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Nat phos 6x done great job for weight loss

Hi guys,

hope you are doing good..

I have not great experience in homeopathy but learning it.there are 3 case of obesity near my place. they all tried lots of Medcine for weight loss nothing worked out but I prescribed them nat phos 6x

trust me I am shocked when they lose weight 5 kg in 45 days treatment. specially weight loss from abdomen area and hip area.

so if any one want to lose weight then there first choice should be nat phos 6x..

it's work well who facing acid reflux and constipation too..

home remedy for weight loss

proved --

every morning drink 1 glass of little warm water with one spoon honey ( mix honey with water) then have it in empty stomach.. don't eat or drink upto 1 hour from this drink. u will find weight loss soon..

take care all..
  sabkamalik1 on 2015-07-07
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Basically Nat Phos-6x is very good for fixing hormonal imbalances, especially Testosterone & estrogen etc. That is why it helped reducing belly & hip fat which is mostly caused due to hormonal imbalance & gynecomastia.
AsadGhumman 7 years ago
Thank you Asad..

I got some good knowledge from u.. can u advise me something?

I am treating my mom with kali phos 6x because she has in very complex dibetics stage and she can't sleep properly.. not insomenia but alternative days she got pain and all..

she has strange dibetics stage..when taking insulin because it's high but suddenly she getting hyperglycemia frequently..

what cell salts will be better for her which will give her good health
sabkamalik1 7 years ago
I am afraid classical homeopaths will start yelling at me that I am proposing more than 1 remedies simultaneously. For diabetes I have tried following protocol with good results:

1- Kali Phos-6x (thrice daily)
2- Natrum Phos-6x (thrice daily)
3- Calc Phos-6x (thrice daily)
4- Natrum Sulf-200c (every third day)

This protocol is very good for covering many deficiencies caused by diabetes. You can follow this protocol for a month & then take a break of 1 month & then repeat it again.
AsadGhumman 7 years ago
no worry Asad..

you prescribed it great I will try for her..
and am not classical homeopath or not a homeopath at all so no problem for me..

Can I mix all cell salts??
sabkamalik1 7 years ago
No... Just the above 4 salts are recommended for her. Also please mention her exact date of birth so that I could find her birth salts.
AsadGhumman 7 years ago
Hmmm I will ask her..she is 57 years old not sure if she remember her birthday.

I will update u
sabkamalik1 7 years ago
Hi sir. I m 33 yr old female just started Nat phos6x. I am also taking thuja 200 for warts. I feel very weak, sweaty on head and hair, also hav constipation and fissure. Want to lose weight. I am 76 kg height 5.3ft. Feel pain in legs and muscle. Also taking elopathy medicine for mild depression- stalopam 20mg and sleeping pill of 25 mg. Should I stop all the medicine in order to get the benefit of weight loss by Nat phis? Plz advice.
hon_afn 7 years ago
what country you belongs to?

from how long u r in depression Medcine?

actually nat phos work better when somone take it as a single remedy for weight loss But u r in medication of warts and depression so suddenly u cant withdraw it.. I

who prescribed u thuja for wart??

how is your dose guideline?
sabkamalik1 7 years ago
Hi. Thanks for replying. I am from India, new Delhi. I have been taking thuja 200-1dose/st, Antim Crud 30bd, thuja ointment since 19/6/15. On 6/7/15 I visited the doctor and ask for the treatment of obesity, fissure, depression, warts, unable to sleep. And gaining weight since 2004. I am 76 kg now. Height 5.3ft. After I spoke to doc she prescribed me- calc carb.200-1dose/st. Silicea6x/bd. Kali phis 6x/sos for 15 days. I want to lose weight and not sure if I can continue Nat phis with these medicine. I also read abt arnica 30c dose. I hav been taken depression medicine- stalopam 20mg for the last 1 year along with sleeping pills( sometime) now this is also not seem to working. What should I do? Plz help. I took Nat phis 6x and I am feeling mild cramps in my stomach. Is it normal?
hon_afn 7 years ago
Hi. Just want to add one more thing that my depression is not severe. Its mild. I just started medicine for warts so I think it can b discontinued. I had t.b. In 2003. Just after a month of t.b. Treatment I had jaundice. I continued the treatment of jaundice and then t.b. For 6 month. After that only I gained weight. Average weight gain 3-4 kg a year. It was 82 last year. I somehow managed to lose it. But it stopped now. So thought of using medicine. My periods are also irregular. I have had iud as contraceptive. Which made my periods irregular for 6 months. It was ok this time only. Now I am feeling normal. I sweat alot. Specially on the head and hair. Cant stand the sunrays. I hate summer. Love winters. Love cloudy weather and hate the weather after rain. I hope all these will be good enough info for u. Yesterday I had Nat phis 6x 3 tabs. And one dose in the morning till now. Hope to see your reply soon. Meenakshi
hon_afn 7 years ago
Fissure started after 3 month I gave birth to my son. Gynae said its because pregnancy and after medication side effects. In 2002 I was 48 kg. Never had a weight issue no matter what I ate. But now whatever I eat I gain weight. I feel very weak. Muscle feel pain even now when I am texting u my hands cant hold its own weight and make me feel tired. I take break between every domestic work I do. I am a housewife. I broom and get tired then I take a break (long) then I mop and so on all the work is done in intervals. I never hold my son in the market. Make him drag all the way because of my weakness. I beat him alot cause I get tired of all the work at home and his. Before depression medication I used to beat him( he was just 2 yr that time) and then cry alot that I beaten up such a small child. I always shout on him and my husband and fight over small issue. T
That's when I thought that I need help and saw doc for depression. I lov unhealthy food. Love colas. Hate healthy food. The more I diet more I get hungry and end up eating more.
hon_afn 7 years ago
how old u are?? just click on my name and visit my profile then send an email to me i will send some deiting tips..

your age?

your height!?

it seems you have lots of complications but what treatment you want?

for many chronic problem it's better to take a advise from classical homeopath in delhi..or please tell me what treatment you want first..
how is your warts problem?
sabkamalik1 7 years ago
send a text email if u free
sabkamalik1 7 years ago
Dear Sabkamalik,

You are new on the forum and it is against forum
rules to ask people to text, or email you.

All advice is to be on the forum for transparency.
simone717 7 years ago
I applogies..

going forward will not do this..

thanks a lot simone for saying me this
sabkamalik1 7 years ago
Hi I m quite new to all this. Sorry if u hav any trouble because of me. I am 33 yr old female. Weight 76kg. 5.3ft tall. I want to reduce weight. I told u a to z of my history so that u get to know me well. Plz suggest what should I do. Meenakshi.
hon_afn 7 years ago
I taken your case and your details to study what remedy should be good for u but seems u r here to take remedy from experience one so that u posted somewhere else..

Ok no problem you can take other suggestions..

you cant judge people in one thread that who is having experience or not..

no worry.. goos luck
sabkamalik1 7 years ago
I taken your case and your details to study what remedy should be good for u but seems u r here to take remedy from experience one so that u posted somewhere else..

Ok no problem you can take other suggestions..

you cant judge people in one thread that who is having experience or not..

no worry.. good luck
sabkamalik1 7 years ago
Sir plz do not be angry with me. I did not mean to hurt your feeling. Plz advice me. What should I do to lose weight as u know all my history.
hon_afn 7 years ago
I am a 48 year Old Male, 177cms and 72 Kgs. I look lean and fit, except for the belly fat. I would like to get rid of this. Often, i also get this Acid Reflux and lot of belching. Could I take Nat Phos, and what should be the frequency and dosage?
cdrsreeram 6 years ago
You could try 3 tabs half hour after meal 2x a day for 2 days and see if it helps or not. You should notice some
Positive effect. If nothing happens then it is not correct.

Acid reflux means that your system is too acidic. To fix this you have to adjust your diet.look at your habits
And stop eating late at night. Stop eating acidic foods like chocolate
Tomatoes, black tea,spicy things for 2 weeks.Have bland food,and vegetables, vegetable juices, etc.

What happens is over time, a bad diet, and things like having a piece of chocolate every day start to change your ph balance to acidic.
If you do not change diet, this will never get fixed.

Nat phos is one of 12 cell salts. The cell salts work to balance the cell itself. Nat phos is an acid reducer,but
You have to fix the cause- diet.
simone717 6 years ago
Hi simone717:

Am so glad to see you back & active again on this forum :)
AsadGhumman 6 years ago

Please take following remedies:

1- Carbo Veg-30c (once daily in 30 min before or after Lunch)

2- Nat Phos-6x (thrice daily)

Report after 10 days.

AsadGhumman 6 years ago
Hi Asad..
Very nice to see you back here too!


simone717 6 years ago
Hi I am 32 year old I i al over weight I also have pcod and hormones unbalanced I need to loss weight can you tell me what to take and how to take thanks
Hina_waheed 3 years ago

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