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Flushed red cheeks and hirsutism

I have several symptoms already for a long time.
Age: 33
Sex: female
constant red cheeks, easily flushing (hot), due to alcohol, heat and sometimes without reason?
Hirsutism (upper lip, chin, nipples)
puffy face
constantly slightly bloated belly, sometimes more bloated

very irregular period in the past but since a few years regular and no complaints
I am a very introvert person
I don't tolerate gluten and dairy (makes me even more introvert/autistic and depressed)
In general I am very happy with my life since a few years (after having been depressed in past). I am exercising (yoga and running), eating healthy (organic).
Only the flushed cheeks and the hirsutism are annoying me, and the indigestion.
In the past I had diagnosis of mercury intoxication, did some detoxes and have no amalgam in my mouth.
Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.
Thank you!
  wannabehealthy on 2015-05-27
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I forgot, I also have Keratosis Pilaris (not very bad and much better in summer). All these symptoms I have had since I was a child. Some readings also suggested blood sugar issues (hypoglycemia) and years ago I had cysts on my ovaries (PCOS). Haven't been checked for that in a while though. Back then I had no period but now I have healthy regular menstruation.
wannabehealthy 6 years ago
please answer the following with as much detail as possible.

1 Name
2 Age
3 sex
4 Height and Weight
5 Main problem
6 Any other problem
7 The problem is better or worse from (heat/cold/movement/rest/pressure)
8.Appetite and thirst (excessive/ normal/less) with likes and dislikes for different tastes and food.
9 Preference for climate (hot/moderate/cold/dry/wet)
10 quantity and quality of sleep with preffered position.
11 dreams if any.
12 Perspiration (how much and where)
13 Stool (hard/soft/normal) and frequency.
14 Urine (quantity/colour/frequency) difficulty if any.
15 Describe yourself as a person.
16 Opinion of other people close to you about yourself (extremely helpful to the doctor if provided)
17 Family medical history (parents/ grand parents/brothers/sisters)
18 Treatment taken in the past.
19 present medication if any
20. any other information you would like to provide.
telescope 6 years ago
1 Name Carrie
2 Age 33
3 sex female
4 Height and Weight 165 cm and ca. 60 kg
5 Main problem Constant red cheeks that often flush and get hot. Hirsutism
6 Any other problem Keratosis Pilaris. Much sweating.
7 The problem is better or worse from (heat/cold/movement/rest/pressure) Cheeks worse from heat, alcohol, exercise, better from fasting. Hirsutism no changes. Keratosi Pilaris better in summer.
8.Appetite and thirst (excessive/ normal/less) with likes and dislikes for different tastes and food. quite normal I guess. I prefer dry foods (crackers...). Intolerant to gluten and dairy.
9 Preference for climate (hot/moderate/cold/dry/wet) Prefer hot and dry climate. Cold and wet is the worst.
10 quantity and quality of sleep with preffered position. Sleep preferably early to bed and early awake, ca. 8 hours. sometimes pretty light sleep. prefer sleeping on back.
11 dreams if any. often dreams of running away (sometimes on all fourth) or driving cars.
12 Perspiration (how much and where)
13 Stool (hard/soft/normal) and frequency. pretty soft and "fluffy"/floating, 1-2 times a day
14 Urine (quantity/colour/frequency) difficulty if any. Sometimes pretty yellow if i drink too little of course
15 Describe yourself as a person. Very introvert but not shy. Used to be much more autistic as a child and teenager, also depressed. Since a few years very happy, confident and also more social.
16 Opinion of other people close to you about yourself (extremely helpful to the doctor if provided) they probably think I am pretty quiet and reserved but a lovely and kind person
17 Family medical history (parents/ grand parents/brothers/sisters) Mother severely depressed and strong eczema and allergies. Father had a stroke a few years ago. drinks lots of alcohol. sister has allergies and sometimes eczemas. Grandparents unknown because from father's side dead, and my mother had been adopted.
18 Treatment taken in the past. Antibiotics as a child for tonsillitis and other things. did lots of detoxes for heavy metal (mercury) in my 20s. 7 months ago surgery in left shoulder due to accident (broken humerus)
19 present medication if any. None
20. any other information you would like to provide.
See above?

wannabehealthy 6 years ago
Left out
12 Perspiration: more than normal. Sweating easily and at whole body
wannabehealthy 6 years ago
please take one dose only Calcarea Carb 200. the medicine will be effective for around 20 days. do not use any other medicine. update weekly or earlier if needed.
telescope 6 years ago
I am sorry that I didnt reply earlier. In the end I took another remedy which had been recommended from a homeopath. It was also a C200. I don't know if it was because of the remedy but just one day afterwards I felt an energy and motivation I didn't have in a long time. This happy mood phase lasted about 2 weeks. Now it is 20 days that I took it and today was the first day feeling really low again with depressed mood and little anxiety. Also the red cheeks have been more often recently though not sure if that was connected with me starting to drink waterkefir regularly. My general question now is only, shall I take another dose of the c200? Does every c200 only lasts 20 days? My homeopath said I should wait and the remedy can work for months. But I kinda feel like it has "run out" if it was the remedy making me feel so good.
wannabehealthy 6 years ago
Or would it be okay to now take the above recommended calc carb 200? or is it too early after the other remedy? My homeopath is currently away and I cannot contact him. Thanks in advance
wannabehealthy 6 years ago
Please mention the name of the remedy you took.
telescope 6 years ago
wannabehealthy 6 years ago
Take the Calcarea Carb .
telescope 6 years ago
Hello again,
I had read and thought a bit more about homeopathy etc. I wanted to make a more complete summary of my case if that is ok. Looking into it I feel that quite a few remedies might fit, Calc Carb, but also Nat. carb or Nat. m. or others like Pulsatilla or Thuja.

Okay, so main symptoms:
constantly red cheeks, sometimes flushed hot, sometimes one cheek more than the other. Aggravated by heat/sun, alcohol, or sometimes without reason.
Abdominal bloating, more or less constantly, worse after eating.
Gluten- and dairy intolerance, makes me more introvert and almost autistic.
Keratosis Pilaris only on upper arms. Better in summer.
Relatively low energy, low ambition, lack of initiative
Hirsutism (male hair growth on upper lip, chin and nipples)
Easy perspiration on motion
Relatively weak muscles. As a child always bad at school sports. Easily out of breath.
Easily worried, sad, depressed. Though also very cheerful at times (especially since I gave up gluten and dairy 7 years ago).

Other things:
Submissive at sex.
chubby cheeks. Face rather pale (exept the red cheeks), doesnt tan easily.
Thick torso with slender arms and legs.
Brown hair and eyes.
As teenager irregular menstruation. Regular since 5 years. Used to have cramps and headache, now nothing at all. Used to have cysts at ovaries, now only 1 small cyst left.
as a child very quiet, introvert, shy, anxious, precocious, awkward, brainfog. Prefered playing alone and at home.
Lack of facial expression.
Feels duties and rules are important.
Scared of losing control (when taking drugs or driving a car).
Past symptom: Heart palpitations
as a child strong carb cravings for sweets and bread. Prefer dry food (cracker).
got very shortsighted at 10
generally very introvert and quiet. dislike small talk. easily irritated by noise, people talking too much. cannot look people I dont like in the eye.
fat around abdomen
itchy scalp
doesnt like to be criticised or being made fun of
likes routine
runny nose after eating sometimes
as child often tonsillitis and bronchitis (coughing for a long time afterwards)
love for animals, indifferent to humans, even family and friends
often acid refluy
sweating on head
small mouth, big nose
lack of warmth from mother (indifferent, depressed) and father (alcohol, rarely at home)
soft-spoken, kind
honest and open, tells intimate things rather openly
likes things tidy and clean
cannot embrace mother, disgusted by her
easily homesick
dont like having guests or being guest.

I really do appreciate any input so far and if Calc Carb still seems to be the fitting remedy then I will give it a try. I just felt I should add all these things. Thank you!
wannabehealthy 6 years ago
Plus I wake up early usually, not a night person.
and hands often get numb during sleep.
Teeth translucent at tips.
Hip dysplasie as a child
wannabehealthy 6 years ago
Ok. I will take some time to think about your case.
telescope 6 years ago
Thank you very much!!!
wannabehealthy 6 years ago
Please take the Calcarea Carb 200 as suggested earlier one dose .
telescope 6 years ago
I actually took it yesterday morning.
Today I was in a very good mood during the day (after having been quite moody and low the last days) but right at dinnertime it suddenly switched and I was back to sad and depressed. Which came really suddenly and drastically. I had eaten only clementines and walnuts during the day but then at dinner time I had red wine and some vegetables with spices and I wonder if there was something I cannot tolerate. Also had a face flush again but I often have that after alcohol. (And I was also disappointed by something my boyfriend did). Or maybe the 2 coffees I had during the day antidoted the calc carb? Really strange sudden mood swings
I will continue to watch.
wannabehealthy 6 years ago
Avoid coffee and sour things. They frequently antidote medicine.
telescope 6 years ago
Do I now have to take another dose then, or should I wait at least a week?
wannabehealthy 6 years ago
Wait for two days to see if mental conditions improves. Do not take medicine if there is improvement. Otherwise repeat.
telescope 6 years ago
So far no other improvements. I am still flushing quite a bit. I hadnt flushed much in the past months but since a few weeks it had increased again. First I thought it was the waterkefir so I stopped that. Then the Vitamin D so I stopped that too. But the flushing still occurs, especially after eating or during exercise or in warmth. Another thing is that my relationship seems to have changed. I am in a long-distance relationship and a few weeks ago I started getting more frusrated about it, not seeing each other often, and losing the ease and joy of it.
But this all started before the Calc Carb, it was more after the Lac Felinum.
wannabehealthy 6 years ago
If you are feeling good mentally do not take medicine. Otherwise take one dose.
This time avoid coffee and all sour food.
telescope 6 years ago
No I am not feeling so good mentally. But that is mainly connected to my relationship issues, so I dont know if homeopathy has that much influence on that. But I will take another dose on Wednesday. Do I need to avoid the coffee completely for months then? And I never heard of sour things antidoting too?
Thanks for your help already!!
wannabehealthy 6 years ago
Just observe the action of medicine .stay a few days without coffee and sour things and then take and see. You will know then whether they affect or not in your case.
telescope 6 years ago
I had taken Calc Carb 200 C on the 12th of November (8 days ago). Did feel slight mental improvement the next day but that didnt last and afterwards became quite depressed actually. No change in physical symptoms. Over the past days I had been severely depressed about my long-distance relationship with thoughts of giving it up and crying a lot.
So yesterday I took another dose of Lac Felinum since I had responded well to it 5 weeks ago and felt quite an improvement in my mental problems. Less depressed and a bit more hopeful about my relationship.
What do I do now? I do fit a lot of Calc Carb but I am not sure if Nat. Mur. or Nat. Carb would fit me better?
Thanks for any suggestion!
wannabehealthy 6 years ago
What potency of lac felinum did your take ?
telescope 6 years ago

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