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fear before exam, nervousness, concentration problem Page 2 of 3

This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
this is what i think:

1. a patient who is seeking treatment has to present his/her problem in details; that includes what illness he has suffered before, what illness parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts suffered from.
Have to identity peculiar nature a patient has. For example : I startle easily; There are whole host of questions for example what food a patient likes, dislikes, disagrees.what weather patient likes n dislikes, etc. If you check homeopaths in this forum you can figure out what questions has to be answered to get a correct remedy.

2. These days Professional homeopaths use their experience and also software to guess remedies. It will not be impolite to ask your homeopath how you got to a remedy you prescribed. You can ask what rubrics you considered to select a remedy that was prescribed. I like homeopaths who would think about a patient more, use software, and after doing all this research again ask few questions to the patients. You should write down the rubrics, the remedies and potency as prescribed for future reference even if a remedy fails to work.

3. Both a homeopath and a patient need to put lot of effort to be successful. Best results can be obtained if a patient sees a homeopath in person; Once a homeopath knows a patient it is better to be with same homeopath for a longer period of time. A patient has to know even after all this effort.. first one or two remedies might be wrong. When a patient gets the correct remedy it cures disease like a miracle.

Try to know about a homeopath very well before you hire a homeopath. Nothing is more important than our health. A good caring homeopath can help you and improve your quality of life.
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yogiram 6 years ago
the rubric for examination phoebia is " complaints from anticipation ". there are only three remedies: argentum nitricum , gelsemium and medorrhinum. gelsemium is the remedy of choice in acute condition. it will act in most cases and is safe . the other two are deep acting remedies and should not be handled by amateurs.
aethuja cynapium is a remedy of limited use. it is indicated in stomach and brain trouble that come together in very young children in very hot weather.
telescope 6 years ago
so why did you prescribe this? nonsense

I wasted almost 100 rupees and by taking these medicines I have headache....before I don't have any headaches

amiya123 6 years ago
aethuja cynapium is antidoted by vegetable acids. you can eat some sour fruit .
telescope 6 years ago

I did not want to argue but now that you have referred directly to my prescription, so let me clarify. What I prescribed, I still stand by my words. What I suggested was correct & I know very well what I am doing. However, I had withdrawn only due to your bad attitude & not because I did not know what to do next. Let me tell you clearly that you won't get cure from any person unless you introspect & mend your own ways. The headache might be due to your own psychological or mental issues while fear of exam was just a reflection of those underlying troubles & not because of aethusa. How many thread/posts have you made simultaneously, seeking for help from everyone here & asking for comments on aethusa??? First, you were inclined towards Phosphorus, then u wanted anacardium, then when I suggested some remedies, you chose few & dropped others & then started asking comments from everybody before even starting the treatment course. I did saw all this but I ignored asI thought it was ur life, so your choice. However, I knew you won't get cured from anyone unless you get rid of that paranoia. People like you even if fail in exams due to their own faults, start blaming others for their miseries. You called my suggestion as "non-sense"; I let it go as I am least interested in jumping into a pointless debate. However, save these words as you might need them to repeat those for yogiram or all other such people, who only know to ruin threads & never ever practically help anybody. You may check his profile to know how many people he actually helped. Regarding the behavior of yogiram, I ignore as he doesn't merit my attention. No further comments or arguments from my side. I was never interested in arguing but it was necessary now to show mirror to few people.

Let me help you see all those threads:


P.S: Nothing against telescope. He is a very good homeopath in my view. Hope that he handles this case well.
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AsadGhumman 6 years ago
I am a patient.You can look at my profile clicking at my id. I never claimed I am a Jack of some trades and master of some. I am not a homeopath. But sometimes if I see a prescription I can figure out ....First prescription did not work. Your prescribing homeopath backed off. You have to get well, find a homeopath either online or in your locality. First talk to several homeopaths then decide. Do not pursue with homeopaths who is not well trained.

If you want to meet a homeopath in person
Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Dr. Praful Vijyakar, Dr. Dr. Farokh J. Master, Dr. Banerjee of Calcutta, Dr. Girish Gupta, and many others are some well known homeopathic doctors of India.
Some of these people consult patients over skype.
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yogiram 6 years ago
so you tell me asad sir. ...what can I do? I didn't notice any improvements after taking aethusa 200c and yogiram told me 200c potency is not good...I want to increase my memory and concentration power for study....you should guide me sir. ...I am very very sorry sir. ..but now I am taking kali phos6x and completed aethusa 200c dose. ..please guide me sir. ..I have trust on you and that's why I am continuing this. ..and also telescope sor..please join in my prescription analysis f...Thanks to all ....
amiya123 6 years ago
Homeopathy will help you.
However you need to learn anxiety management.

1. Organized lifestyle
2. Deep breathing
3. Keep physically active. Develop a routine so that you're physically active most days of the week. Exercise is a powerful stress reducer. It may improve your mood and help you stay healthy. Start out slowly and gradually increase the amount and intensity of your activities.
4. Balanced diet (Mg and B vitamins in food)
5. Quit smoking and cut back or quit drinking coffee. Both nicotine and caffeine can worsen anxiety.
6. Being in nature
7. Make sleep a priority. Do what you can to make sure you're getting enough sleep to feel rested. If you aren't sleeping well, see your doctor.
8. Avoid confrontation
9. Helping people feel good
10. Use relaxation techniques. Visualization techniques, meditation and yoga are examples of relaxation techniques that can ease anxiety.
yogiram 6 years ago
Hi Amiya,

I am also sorry for any harsh words. Now that telescope has taken your case, you should stick with him as he is much more experienced. Wish you best of luck.
AsadGhumman 6 years ago
hii telescope sir

I took aethusa 200c for 5 days...now I am taking kali phos6x. ...is it helpful for me? I want to increase my memory and concentration power as well....please help me sir....
amiya123 6 years ago
asad sir

can I take kali phos6x tablet for more days as it contains more than 100 tablet in a bottle....
amiya123 6 years ago
Hi amiya,

Yes you may take Kali Phos-6x for up to 10-15 days continuously. However, I still insist that you should follow telescope from now onward. You can mail him if he does not show up in this thread. You can find his email id in his profile.
AsadGhumman 6 years ago
dear amiya,
i have gone through your email. i am sending you a questionnaire .
please answer the following with as much detail as possible.

1 Name
2 Age
3 sex
4 Height and Weight
5 Main problem
6 Any other problem
7 The problem is better or worse from (heat/cold/movement/rest/pressure)
8.Appetite and thirst (excessive/ normal/less) with likes and dislikes for different tastes and food.
9 Preference for climate (hot/moderate/cold/dry/wet)
10 quantity and quality of sleep with preffered position.
11 dreams if any.
12 Perspiration (how much and where)
13 Stool (hard/soft/normal) and frequency.
14 Urine (quantity/colour/frequency) difficulty if any.
15 Describe yourself as a person.
16 Opinion of other people close to you about yourself (extremely helpful to the doctor if provided)
17 Family medical history (parents/ grand parents/brothers/sisters)
18 Treatment taken in the past.
19 present medication if any
20. any other information you would like to provide.
telescope 6 years ago
1 Name-amiya sahu
2 Age-23
3 sex-male
4 Height and Weight-5feet 8inch,68kg
5 Main problem-fear before exam and interview....recalling problem during exam and interview ...problem on concentrating on study,don't concentrate much time.....want to memorize more quickly and more...i mean to sharp my mind...
6 Any other problem-getting sleep after 30 minutes from the time going to bed....failure thinking and very much nervous during interview and communicating with elder intelligent persons of family also..
7 The problem is better or worse from (heat/cold/movement/rest/pressure) -problem appears more in heat and pressure,and different types of thinking appears in mind while go to sleep
8.Appetite and thirst (excessive/ normal/less) with likes and dislikes for different tastes and food.- normal..
9 Preference for climate (hot/moderate/cold/dry/wet)-moderate
10 quantity and quality of sleep with preffered position. -always getting sleep by right hand side position and feeling also good...
11 dreams if any.-yes...always..dream of failure,impossible things dream...
12 Perspiration (how much and where)-more than others in hotter climate
13 Stool (hard/soft/normal) and frequency. -normal,also soft but not that much,once every day morning
14 Urine (quantity/colour/frequency) difficulty if any.-quantity is ok,frequency also ok and colour white...but before exam feeling like i have to go bathroom,but urine not comes in bathroom,and in outer place from bathroom while traveling ,urine doesn't come by trying,thinking that is any one watching me while urination...
15 Describe yourself as a person.-good,
16 Opinion of other people close to you about yourself (extremely helpful to the doctor if provided)-shy in nature,can't remember the ways to a place by visiting one,two times and it is true,
17 Family medical history (parents/ grand parents/brothers/sisters)-my mother has diabetis,father is ok,and grand parents also ok...
18 Treatment taken in the past. -taking anacardium 200 and kaliphos 6x 1 year before,taking argentinum nitricum200 1 months ago and after taking this the quantity of dreams increases,
19 present medication if any-taking aethusia200c for 6 days,and taking kaliphos6x from today as prescribed by asadgumnam ...after taking this the amount of dreams less ....
20. any other information you would like to provide.-i want to remember more things as i am preparing for different competitive exam,want to increase memory by just reading once and you know to sharp my mind to talk in english confidently because i have a think that what peoples think if i have pronounce something wrong or gramatically mistake....
if you want to ask anything then ask freely...

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amiya123 6 years ago
take one dose sulphur 200 . tell me after three days how the medicine affects you.
do not eat or drink sour things, they may interfere with medicine.
telescope 6 years ago
kindly tell me the how to take the dose ...amount and how many days? as it comes in big bottle
amiya123 6 years ago
and what about the kali phos6x? I will take or stop it and aethusa 200c weekly dose? the Kali Phos tablet bottle was opened today and if I don't take it what can I do with this? and what about the memory and concentration improvement? I need to improve it in 20 days as i have ias and opsc exam oin 20 days. ..
amiya123 6 years ago
asad sir

I want to know more about silicea12x ...how it helps in my case? Please help sir...I have interest to know about homeopathy...
amiya123 6 years ago
Do I give few college names where you can go for BHMS course?
yogiram 6 years ago
[rude post removed by moderator. Keep it civil, folks]
amiya123 6 years ago
1. In 2005 I got hurt by repeated Gelsemium 200c given by a professional homeopath. I was bedridden. Later another homeopath rescued me. I was taught never take high potency remedy repeatedly everyday.
2. Few months ago my remedy action disappeared I was begging Evocationer/David Kempson, a prominent homeopath of this forum to allow me to repeat cann-i 200c, he said do not repeat before 5 days. This was the 2nd time I learnt "never overdose higher potency".

I learnt my lesson.

When I saw Dr. Asad prescribed a remedy 200c to take 5 days in a row. I got scared. I asked a friend who is a homeopath, is that a over dosage ? He said YES it is. I just did not want amiya123 to get hurt the way I got hurt.

Amiya! you told Dr Asad "nonsense".

You ignored and was negotiating about other remedies with our highly talented friend telescope Sir even after he prescribed you Sulphur 200c

Dr Asad respectfully yielded your case to telescope Sir.

All three of us "Dr Asad", "Telescope Sir" and myself want good for you. We had sympathy for you because you are a student.

Unfortunately your attitude, language and stupidity is taking you to a place where no homeopath will treat you anymore.
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yogiram 6 years ago
dear amiya,
I do not think I will be able to help you.
telescope 6 years ago
why telescope sir? I just want to know about the dosage of phosphorus 200c and can I continue taking kali phos6x and aethusa 200c? what's wrong with this?
amiya123 6 years ago
Please don't use Aethusa & Kali Phos
AsadGhumman 6 years ago
Thanks asad sir

can you tell me how to take one dose of phosphorus 200c. ...amount and time? may I fully stop taking kali phos6x? don't mind sir but I bought it 80 rupees and taken for one days....how can I through it out? I described my details after telescope sir ask me....can you please check it and prescribe should I take Kali Phos6x and weekly basis aethusa 200c? as I bought both the medicines around 120 rupees I don't want to waste it....Thank you very much sir
amiya123 6 years ago
please asad and telescope sir. reply. ..
amiya123 6 years ago

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