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More than 20 years of Premature ejaculation

Dear Doctors,
Please see my case history and suggest if something can be done in my case.

1. Age: 43.
2. First sexual encounter kissing happened at the age of 14 which ended up in 1 second time and I got this PE.
At that I didnt even know there is something called ejaculation.
3. I used to have night falls sometimes before my kissing incidence. But again I was ignorant about this.
Never in my life I had done masturbation, as I was ignorant about this.
4. After my first premature ejaculation incidence, all my kissing encounters until the age of 16 resulted in same. i.e there was a great rush to ejaculate and finish so as not to caught.
5. At tht time heart beat used to be way to high.
6. Starting the age of 20 years or so , I had several actual vaginal intercourse and all of them resulted in rush to ejaculate and i ended up becoming man with premature ejaculation.
7. Finally got married at the age of 30, wife is way to understanding. so slowly
once I got used to her, increased heart beat issue became normal.
8. All my focus used to be on foreplay and slowly, I somehow mastered the art of not ejaculating during foreplay, SO during even a 30mins foreplay, I dont ejaculate.
9. Slowly, I mastered the art of not ejaculating even during oral sex being performed on me. So I can easily strech myself up to a couple of minutes i.e anyting from 1 minute to 3 or even 5 minutes while oral sex is being performed on me.
10. The most strange thing is that the moment I enter vagina, I ejaculate in 3 to 5 thrust. This I have no idea why?

11. After ejaculation, my erection is excellent, and my thrust goes on for at least a minute or 2, so that way I have a satisfying sexual life.

12. My second erection is also excellent which can happen within 10mins of ejaculation.

13, During vaginal sex whether 1st time or 2nd time, there is no rush, I am well in control, no increased heart beat, but still I ejaculate within less than 5 thurst first time and may be within 20 to 40 thurst in 2nd time.

14. Usually I have intercourse 2 or 3 times a week, and usually in 1 time I have 2 times of sex.

15. Sometimes, I can have sex upto 4 times in night and all the times, erection is excellent,

ABout my health and personality:
1. Height is 6 feel, weight is 88kg.
2. in excellent health condition, physically very active
3. No family history of any diseases.
5. Prefer cold food to warm or hot.
6. Love sweet
7. Very peacful, calm, Patient.
9. MIld Smoker and occassional drinker.
10. Work is usually stress free
13. Love coffee.

About the medicine that I have taken:

1. Had tried some lotion to reduce the sensitivity of penis, but it didnt help at all.
2. Had tried SSRI like Zoloft and Prozac, again it didnt help me even by a second.
3. Had tired Tramazac, pain killer, but again it didnt help me even by a second.
4. Had harmone injection, but again of no use.
7. Had some Ayurveda and Unani medicine also of no use.
5. Had many many many homeopathy medicine mainly : nux vomica 200, acid phos 50M, acid phos 1000, baryta carb, stramonium, coccculus ind, platinum met.
Again no use.

One thing important to consider is that at any moment of time, I am doing more than one thing at a time. So while eating I shall be thinking of finishing it fast to prepare for tomorrow.

I am ready once again to start the treatment from Zero with a new hope.
Pls suggest,
  s1972ks on 2015-07-28
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Have you already taken staph, if not take 3 doses of staph 200 8 hours apart, wait for 1 week and report back.

mani_jee 7 years ago
Dear Dr. Mani Jee,
Sincere thanks for the attention.
Shall start taking medicine from tomorrow and report You exactly after a week.
s1972ks 7 years ago
Dear Dr. Mani,
Reporting You after 2 weeks of Taking STAPH-200.

There is no Change in ejaculation time and it still happens within less than 5 to 7 friction.

I am ready to receive Your next guidance.

s1972ks 7 years ago
Ok, take a single dose of conium and report back progress in 3 days.

mani_jee 7 years ago
mani_jee 7 years ago
OK Dr. Mani.
Shall report within suggested time.

s1972ks 7 years ago
Dear Dr. Mani,
As suggested by You, I had taken Conium 200 3 days ago and wish to inform You that there is Slight still Noticeable change in duration of intercourse.
So if earlier the the thurst was limited to 5 thurst, it is now may be 10 thurt.

But noticeable change is that if not moving during intercourse, then there was no feeling of impending ejaculation.

Kindly Guide
s1972ks 7 years ago
Ok good
Do not repeat
Keep me updated
mani_jee 7 years ago
Ok, Dr. Mani.

But i was just wondering that some doctors suggest to repeat while some doctors prefer Single dose therapy.

What is the basic difference in both these approaches?
s1972ks 7 years ago
It depends upon the potency and nature of medicine. Some remedies work good if repeated for several time.

The low potencies are repeated regularly. In chronic cases, the homeopathy prefers higher potency and less frequent repetition. In acute cases, repetition is advisable.

So it all depends on situation, remedy selection and of course potency matters.

Hope this clarifies.

mani_jee 7 years ago
Dear Dr. Mani,
Good morning.

Its almost 2 weeks since I took Connium 200.

While in initial phase I noticed addition of some 4 or 5 friction, I think after that there is no change, so overall the actual number of friction is still restricted to less than 10.

Kindly advise.
s1972ks 7 years ago
Please take 3 doses of caladium 200, 12 hours apart as detailed below:

Evening 1, 1st dose
Morning 2, 2nd dose
Evening 2, 3rd dose

Update after 1 week.

mani_jee 7 years ago
Ok, Dr. Mani,
And sincere thanks for guiding me.
I have serious intention of not leaving thing midway this time.
s1972ks 7 years ago
Dear Dr. Mani,
As suggested by you had taken Calladium 200 and regrettably there is no change and sexual activity is still limited to a couple of friction.

Kindly guide on next course of action.
s1972ks 7 years ago
I am Philip Louis.I am men's health consultant. I would like to suggest you taken 2 dosages every day kamagra 100mg pills this is effective and result oriented medication to PE.
louisphilip91 7 years ago
Please get hold of following remedies:

Titanium mettalicum 200 (liquid form)
Caladium 3x (preferably in pellet form)
Avena sativa q

Take 3 doses of titanium met 200, 12 hours apart. Dont take the other two medicines. It is for later use.

Update me in a week.

mani_jee 7 years ago
Dear Dr. Mani,
Thanks once again for continued guidance. Shall start the medication from today and report.
s1972ks 7 years ago
Dear Dr. Mani,
Thanks for continued guidance.

Yesterday evening, before I had started taking Titanium Mettalicum 200, I had a love making session which must have continued for at least 5 minutes. During this time, as long as I remained inside without friction and it must have been for about 3 to 4 minutes, I didnt ejaculate however once the friction started, I ended up ejaculating,

In the night time, I had first dose of Titanium 200 and today in the morning I had love making session again during which the number of active friction which used to be about 5 or 6 must have increased to 40 to 50.

So first time I noticed a change, actually a huge change.

As suggested by You I shall take 2 more dosages of Titanium today on 12 hours gap.
s1972ks 7 years ago
Ok thats gr8.

mani_jee 7 years ago
Dear Dr. Mani,
Sincere gratitude for guidance. Details being furnished below are slightly explicit so hope You don't mind.

This is to update you that during my recent encounter, during 1st coitus, the ejaculation was premature however during 2nd coitus the duration of oral sex was close to 4mins which could have been more had I wished so, and duration of actual vaginal friction/ thrust was about 50 seconds.

So difference was remarkable and noticeable in 2nd coitus.

Thank You.

Kindly advise if anything is to be done next.

I have 2 question, so do reply.

i) Do you think, the friction time shall increase in due course ?

ii) I had initially reported that Calladium 200 didnt give the desired result but after a week's time I did notice the change and this change happened before I had taken Titanium Mettalicum 200.

To which medicine should We attribute the changes?

By the way I have already purchased Caladium 3x & Avena Sativa also.
s1972ks 7 years ago
If you were feeling better after caladium, then you should have avoided titanium met. Anyways, you may wait for another week and see if the symptoms gets better. If not, then you may take a single dose of caladium 200 again.

[message edited by mani_jee on Tue, 29 Sep 2015 07:35:40 UTC]
mani_jee 7 years ago
OK Sir,
Shall wait for a week during which I hope to have an even better result, after that shall take calladium and then update you after 2 weeks.
Thank You
s1972ks 7 years ago
Dear Dr. Mani,
As suggested by You, I had a Single dose of Calladium 200 and based on which would like to update You that, while during first time of love making, I still ejaculate prematurely, in the 2nd session, things have improved a lot.

I shall wait for your guidance on how to be.

Thank You.
s1972ks 7 years ago
You may take another dose of caladium 200. Also please get hold of caladium 1m which might be required afterwards. Keep me posted.

mani_jee 7 years ago
Ok, Dr. Mani,
Thank You. Shall update You after 1 week time.

It may be a very minor detail, however kindly note that Calladium 200 was the only medicine which I had taken in pellet form, else all others were in Liquid form.
s1972ks 7 years ago

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