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multiple cysts on kidneys

I have multiple cysts on the outer side of my both kidneys. The large one is 25 mm on the right side and 23 mm on left side. My age is 70 years. I came to know about this very recently through ultra sound scanning. Kindly suggest appropriate homeopathic medicines that can check these cysts and prevent further formation in future.
  nataragam on 2015-07-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
We have very good medicine but you have to give full detail on prescribed below form...

pls fill it and send to me.

Sex; M/F.
Height: Tall/Medium/Short.
Build: Thin/Normal/Obese.

A. (A) Please state briefly the serious complaints the patient has suffered from since childhood.
B. Nature of complaint. Year of occurrence. How long did it lost. Any recurrence thereafter.
C. Any history of Asthma, T.B, Psoriasis, Insanity or any other disease.

2. Present (Chief) Complaint. Please state all the disorders patient has latterly suffered from---even if he considers any of them unimportant, or not related to his main complaint.

Part of the body affected.

Sensations and complaints.

Modalities. Aggravation/Amelioration. (When increases or decreases)

Probable cause.

3. Any disorder of senses of Taste/Smell/Hearing/Vision/Touch.-----------------

Appetite/Hunger; is it normal? ---Excessive? ----Deficient------, Capricious (At unusual time)? ----- (Waiting).

Does he feel filled up after a few morsels of food---------------Abdomen bloated---------Flatulence (Gas)/------Heartburn/-------Eructation.----------

©.Food items for which patient has a craving of aversions and which disagree with him.

Food Items. Cravings. Aversion. Disagree.
Salty things.
Sour things.
Potatoes/Starchy food.

Fried things.
Drinks, Warm/Cold.
Drinks, ice cold.
Raw vegetables.
Juicy, refreshing things.
Alcoholic Liquors.


Thirst. Please indicate the intensity of his thirst with suitable ticks.

Thirsty (Drinks a lot in a day).

Thirst less (Drinks comparatively little in a day):

Quantity and frequency: Thirst for large/small quantity and at long/shorts intervals.
Stools. Please indicate severity with plus marks:

Nature of stools. Soft, Hard, Bloody, Slimy, with urging, Must strain, No of stools.



Bleeding; ----Blind; ----Protruding; -----itching----Burning, -----Fissures, ----Painful, ----Fistula.

Aggravated by; -----------Ameliorated.


Profuse/scanty; ----Frequent, -----Dribbling, -----Burning, -----Involuntary—Day/Night,
Colour, odour, painful, deposits, sugar, stones (Kidney/Bladder).
Position in which urine passes easily.

Any complaints: ------
Bronchitis; Asthma, Rapid, Oppressed, Rattling, Wheezing,
Difficult Expiration/inspiration.


Taste, Odour, copious/little., watery, Tenacious.

Sexual. Male.

Desire: strong/weak.
Emission. In sleep, during stool/too early.
Coition, any complaint during, or after.
History of venereal diseases.

Age at first menstruation. ------.
Profuse/scanty: Too early/Too late.
Red/Dark/Pitch like/Smell Fetid.Any other.
Nature of the complaint in relation to menses.
Before menses/During Menses/After Menses.

Watery/Thick/Tenacious/Fetid smell/Acrid? Excoriating/Any other.
Causes Itching.
Abortion if any.
During which month of pregnancy.
Coition: Aversion to.Desire, Strong/Weak.
Number of children: ----Sterility.

Side of the body Affected.
(Please name the anatomical region, also stating right or left side of the body)
Complaints first appeared in ------Right/Left.
Complaints then extended to-------Right/Left from.
Complaints shift from place to another.

Cold or Hot (Burning) Sensation.
Cold/Hot (Burning in:Vertex/Eyes/ears/Face/Stomach/Abdomen/Back/Palm/Soles.Any other.

Sweat. If excessive.
Where/When/Odor of sweat/Does it stain clothes/Color of the stain.
Very little sweat (Dry skin)
Partial Sweat on; Head/Face/Soles or others.

Skin, Glands/Bones.
Nature of disease.Where/Dry/Oozing/Itching/Moist/Watery/Viscid/Bloody/Pus/Burning.

Normal/Sound/Disturbed/Difficult/Too sleepy/Sleeplessness/Unreflecting.

Position in sleep.
Lies on back/on right/left./lies on abdomen/Head rose.
At which time the complaint is aggravated/Ameliorated.
Under what circumstances the complaint is aggravated/Ameliorated.
In what season the complaint the complaint is aggravated/amelioration.

Mental attitude.
Ball or plug/burning/heat/benumbing/bruished/bursting/splitting/chilly/cramps/constricting/contracting/dizziness/vertigo/emptiness/fullness/itching internally/tingling/lethargy/itching/scratching/hammering/neuralgic/hammering/numbness/restlessness/scraping/sinking feeling/jerking/twitching/stiffness/rigidity/stinging/sprained/dislocated/throbbing/pulsating/trembling/quivering/tightness/tension./any other.

Under line the right word for you ----
Morose, Quarrelsome, Hasty, Lachrymose, Anxious, Delirious, Groping, Despairing, Sad, Hopeful, Fearful, Restless, Calm, Drowsy, dullness, Anger, Being overwhelmed, Depression and gloom Despair and faithlessness , Despondency from overwork, Domination of others, Doubt or Discouragement, Easy impressionability, Fear and Shyness, Fear for the others welfare, Fear of losing mental balance, Feeling of powerlessness, Guilty and self-blame, Hard master onto oneself with an urge to inspire others, Hopelessness, Immaturity of Mind/Emotions, failure to learn from mistakes impatience, indecision in difference or boredom Intolerance and criticism lack of mental tranquility, lack of motivation and incentive longing for past happiness, nostsliqia, low self-confidence, Mental Fatigue, Mental torture or worry, Mental/emotional and physical weariness, Overcome for welfare of others, Overenthsiasm, Pride or aloofness, Resentment and bitterness, Sadness, greif, shock, Self centered talkativeness, Self-distrust, Shame or feelings of un cleanliness, Terror, jealousy, Weakness too willing , Fear from known thing, fear from unknown thing. Whether you can able to give public speech or not.
Details of the adverse features in the Pathological ,ECG, XRay Ultra-Sound's tests already conducted (pls do not attached if sent)
Attached here your photographs of the affected area. (if required/optional)
deoshlok 7 years ago
Respected sir,
I beg apology for the delay in sending the reply. Now I have answered all the questions and sending you. Kindly suggest me medicines for my cure. The answers to your questioner are as follows.
Respected Deoshlok,
Thank you for your kind questioner. I am sending the details of this questioner whichever is relevant. I am the patient.
Date: 28/7/2015 --- Name: Vogeti Bapuji.
Occupation: Retired from Government service.
Married/unmarried: Married --- Height: Medium --- Build: Normal
Age: 70 years. SEX: MALE
(A) Please state briefly the serious complaints the patient has suffered from since childhood.
Since my childhood I suffered from mental depression due to shyness, lack of self- confidence, financial backwardness since we are very poor and as such I used to hide things I do, due to the above reasons.
(A) Nature of complaint. Year of occurrence. How long did it lost. Any recurrence thereafter
At present the complaint is POLYCYSTIC KIDNEYS. This complaint is detected a few days ego and I was not knowing it until an ultrasound (abdominal) scanning was taken. That was on 20th of July 2015. This ultrasound scanning was made while I attended an allopathy doctor with the complaint that I am getting pain on the right side near the region of liver. (At the end of this questioner I will be attaching the medical reports that I have with me.)
(B) Any history of asthma, T.B, Psoriasis, Insanity or any other disease.
There are no such diseases with me since my birth.
2. Present (chief) complaint. Please state all the disorders patient has latterly suffered from – even
Even if he considers any of them unimportant, or not related to his main complaint.
• Present complaint is POLYCYSTIC KIDNEYS. The larger cyst is on right side with measurement 35 mm. The larger cyst on the left side is 23 mm. As the report says I have multiple cysts on both of my Kidneys.
• While I start to urinate “the starting is a bit late” and the force in the flow of urine is less. Even though the flow of urine is not vertically down the force in urination is low, it falls a little forward. Very rarely the flow will be in multiple streams (mostly two streams).
• There is complete loss of appetite since 3 to 4 months
• I rarely get sound sleep. Insomnia is a long lasting problem with me.
• The prostate gland is enlarged. This also I came to know from the ultrasound scan.
• I cannot write with a pen. The muscles on the right hand gets stiff and the letters will run like zig-zag (Like a paralytic person writes). This is since 1988 and the allopathy doctors diagnosed it as writer’s cramp.
• I am taking an Ayurveda medicine whose name is HIMPLASIA made by Himalayla drugs.
Kidneys on both sides and the prostate gland are affected.
Presently I am getting a low back pain due to which I am annoyed. There is lack of appetite.
MODALITIES: Aggravation/Amelioration. (When increases or decreases)
The back pain decreases if I lay down on the bed. Sitting and standing will increase the pain.
May be due to my age or due to cysts on the kedneys.
3. Any disorder of senses of taste/smell/hearing/vision/touch
Hearing is impaired. While I speak the words resound in my ears. This resounding is in my right
Ear only. The hearing in my right ear is less than the left ear.Thick crusts form in both the ears
whom I must clean every now and then.
I have no appetite. I eat food by force and fill my belly. If I take one to three mouths full my stomach fills up and I get a sensation that my stomach is bloated and filled with air. I have large desire for belching and passing large amounts of flatus from the anus which does not happen.
Sweets: No particular craving or aversion
Salty things: I generally like salty items
Sour things: Slight liking
Mild: Generally I dislike milk
Eggs: I don’t take eggs (I am a vegetarian)
Meat/Fish: Does not arise
Butter: dislike
Spices: I like spicy food
Potatoes: Fully disagree
Fried things: like
Drinks: like warm drinks
Onions/Garlic No particular craving
Raw vegetable: Nothing specific
Juicy, refreshing things: Nothing specific
Alcoholic liquors: I never drink.
Any other
Usual thirst. Nothing to mention specifically.
Soft, normal stool. Not constipated.
I have no piles.
Frequent. Color normal, No odor, No deposits, No sugar, No stones
No problems in breathing
There was libido (even though there is no desire) before 1 month. This is totally absent abruptly. I suppose this may be due to age factor.
Absolutely there is no history of venereal diseases.
All complaints are on the right side. Right leg, testicle right side, Liver right side, Writers cramp which is also on the right side, echoing of voice in the right ear. Almost every complaint is on the right side.
Nothing like burning sensation in general. I have not observed this sensation often in my case.
My skin is absolutely dry, dry, dry and dry. I never sweat. My skin is wrinkled from my very 30th year. Even in summer I apply olive oil to keep my skin wet. If I go to seacoast I get sweat and my skin symptoms are better. My skin itches every time. If I scratch the place of itching changes from one place to another place and there is no end to this process. Some allopathy doctors say that it is purities and applying moisturizers is only the solution. The itching of skin is mostly aggravated in the bed at night. This itching prevents my sleep also. If the itching is too much than I take “ATARAX 25mg” an anti-allergic tablet from which I get relief.

I never get sound sleep. If at all there is sleep it happens at the late hours of the night. It is very difficult for me to get sound sleep. Sometimes I take “ALPROX 0.5mg” for sleep. This is of course not as a habit.
I cannot sleep on my back. It is the most inconvenient position for me. I can sleep on either side. Mostly it is better if it is left side. Right side is also OK.
1. My difficulties are increased in the daytime that too afternoon after taking the lunch. I must relax for some-time otherwise I get intoxicated feeling after lunch.
2. My symptoms are relieved while taking rest on the bed with a pillow. I cannot sleep without a pillow that too slightly hard pillow (not like wood)
3. I generally dislike rainy season.
1. Dizziness and vertigo and sinking
2. Sometimes tension in the muscles.
3. Sleepiness after lunch and afternoon.
1. Anxious
2. Despairing
3. Sad
4. Fearful
5. Drowsy
6. Dullness
7. Mental depression
8. Fear that others are more superior to me
9. Fear and shyness with guilty feeling
10. Failure to learn from mistakes impatience
11. 1n decisive in difference and lack of mental tranquility
12. Lack of self confidence
13. Fear from known and unknown things
14. I fear to appear before public. I fear of strangers. I cannot give public speech because of fear and inferiority complex. In this regard I have to write you something special. I am competent enough to do anything. But once the public appearance is concerned I fear a lot. But once I start giving any speech I can do excellently well and sometimes I am appreciated. I never want to start anything new because I will fail in accomplishing the thing correctly. I totally dislike to travel. I get nervous to travel and I always try to postpone my journey. Once I start by force I can well travel. These are very peculiar symptoms with me.
nataragam 7 years ago
Respected Deoshlok,
Kindly make it convenient to send me the prescription sir.
nataragam 7 years ago

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