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Please could you suggest my constitutional remedy (hairloss)?

1. Age & Sex: 34, Female
2. Describe your appearance: Weight: 145 Lbs., Height: 5’1”, Body Type: stocky, Any Significant feature: none.
3. Profession: Full time stay at home mum.
4. Describe your personality: Anxious worrier, moody, some anger issues, can be suspicious of people & their motives, very sensitive to my percepetion of other people's moods ie. if i think someone dislikes something i say or do or if they're not cheery around me i can spiral into a low mood very easily, however if i feel 'energized' by my company or if i feel liked, understood or appreciated i can be the life and soul of the party. I have a strong desire to be liked. I base my opinion of myself on others opinions of me. I hate to be alone. I find it extremely difficult making decisions. I have a ditzy, slightly eccentric demeanor to cover up my lack of confidence. My predominant characteristic is probably my self-hatred - i strongly dislike most things about myself particularly my appearance. .
7. I smoked heavily & drank excessive alcohol since i was 15yrs old. Of course i stopped smoking a few years ago & drink in moderation. .
8. Main Health Problems and their symptoms: Hair Loss (my hair has thinned to approximately 50% of its previous volume in 4 years all over and my frontal hairline has receded approx 2-3 cms, and my temples have receded about 4 or 5 cm.. just like male pattern baldness. There are little tiny pimples along my hairline just around the front widows peak. Also i get dandruff & white flakes. When i scratch my scalp i get a load of off-white slightly moist gunk under my nails & white flakes, despite using ketoconazole dandruff shampoo & no harsh products. My hair is also very very dry, brittle, fragile & splits, mats like cottoncandy and will not grow. My eyebrows are so sparse & fine you can barely see them despite being brunette & my eyelashes are the same. My pubic hair is also thinned to be fine & sparse, like that of someone very much older than me! My nails are also very weak & flaky and will not grow. Also i have dark under-eye circles and my eyes look a little sunken - just slightly..
9. When did this started?. 4 years ago
10. What is the cause of this problem in your view?. I dont know!
11. What non-medical actions make the main problem better? None
12. What non-medical action make it worse? ?
13. How do you feel mentally & emotionally during this problem? I feel disgusted, ashamed, embarassed, depressed, desperate.
14. What other health problems you have?.:i am overweight, but i have always been overweight since childhood
18. What animal or insects are you afraid of?. Spiders mainly (but also birds to a much lesser degree) .
19. What situations are you afraid of?. Social situations terrify me.
20. What occupies your mind mostly?. At the moment it's how ugly i am now i have lost half of my hair with a receded hairline like a man! I feel miserable and panic stricken about how am i going to get my hair back and look like a regular woman again, not like a balding freak.
21. How do you respond to consolation and sympathy? Empathy is slightly comforting but sympathy doesnt help much.
22. Do you want to stay alone or with people? I like to be around people i know. I love to meet new people in theory but my social phobia and lack of confidence hold me back.
23. How is your sleep?: My sleep is disturbed & i wake up feeling exhausted (and continue to feel tired & lethargic throughout the day).
25. Do you have any repeating dreams? Yes.
I dream that i am in a giant spherical metal cage like a hamster ball. Something then lifts the ball high up into the sky with me in side it and balances it on the top of a metal pole hundreds of feet in the air. I can see the town far below me between the rungs of the metal cage. My hamster ball is wobbling in the wind and i know i'm about to wobble off the narrow pole and crash to my death. Then i feel a strong gust of wind wobble the cage and i feel my stomach in my mouth sickening me as i career to the ground and i feel the impact and then i wake up sweating & panting.
26. I normally feel cold.
27. What food you crave or love? Real butter on Wholemeal Seeded toast with marmalade or raw honey, (also cheese & sushi to lesser degrees).
28. Is there any food that you hate?: none
29. What taste you crave & love? Salty & Sweet
30. Is there any taste which you hate? Bitter taste.
31. Do you like warm or cold food?: Warm food.
32. Do you want to eat indigestible foods?. No.
33. How is your thirst? Low to moderate.
34. Do you have excessively dry lips or mouth or both?. I have very dry lips all the time.
35. Do you have any coating on tongue first thing in in the morning? Yes,
36. Any taste in your mouth first think in the morning?: Yes
37. How is your skin? : Dehydrated, large pores, slightly congested, used to be oily & acneic but now more normal.
38. I sweat from the forehead a lot (like droplets running down my face) particularly when im stressed. I also sweat a bit under the armpits and this tends to smell quite strong.
39. Any problem with eyes?; My right eye is 'lazy' and droops smaller & lower than the left.
40. I completely lost my hearing in my right ear when i was 8. It happened all of a sudden & doctors could never work out why, presumed viral infection .
41. How is your stool?: 1x a day 5-6 days a week. Brown color. Firm.
42. How IS your urines?: normal, no unusual smell or color noticed.
43. How is your sex desire?. No desire
44. Are you satisfied with your sex life? No. My lack of desire really upsets me as i used to have a great libido and sex life.
45. .
48. What illness are running in your family?. .
50. Have you had any surgery or implants? Yes. Adenoids removed when i was 7 & breast implants 5 years ago..
51. Have you had any long term treatment?. No.
52. What Homeopathic remedies taken in the past?. Arnica for bruising.

I am not sure what the missing questions were. Please let me know if you need any more information.

I would very much appreciate a constitutional homeopathic remedy with the main emphasis being on my hair loss, receding hairline & excessive thinning (and dry, brittle, fragile, splitting hairs).

Thankyou so much for your advice.

Anne-Marie x
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  seekinghealing on 2015-04-07
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi Anne-Marie,

I would be glad to help you out. You have provided detailed history here. However I have some questions for you. Could you kindly answer few of my questions?
1) Do you remember any past event (mental or emotional stress or any other event) occurred before the hair loss problem? Kindly describe here.

2) What medical or nonmedical treatment you took for this complaints?

3) Could you please describe your social life with your family, friends and relatives?

Kindly answer these questions. Looking for your reply.

homeodr 7 years ago
Hi HomeoDr, Im so grateful for your response.

1) I believe my hair loss began slowly many years ago, for no apparent reason. I used to have very thick hair, so i never noticed the thinning on my head, just by the large handful of hairs in the shower drain or brush. Like i say, i never noticed any visual thinning until about 4 years ago when i became pregnant with my 2nd child'. It seemed like all of a sudden my hair was half the thickness or less than it used to be, and my hairline receded back at the frontal and temple regions just like a man, with bald spots at the corners of my forehead. I was mortified. After i gave birth i lost even more hair. Now i am left feeling naked and ugly and masculine. Its awful.
I believe the pregnancy hormones must have exacerbated & sped up the excessive shedding i had already been experiencing for 2-3 years prior to pregnancy. I cannot think of any particular event prior to the very start of my excessive shedding but my life has always been chaotic and stressful up unti a year or 2 ago.

2). No medical treatment. MultiVitamin pills & hair food vitamin pills.

3). I dont really have much of a social life! I'm a stay at home mum and i have a long-term partner of 10 years who works 6.30am-5.30pm. Most of the time my man is at work im home alone with my 3 yr old son. I do get lonely, bored & frustrated that i dont have adult company or places to go very often. I do see my Mum maybe once a week for an hour or so and my younger sister comes to see me maybe once a week too, which i love and wish could happen more often because then i feel truly alive. I love my son more than anything but i struggle with parenthood at times and wouldnt say im a natural mother. My relationship with my partner is everything to me. I love him deeply but our relationship is not a passionate one, which i wish it would be. It is a very loving relationship affectionately but i often feel a little unfulfilled. However i cant imagine my life without my partner, and he does try to look after me well.

Hope this helps somewhat. Thankyou so much for your suggestions. x
seekinghealing 7 years ago
Hi Anne-Marie,

Thanks, appreciate your response.

I have come close to your constituitional remedy, just need some answers to confirm the remedy.

Kindly answer few questions here:
1) You mentioned in previous post that your life was chaotic and stressful a year ago. Could you explain me how did you managed your stressful life? What do you do when you are mentally stressed out?

2) DO you prefer keeping your personal or unpersonal things at proper place or not? If things are not kept at proper place how would you react to that?

3) What are your hobbies?

Kindly let me know about it. I should be able to get your remedy in a day or so.

homeodr 7 years ago
1). My life was chaotic from childhood, following my parents divorce and me being abused by my stepfather & abandoned by my mother. I never really learned how to cope with stress myself, so i ended up getting into the bad habit of self-medicating with drugs or alcohol in an attempt to deal with the emotions i was struggling so much with. Nowadays i do not drink excessively or take illegal drugs, but i still struggle with a coping mechanism and i generally run around like a headless chicken, ranting and shouting and getting myself in a head-mess at the first signs of a problem! The only way i can even begin to cope with stressful situations is if i take IMMEDIATE action. Im very impatient and HAVE to do something positive to try to help the situation. If this is not possible i feel completely out of control and feel unable to cope.

2). This is interesting as i am a total enigma on this question. Basically i absolutely love to have "a place for everything and everything in its place". When my possessions are all organized i feel safe, in control and like things are right in my world. Unfortunately though i am scruffy & lazy by nature, so i am in a constant battle with myself. There is not a day goes by that i dont get upset with myself because i cant get organized like i NEED to to feel good.

3). I dont really have any hobbies. I used to enjoy the gym and weight training but nowadays i dont have the desire, confidence or motivation for heavy exercise. I dont feel good enough about myself to hit the gym and besides im always so lethargic & driveless nowadays. I do have great interest in holistic therapies, nutrition, natural medicine etc. I feel like i am embarking on a new era of healing, which i guess you could call a hobbie. I am also obsessed with beauty products. I know this seems so shallow but i am so wrapped up in the hatred of my appearance that i am constantly searching for any product that could make me appear less ugly. My only other hobbie is sleep - i LOVE my sleep as i'm always so lethargic.

Hope this helps. Im so excited to receive your 'prescription' and suggestions. I really cant thank you enough for the time and effort you've put in to advising me. I am desperate for healing. x
seekinghealing 7 years ago
Hi HomeoDr,
I wondered if youd had chance to look at my constitutional remedy and treatment for the hairloss?

Thanks so very much xx
seekinghealing 7 years ago

Yes, after looking at your history, I think Natrum Mur is your constitutional remedy.

Kindly take Natrum Mur 200C one dose only once.

One dose means if the medicine is in pills form keep 4 pills over your tongue until it dissolves.
If the medicine is in liquid form add 3 drops of medicine in a small cup of water and take 2-3 spoon of that liquid. Discard the remaining liquid.

This is a one dose. So do not repeat the dose until I advise you. Just take a single dose either in morning or evening. Let me know any changes either mentally or physical changes in next 7 days.

Let me know if you have any queries regarding the medicine.

Thank you
homeodr 7 years ago

Forgot to mention in the previous post to take the pictures of your hair from different angle. Either email me or post it on this forum. It will just help to analyse the action of remedy.

homeodr 7 years ago

Im a little concerned that Nat Mur is just common table salt.

I have this on my food every day so i cant see how taking a tiny dose in pill form will be any diffferent?

I dont mean to sound ungrateful, but i was just disappointed when i reasearched and found out my prescription was for simple table salt!

I was expecting you to prescribe Sepia, Kal Carb, Phosphorus or Lycopodium so i went out and bought all 4 - wouldnt any of these be of any use for my hairloss situation?

Thanks so much for your advice once again. xxx
seekinghealing 7 years ago

That a good question. Many people think in the similar fashion. The tiny dose of table salt works well and deeply after potentization (process where small quantity of substance is mixed with alcohol or water and violent jerks are given to the mixture which arouses the medicinal effect in to it). Hence action of simple table salt in daily food is different than dynamized small quantity of same product.

Sepia and Natrum Mur are complementary to each other.. You might need later but I don't think you need it right now. Keep all the remedies with you right now we may use any of them if requires.

I hope I answered your queries.

Let me know if you have any doubts.
homeodr 7 years ago
Deepest thankyous. I will trust you, Dr, and go ahead with the Nat Mur dose and get back to you in 7 days.
Thanks again x
seekinghealing 7 years ago
Just checking in HomeoDr.

I've been taking the Nat Mur for 4 days and i feel absolutely nothing. No better in any way, im sorry to say.

I know im being impatient but please could you review my case as i cant believe that the Nat Mur is helping me.

Hairloss, mood etc exactly the same as pre-treatment.

What could i try next?
seekinghealing 7 years ago

I had mention to take a single dose of Natrum Mur. How many doses did you take?

Please do not repeat the dose frequently. Kindly wait for the remedy to act.

Let me know about it.

homeodr 7 years ago
Ooops! I've taken 1 dose every day for 4 days. But i feel nothing positive whatsoever. I am a little disappointed, i must admit, but i am prepared to keep trying your homeopathic remedies for a while longer if you think another remedy might produce some positive action on my hairloss & situation.

So do i really have to wait another 3 days to proceed with a different treatment?! Im so eager to receive relief from my symptoms.
seekinghealing 7 years ago

I understand your impatience for getting treated to get rid of your the mental and physical symptoms. I am working on your case and will try my best to cure your problem.

I am planning to give you another remedy but I need some further clarification from you. Kindly answer following questions
1) I think you mainly concern about how you look. Is this first time you are so much concerned about your look or do you always get?

2) Did you had any history of warts in the past?

Kindly let me know. I will get back to you with another remedy.
homeodr 7 years ago
Hi dear,

Another quick question for you...

I am trying to understand about your concern for 'ugly look' as you mentioned in ur history.

This question might sound stupid but just want to know --- Why do you want to look good?

Kindly let me know..

homeodr 7 years ago
Thanks very much, HomeoDr.

1). Yes i am very concerned about the way i look because i feel so ugly and masculine because i am losing my hair. I have always been concerned with the way i look - i'm just a lot more bothered now i have lost most of my hair.

2). I had one little wart on my finger when i was a young child. I had it treated and i have never had any more warts since just that one.

I am desperate to stop this hairloss as soon as possible (and also my very dry, damaged hair & brittle nails). I am anxious for your prescription, Dr.

Thankyou x
seekinghealing 7 years ago
You asked me why i want to look good.....

I think everybody wants to look the best they possibly can. I certainly do.
I dont have much confidence and when i think i look OK i feel much better about myself.

I think any woman who was starting to go bald would be upset, worried and feel ugly.

My appearance is very important to me, but only because i want to look like a normal, healthy, attractive woman, not because i am vain. I would be happy if my hair wasnt all falling out!
seekinghealing 7 years ago
Hi ,

Thanks for the response.
I certainly understand your concern for your look.
By the way, how do you manage your problem? I mean if you have to go out or meet some people what you do at that point of time?
homeodr 7 years ago
I do try to avoid going out and meeting people as much as possible, because i feel so bad about me looking half-bald, but if i HAVE to go out in public i just feel very self-conscious & uncomfortable. Especially when it is sunny outside, you can see my scalp through my hair. Its awful.
seekinghealing 7 years ago
Hi HomeoDr,

I was wondering if youd had time to consider which remedies i should be taking for my female hairloss?
seekinghealing 7 years ago

Yes, after careful analysis I came to a remedy that should work on your emotional and physical state.

You can take Veratrum Album 200 C single dose. DO NOT REPEAT THE REMEDY. Only One dose means 4 pills to be taken on empty stomach either in morning or evening. This is not very common prescription however you should be able to find it in the stores.

Kindly follow up any changes in 5 days.
Let me know if you have any queries.
Keep updating...

homeodr 7 years ago

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