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Kitty Cat with severely growing breast tumors -- but lots of spirit

Is there any homepathic medicine which can help a very sweet docile cat with severe breast cancer tumors. She still has such a strong will to live -- I can't take that away from her -- and maybe by some miracle I can reverse this. Please help in anyway.

  Buchworm on 2005-12-21
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I am so sorry to hear about your kitty... I was checking the forum to see if there were replies to my querry and I saw the post about your baby...

I am just learning about homeopathy and Namaste - a kind soul who paricipates on this site has helped me and my kitty, Pippy, greatly - I sincerely hope you find hope and relief here as well!!!

Just a few things I have learned since my other kitty was diagnosed w/ maligant oral melanoma in Aug. of this year: feed all (or as much as you can) raw food, use purified spring H20, switch to a paer, corn, pine, or wheat based litter, and most of all continue what you are already doing... caring for kitty!

(If you know about the above few items I mentioned please forgive me... as I am just learning!)

Best of luck to you and yours -oh and I'll end on a hopeful note... Felicity (kitty w/ melanoma) is in REMISSION... highly unusual, prognosis for this diease: radiation 4x's and wait about 5 months for death... we have a homeopath for him and have spent tons of money but it was worth it (way more than radiation and death at about 2500.00)....

Also, I think if you are more knowledgable or w/ the help of sites like this you may have an easier time making choices for your kitties health than I did (we went to a # of holistic practitioners intially, found one I thought was best - ended up not to be, but we seem to be on the right track now w/ new homeopath) so hopefully you can help your baby find peace and serenity on this most difficult journey ahead (and HURRAY she is happy and playing)- and hearing of her strong will to live... well even the western vets have remarked on that being a plus...

Good, good wishes to you both

Ann05 last decade
Dearest Anne,

Thank you so much for your very touching and heartfelt words. It was most beautiful. I'm hoping that we're not too late -- since the tumours are throughout her chest. In fact she had been operated on and only the small ones could be taken out -- since there wasnt enough skin left for the large ones to cover over. I wish she was still playing -- but she is grooming herself and has such a strong will to live. I love animals so much and this one is one of the sweetest we have ever had. I will definitely give your suggestions a try and thank you so much for all of your caring. I hope for the continued success and good health of pippy. I know that we had a dog that was nearly gone from diabetes and our last homeopathic doctor gave her something -- never would tell me what -- her glucose dropped 300 points and of course we had to cut the insulin in half -- she gained 20 lbs and lived another year. But alas he has gone into teaching only and I cant reach him. Although Im trying to find a new source for Dr. Luc DeSchepper. I also know that he is the only 1 who can help me as well. I thank you again and that is how homeopathy works -- all by indications of the symtomatology and now the disease. With a heartfelt thanks and wishing you the best in the christmas season.

Buchworm last decade
Namaste has also helped me with my doggies. I got this combination from a friend. You may want to try it.

Mag Phos, Calc Phos, Fer Phos, Kali Phos, Nat Sulph, Kali Mur and Silicea all in 6x.

May your kitty be blessed with the magic of Christmas and the love in your heart.
mersing last decade
Heckla Lava-Breast tumors

Bromium-Left side of mammary glands are more affected and there may be coughing and nasal discharge.

CALC FLUOR-Nodular tumors of mammary glands in pregnant females.

Iodum 30C-Tumors are together with shrinking of mammary tissue. Animals are too thin, with great appetite and small, hard, lymph glands.

Phytolacca 30C-Early stages of mammary tumors. Reduces the size and hardness of the growth.

Carbo Animalis 4X-Mammary tumors that are rock hard.

Is she spayed?

Namaste27 last decade
oh my good -- thank you one and all -- nope -- she isnt spayed.

So sorry -- i had severe migraines today and a visit to the dentist as well -- so this is my first chance to check my email.
Buchworm last decade
Please note that unspayed females are at high risk for mammary tumors, especially if they are not being bred.

Namaste27 last decade
Dear Namaste,

I appreciate that and the only reason that we didn't get her spayed is because she was always sooooo tiny -- her name is TC -- short for Tea Cup. she was an indoor cat and all of our others were spayed or neutered. I thought that she might not be able to pull through the spaying. I will always regret that we didn't to the day that I die.

Thank you again for your help and to everybody else as well and also for the wonderful wishes. I think she fits the Iodum and am trying to find it out here.

Buchworm last decade
Can I combine the Iodum and the Carbo Animalis? -- she has the hard tumours, the great appetite, getting thinner -- seems to meet both criteria.


Buchworm last decade
A key indicator of Iodum is a ravenous appetite with a corresponding loss of condition. Worse when quiet, in warm room and right side. Better: walking about and in open air. Just wanted to make sure it fits.

Carbo Animalis is good for geriatric animals and mammary tumors.

The two remedies do not antidote one another.

If you want a constitutional recommendation please post more detail about behavior, likes and dislikes, better from, worse from. Body type, energy, appetite, etc.

Does she still go into heat and did the tumors occur while in heat? Or did they increase in size following oestrus?

Namaste27 last decade
I got the Iodium 30 C today -- how often do I give it to her and should I put it in water and succuss (per Dr. Luc) and then give herpart of the water -- we gave her 1 whole pellet today.

Will post more details for the constitutional recommendation -- will put it all together in about a day or so-- Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Merry Merry Christmas to all who read my posts.

Buchworm last decade
I honestly am not sure about how to dose the Iodum. Will have to read up on it. Most 30C remedies for long-standing issues you dose one time daily.

Some do dilute it in water and give one wet dose daily.

My homeopath has me take one dry dose and two wet doses daily. He said the dry dose is a burst of doses and the wet doses are single doses.

I am still learning as we go.

Namaste27 last decade
Dear Namaste, Ann & Mersing,

A brief update on Teacup (TC). After giving her 1 tablet of Iodum a day since we first wrote, intially a large tumour also developed behind her ear and then it blew open and drained all sorts of "yuck". In the meantime the tumours on her chest did much of the same thing. As of last night she completely shocked us -- after having little to no energy and being very wobbly on her feet and therefore choosing to take up residence between the dryer and the kitchen counter, I felt this little tap while I was in bed and it was TC!! She had managed to jump or climb down from the kitchen counter, walk across the house from the kitchen to the bedroom, climb up on the bed and slept in my arms all night - cuddled up -- which she couldnt do before either -- (until last night -- the poor soul would sleep almost in a handstand position- due to the size and uncomfortableness of the tumours). The tumours appear to be getting smaller, her eyes are clearer and she is appearing stronger. My hope and prayers are that this is not the sunshine before the storm -- but it does appear that there is a reversal in the disease.

Once again, thank you so much for all of your thoughts, prayers and assistance, I will never know how I can say thank you enough -- and will keep everybody updated on future successes.

We do have another kitty (Panther)who is also undergoing his complications. A few months ago, he started "snorkeling", a runny eye developed and a drippy nose, like he had a bad cold or even a sinus infection, but nothing could found whether by our vet and his examination (who has since retired) including xrays. Since he did have his "canine" teeth starting to extend below his chin -- it was thought that perhaps this was causing an obstruction and therefore 3 of his teeth were removed and he was put on amoxicilin. It didnt help.

About a week ago, he developed a severe swelling of the third eye on the left side, his "nose drippings" has escalated to expulsion of yellow to bloody mucus - sometimes out of both nostrils and sometimes his eyes were watery. His fur started to take on a sullen appearance, but he still has a great appetite, although it does appear that since his surgery -- he lost a little weight -- which I would imagine would be expected.

Anyways, as a result of the swelling, first I gave him a dose of Apis Mel, 6x, (I thought maybe he was allergic to our bunnies - or other animals) but then no change, so, I gave him Arnica Mont 6x and applied a melaleuca (triple antibiotic) to the lid of his eye. The swelling started centralizing to a pimple like pustule -- but it was still swollen across his eye (basically in the sinus cavity by appearance). The pustule blew open about 2 days ago, spewing forth "red thick muck". We continued to give him Arnica and the ointment and today he can open his eye and the swelling is receding.

Question, although I did slip in a dose of Allium Cepa, 6x in between all of these times, I ran out of it and therefore changed the course of remedy. I have also tried Pulsatilla, 6x. What would you suggest that I give him? If I don't have it will contact my local homeopathic store to see if they have it or can get it?

I hope I didn't make too many spelling errors in writing this - I had to retype the whole thing over since the first time I clicked the X intead of the - to minimize.

Additionally, since Panther is rather strong and hates having anything put in his mouth, I will have to start putting the tablets in water and feeding the water to him by eye dropper.

Thanks again so much for all of your help and assistance and a wonderful and happy new year to all.

Buchworm last decade

Fantastic news about your cat with tumors! Amazing!

You never know if it is the sun before the storm, however you are trying your best and the remedy is doing all it can to allow the body to heal. All we have is today.

Please post the current symptoms about your other cat. Where he is at now, like is their still discharge, what color, is it runny, stringy, sticky. etc and so on. I am thinking maybe Kali Bich. if it is stringy and tinged with blood.

Namaste27 last decade
That's what I like best about Homeopathy. It can give you plenty of "surprises". We need to be a bit more patient with the working of the remedies.

It is really wonderful that the discharges are coming out and clearing from the sweetie's system. Hope she will have many bright and beautiful days ahead and bringing in joy and laughter to your home.
mersing last decade
Hi Namaste and Mersing,

Update on TC -- she didn't just get from the kitchen to the bedroom - 1 time -- but 3 times that same day -- yippee!!!!! -- still quite weak -- but nevertheless a miracle. What is funny is that our 2 dogs were fighting over who should nurse and bathe her -- animsls are more like people than people -- and our possum wanted to make sure she was ok too.

Re Panther -- yes, the discharge is stringy with blood -- looks a little like a child with a runny nose -- but a thick copious type of discharge with blood -- it just starts to descend and hang out of his nose - suspendeded in the air -- while we madly run for tissue!! -- what potency of Kali bich -- would you suggest? 30c -- I already call my homeo pharm and requested that they put that aside for me.

Thanks again and for all of the good thoughts -- will try to post a pictur (don't know quite how to) of TC when she gets better.

All the best,

Buchworm last decade
Dearest Debbie...

What wonderful news, your baby is doing so well....

She is obviously a strong little kitty with a Mommy who loves her... I am continueing prayers for you both!

I wish I was able to help w/ Pather, obviously you and Namaste are far more schooled in the practice, so i shall keep reading the updates on Pather too... his symptoms seem really miserable... your poor baby!

Good Wishes,

Ann05 last decade
Try 30C one daily dose or two times daily. See how it goes.

Namaste27 last decade
Dear Namaste, Ann and Mersing,

I'm afraid that I have some very sad news to report. After a courageous and what we had all hoped would be a successful attempt to reverse the cancerous tumours, TC passed away at 8:30 PM PST on Friday, January 13, 2006. Not only was she loved by all of us and when we buried her today none of us could stop crying, even one of our dogs tried to resuscitate her as she was taking her last breaths, our other cats gots quiet and watched and after she passed our oldest cat went out into the living room and mewowed to let the rest of the family of animals know what had happened. Even our pet possum was very careful of her and would check up on her the last few days. She slept between us and in my arms cuddled up until the end. In all of the years that I have had all types of animals -- this is the only one that I have ever seen to cause such a reaction among the other animals -- no matter what their species. She never had a cross word with anybody (she was almost 12), never even hit any of the other cats and had a disposition which has been unmatched. I just wanted to thank all of you for your help and prayers -- they were so comforting during this trying time and feel so bad that I hand't searched for this help sooner -- perhaps we could have staved off the "inevitable" completely. Even after she passed away the tumours were still leaking. Once again, thank you sooooooooo much - one and all.

I will write more about Panther another time -- but I just wanted to let all of you know the final disposition of TC and to say thank you for all of your support -- it most certainly helpd through this most trying time.
Buchworm last decade
I meant to close with all of my best to each and every one of you -- but I hit the send button before I could get to the bottom to add this.


Buchworm last decade

When a great soul crosses over it sends shock waves through everyone who loved that soul, leaving a feeling of great shock, sorrow and emptiness. I am so deeply sorry to hear of her passing and wish there was more that could have been done.

You did your absolute best, and TC will always be grateful. When one life passes on, celebrate that life and help save another animal's life. It is what the deceased would want you to do.

best and bless,

Namaste27 last decade
Dear Debbie

I am saddened to hear TC's passing. Even I have not met her personally but all the beautiful descriptions on her given by you have touched me greatly. I do feel a kind of energy as I read through your postings.

I am not very good with words ... but at least you and all her companions were nearby when she breathed her last. She was one very lucky and brave girl.

I had also lost my poodle last year to a tumour on or near her gall bladder - and the various vets who handled her didn't even know or notice before hand! I know your loss cos I have been through it myself ... For 3 full days with only 1-2 hours of sleep each day, I stand by my dog until she passed away peacefully at 3am - yes peacefully without any hard struggle, only soft breathing until it stopped. Thanks to Bios and Homeo medicines that have eased her last passage.

How are you feeling now, Debbie? If you are still grieving, you may want to take one or two doses of Ignatia 30c for 2-3 days (but not in the evening or night). It helps alot.

Please continue to give your unconditional love to the less fortunate creatures. Though TC may not be here with you physically but her spirit will live and guide you further in your heart. Take care ... we are here for you too.
mersing last decade
Oh my heavens Debbie...

I did not receive the email regarding the loss of your baby.

(Sometimes they go to my Bulk Folder and I forget to check it...)

Teacup was obviously a dear little kitty who was (and is) treasure and loved by you and yours....

What a blessing, you were able to enjoy her for a bit more time and she was able to enjoy you... and once again amaze you with her little heart (I mean gee my ninny that little one rallied)...

I shall think healing thoughts for your heart which must ache still... and tonight I will pray to my kitty, O rbie, who passed away many years ago.... to keep an eye on Teacup...

My deepest sympathy to you and yours,


I read this poem some months ago... I hope it brings a bit of comfort...

Sunny's Poem

There are balls of yarn in Heaven
Oh, how I love it so!
And catnip mice and kitty pillows
Just like the ones I had below.

Don’t consider it a loss
For I am no longer weak.
I can run and play all day
And still watch you while you sleep.

I’m not sick in Heaven,
So don’t worry about me
I’m better off up here because
I have been set free…

…to play with balls of yarn in Heaven.
I wish you were here, too,
But until we meet again
I send my love to you.
Ann05 last decade

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