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PLEASE HELP-Chronic chest pains and mystery symptoms

Was having trouble posting but details of my case are below. THANK YOU!
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  Withering322 on 2015-05-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
dear Withering,

you have 3 posts. You only need one.

On your post that says 1 yr old mystery

Please write:

1. The symptoms of the illness
2. When it began
3. What you have tried for it
simone717 7 years ago
I apologize. I keep getting an error on my end and didn't realize it was posting. I have a detailed case info that I will send as soon as I return home. Thank you!
Withering322 7 years ago
If you keep getting "error" on your mobile,

Please send that info on an email to the moderator/owner
of the forum. He thought he fixed that, people have
been having issues.

His mail is-

Simon At abchomeopathy dot com
simone717 7 years ago
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Nature of work: Military
Habits: Playing with hair, masturbation, risky relationships with women, picking cuticles of thumbs until they rip off or bleed

1.) Main Symptom/Chief Compliant:

Chest pain, anxiety, weakness feeling around the heart, under the sternum, radiating out to the right and left breasts (a dull, aching pain, with intermittent stitches and pain in the upper back, between the shoulder blades)-began October 2014

Other Physical Sufferings:
-enlarged abdomen...worse on the left side, I used to have a sinking feeling in my stomach when I was scared or had anxiety, now I feel nothing.
-increased urination and thirst at night, color is light yellow
-oppressed feeling in chest, a lot of sighing and yawning, heart skips a beat when breathing in (especially after eating)
-feeling of heart stopping and starting (Premature Ventricular Contractions), worse after eating
-throat feels constricted when I bend my head backwards or look up
-dizziness when standing at the base of a tall building and look up to the sky
-dryness of hands, especially palms, with cracks, curved fingernails with longitudinal lines on the fingernails and toenails
-tingling in left and right pinky and ring fingers (worse after sleeping)
-wounds are slow to heal (takes months if they heal at all)
-tongue is coated white, not thick, tip is not coated and red
-chronic cough
-foul odor of mouth, must or foul taste in mouth
-intermittent pressing sensation in forehead and vertex of head
-fullness and ringing in both ears
-dim vision at times, worse during the evening/afternoon
-photophobia (right eye especially)
-twitching of eye/vision
-hair on scalp falls out more than normal, scalp sore to touch
-feeling of chest congestion
-a lot of burping and flatus
-a lot of mucus in throat-colorless or whiteish
-chilliness in hands and feet
-rushing/pulsating sound in right ear...worse bending over
-sensation of a slight sore throat
-chronic cold sores on lips

Brain-fog, weakness of memory for names and words (especially when talking), lack of concentration and ability to take in information, extreme lethargy...do not want to get up and need to force myself to do anything, feeling of sadness and no pleasure in doing much of anything, apathy, misspell words

When did it start:
Majority of symptoms started on 17 February 2014 during three days of an antibiotic (Azithromycin) treatment which was given due to a severe bronchitis with mouth ulcers, right side facial/arm/leg neuralgia, sore throat, and fever that began within 24 hours of the second of three Gardasil Vaccines that were forced on me by the military.
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Withering322 7 years ago
Time of Day:

Worse 2:30-3pm until 9pm, when I wake up I am slow to rise and want to stay in bed. My heart issues are worse after eating but all my symptoms flare during those times mentioned.


Agg: dry cold weather, damp weather, warm showers, eating makes the PVCs worse, sunny weather aggravates photophobia

Amel: walking outside, keeping busy, getting to sleep

Genreal Mental Set up:
-Very moody. Can go from agreeable and mild to very irritable and angry in seconds when prompted. I refuse to let anyone other than those close to me know how I am feeling inside with my health issues. I am very nervous about my health. I am very quiet and shy around people I do not know and VERY shy around women (especially those I am attracted to). I have become very lazy since this all started. Little sounds like someone brushing their teeth, chewing, gulping water annoys me to no end. I am good at reading someone else's mood or being able to detect how they feel or if they are hiding something. Right now I avoid confrontation if possible (was not the case before I began to not feel so well). If I become mad or dislike someone I will rarely show it and I conceal it well. I prefer not to argue and remain quiet unless talked to then I give short answers (mostly because I cannot form my thoughts with the mental issues from whatever is wrong with me). I have a lot of guilt about things I have done that I know were wrong in my past (such has helping two women have affairs etc...) and those guilts creep into my mind randomly and I feel the guilt strongly. I was very ambitious and driven at work but that has decreased now with how I feel. I have to be on time and I hate being late. I hate when others are late and I hate being in traffic.

How do thunderstorms affect:
I love thunderstorms, used to watch them all the time on my grandfather's porch. They do sometimes give me a slight headache before they come.

How does consolation affect you?
-Consolation by my mother helps but not so much from anyone else. My father rarely consols me and when he does it is a kind of "suck it up" consolation. I tend to get very frustrated with him even though I enjoy his company.

Light (especially right eye), smell of tobacco annoys me, being touched or poked by any male (especially my brother) annoys me and angers me (makes me irritable)

How do friends, family, spouse make you feel?

I have always been close to my mother, I respect my father but have not been as close to him as with my mom. My dad was always great at sports and I was into building things, volunteering as a fire fighter and EMT, politics, leading organizations, reading books, computer work and enjoyed soccer and golf so I think my dad did not know how to relate to this so he favored my brother who is a major athlete. Also not as close to my brother and a bit jealous of him because of his ways with the ladies and popularity. When I was being picked on in school he was excelling at making friends. My sister is always a sweetheart to me. My girlfriend and I had a very active love life but it seems I either got bored or lost all my sexual stamina as of late. I have never had a girlfriend for more than a year and have a strong sexual desire around women.

-DEATH, SNAKES, HEIGHTS, illness, failure, dying suddenly in sleep

-Have not had many as of late but the ones I have had I remember vividly:

Dream that my grandpa could not breathe because of his emphasyema, I just happened to be going to the bathroom and saw him shirtless sitting up in bed holding his chest, I grabbed his inhaler and gave it to him saying "Good thing I was here!"

Dream that I was back at my military college and up on a mountain that overlooks the college and was teaching a group of cadets who were around me in a circle when someone shot a gun from the campus and the bullet hit a cadet I was teaching, I crawled down the mountain and climbed through a window and found the shooter, subdued them and killed them.

Dream I was driving on a highway as an EMT and saw an ambulance ahead of me when I noticed through the window my dad was the patient, I sped up thinking I could help save him but before I could catch up the ambulance he was in wound up getting in a car accident.

Food cravings:
Chicken parmesan with pasta, alcohol, bread with butter, cheese, chocolate milkshakes

Food Aversions:
tomatoes, most fish, milk, mushrooms

About average but sometimes excessive at night.

Less, almost never eat breakfast, have to force myself to eat lunch, then when I eat dinner I get hungry again before I go to bed.

Food I cannot stand:
Olives, mushrooms, spinach

Sweat is less, almost never sweat. When I do my trunk is more sweaty than anything. Sweat turns white shirts yellow and smells foul.
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Withering322 7 years ago
Bowl Movement and stool:

Alternates between frothy clumps that are easy to expel and hard constipation that takes much pressure to relieve.


Hard to get to sleep at night, a lot of anxiety about dying in sleep before going to sleep. Sleep on my back or left side...right side brings worse symptoms. Sleep with hands on chest or at sides but never above head since they fall asleep easy. Can feel palpitations when lying down. My head is raised on two pillows.

General Appearance:
I am a little shorter than average for males my age at 65 inches, dirty blonde with hazel eyes. Used to have an athletic build but have lost it with all the changes to my health. Look old-ages. Cheeks are red just below eyes. Blue/grey rings below eyes. Slightly hunched forward all the time. Body looks old prematurely.

Major illnesses:
Congential Hypothyroid (from birth-no thyroid)
Enlarged lymphnode on right neck from 1992-1994 then it was removed
upper respiratory infection in 2005 treated with erythromycin which produced a fever and nausea in stomach
Facial paresthesia on right side after 1st HPV vaccine in 2013
upper respiratory infection/skin rash on left neck after 2nd HPV vaccine in 2014 treated with arythromycin in Feb 2014
All the above began 72 hours after begining the antibiotic and has gotten worse since.

-Synthroid for hypothyroid
-Alum Phos 30c, 3 pellets 1x/week for three weeks in Nov 2014... symptoms worsened
-Cenchris Contortrix 1M, 3 pellets once in February 2015...developed a cold for 24 hours then symptoms got better for a short time and regressed.
-Lycopodium 30c, 3 pellets in water, 2x/week for three weeks in March 2015...felt GREAT for the first two weeks then everything got worse (especially heart symptoms and have never been well since no matter what we have tried) so I stopped for a while.
-Lycopodium 12c, 3 pellets in water 2x week for two weeks in April 2015... PVCs came back with a vengence.

Family History:
Dad's father: stroke, deceased.
Dad's mom: Sugar problems.
Mom's father: fatty liver, emphysema
Mom's Mom: rhuematory arthritis, eye c_____
Dad: Lyme disease after tick bite
Mom: sciatic nerve problems in right leg
Brother: digestion disturbances
Sister: right side pain, anxiety following second gardasil vaccine
Withering322 7 years ago

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