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Gender conflict. Remedy for a girl like a boy

I'm not sure is this question constructive, but I can't find any remedy for a woman who has some behavior like a man. Means
walking, manners, some skills (like a nailing). Actually this is just one step in searching my constitutional type. Is there any that has such characteristics? Thanks
  DrWifey on 2015-06-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Walking, manners, etc are not an illness.

Remedies match states of illness-out of balance
states. You can have strong women who have the desire and physicality
to build houses,or be a ship captain, or
just look at the difference in behavior, walking
etc of female athletes- there is a wide spectrum.

If you don't like yourself, that is out of
balance, so you would go in that direction as
to why and how you don't like yourself.
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simone717 5 years ago
Thank you for the reply. The main criteria in choosing a homeopathy is person behavior and character. That's why I pay attention on this. So. I like myself. And I don't feel like a boy, and I prefer man in a relationship. But I admit that I like sport wear, I love watching football and don't like dress much. So let's say I wanna become more womanable.
DrWifey 5 years ago
The main criteria in homeopathy is really finding
out what needs to be cured. And then finding the remedy that matches that in the materia medica.

There is nothing wrong with what you like-but
if the way you want to dress and watch sports is
not the normal where you are, you have to make
a choice to fit in. If I have to work in the city
I have to get very dressed up to fit in with everyone
else-I don't like it but I do it.
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simone717 5 years ago
Thanks again. Actually nobody says that I'm looking bad and even that man like woman in dress more that woman in sport wear isn't my goal in asking this question. What I actually guessed, that this part part of me could determine definitely what kind of homeopathy I am (Pulsatilla, Calcarea carbonica, Arsenicum album etc).
DrWifey 5 years ago
Ok- I understand.

First _ people are not remedies like an astrological
sign and a lot of the language about constitutional
remedy should be what is the remedy or remedies
for a chronic condition. The remedies are only for
out of balance- they match the out of balance and
when they do match, they force the bodies life
force to put you back into health.

The remedies are chosen differently on Acute and Chronic.

Acute means something that is going to eventually
heal by itself, like a cold, flu etc. So if you
have an acute you match the symptoms of the illness
to the materia medica.

Chronic means a long term problem or imbalance.
In chronic, you find the mental nature of the person,
the emotional nature of the person, the physical
problems, what makes problems better in that person,
what makes problems worse, what are the thermal likes,
food likes etc- All these things make up what is called
the "totality of symptoms"

A person may match pulsatilla but then next year or next month
match Nat mur- people don't stay the same or need the same thing.
The remedy is the match for the out of balance state only.
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simone717 5 years ago
Sorry, but I'm confused. This part of me (as I'm like a boy sometimes) follows me all my life. And I read a lot of psychological portraits and I often read something like: Pulsatilla is crying often and hides under the mom's dress in a childhood, or Natrum muriaticum doesn't talk to parents in a childhood much... So I guessed that our constitutional type is like a lifestyle. It calls like person-Pulsatilla, for example.

P.S. I'm translating all text from Ukrainian so I can be wrong in some words. Sorry.
DrWifey 5 years ago
It is understandable why you are confused due
to some books written about psychological profiles
of a remedy.

What you have to remember is that a remedy is
chosen because a person is SICK or off balance
in some way.

So the psychological aspect is one of the
factors of the totality. If someone is sick
and matches the mental factors of pulsatilla and
then enough Other factors, then that remedy
would be a good choice to use if you were ill,
and then needed a medicine.

Many people have these aspects in their personality, and they are not ill. They don't
need a medicine. You can click at the top of this
forum and see remedies shop. See the alphabet,
Click on a remedy name- see mind symptoms plus
head, throat, abdomen,sleep, back, extremities
simone717 5 years ago
I understand. But I wouldn't came to homeopathy if I don't need medicine. As I understood if I'm ill and I can find a remedy that matches my type, this remedy will repair a lot of my ilnesses, am I wrong?
DrWifey 5 years ago

One cannot prescribe a remedy for themselves on
a chronic issue. And perhaps some illness is really
an acute or something that had another cause like
an accident and then you need a remedy to address
the particulars of that specifically.

No one is neutral enough to really be objective about
themselves on a chronic remedy. Homeopaths go to other homeopaths for this.

You also do not have the knowledge required to see
what symptoms are counted for more heavily and are
more important in remedy choice.There is a lot more
in choosing a remedy than just thinking you match
a type. Your case has to be taken in detail by
someone who is experienced.

Sometimes things go in layers, depending on your case.
One remedy takes off a layer and then the next set
of things shows up more clearly.

You must know then how to choose the potency and how
often to repeat it, and how to handle an aggravation,
or know if it is an aggravation or if you are getting
some new things, either from the potency strength,
or too many doses. If there is no aggravation sometimes
a remedy can be palliating your problem and this
might make you feel better but it won't cure you.

People can usually list off symptoms of an acute
illness and find the right remedy for that acute-
don't attempt chronic prescribing- a lot of people
come on here after self prescribing for chronic and
then need repair for what they have done and it is
not easy to fix.
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simone717 5 years ago
Thank you on spending time for my questions. Actually, why did I start to learn homeopathy is because I had visit a homeopathic specialist about 6 times, and she prescribed me calcium, Calcarea, gelsemium etc... but I didn't feel some strong effect from any of it( I don't know why... maybe I do something wrong, or I'm taking so much coffee, or I don't give enough information to my doctor, I just came tired and started to learn by myself.
DrWifey 5 years ago
Maybe the remedies were wrong.

If you want a second opinion and a free assessment of your

You can email Parakletos2012 At gmail dot com.

His name is Dr. Fleming, he is a long time homeopath in Norway.

He is on the forum rarely now, but he does second opinions
and some help for free.

This is his website:

simone717 5 years ago
Thank you so much, I will try)
DrWifey 5 years ago
Hi- I came across this quote today I thought
it made things clear about personality.

Many people read the "personality" books and
think they ARE a remedy.Personality books are homeopathic
best sellers - people relate
easily and fun to read, as if you are a Leo,
or a Gemini sun sign, or an Enneagram number.

"The personality of the patient has nothing to do with the remedy. Only the disease does. You must seperate the normal characteristics of the person from the disease which may alter and distort those characteristics. However, having a personality is not a disease. It is a normal component of being human, and should not be seen as part of the remedy/disease state."

-David Kempson, homeopath, Brisbane.
simone717 5 years ago

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