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self treatment for constitutional?

I do not identify with any homeopathic remedy any homeopath perscribes. it never fits my symptoms pr symptoms are missing.. nat mur fits my physicals and mentals. how safe would it be treating in a 6c?
  tj7472001 on 2015-07-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
what are your symptoms ? nobody can say anything about your selection without symptoms.
telescope 7 years ago
Thanks for reply.

my head is tight...abd pressurized from behind root of nose to forehead to occiput making me dizzy. neck feels full in occipital area...feels thick with constant swallowing of saliva and fluid. swallowong irritates symptoms. signals are not matched as i move my head due to weight/pressure. feels as if neck is on a rod. it tightens up when drinking fluids. After intake of food or fluid phlehm creates in frontal sinus and in ears...head and neck pressurize and i get dizzy. very sensitive to envornment as rain dust smoke all cause this along with any irritant. it makes me foggy and dizzy and stupid. as if something is bursting out of forehead. creacks and cracks in neck and cranium. breathing in increases cranial tension/congestion. rarely fluid comes out of nostrils. post nasal though.

Tightness and constriction ib epigastrim causing breathing issues. related to acid reflux and environmental factors like wind carrying cane smoke or volcanic acids. the pressure makes it hard to breathe out slow as it pushes the air out too fast and hard to breathe in fully due to congestion in solar plexus

During acid reflux there is pain in upprr back ajd spine. bubbling ib stomach. malabsorption of nutrients and hars to digest eggs and meat. spices and citric foods give headaches and flu like symptoms with extreme sickly weakness. salt causes bladder inflammation and irritates urether if taken in excess. just had a kidney stone not too long ago in left kidney after eating salty chips.

left side of stomach swollen down to left groin to which there use to be an inguinal hernia that was repaired. a lot of weight and pressure on stomach. stools are usually firmer and hard sometimes floatong and lighter in color; spmetimes loose in the morning. spices shred the stool. sour pain in upper stomach with bubbling.

frequent urinatuon. spmetimes does not completely empty all the way. left testicle hurts occasionally and sharp pain in between rectum and bladder like lightning lasting a few seconds once or twice a week.

occasional stinging and itching in both urethre and deep rectum. feeling full in rectum with gas.

burping and belechong during eatiic and crash and burn feeling wired/tired fweek after with no improvement.
tj7472001 7 years ago
Sorry got messed up.

legs feel weak and tired like jello especially around the knees. drag myself around worse after eatibg

feel lethargic and drowsy. no energy except in between meals. always highs and lows never sistains. any energy is followed by a crash.

sebsituve to music and endorphins. listen to music as a way to be hopefuly for the future. daydream. fantasy.

i am homosexual. fantasy of climbing to a guy standing on a high rock. trying to reach hom trying to make it to hI'm. very hard to do so. sexual obsession and euphoric to me.

longing for safety for home a sense of a compabion. desire to escape. desire to travel.

Vertigo while walking. feels like I'm walking faster then i really am. feels like I'm gonna run ibto something. world becomes sharp and i walk faster then i really am. world looks digital.

sensitive to lights sounds noises. crying babies and children and motorcycles all make me go crazy. i imagine blowing fire like a dragon to motorcyclist who blow their engines. can't stand it

going from outsode to inside and vice a versa is hard to adjust to. i can't adjust. my head symptpms flare. the change ib atmosphere and surroundings do not comply with honeostasis.

sensitive to people tryibg to dominate me. i either shut down or i fire back.

easily guilted. feel guilty.

feel very misunderstood

sad i can't do things i use to be able to do.

I worry a lot. pf what others think about me. i want ro be viewed as strong and not weak. but i want someone to believe my suffering is real.

sensutive to honeopathic remedies. any form of stimulation aggrevates me. i will feel euphoric and high for two hours and crash. the remedy won't hold. i will crash and feel wired and tired for a week.
tj7472001 7 years ago
Feeling of shock in the stomach. easily started and shocked.

talking takes my breath away. my stomach overflexes and i get short of breath. minor asthmatic symptoms.

dehydrated with headache in mornong. headache is occipital and cervical. different then the sonus and head pressure. water alleviates. feel weak in mprning.
tj7472001 7 years ago
24Yr old 135 5'6

Not absorbing nutrients from food properly either. somewhat malnourished

most of my symptoms happen when exposed to triggers like eating drinking fluids and enviornmental allergens/toxins

spices citric foods give me headache shred my stool and make me feel like i have the flu with extreme weakness
tj7472001 7 years ago
Which home remedies you have already used?

From your post it seems that you are either suffering from hypertension or it may be the sinus congestion.

If u want to use Nat m, it is best to use in 200 and above. Higher potencies yields good results but in a single dose and repeated at longer intervals.

mani_jee 7 years ago
you have described your symptoms very well. these symptoms are however covered by many remedies like sulphur, calcarea carb, calcarea phos, Causticum, phosphorus, lycopodium, tuberculinum and many more. to determine which one you need more information is needed. symptoms like better or worse from heat or cold; rest and movement, desire and aversion for different kinds of food, presence or absence of thirst and family medical history are extremely important for this purpose. after all the symptoms are available judgement can be passed on them and a remedy can be selected.
telescope 7 years ago
My diagnosis has been: lyme disease irritable bowel syndrome hypothyroidism chronic fatigue syndrome

i cannot take 200. i am hypersensitIve. i aggrevate on 30c and 12c and LM1. i have pathology and toxins.

so far i have tried phosphprus, phosphoric acid, lac hauman, argentum nitricum, staphysagria. horrible response from staph and argentum nitricum and euphoric bliss followed by a crash from phos acid and phosphorus and lac hauman.
tj7472001 7 years ago
Sorry sir i replied to the other guy will work on your request now
tj7472001 7 years ago
Spices and citric foods like tomato akes me worse. i feel sick like weak flu feelibg after consuming these... a weird weakness. feels like body is diseased
Emotional stress makes me worse. After stool i feel weak. after crying i feel weak.

eating and fluids make my head swell. so much dripping down my throat and phlegm stuck in cranium. also reactive to outside envirinments. mold makes me worse. cane burning and toxic allergens.

any exertment or excitment that causes an increase in endorphins makes me feel better then i crash and am in a collapsed state. too much activity makes me worse.

I feel dazed and dull after mastervation. tired after meals. feel weak. lethargic. drowsy. wweak muscles after eating

dad has beginning of cataracts and
tj7472001 7 years ago
Dad has beginning cataracts. his parents died of emphazyme and luekemia.

moms parents died of kidney failure and diabetes. hrr dad had stimach ukcer. mom has low thyroid and ptsd and acid reflux.

Brother has one kidney and bipolar. older sister has autoommine skin disease. my other older sister has a weord benogn eye issue.

I have high ish eye pressure and also very dry skin. i sweat a lot. it stinks like sweet n sour.

my skin is also very dry and so is my hair.
tj7472001 7 years ago
I took phosphorus 30c when i had pneumonia aftsr surgery and was suffering from antibjotic side effects and it took everything away. made me feel brand new. i crashed really really hard and felt really bad for a week after that. Too strong a potency.
tj7472001 7 years ago
I feel you need Calcarea Carb right now. let me know whether you had taken it in the past.
telescope 7 years ago
Sir calc carbonica fits me well but i am not fat. quite the opposite and hard to keep weight on. but inguinal hernia and distended stomach are very accurate.
tj7472001 7 years ago
all calcarea patients are not fat though it is a general tendency. while selecting a remedy the nature of the disease is a very important consideration. your problems suggest that there is difficulty in assimilating nutrients from food. this is a very strong calcarea feature.
telescope 7 years ago
Ok. so in a hypersensotive can i start with a 6c oflaction or skin method ?
tj7472001 7 years ago
yes , you can try. if it does not work you can go back to regular method.
telescope 7 years ago
I have not been able to order the remedy yet. however i got bronchitis or pneumonia again caused by all the gas and acidity in my body. i am on amoxicillin and am suffering from side effects such as

Feeling like i am going to die or scares of dying
weakness lethargy weariness
Loose stools

my bronchial symptoms worse after eating. Antibiotics are not really helping.

plz advise... just order calc carb or fix side effects of augmenton first
tj7472001 7 years ago
have you finished taking medicine for your lungs infection ? if you have then take nux vomica 30 two or three doses in a day. it will give some relief but you will have to take Calcarea Carb for cure.
telescope 7 years ago
Ok my question now is because i had such a strong response/crash to phos30 is a 30c potency safe for nix assuming one is deep acting and the other is not?
tj7472001 7 years ago
the purpose of nux vomica is to antidote the bad effects of the allopathic medicines. so do not worry.
telescope 7 years ago

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