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Recurring anxiety attacks

I am 30,Female, weight 62 Kgs.

Introvert by nature & shy too.My childhood has been dominated & dad. Have lived life according to him. Never shared any problems with parents ever.

I am currently working since the last 8 years. Have started getting panic attacks 3 years back when I was in office. It came as a sudden onset of sweat, breathlessness & palpitations. I rushed to hospital only to find that this was a panic attack.

After 3 month of medication, I started to socialize willingly. I thought that is one thing which will prevent panic attacks. And i was fine for quite sometime. To my surprise, was getting those attacks in between.

I usually get upset thinking about my past. I picture everything in my mind & feels suffocated.

I also feel anxious when I am at work. Anticipating various situations which are not real.

My panic attacks have come back again after a year.My heart beats so fast & i feel like getting a heart attack.

I was diagnosed as tachycardiac (heart beat over 100) & was given medicine which did not help much.

I need a permanent solution to this & hope homeopathy can help.

Have taken Lycopodium 200 a week back (3 doses) & i can see it helped me reduce my heart rate.

I need medication for my anxiety.
  debbie.divs on 2015-07-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
pl have one dose of staphysagaria 200 evening time for three days .pl have aspen bach flower along with whitechestnut bach flower to be taken three times daily for one month.two drops of each bach flower to be taken with two table spoon of water as one dose.
akshaymohl 6 years ago
Thank you! Will have the medicine as advised & report on a weekly basis.
debbie.divs 6 years ago
Dear Debbie,

In addition it would be good to google Claire Weekes-
help and hope for your nerves so you can understand
the mechanics of this better.

The problem is that when you have some disaster type
thinking, your body /mind cannot tell the difference
between a real situation and a thought.

Once you have a panic attack, the body also will respond
to any slight stimulus that is similar to the previous
panic attack, It can be a physical sensation that you hardly
notice, it can be similar surroundings, noise, smells etc.

Our bodies are designed to keep us alive. In real life
threatening situations our front brain is too slow to make
the fast decision. What happens in panic attacks, is the lower
brain, takes over body functions, it takes blood away from
the logical front brain, it increases adrenaline for fight or flight.
Since there is no need to flee, or fight the panic attack is really
this adrenaline overload that is not being used.

Once you sit and understand the basic thoughts that are
doing this-they can be very subtle and very fast ( less than a
second) then you desensitize yourself to them. The more
you can recognize the thought the more you can stop
the panic because you are in your front brain logic center
and can tell your body mind, stop there is no danger.
However once it gets fully going, then you have to just
have the panic attack and don't be afraid of it even tho
it feels awful.

Many times once someone has a panic attack, then it is
not the thoughts so much that do this, it is fear that
you will have another panic attack that sets it off-so
you have to learn to be neutral about it, if it happens, it happens and you will then not create more and more
stimulus triggers from it.

Therapy from those who are experienced with panic attacks
can help, because they know how to help you densensitize
yourself, regular talk therapy does not really work.
simone717 6 years ago

I have taken 3 doses of Staphysagaria 200 & currently taking the bach flower remedies mentioned above.

No relied to be precise.

My resting heart beat is still more than 90's. Body shivers continously. I am getting afraid that i might get a heart attack. There is little pain in the chest which gets worse when exposed to heat.

The worst part is the heart beat is high regularly.

Please advise.
debbie.divs 6 years ago
i will review after one week of feed back..pl
akshaymohl 6 years ago
Get the book :
10 Days to self esteem. by David Burns.

It's on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Ultimately you need to understand that your moods are coming from your thoughts, and distorted/negative thinking creates negative emotional states.

Also read the book 'The Power Of Now' by Eckhart Tolle.

What will work best is :

Kali Phos 6x. (cell salt)
Argentum Nitricum 30C(see the website guide for duration)

I'm speaking from experience, as I've been working on treating my own depression/anxiety.

Ultimately :
use homeopathy to 'supplement' or 'compliment' your treatment of depression/anxiety.

there is only one treatment : cognitive behavioral therapy.
Surreal4Real 6 years ago
Dear Surreal,

The first thing that has to be checked is your body systems, even your teeth.
Two people I know had hidden tooth infections and were ready to go
onto allopathic psych meds, when they found out about their teeth, had them
fixed the panic was gone within 2 days.

The physical has to be ruled out first. There was a new medical study out and
info given on the site, Medscape last week, where Drs have found that
usually there really IS some physical thing going on, but they don't test for
these things. The study was on panic disorder, bi polar and depression. They
found that virtually all bi polar patients had extreme laxity in their joints-
this is before any medications were given.

Even if they find physical issues, panic attacks are stored memory that is
coated with different proteins to set off the panic response. They are not
stored as regular memories, and this is why people get triggered in seconds
and don't know what happened- densensitization helps here.

Even if you do CBT you need someone who is really expert in this area,
and educates the patient on mechanics.

This is a very complex subject.
[Edited by simone717 on 2019-04-23 00:01:32]
simone717 6 years ago
Hi, the information which you have mentioned is quite new to me. It may even be a 100% true.

But apart from regular panic disorders/anxiety/depression, CBT has a very direct influence on the quality of life of an individual.

Take for example someone wants to be an entreprenuer, start a business.

A normal individual might rationalize that 'it won't work' etc etc.

But a person who knows and uses CBT can easily out maneuver negative thinking.

This results in a sharp increase in the quality of your Finances, Relating and relationships, Spirituality, and obviously Emotions.

And CBT isn't even hard. Its very fun. You can experience sudden improvements in mood.

But I understand what you're sayin, and if you cured yourself then that's great! ;)
Surreal4Real 6 years ago
Post delete
[Edited by simone717 on 2019-04-22 23:59:43]
simone717 6 years ago
I've never had a therapist.
I read and applied the following resources :

Ten days to self esteem
Feeling Good Together
Feeling Good, the new mood therapy.

(all by david burns).
Surreal4Real 6 years ago
David Burns is great, wonderful you
got so much out of the books.
simone717 6 years ago
Thank you all for your replies!
It was really helpful.
Currenly i am on the Bach flower remedies prescribed & touchwood it seems to work.
Feeling much better now.
The heart rate is in 90's though but did not cross 100 like before.
I will read the books referred.
I have low self esteem & panic in social gatherings.
debbie.divs 6 years ago
YOU CAN ADD MIMMULUS BACH FLOWER ALONG WITH MEDS PRESCRIBED OF BACH FLOWER.mimmulus to be taken when ever you are going out in public.pl continue bach flower for three month.pl update me weekly if possible.
akshaymohl 6 years ago
Hi, I have been doing fine until yesterday when i started getting a feeling of food getting stuck in the throat.
This happened initially when i got the anxiety, suffered for quite sometime. Felt as if the food got stuck in the throat. I thought it was acidity or gerd and took antacids but that did not help. After starting the homeo medicines prescribed here it was gone.
Now its back again.The feeling of something stuck in the throat is there continously.Whether i eat or not its there. Does not reduce by doing anything like drinking water etc.
Please advise
debbie.divs 6 years ago
ignatia 200 one dose is required to be taken evening time only .repeat after 7 days .bach flower to continue.how is your rating starting from start till now from 1 to 10 from worst to best.pl inform
akshaymohl 6 years ago

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