next time someone touts Nat-Phos as the remedy for GERD ask him the statistics first.

If someone is giving several remedies, without waiting to see the effect of one remedy, it is totally against the core principles of homeopathy. Such an approach is unlikely to give permanent cure, rather it may distort actual symptoms making subsequent cure even more difficult.
fitness 6 years ago
Thank you. I will begin treatment tonight and report back in 2 days.
chaebop 6 years ago
Can I continue giving probiotic?
chaebop 6 years ago
Stop for a few days.
fitness 6 years ago

First dose was giving at 7:30 pm on 1/20 He woke at 3:00 am as per the usual, but was not grunting or making uncomfortable sounds.. minor spitting up. After he ate his symptoms I would say improved by 70% where he wasn't writhing in obvious discomfort, but some movement. I was able to lay him in his own bed an hour after eating without much gagging or grunting, improvement 80%. About 1 hour later in his bed he was having some symptoms.. slight gag sounds/ spitting up sounds.

Second dose was given at 7:30 am 1/21 No symptoms during the day. But, he generally never has symptoms at this time.

Last night:
Woke at 3 am for no other reason it appears other than hunger. After feeding he made some movements of discomfort but no grunting improvement 75%. Held for an hour and then tried to lay down in bed.. 5 min later gagging, discomfort and spit up. I held for remainder of the night.. sleep was a bit restless.

Overall, night one was better than the second, but his grunting has almost completely stopped 90-95% improvement with that specifically.

Witching hours are definitely between 4:00 ish after I feed him and when I would like to lay him in his own bed, until 6:30 his general wake time.

Thank you
chaebop 6 years ago
Good progress. Please keep me posted.
fitness 6 years ago
Do not administer any more doses despite night two not being as symptom free as night one? May I proceed with probiotic or continue to hold off just in case?

Thank you
chaebop 6 years ago
If the progress slides back and symptoms reappear, you can repeat the dose.

Don't give more than one dose in 24 hrs.

Keep me posted.

No probiotics.
fitness 6 years ago
No additional doses were given. Last night was bad. Woke at midnight and again at 2 am making noises. After feeding again writhing in discomfort. Could not put down as gagging and slight grunting would occur, but would not settle in my arms either...All night :(
chaebop 6 years ago
How did things change after the 2nd dose over the following 24 hrs e.g. they got better for x hrs and then started getting worse?
fitness 6 years ago
Due to the fact the second dose was given at 7:30 morning and he doesn't generally have symptoms until early morning hours (3-6 am), it wasn't evident that he was regressing until last night. He woke at midnight, earlier than usual, making reflux sounds.. I was able to pacify until 2:00. I fed him and then after that he writhed in my arms for pretty much the remainder of the night when usually he settles down after a bit. He was fussing and had noticeable spit up. I tried laying him down elevated on back, but symptoms worsened, I tried laying him on his stomach.. again, spitting up, gagging, slight grunts.

Sleeping on me didn't bring much comfort either this time. Felt like we took several steps back.

Thank you....
chaebop 6 years ago
If he doesn't get better tonight, then give him one dose.

If he gets better, don't give any more dose.
fitness 6 years ago

Sorry, I had already given him 3/4 of one dose at 7:00 pm before receiving your response going off of what you had previously said about if things regressed. The only symptoms he experienced last night was spitting up when I tried to lay him in his crib at 4:15. His reaction directly after this 3:00 am feed was fine with little to NO reflux symptoms. Again, it was only when I laid him down. He then spent the remainder of the morning sleeping on me. I let him stay in his bed for 30 min hoping the symptoms would subside... they did not.
chaebop 6 years ago
So is he better now?
fitness 6 years ago
Still not well enough for me to put him down after second feeding, which is my goal. He slept on me from 3- now. I do try to lay him down around 4, but it fails every time. Too much spitting up and gag sounds. Grunting has still subsided and he didnt writhe in arms. So slight progress, but still symptomatic.
chaebop 6 years ago
How much time do you give him upright after the feed before laying him.

Do you birp him.
fitness 6 years ago
Yes I burp him. He is upright for an hr. Plenty of time. Today had explosive diarrhea. Not sure if related to doses given this far. I have not given him another since I last told you
chaebop 6 years ago
The remedy which is curative the first time will continue to do so unless something substantial has changed.

If there was improvement after the first dose, what do you think has changed if he is getting worse.

Please think again & reply:

Did things worsen after the 2nd dose after 12 hr or not.
fitness 6 years ago
Honestly nothin had changed. Our routine is the same, I didn't eat anything new or crazy.

As I had posted before. This was the occurrence after second dose:

Due to the fact the second dose was given at 7:30 morning and he doesn't generally have symptoms until early morning hours (3-6 am), it wasn't evident during 12 hrs after that he was regressing until the second night. He woke at midnight, earlier than usual, making reflux sounds.. I was able to pacify until 2:00. I fed him and then after that he writhed in my arms for pretty much the remainder of the night when usually he settles down after a bit. He was fussing and had noticeable spit up. I tried laying him down elevated on back, but symptoms worsened, I tried laying him on his stomach.. again, spitting up, gagging, slight grunts.

As previously stated, the 3rd partial dose seemed to elevate the immediate symptoms after second feed, but not enough I could lay him down after burping and an hr later. Will see what tonight brings and report.
chaebop 6 years ago
Last night was again fine until after second feeding when I tried to lay him down after 1 1/2 hrs of sitting upright. The immediate symptomatic reactions after the feeding have stopped, but I am still unable to put him down without the gagging and spitting up episode. There has been progress, but suppose I will just succumb to having him sleep on me from 2-6 am until he grows out of reflux and LES is developed enough.

Thank you for all your help.
chaebop 6 years ago
Just be patient, I think he is progressing well. Keep me posted on how things are going and we will see when to repeat the dose.

Where are you located, Country.

How is your digestion & how are you emotionally these days.
fitness 6 years ago
Last night we had a bit of a set back. He was symptomatic directly after feed with grunting and writhing. I did not attempt to put him down after second feeding and he slept on me just fine after settling down.

My digestion is fine. I'm a vegetarian and eat as natural as possible avoiding processed foods. My mood is overall is good. Tired, but good. :)

We are located in US
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chaebop 6 years ago
Give him one dose at night before sleeping and update me.
fitness 6 years ago

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