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Hi Rishimba

I took Sepia, as advised, today.

I have been feeling slightly better since nux vomica although some old symptoms returned. I started sneezing on coming under the fan and getting a runny nose, especially after swimming and on being irritated. Irritability has also increased. I use to feel these symptoms in 2013, before I even started lachesis.

I have in general been feeling more confident and stronger mentally, since nux. My sleep seems to be getting better but I still wake up due to inexplicable disturbance around 5am.

The rash has itched throughout the day, today, but lesser than how it would normally after a swim. The last dose of I took was at 7:30pm. Some areas are feeling visibly less irritated and bumpy as opposed to the normal hot and bumpy sensation and appearance.

I will give you a detailed account by Friday, or earlier if you if you'd like.

shivanigupta1 7 years ago
Just thought I should mention that the usual rash areas- underarm and inner hind arm and inner thigh/groin area aren't itching. Bumps/hives have, however, appeared on the chest/breast area and are red and itchy. I just started experiencing this about fifteen minutes ago. I think it worsens with sweat (when I'm not in air conditioning), scratching relieves it. I can feel slight bumps on the back as well. My left side limbs are most affected by this rash generally, but it seems to have also appeared, in lesser proportion, on the right side limbs.

shivanigupta1 7 years ago

You will go through some fluctuating symptoms for some days now. Gradually, you will improve in the next two weeks.

Let me know once every week your changing symptoms. If your main symptoms return..that is the one for which you have been taking treatment, let me know.

All the best.
rishimba 7 years ago
Hi Rishimba

The following symptoms are back:

- Runny nose
- Tearing up, mostly when nose is runny
- Back rash

The rash is especially itchy after I eat something bad when it's hot and humid.

I'm attaching a picture of what it looks like.

What should I do?
shivanigupta1 7 years ago
Attaching the picture here

(This post contains an image. To view the image, please log on.)

shivanigupta1 7 years ago
Another symptom I forgot to mention was sneezing. Anytime, anywhere especially when I come under direct airflow. Sometimes I sneeze four times in a row.

shivanigupta1 7 years ago
Return of old symptoms is a positive sign.

Just be patient for some days. This will be over and then things will improve.

Share your status once a week.

Don't take any other remedy or any medicines now.
rishimba 7 years ago

Thank you so much!!!!
shivanigupta1 7 years ago
Hi Rishimba

I just wanted to report a couple of things:

- Ive been feeling great since last week, in spirit as well as in body. I don't feel as tired and lazy as I used to and if I'm feeling mentally stronger, prepared to face situations. I've started going out again, interacting with people and I feel good about myself.
- the force with which the rash used to appear has reduced. I still scratch after swimming, mostly after eating breakfast after swimming and little during the afternoon evening and early morning in my sleep. I think the rash worsens with variance in temperature and environmental conditions- when the a.c. is switched on or off, with increase or decrease in humidity. Also I'm not sure but I think it is affected by fluids like juice, aerated drinks, and sweet foods like ice cream. It gets better if I sleep ( I feel sleepy after swimming). In the first few days after taking sepia I couldn't go to the pool because of some reason, I noticed that the rash had nearly vanished. But as I swim, it comes back.
- Two days ago, I felt an excruciating cramp in my lower abdomen and vaginal/anal area. It came around 6 in the evening and it was sudden. It made the stiff and very painful. I couldn't move for half an hour. I thought it was going to mark the onset of my period, but I didn't get it. The last I got my period was on May 17. I was sensitive through the night.
- I have been constipated throughout this week, although the thirst had gone up. I don't feel as thirsty, right now.
- Sleep continues to be disturbed unless I really tire myself out.
- Appetite has improved I feel hungry at not more than three points in a day . I crave chicken. I enjoy fruits and fresh food more than cooked food.
shivanigupta1 7 years ago
I feel your response is good. From this point you will only get better and better with time. Let this 200C work in you for some one week more and when you see its effect wearing out, take one dose of SEPIA 1M.

Generally, in SEPIA, 200C doesn't bring a lasting response but it certainly overcomes the acute symptoms.

So, the next single dose would be 1M potency single dose anytime after about a week or whenever you feel you are slipping back.

About your rashes, they will gradually decrease in intensity as you progress.
rishimba 7 years ago
Hi Rishimba

The good news is that I got my period today. This is record time. My lmp being the 14th of last month, I'm only 7 days late ( my cycle from the beginning has been 30-35 days). There is pain but so far it's bearable.

The rash isn't itching at all. But yesterday it was red, bumps and extremely itchy towards the end of the day.

I'm feeling good.

When I do take sepia 1m, what brand should it be and in what form. Also, how should it be administered?

Thank you so much!
shivanigupta1 7 years ago
You may buy RECKEWEG brand which is made in Germany and is sold in many cities in India.

One dose would be 3 to 4 drops in some 10 ml of water slowly sipped up in empty stomach and clean mouth. Wet your mouth fully with the mix and don't let it go down to your stomach. Lay down for an hour and let it get fully absorbed in the mouth itself.

Just one dose. Repeat only when you feel its necessary but not before a month.
rishimba 7 years ago
Hi Rishimba

Just wanted to report a few things:

- Period was short, only 4 days as opposed to the usual 5, and light as opposed to the heavy bleeding I normally get. It was pain free, slight discomfort and I only had to take brufen on the second night due to cramps. I don't think the period was satisfactory.
- I didn't swim the whole time, but the rash is still there. I've noticed that the affected areas itch after a good night's sleep. I wake up with smooth skin but within 5 minutes of waking up I scratch myself to the same bumpy appearance. I'm sure that it increases on a full stomach, even if I drink water.
- I have definitely put on little weight and I can see why, because level of activity has decreased and intake of
junk has begun.
-thirst has decreased, my lips are becoming chapped again and skin dull. Body heat also seems to have increased. It makes the rash affected areas worse. Palms and soles are hot.
- Constipation is persistent despite enormous intake of food. There's uncomfortable bloating after meals, I've experienced it before.
- Clarity of mind is beginning to decrease.
- beginning to feel jealous again. Ill wishing for people who are doing better than I, has begun. I had overcome this feeling when I had taken nux.

Is it time to take sepia 1m?
shivanigupta1 7 years ago
Were these symptoms, that you have described now, present before you took Lachesis.

As I see it, all these are symptoms typical to Lachesis. But again, Lachesis brought in some new symptoms in you.

I think we first need to antidote the effects of Lachesis first.

NUX VOM 200C two doses on a single day.

Don't take SEPIA any more for now.
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rishimba 7 years ago
Hi Rishimba

I clearly remember that the rash, which was earlier limited to the under arm and chest area, spread angrily through the back, on my forearm and thighs. Also, I remember that Swimming never had this kind of impact on the rash because I've been swimming intermittently since I was 5. It is only since I took lachesis in 2013 that the rash would flare angrily before my period and when I went swimming.

Palms and soles also became evidently hot after I took lachesis.

Since I was taking Metformin before I took lachesis, I had begun getting regular periods for about 4 months, before that I wouldn't get period for 3 months at a stretch and when I did, they were excruciating with big clots. Naturally, I was overweight at the time.

I have an underconfident disposition but I always pretended to not care although some things would drive me crazy with jealousy or anger. This emotion had been especially amplified after 2010. By then all the symptoms of pcos has started manifesting.

I've never had clarity of mind. Ever. I've taken rebellious and risky decisions without gauging their outcome. I've fallen back on impulses and spontaneity for everything. I've always been told I'm average or below average so I never tried to pick myself up. Lachesis temporarily made me feel great and forceful but after a few changes in dosage I only got angrier, brooding and vengeful. After writing about my life to you, reading a few inspirational stories and Nux, I felt very good about myself. I felt like I had a direction. I didn't feel like aimlessly shooting around for occupation. Even as a model I felt confident about my flawed body. It didn't bother me so much, what people were thinking about me or my imperfections. I knew I was doing what I loved and that irrespective of any negativity that may be around, I was getting paid to be me. It was an empowering feeling that I haven't ever had I think. Also, it made me less brooding and more upfront about my feelings, so I could casually ask people for the money they owed me or tell them to behave themselves if they were talking to me rudely instead of bottling up my anger and other negative emotions.

I wasn't constipated during metformin or after lachesis but I was constipated before metformin, pretty much all my life. Constipation is fairly recent. Since Perhaps a month or 2 ago.

So in general, most of the symptoms I'm experiencing now manifested after the dosage of lachesis.

I had bought sepia 1m. Should I return it?

The two doses of nux are to be taken the same way as before- six hours apart?

shivanigupta1 7 years ago
Also, my thirst was always less. It increased instinctively after sepia.
shivanigupta1 7 years ago
No, don't return SEPIA 1M.

I think you should keep it handy and take it once all your Lachesis based symptoms are reduced.

Nux Vom is a good antidote in this case. Take 2 doses exactly in the same way as earlier.

After about a week, let me know if your sufferings have reduced.
rishimba 7 years ago

Thanks a lot.

I'll take Nux tomorrow and report to you Saturday.

Have a great weekend!
shivanigupta1 7 years ago
Hi Rishimba

Last week was very busy, full of late nights and disturbed sleep toward the end. I took Nux 200 on Sunday with one mistake in dosage, instead of the 6hr gap between dosage, I gave a 7hr gap.

I could feel my rash calm down almost instantly. Whatever lag I was feeling also vanished, I felt energetic and good. But Tuesday onward the effects seemed to wear out because I went to Bhopal for 3 days. I slept late, didn't get 8hrs of sleep and didn't get deep sleep. within 5 minutes of waking up every morning, the rash would itch, starting from the arm. I also ate lots of junk food, I would be full at all times. The rash would itch after meals as well. I was thirsty the whole time because I don't like the water over there, it tastes different (despite being ro filtered) and feels heavy. So despite my obvious thirst, I avoided water and substituted out with food or juice or aerated drinks. I have had two cold coffees, one yesterday and one the day before.

The rash didn't go but it reduced greatly despite all this.However, today I went swimming after one week and it's back (as you can see in the picture). The strange thing is that there are no runny nose and watery eyes, the body heat, reduced difficulty in breathing and even a less itchy rash (so far, it could aggravate after 4). I also feel very sleepy right now, like I have been feeling for the last couple of times I've gone swimming. The one thing worth mentioning is that I haven't taken any dairy products since morning.

What should I do now?


(This post contains an image. To view the image, please log on.)

shivanigupta1 7 years ago
Please take MERC SOL 200C some three doses, each dose 6 hours apart.

I am giving this for two reasons..first, this will antidote the effects of Lachesis that you have been taking earlier for long, and secondly, it matches a certain modality of yours. Let's hope this will cure this problem for good.

Let me know after a week. One dose would be 3 drops in some 10 ml of water. No food or water one hour before or after.

You can continue your regular swimming sessions as we need to know if Merc sol has really cured you.
rishimba 7 years ago

Thanks a lot. I will do as directed.

Just to let you know that the rash aggravated after 4, just as I had feared. It's oozing and I feel a chilly sensation when I scratch it. Chilly, but reliving and slightly painful (from scratching it raw).
shivanigupta1 7 years ago

Please let me know your response in a week.
rishimba 7 years ago
Hello Rishimba

I took Merc Sol on Sunday and it almost cleared out my rash. I'm sure if I hadn't gone swimming today, by tomorrow the rash wouldn't be there. I didn't swim on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. But I went today and it's back. It has spread over the back. But I noted that I didn't feel as breathless today after swimming. The tightness in chest seemed to have reduced. Even though the rash is very Itchy, it's not as uncomfortable as earlier. Body heat is up. It's 4 and I'm not miserable with discomfort, but the surface area of the rash has increased around both arms, chest and back. However, the thigh and groin area seem less affected.

What should I do?
shivanigupta1 7 years ago
Ive also noticed that the rash worsens on eating, during the day. I had three Tiny meals between 10 and 6.it itched about a half hour after every meal.
shivanigupta1 7 years ago
I had to get up at 2:45am yesterday because the rash was itching too much. It's disturbing now, It used to be like this earlier, before taking lachesis, in fact. I remember telling a skin specialist that it itches at night and I can't sleep because of it.

Please help.
shivanigupta1 7 years ago
Merc Sol is an antidote to Lachesis. So, it is doing its work.

I would suggest you to keep repeating MERC SOL 200C whenever you have these rashes.

We will change remedy only when MERC SOL stops working. This modality 'worse swimming' is a very rare one and I am not getting a suitable remedy to address this modality. So, I am trying to work backwards by antidoting the remedy which caused it on the first place.
rishimba 7 years ago

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