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In Defense of my concept of Homeopathic Treatment

I am copying a post that I have just made on the Hpathy forum in response to that of Gina Tyler, a senior Homeopath which will I hope will serve to answer many of the posts that homeopaths of the classical school have made upbraiding me which I believe will be of general interest to all who have done so:

G Tyler wrote:
Dear Joe

I agree with all that have posted to your last comment but one thing to
add myself;

I can see you have a giant caring heart of gold,you give freely of your
'limited ' knowledge what ever that might be. Yes i understand well to see
a person suffer so much and this person cannot afford to go to an MD for
full casetaking,you offer your help free of charge ,that is comendable,it
shows you help out of 'love and care,compasion'. But one must further
your study of homeopathic principles,this will help even more,your
passion is obvious joe.

I come from the lonely place of a 'volunteer homeopath',there are only
a handfull on this entire planet that are willing to do homeopathy for free
to help the poor that cannot pay.I do
understand.................................your motives.

Gina Tyler

Dear Gina,

I have just seen your post and felt that I must thank you for your support
of my attitude to Homeopathy.

I believe that you would have noticed that all I seek to do is to use the
time that I have at my disposal from my official duties as the CEO of our
business organization, to help those who post on the 4 Homeopathic
forums that I visit on a daily basis. I also spend some time with patients
who call for assistance at my residence and I find that the number is
gradually increasing as I treat all free of charge.

As you would have seen from the many comments that were posted on
the thread that I posted on 3 forums entitled "To all classical homeopaths
who have criticized me" I seem to have roused up a hornet's nest which
very few other homeopaths who visit these forums would dare to do. I did
so as I felt that it was time that I showed the homeopathic world what
they have so far missed in not using my own method of diagnosis and
treatment which to my surprise I find, is the method that is used by the
majority of homeopaths in our sub continent. It is only the 'classical'
types that refuse to see the proverbial wood for the trees, and I believe
that I am not far wrong in voicing the suspicion that I have been having
for some time, that their "Holier than Thou" attitude is prompted by the
fact that these classical types, by virtue of their keeping up this
"mysterious" aspect of homeopathic diagnosis and treatment which those
who have made the grade in Homeopathy and built up their practice do
so, as they fear that persons like me who try to help anyone who posts
on the forums out of a sense of service, free of charge, would divert their
patients thereby causing some loss of revenue to themselves. They then
resort to the scathing criticism that you would have noticed they have
mounted against me in the hope that I will get fed up and leave of my
own accord or on the other hand they perhaps look forward to my being
banned from some of these forums which, I believe can happen, except
for the ABC where I feel very welcome. I also believe that they resent the
successful case records that I have recorded of my experience with
Arnica and a few other remedies which I have specialized in using.

My question to these classical homeopaths who delight in criticizing me
is: "Why do you not at least consider that there may be some benefit that
you can give your own patients by following my example and prescribe
for the ailment and not only for the symptoms ?" I have done my bit in
openly recording my experience in using Arnica for the control of
Diabetes, Eczema, Cellulitis, Eases Urine flow caused by BPH, Control
Incontinence, Overcomes Jet Lag and many other ailments which I have
listed in my article on the forums. It is indeed a shame that all they have
done so far except for you Gina alone, is to criticize me. I must admit that
I did expect this criticism but when one of those exalted types indicated
that my records were outrageous and called me a DANGEROUS MAN, I
must admit that this did anger me. This pompous fool seemed to equate
me with some form of dangerous chain poisoner who used Homeopathic
remedies to aid him in his nefarious work . I have not encountered this
individual on any forum ever before and I condemn his audacity to call me
a Dangerous Man ! It is precisely this pompous attitude that I am sick
and tired of reading about when it comes from people who are here today
and gone tomorrow.

I am gratified to note that you have followed my many posts on the
forums and commented on the attitude that I have displayed to help
anyone whom I feel I can. It really amazes me to note that only a very few
of those who are quick to attack and criticize me show their own
expertise in their one upmanship against me, and put their money where
their mouth is and spend their time more usefully by prescribing for even
one ailment posted by a sick person. Their attitude of not helping is
symptomatic of their attitude where they feel that their presence on the
forum is only good enough to criticize me but not to help suffering

You have suggested that I further my studies of Homeopathic principles
but I do not have the time today to do so. I do however keep abreast of
homeopathic matters on the web which I believe is more useful today
than only reading and memorizing the classical texts. I would like to
confirm that I can also prescribe in the classical tradition if I so choose to
do so with assistance from my Radar 9.1 software which I can use to
equate the diagnosis and treatment that any one of the classical types can
offer if they choose to do so. However I have discovered that the remedies
that are suggested by this software have not always helped me to
alleviate the ailment of my patients and it was only when I used my
default remedy for the respective ailment, that a positive response was
evoked from the patient.

I have proved beyond doubt that in spite of this criticism that I have been
subjected to, I have achieved some unprecedented success in the
treatment of difficult cases like that of Rahul, the 21 year old boy whose
parents were desperate for a cure to bring him back to life after 2 months
in a coma and I had the courage to suggest Arnica 1M which helped to
wake him up in a week. He is reported now after about 16 weeks after his
accident to be talking and complaining of pain in his head. The other case
that I really enjoyed getting involved in was that of another old man of
82 years who had lost all motor control in his extremities, and I was able
to return him back to normal life again with Arnica 1M in about 2 months.

It is interesting that no other homeopath dared to suggest a remedy for
these cases and I had the greatest satisfaction in helping these patients
who may perhaps not have come back to normal life if I did not suggest
my favourite remedy Arnica, for which I am not any more surprised
whenever it brings forth another miracle cure.

I am confident that my method of diagnosis and treatment of the ailment
and not the symptoms will eventually be found to be the more logical
approach which future homeopaths hopefully will follow after they have
been relieved of the brain washing that they have received during their
studies. It is just this pretense of the Holier than Thou attitude that
irritates me especially when those who pontificate about the danger of my
method, which according to them only results in the suppression of the
ailment and not the cure, know fully well that my method of treating the
ailment is practiced by the large majority of practicing homeopaths
throughout the sub continent.

I am glad that you count me among the handful of "volunteer
Homeopaths" who are willing to help others with our own concept of
Homeopathy, free of charge. I would like to add that I am impelled to do
so as I have ample proof that although the majority of the classical school
of homeopaths choose to deride me and my efforts to help humanity, the
good God has accepted my role in doing so and has blessed me with a
level of wellness which many who are 25 years junior to me envy. I believe
that it is my duty to give thanks to this Supreme Being by helping
suffering humanity to the best of my ability, braving the taunts and jibes
that the classical school have leveled at me, perhaps motivated by their
insane jealousy at the success of the method that I have adopted of

I invite them all to bury the hatchet and as I stated above put their money
where their mouth is, and spend more time on the forums motivated by a
positive attitude to healing instead of their present negative attitude of
compelling me to waste my time in rebutting their taunts at the expense
of the time that I can devote to healing.

Warm Regards

Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
  Joe De Livera on 2005-12-27
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Dear Joe de Livera.
I think you should pay particular attention to the first line of Gina Tyler's post - and go back and read what the previous posts say.
I think almost everyone - including myself - agrees that your intentions are noble - it is just that we doubt your path. I think its pretty much covered in the replies to this copy of your post on otherhealth and hpathy forums, so we shan't go into it, but please do consider that you might be, in your eagerness to help, trading immediate gains for future problems.
homlee last decade
Dear Homlee,

I note that you too subscribe to the bogey that has often been trotted about the 'Danger' of prescribing a homeopathic remedy for the disease as I have done for many years.

I presume that you have read my post where I clearly stated my own attitude to Homeopathy which I am aware is different from that used by the classical homeopaths but is nevertheless as effective as their own classical method.

I have been deeply involved in Homeopathy for over 30 years but have never encountered a case of a remedy that I have used or prescribed causing any distress which can be considered as an aggravation or can be considered as harmful to the patient later.

I have been informed by classical homeopaths like you that my use of remedies in the manner that I do will inevitably lead to serious problems to the patient in later years but to the best of my knowledge there has not been a single case to justify these fears.

I shall be grateful if you will please provide evidence to enable me to consider changing my present form of treatment.
Joe De Livera last decade
Der Joe

I once again suggest to you to read 'The theory of Suppression' by Dr.Vijakar.

If you are interested I will ask Bjain Publishers to send you a copy.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Dear Joe de Livera: Homeopathy is already proven -its cases can be consulted everywhere.
I have seen personal examples of suppression by homeopathy - I second Mr. Murthy - please read Dr. Vijaykar's "Theory of Suppression".
I don't mean to say each and every 'cured' case of yours will be suppressed. Often Arnica is indicated, often Nat Sulph is indicated for asthma. What I want to convey is that these work in ceratin cases to cure because they are suited to the individual case. If they are not suited but work allopathically, i.e., against the direction of cure (which is almost surely the case when Arnica - or any remedy- acts very quickly in something like eczema) there is suppression.
Now, you will find that a lot of allopaths will staunchly deny that this or that medicine caused this or that problem. "Why should your arm hurt after taking something for your sinus?" - that kind of thing. They simply cannot relate the two. Similarly, when homeopathy used allopathically causes suppression, leave alone the prescriber, the patient maynot relate new diseases or new symptoms to those magical pills.
You have taken a great deal of trouble in your practice, is it not? Is it so unreasonable to request that you take the advice of everyone, read what everyone is jabbering about and increase your efficiency. Hoemopathy can be painful to practice correctly, but it is worth the trouble. Again, I am sure everyone appreciates your intentions and the way you unselfishly share your 'discoveries' (no offence meant, but a careful reading of the materia medicas will show you that most of these are listed symptoms - excepting, I think, Nat Phos for weight loss. Definitely Nat Phos for acidity with the sour risings is.). Please do just read why homeopaths are against allopathic prescribing.
homlee last decade
I am very happy to see you here helping people for good.There r
very few like you who do the same.
Joe please do look at my case also. I would highly appreciate your help.

Thanks and regards

Adixamro last decade
Dear Murthy,

Thank you for offering to send the book from B Jain. I am getting a stock of books from them shortly which they have requested me to market for them in the branches of my stores and I have included the book in my order.

The point that I wish to make is that I have never been faced up to now with any suppression or aggravation as a result of my using any remedy. I do wish that someone can give me a few cases of this phenomenon which will cause me to reconsider my present position which is to treat the ailment head on with a remedy which I know will work to alleviate the problem.

The problem that I have to consider which I believe is more important is whether I am to abide by the opinion of all you classical homeopaths and use the remedy that I can raise with my Radar software or in the alternative use my default remedy like Nat Phos 6c in the split dose for Asthma, or Arnica 30 in the water dose for Eczema.

I am confident that these remedies work the miracle in curing these ailments in a few weeks and in all instances the patients have kept me advised of their progress weekly.

It is just the fact that I am convinced after using these remedies for these 2 aliments for many patients that I use them as my default remedies and so far, I have always been successful in helping them. I would also like to state that some of them date back to over 18 months and they are happy to be free of their symptoms which have bugged them throughout their lives.

I refer to only the chronic cases in my statement above as the juvenile cases seem to be OK within a few days and do not report after a few weeks.

Kind Regards
Joe De Livera last decade
To Homlee

I agree with you that Nat Phos is listed in the MM's for acidity but not for weight loss. Arnica is listed for skin but not for Eczema and has never been listed for Diabetes and many of the other ailments that I have listed this amazing remedy for.

I have noticed that God seems to have favoured me with the Gift of Originality and the many firsts in my life that I have been responsible for will take a book to record, and this I intend doing for the sake of my children who are keen to have it in black and white.

In Homeopathy all I seek to do is to use a remedy in a manner which can be considered original and when I discover that it has a salutory effect like Arnica which I gave a friend who was a type I Diabetic for a wound who reported that his Blood sugar level had crashed in a way that had never occurred before, I just could not believe it and decided to test it on other known diabetics and they too confirmed the same result.

Eczema was serendipitous discovery as I had treated a chronic case of recurring Cellulitis who had been to hospital to arrest the infection with Augmentine and other powerful drugs and when she came out of hospital on the last occasion I gave her Arnica and she has never been to hospital for almost 2 years today. She however continues to take Arnica once daily as she finds that without it she does not sleep soundly.

I have given Arnica to many chronic cases of Eczema and they have all responded within a week to the remedy which they take in most cases twice daily. I mentioned an 88 year old Electric engineer who had almost instant relief from his ailment from which he had suffered for 73 years and he also confirmed that a long standing spinal problem which doctors had diagnosed as a slipped disk does not hurt any more as long as he takes a teaspoonful of the Arnica twice daily. His Eczema is completely dry and the skin discolouration is slowly coming back to normal.

These are just 2 cases that I have discussed above but I have a few others which are of interest which I shall post when I am certain of their curative effects hopefully without suppression.

For Asthma I use Nat Sulph 6c in the Split Dose and this has invariably worked within a short time. According to the classical homeopaths, I am not expected to treat my patients with this remedy as it will lead to suppression. My question to them is :
Suppression from What ?

I seek an explanation that I can accept.

Joe De Livera
Joe De Livera last decade
sorry to interrupt, so to speak: - what is a "split dose".
tks ingrid
idchertsey last decade
You will observe that I have instructed in my instructions on the making of the dose above that after succussing the bottle you take a teaspoonful of the water which is now the remedy and put this tsp into half cup of water taken from another bottle. This is stirred gently and a tsp is sipped from the water in the half cut.

This is know as the Split Dose.
Joe De Livera last decade
I have treated many cases of Asthma successfully in adults and the remedy that I recommend you use is Nat Sulph 6c which must be used precisely in the manner indicated below:

Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from your nearest supermarket.
Pour out 100ml
Drop in 3 pellets or 1 drop of liquid Nat Sulph 6c into the 400ml water
Cap the bottle tightly and succuss it 4-6 times by banging on your palm and look out for the air bubbles to fizzle up from the bottom.
Pour out 1 teaspoonful of the potentized remedy into half a cup of water from another bottle of the same water and stir it gently.
Sip 1 teaspoonful of the water from the cup just once daily.

You will have to stop all other medication if you wish to start on this therapy.

This remedy should be taken daily for some time in the future and you may like to know that I have many instances of adults who were chronic sufferers from Asthma for many years who do not use the remedy any more after about 4 months on this therapy. Others who were not so chronic react favourably in a few days and only use the remedy if and when necessary.

The remedy that I have used when the patient is having an acute attack ans is straining for breath is Ars Alb 200c. This remedy is taken dry and just 4 globules will suffice for a dose which may only be taken just once daily when the patient is gasping for breath. This usually clears the lungs and opens up the airways in under 20 minutes.
Joe De Livera last decade

Am I understanding clearly that it is possible to treat with homeopathy without aggrevating the symptoms?

I am in real desperate need of help, but I am now afraid of homeopathy because I'm afraid that it will once again only aggrevate my symptoms.

My fear is so great that I am afraid of anything that says homeopathy on it.

Of course, now I'm afraid of any and all homeopaths because of their "Holier than Thou attitude." The one I was working with =thinks he is God. As desperate as I feel, I will not call him.

I think he also like to see people suffer.

I don't know if I will ever get over my fear of anything having to do with homeopath.

I have been working with a homeopath for 3 years and he was not able to help me with these breathing problems that have only gotton worst.

He thinks he is God and if you don't worship him as if he is God, he doesn't want to be bothered with you.

Please help me identify a good homeopath. I really need some serious help. I am having a real difficult time eating, drinking and breathing.

Again, is it really possible to treat with homeopathy without aggrevating the symptoms. I am already having problems eating, drinking and breathing and I do not need a homeopath to make me feel worse.
Pat2006 last decade
Dear Pat,

You are not the first case that I have encountered that had been treated by a homeopath who felt that he was god !
This is a common malaise that some homeopaths assume merely because they have a piece of paper that confers them the right to practice what they learnt during their studies and as some have done like in your case, play god.

In my case I do not have that piece of paper and I have been successful in helping many people who like you were put into a position that you are just scared away from Homeopathy.

I shall be glad to be of help to you if I can and I would like to have more details of your ailment. Please note that the greater the details that you can give me, the better I can try to help you.

Joe De Livera
Joe De Livera last decade
Hello Joe
I will get back to you when I am ready. I'm still afraid.

I truely believe that the reason your prescription of remedies work because you love and care about people. As long as homeoapths play God their prescriptions and remedies will be tainted with POISON and they will never achieve the results that you do with simple LOVE AND KINDNESS.

Is there a remedy for LOVE?

I believe that there are so many sick people and so many diseases in the world more than ever is from lack of LOVE and Kindness.

Glad to know you. Always makes me happy to know someone who has the capacity to love.
Pat2006 last decade
This is just a thought in case you do not wish to disclose your ailment on a public forum.

You can always contact me by email and you can get my address by clicking on my name above.
Joe De Livera last decade

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