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Colocynthis and nat phos together?

Hi everyone will be very grateful for any help received as I have an extremely colicky 3rd baby with silent reflux too as diagnosed by myself
I know he requires colocynthis 30c based on his symptoms and nat phos 6x will help the reflux but can I give them together?
I'm assuming colocynthis once daily and nat phos 3 times a day
Is this correct?
  Naryssa2000 on 2015-07-29
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Do one remedy at a time. You won't
know what is doing what if you
give both.

If the child does not need Nat phos, then
it could make them more acidic and
lead you to wrong conclusions about
what is going on.
simone717 4 years ago
Wow thank you so much from stopping me from making a huge error
In that case how long do I try colocynthis for before moving on?
Also , is it worth me starting the nat phos as I breast feed Him
I have allergies and intolerances and i think something in my diet is causing upset
I have cut out so much that there is little choice for me to eat - but to no real avail
Many thanks again
Naryssa2000 4 years ago

This is your 3rd child, so did this happen with the first two?

I assume you had your allergies and intolerances then also.

Try the remedy of choice, 3 times max.

if, after dose one or two, you notice improvement or
worsening, then stop at that dose. Wait and see if the
worsening turns into improvement, or if just improving see
how long that lasts.

Then you do not dose again, until things return. The gaps
between giving the remedy should get longer and longer.

If nothing happens from dose one or two, try dose 3 and
if nothing happens the remedy is wrong. Then you try another

Give a gap of the 3 doses about 5 hours in between.

There are many remedies for colic, one should match the
symptoms. Nat phos is a known Acid reducer, it may be
wrong because it does not match what is going on. So it could
be acting like Homeopathic Tums, just reducing acid but
not curing anything.
simone717 4 years ago
I had little colic trouble with the first - just what is call 'normal' colic for the first couple months
My second suffered terribly screaming day and night and overheating all the time
Our homeopath prescribed lycopodium and another remedy which I cannot remember now - when he got older we realised he had allergies - including soy - which I was drinking profusely as I'm allergic to dairy so I probably worsened his condition
My youngest of 3 weeks old has colic where he stiffens and draws his legs close to his chest and must b kept over the shoulder at all times
He is not in as much pain as my middle child but since birth, before his first feed, he has been grunting, gasping for air, choking, breathing heavy, regurgitating but then not really bringing spit up and thereafter I can hear the feed go back into his stomach, he writhes in pain continually
He doesn't poo for 2 days and is very upset and fussy the second day until he manages to poo - then when I open his nappy to change him - as if the air hitting him helps he does so much watery yellow poo that it spills out of his nappy and into surrounding clothes mat etc
But then he sleeps a little after the poo - but still upright
For a couple of feeds after he finds it easier to burp and so the cycle repeats
Naryssa2000 4 years ago

What are you doing as far as getting yourself treated for allergies and intolerance?

Baby sounds a bit more like Nux vomica to me.

Nux Vomica for colic-

*Colic with constipation in an irritable baby
*Colic in a nursing infant from"stimulating" food or drink ingested by the mother
*Arching of back, tense muscles
*Retching without vomiting
*Better after vomiting and a bowel movement
*Spasmodic crying and frustrated easily
*better after warm drinks and warmth
*Worse from cold and worse from eating


*Cutting pain that makes the child want to bend double
*Pain better from pressure on abdomen and warmth
*Baby is better lying on abdomen and screams if moved
-but it does have watery diarhhea with gas and pain

I would try the colocynthis and then move on to Nux if it does not work.
simone717 4 years ago
I'm not doing anything in terms of treatment I've had the allergies for almost 20 years now and avoidance is all I ( can afford to ) do
I have had cupping therapy twice but no difference to allergies

At the moment I'm taking nux vom 30c after meals to help me digest my food better and try and avoid passing on gassy milk

I should have added that baby was born naturally but his shoulders got stuck - he went very blue for a while and then had to be physically manouvered out and so cord was cut immediately in case he needed resuscitating
I'm not sure if he was resuscitated then as I was far too exhausted at that point to be aware of the goings on
Naryssa2000 4 years ago
How long have you been taking nux vomica for?

It could be possible that baby is reacting to that remedy.

Were the symptoms different on the baby before you began
taking nux vomica?

If you need treatment for the allergies, you can post your
symptoms on here ( do a new thread) and include that you are breastfeeding.
I would ask for Telescope or Antivirus to take the case in
your headline.
[message edited by simone717 on Wed, 29 Jul 2015 20:15:50 UTC]
simone717 4 years ago
Hi again
I started the nux vomica 2 days ago as I felt like I was colicky too?
I can't say that baby has improved much or worsened just more of the same
The only difference being he has slept longer this evening - about 3 hours straight waking only for a feed BUT still in my arms and not happy with being put down
I've only started on this forum today - thinking that I would only need to double check the dose - so am very grateful for all your help
I'm assuming telescope and antivirus are usernames of other forumites?
Naryssa2000 4 years ago
Hi- yes they are user names.

You can look thru the forum at user
names and click on them. You will
see a profile of the person and All
previous posts on here. You can go thru
those to see results of their cases.

They are quite good at homeopathy. The forum is meant
to be a discussion place, however the owner lets people
prescribe if they want to. You need to be aware of who
you are talking to, as anyone can join the forum , anyone
can give advice. It is up to forum members to comment
when advice is unsafe or wrong.
simone717 4 years ago
Ok il do that
I would like to thank you enormously for your help and advice
I'm sending out good thoughts for you

As a final question - should I continue with the nux vom for now? Or stop and try colocynthis with baby?

Many thanks
Naryssa2000 4 years ago
Sorry - can I add
My son has projectiled a lot of milk twice today
Naryssa2000 4 years ago

My suggestion is that you yourself,
stop Nux vomica.

Try colocynthis first and see how it
affects with maximum 3 doses and
stopping at dose one or two if you
see a reaction.

Thanks for the good thoughts,they
are very much appreciated.
simone717 4 years ago
Dear Naryssa,

Forum rules do not allow people
to ask people to email them.

However, if you click user names you will see
that many people list their email with their
profile. If that is in there, then you can
decide if you want to email someone.

The forum rule is to protect people from
getting wrong, unsafe advice that other forum
members cannot monitor and also people have
tried to sell services and merchandise, etc.

I have people emailing me about treating them
via email, but I don't do that. However if
you have a question on anything, I do answer


simone717 4 years ago
once again thank you
Naryssa2000 4 years ago
Simpne are you able to help me with my other query as telescope and antivirus have not replied and I want to stick to the forum rules
Naryssa2000 4 years ago

I saw that Antivirus put his form on
your thread-so you can move forward now.

Please give detailed answers for him and
he will then have the information needed
to prescribe for you.

Since this is all volunteer, everyone is not on here everyday to see
the new posts.
simone717 4 years ago
Hi Simone
Many thanks for your advice I took about 3 dosed of colocynthis and the baby's colic has improved a little bit
He is still windy and needs picking up but I CAN put him down for abit now and he will sleep sometimes a hour in the cot as long as he has no wind
Shall I take one a day for a few days to improve further?

Also with the improving of the symptoms it's become clear that he has a lot of mucus in him and the gagging is because of that
It sounds like it's in his chest and behind his nose
He doesn't choke anymore but still sometimes he gags like his mouth has got blocked and makes a terrible noise like an old person coughing

Is there anything I can give him. I think the colic may also e due to this

Thank you
Naryssa2000 4 years ago
Can you see any of the mucous?

If so, is it clear, thick,
has color of white, green or
yellow, tough, stringy- please
describe it.

You can use a bulb syringe to
aspirate out the mucous, you
can you tube it if you have not
ever done it.
[message edited by simone717 on Wed, 05 Aug 2015 03:34:48 UTC]
simone717 4 years ago
Yes he spits the mucous up usually with his milk
It is completely clear but sticky
Naryssa2000 4 years ago

Please get Cal Phos 30c and Mag Phos cell salt 6x.

Dissolve 2 pills of Cal Phos 30 in a couple tablespoons of water,
and use a dropper or a spoon if it works, to give the baby a tsp.

Give 3 doses with 3 hour gaps. Then observe. If the baby seems better
then wait till things go backwards to give another dose.

You can take the mag phos 6x and dissolve one tab in some warm water
and give a tsp every 15 minutes if needed for cramping.

Stop the colocynthis on yourself. I thought you were giving to the baby
direct, and since you wanted treatment for allergies on your other thread -
you will need another remedy for yourself.
[message edited by simone717 on Thu, 06 Aug 2015 16:29:19 UTC]
simone717 4 years ago
Ok many thanks
So do I carry on with colocynthis on the baby?
What does the mucous mean?
Naryssa2000 4 years ago

No on the Colocynthis.

Acid reflux can cause mucous and mucous can cause Acid

The Cal Phos is for that type of mucous and also problems
digesting milk from the mother.
simone717 4 years ago

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