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Rishimba or Evocationer : hair thinning help?

Age: 34
Height: 5'11''


1. What is your chief complaint (CC)? Tell as much about it as you can, including what is the worst part of it and why it's the worst: the sensations, the kind of pain, the location, how your energy has been affected (for example, has the complaint made you restless, weak, nervous, anxious, irritable, hypersensitive, effected your thirst and appetite, your body temperature, and so on).
Thinning hair on top, not the sides, the sides are thick.
The hair thinning bother me, depresses me, affect my self confidence.
bipolar, right now i am on my "down" time. I am
depressed with lack of energy. I am weak, tired, depressed,has not energy and not interested in doing much. Appetite s normal, thirst normal as well.

2. When did this problem begin? What happened in
your life around that time? What do you think
caused it?
Hair thinning started a few years ago, he thinks it comes from stress. There is baldness somewhere in the family but not dominant.

3. What aggravates the CC and what brings it on?(for example, certain types of food or weather, movement, light, noise, company, talking,
heat/cold, or anything else that you can think
of; please be specific) and what makes the CC better (for example hot or cold, massage, eating, lying still, music, company...)? What does it make you do to try to feel better?

4. At what time of the day or night is the CC the
worst? Specify an hour if you can.

5. What symptoms can you identify that
the CC (whether directly related or not; for example, headache with nausea; or menstrual cramps with diarrhea; a cold with irritability and anger)?
Well being bipolar and depressed currently doesnt help, considering that looking at my thinning hair depresses me even more.

6. Environment: With regard to the seasons, weather, outdoor temperature, indoor temperature, drafts, air quality, airconditioning, ocean air, mountain air, humidity, the sun/rain/thunderstorms/clouds/fog, etc.: what environmental factors give you comfort and relief, and which ones cause discomfort and distress? Try to give examples.
I like dry, warm weather. Beach/ocean specifically. I hate the cold and winter.

7. What position is most uncomfortable for you?
Not sure i understand the question

8. a)Do you tend to be chilly or warm? Are there parts of your body that are colder or warmer than the
rest of you? Is there a special time of day or night when they are colder or warmer? b) Do you perspire a great deal? If so, when? And where on the body? (feet, head, hair, chest, armpits, etc) Does it leave a stain of a particular color? Is there a particular odor?
I tend to be warm, my feet very warm. At night I sweat I get very warm. I perspire a lot, if I walk in the heat. I sweat under the armpits and back and head.

9. Describe what your tongue looks like.
Normal, pink?

10. What do you worry about? How do you deal with
I worry about money and work all the time.
I get anxious. Dont deal with it well.

11. How do you keep your house/your desk/your room/your study/your bathroom?
My closet is somehow neat, not very neat though.
Bathroom is fine.

12. How easily do you cry? In what situations?
I dont usually cry

13. When you are upset, what do you do to help yourself feel better?
When I see my wife upset I gets upset.

14. What makes you angry? What do you do when you're angry?
Silly things can make me angry, when I get angry I keep it inside.

15. Do you have an emotion that predominates; such as anger, depression, irritability, anxiety, jealousy, joy...or possibly two emotions that tend to alternate predictably?
Depression, anxiety together

16. What fears do you have?
Of not having enough money to support my family.

17. What have been the most difficult circumstances in your life? How did you cope?
A car accident, I got depressed, took me years to get out of that depression.

18. What are the greatest joys you have had in
your life?
Having a son I love

19. What was your childhood like?
Not as I wanted, I wanted money and wealth, my family
was modest and didnt have much money.

20. What bothers you most in other people? How,
if at all, do you express it?
Not sure sorry

21. What causes the most problems in your relationships?
My wife's stubborness

22. Do you have any recurring dreams? What are they about?
I usually do t remember my dreams

23. What would you need to feel happy?
Wealth, health and my family

24. What do you do for work? Ideally, what would
you like to do?
Real estate broker, ideally I would like to retire somewhere warm.

25. If you were made President for a day, what would you change?
A lot of things

26. When people have criticized you, what were they complaining about? Similarly, when people have praised you, what did you receive praise for?
When i am in my "up" time in my bipolar stages, i am brilliant, full of energy and with positive thoughts and

27. What would you like to change most about
Be brilliant and happy all the time, not only half/year

28. How do you feel before, during and after
meals? How do you feel if you go without a
If I go without a meal I get cranky

29. What would you most like to eat (if you did
not have to consider calories, fat, anything
you've read about the right way to eat)?
I love beef.

30. What foods do you dislike and refuse to eat?
What foods do you react badly to, and in what
I dont particularly like mushy food.
Red peppers give me heartburn.

31. How much do you drink in a day? Include
sodas, juice, coffee, tea, milk, and
alcoholic beverages as well as water. How
thirsty do you tend to get? What temperature would you like your drinks to be?
I can drink a gallon a day. I drink coffee and water.

32. How is your sleep?
Very poor

33. Do you do anything during sleep? (speak,
laugh, shriek, toss about, grind your teeth, drool, snore, walk, talk, etc.)
I gets up to pee in the middle of the night

34. Do you have trouble falling asleep? What keeps you awake? Do you wake always at a certain time? What causes you to wake up? What position do you sleep in?
Sometimes, anxiety keeps me awake. I wake up in the middle of the night or very early in the morning and cant fall back asleep. I sleeps mostly on his back.

40. What medications are you taking at present?
Only multivitamins

41. How frequently do you get colds and flus?
Once every 6 months r so

42. Have you had any childhood illnesses twice,
or in a very severe form, or after puberty?

43. Have you had any vaccinations since
standard childhood ones? Have you ever had an
adverse or unusual reaction to a vaccination?

44. Have you had any surgery? What and when?
Knee surgery 9 years ago or so.

45. Have you had at any time (mention year):
warts, cysts, Polyps, or tumors? Where were they located? How were they treated?

46. Do you tend to have any discharges (nasal,
vaginal, etc.)? What is the color, consistency?

47. a) Do you tend to need a smaller dose of
medications than most other people?

b) Do you need less anaesthesia than others,
or have a hard time coming out of it?

c) Do you tend to react to vitamins and herbs
and/or need hypoallergenic vitamins?

d) Are you sensitive to paint fumes, exhuast,
dry cleaning fluid, fragrances etc.?
Some smells bother me but i dont think i am
sensitive to them.

48. Family history: Mention diseases, causes
and ages of deaths of father, mother,
sisters, brothers and grandparents on both
Diabetes grandmother, mother side

49. Construct a time line: Mention from birth
on to the present day, all IMPORTANT events
(emotional and physical traumas,
heartbreaks, divorces, work-related events,
diseases or traumas your mother had while
being pregnant with you, family stress,
death in the family or of friends,
disappointment, etc.) Mention the symptoms
experienced at those moments or which you
can date to those traumas.
My mother drank coffee throughout her pregnancy when she was pregnant with me.
My grandfather passed away 10 years ago, I loved him a lot.
Car accident 10 years ago, big trauma.

50. When you stand in line at the bank or supermarket, how do you feel?
Not sure

51. When your family member was last sick, what did you do?
I am caring.

52. How is your sexual energy?

53. How do you react to consolation
I accepts it

54. What part of your life do you have the most difficulty coping with.
Not sure

55. What are your hobbies?
Doesnt have as far as i know ...

I read arnica and iodine can help? Is that correct info?
[message edited by Gotham5 on Wed, 20 May 2015 15:36:14 UTC]
  Gotham5 on 2015-05-20
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I understand Arnica 30c (how many pellets?) may help, together with coconut oil + arnica oil (or tincture, but cant find the tincture in the us) on the scalp, is this correct?

Gotham5 8 years ago
Do not use Arnica that way. The possible side effects can be very difficult to eliminate. It is not homoeopathy and the use of Arnica in this way was championed by someone who was not a homoeopath.

This questionnaire isn't one I would normally use, and it seems to have encouraged a lot of short answers, has lead you to particular answers, or yes/no responses, which does not help me to make a confident prescription. Would you be willing to answer my own set of questions instead?
Evocationer 8 years ago
sure, where can I find it.
Gotham5 8 years ago

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