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violent nausea feel like i'm going to vomit!


I dont know if this is part of my constitutional remedy healing something but I feel really sick and nauseated today

So much my work sent me out early. And Im at the doctor office. Which is only in the case of if I have to call out tommorow I havr a dr. Note but I am not going to take meds.

Maybe just get some ginger at the store and make tea for my stomach or take an alkaseltzer.

Im not sure if I can get a homeopathic or not because I am taking constitutional treatment. But I am not sure why I feel so sick to my stomach and this is usually not how I feel.

If I get sick its more of a chest cold or sore throat. Its been a long while sincs I have had a nausea and felt sick like this.

I looked up some homeopathic remedies at work but felt too out of it.

It was hard for me to focus with customers. I did my best to fake it and not show my boss how I felt. But I guess he saw me when I thought he was not looking.

The lights off help me feel better. Quiet helps. I just want to lie down in a dark quiet room and go under the blankets and go to sleep. of course I have to wait till I leave the dr office.

I also notice a pain sometimes including today on my left side on the bottom of my rib cage. Sometimes I feel a pain here.

I also had the feeling of wanting to vomit. This nausea feels super VIOLENT in me! Like if I did throw up it would be painful and I would be hugging the toile. I want to but I can not.

I feel queasy like when youve been thrown around on an amusement ride. It feels better if I put pressure on my stomach. Closing my eyes help.

Only my right nostril feels wet.

I did sneeze 2x today. Many times my sneezes are a full body sneeze as in my whole body jerks and hurls its self if that makes sense. Like a powerful sneeze.

My head is this fuzzy headache that has maybe a dull achy pain. Its hard for me to type. I dont even want to be at the doctor.

I know i am working with evocationer. So i dont know if he is the one I should talk to on here because I dont want to interferre with my treatment but yet I am hoping ti feel better because I have work tomorrow!

Thank you.
  beth88 on 2015-03-20
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
This is an old state then - something from the past?

That is usually a sign of very deep healing with a remedy.

It is important not to suppress such things, as it may cause any progress you make to reverse.

How long have you felt this way?
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Evocationer 7 years ago
If you get stuck at this point, the first step is to repeat the remedy. The second step would be to take the current symptoms and represcribe.

It is sometimes the case that when old symptoms come up, you need to look at a remedy for those symptoms specifically.
Evocationer 7 years ago
The only thing I can think is I was really sick 2 years ago. For the most of the summer. Every day for months I was nauseated and sick to my stomach. No one knew what was wrong with me. It was a uti that was undiagnosed and then went up the urethra tube.

Until it got so bad I want t the hospital. But I think I was sick for around 3 months total. People actually thought I was pregnant which I tested and was not.

For whatever reason it only happened yesterday and calmed down at 4pm. But then I ended up flipping out and getting angry with my partner. Because I originally planned for us to go to Boston and the day before he told me he wanted us to go to our friends Locally to celevrate the equinox and do ritual at their place verse going to this conscious collective event in Boston.

I got really vocal because I missed out on being plugged into the community because I am more social then him. And there would be a lot of timed where if he did not want to go to an event and then I said I will go by myself then he would be upset and then say he wants to go or I just would not even go myselg and miss out.

So it seemed like this anger that has recently surfaced from what I went through could be related to the violent nausea.

Because when I got sick for those few months it started after I had been getting out into the community teaching for a while. Then I had some bad experiences with others getting competitive and trying to ruin my status or pushing me out of their establishment because they were threatened by my natural loving nature.

(I was told by friends that know these owners that they had insecurity and were indeed afraid people would like me more) thus why they stomped on me or pushed me out.

Then I went to a liberating and deeply spiritual ecperience in Las Vegas Nevada. I was going to an expressive yoga dance training. I spent 10 days with about 10 women where there was a lot of bonding, dancing, yoga and 2 trips into the dessert for meditative experiences.

When I got back to Ct it was shortly after that my last place of teaching had me stop teaching because they were not busy in the summer. And my best friend at that summer who we bith had a deep spiritual friendship and I ws closest with stop talking to me. (I recently found out he started seeing someone thus why he fell off the rador)

So I guess from the rejection and going from being a teacher, plugged inti community, getting my business blossoming to then have me slowly get cut out from all of my teaching jobs and loose all of my connection and spiritual nourishment cut off it makes sense why I got sick.

So yesterday even though I got mad and this last few weeks I have had feelings of anger come up and the hurt of getting cut out or casted out of the community and loosing all of my spiritual nourishment. I then get sick which I could barely get outside and was so sick I could not work.

When I was better (took cantheris 30c and either nux vomica or carb veg 30c for a antidote to an allergice reaction to the sulpha antibiotic I took for the infection.)

I tried one more time to get back out there but then had someone else again try to dominate and kept messing with my business because she was in charge of the website and she changed the name of my business and classes when it was not her place.

I gave up because I was not going to stand for other people coming in and messing wigh ny creations. Then the next year I dealt with my fiances ex trying to destroy my relationship.

So I guess now that I am trying to get my business up again and get back out there, there is all this anger and stuff that is coming uo for me. Which before since I was dealing with other tramuatic stuff and hdaling from past abuse I could not even focus on healing from what happened when I was trying to go out and teach. So I guess it makes sense that it is coming up now that I have been able to heal again to an extent from other trauma and I want to get to get back out there and teach and create again.

So this does make sense with the anger and the violent nausea from yesterday
beth88 7 years ago
This is my case/post which you have been helping me with so you understand that this is all together (post-violent nausea + feeling fragile and senstive) : http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/429671/4
beth88 7 years ago
Also laying down in the dark with being undisturbe, lots of quiet helped the most.
beth88 7 years ago
Ok where are you at with these symptoms right now?
Evocationer 7 years ago
http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/429671/5 (feeling fragile and sensitive) this is my forun thread for the whole case.

I had the nausea again yesterday. This is what I posted for that.

I have the nasea again, not as violent but still pretty bad.

And my bowels feel all messed up. Like I just want to flush everything out. Maybe backed up, sluggish and wishing I could just detox and get my bowels flushed out.

It might make it easier for you to reply on my other thread because that is where the rest of my case is.

I seem to feel better when I am around other people. But I feel really sad when I wake up by myself. I have posted a few things updating stuff over the past few days and this is at my thread case listed above with link. Thank you.
beth88 7 years ago
I am so sorry. I may have confused you. This is not a new thread. This is part of my case (feeling fragile and sensitive) which I put a link to in my previous response today 3/31.

I had only posted this one because I felt so violebtly sick that it was unusual and I as not sure if it was something more serious. But it only happened 2x a week apart and only over a day or 2 at a time.

Is that something clearing?
The second time was not as bad. It seems strange for this to happen 2x like that.

Also do you know what you can give my cat?

She is limping and we checked her paw. We do not know why. Normally vets give pain killers. Her bone is not broken. No other people habe been in the house except the 2 of us. Our cats do not go out and there are no dogs. So we are thinking she may have jumped off something and twisted or sprained herself. And she is only about 2 years old. Please advice us for our cat if you can.
beth88 7 years ago
Alright I am going to do a rework of your case looking at the current symptoms.

Your other thread sometimes doesn't open for me. I don't know why. Especially when I try to find it through your forum name - then the thread often refuses to open.
Evocationer 7 years ago
Do you want me to copy the new stuff backdated or something to a new post?

Also any thoughts on my cat with her limping?
beth88 7 years ago

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