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How to take Alumina or Phosphorous

I completed the Remedy Finder and the the top two remedies were alumina and phosphorous. I have 9c Al and 12c Phos here in granules.

Is it better to take a single dose or take one dose per day until reaction occurs?

How long do you take a remedy for if no reaction occurs, ie when do you give up and move to the next one?
  William.W on 2015-08-27
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Dear William,

If this is for a chronic problem, the Remedy Finder can often
be wrong. Because it depends on how you weight the symptoms.
In other words, you could have a symptom such as joint stiffness,
but then put in 20 other specific things about it, where the
Remedy Finder will ignore other remedy choices or downgrade
them because too much of one area was entered.

The Remedy Finder works well on Acute illness, where the symptoms
of the illness are put in. On chronic, one has to look at the totality
which is mental, physical, emotional, better and worse by, never
well since by.

I suggest if this is chronic, you do a new thread and describe what
is going on, and let someone ask you the questions they use
to go over it, and they will also monitor your reactions and when
dosing should be stopped if you aggravate or have improvements.
simone717 7 years ago
It's chronic but I weighted things properly. Do you have any suggestion about my original question?

The only homeopath I had success with told me that remedies need only be taken once.
William.W 7 years ago
Remedies need to be taken only once?

Well that could be true if your homeopath is a genius.

However, many things come into play. For instance,
if your life force energy is low, or you have some actual
physical disease process going on, one would want to
take a low potency in water, and perhaps every other day,
or daily, because the remedy if RIGHT will trigger the life
force to respond and clear out imbalance.

If the potency is too high- it overwhelms the life force,
there will be no response or the problems will get worse
and then not rebound and get better.


No one can give you dosing advice without knowing a lot more.
They would be making it up out of thin air.

So you can put your case on here if you want and have
someone with experience go over this.
simone717 7 years ago
That all makes sense, but it doesn't mix with my experience. I took about 30-40 remedies so far under direction of 6? homeopaths. Only one provoked a response, and that was with the person I mentioned - and even that remedy I kind of pushed her into trying it as she was leaning toward a different remedy. Since then nothing has had any effect whatsoever, so I decided to try to do it myself - maybe I'm genius since none of the qualified people were able to make any dents at all.

I would post here, but it's such a complicated mess that I don't have faith anyone will be able to decipher it unless $$ greases the wheels of progress.

edit: and that one remedy that worked I felt it work within 5 minutes of taking it.
[message edited by William.W on Thu, 27 Aug 2015 16:10:07 UTC]
William.W 7 years ago
Everything on here is free- Always.

People are volunteering their time.

You could look thru, by clicking prescriber names,
and see their past posts. Then choose a person, put their
name in the headline and see if they have time.

Good luck!
simone717 7 years ago
Ok, I am going to enlist you for help then since you offered.

I'm likely going to take at least the alumina on my own in the next day or so, but after that you can advise.

Longstanding case of CFS.

onset 27 years ago after a mono-like illness. tests negative for mono

-extreme fatigue, sleeping constantly.

-partial recovery but impaired energy for 2 years, run down. extreme fatigue after lunch meals.

-synthroid prescribed, felt very good for 3 months, tons of energy.

-catastrophic crash after night of drinking, joint pain/swelling, inability to sleep / think clearly, fatigue beyond description, unable to work, allergic to all foods, panic attacks, bedridden, sensation of being electrocuted

-stopped gluten/dairy began passing hard stools, nonstop for decades

-heavy metals detected/mercury

-began passing parasites after 7 years no gluten, still going on.

-gallbladder stasis/gallstones

-severe bloating/constipation

-saunas helped to regain mental function.

1 remedy of 30 had a reaction - mercurius solubilis, about 15 years ago, mercury mobilized but not excreted, severe crash from remedy took about 4 months to recover from.

current symptoms - impaction of small intestine, parasites, painful bloating, lower back pain l4-l5 lumbar, feeling of suffocation, fatigue better in cold damp clean air. summertime all symptoms worse.

suspect multiple mercury poisonings, vaccine damage
William.W 7 years ago
Dear William,


I am not qualified enough to attempt this, it would not serve you. You could
look thru other posters and see if you think they can help.

I am going to suggest that you read:

Organotherapy-Drainage-Detoxification-Joe-Rozencwajg/ Google it
and read the different sites and descriptions of this book. Dr. "roz"
as he is called, is an MD, surgeon, homeopath, Acupuncturist and various
other things. He lives in NZ now, previously Europe and Israel.

The fact that the sauna helped you means that de toxing is helping , specifically
in that way.

The body will hold onto mercury and other things, in the safest place possible.
It makes sense to me what Dr. Roz says that one has to build up.. the eliminatory
organs first before any remedies or attempts to flush out go on, because
the toxins will then move to organs that are not in shape to eliminate them.

Dr. Roz, will work with people by phone, he is not cheap , but he is an
expert in this field.
[message edited by simone717 on Sun, 30 Aug 2015 00:31:53 UTC]
simone717 7 years ago
Well I get the feeling you're trying to help, but you're not helping.

I said it was a complicated case and it was probably best suited for a $$ transaction. Then you say oh don't worry it's free here, then you backtracked and recommded a very expensive doctor, who all in likelihood knows less than me about detox/rebuilding since I've been into it for 2 decades and cured some supposedly incurable symtpoms already, and you're making all sorts of assumptions about what I do/do not know.

I never mentioned taking a symptom remedy or a drainage remedy. I'm still looking for the similimum (sic?), and Mercurius was the closest I have found to anything that worked inside the realm of homeopathy. Further doses yielded no response, and probably not due to exhaustion since I'm much stronger than I was at that point 15 years ago.

So, if anyone has ideas within the forum, this is how it supposed to work, yes?

I have had my fill of super expensive homeopaths that take money without finding anything that works. Probably I would think homeopathy is bs except for the merc. experience I had which proved it works.

Why don't you take a try, I'm chronic but not weak anymore, have some faith in yourself.
William.W 7 years ago
Dear William,

I am not a homeopathic Dr. , and one has to assess conditions
of a person and when there is pathology ( thyroid) many
times that has to be addressed specifically by itself first.

So thyroid test reports etc have to be given, and when I have
read homeopathic thyroid cases, I don't see where homeopathy
has been really successful on that condition. If you google
thyroid and Dr. Deoshlok Sharma, you can see he claims
success there using very high potencies of specific remedies.
The posts on that treatment and arguments on that will show up if you google. Dr. Sharma does not take cases on here
anymore, he has a hospital now in India, and people need
to call him and make a phone appt, he will do some cases
by phone or online.

When the simillimum and well selected remedies do not
seem to hold, then that is called a block to cure. And you
have to remove the block, which may be pathology and you
may need a nosode to do that -however as I said in the
thyroid issues, I am skeptical of homeopathic success there.

I had no idea about what you have tried/not tried -regarding
detox,- and what you know and don't know and I think Dr. Roz book is valuable information on
that. I understand about the money.

It is not that I do not have faith in myself,But I know full well, what I don't know, and since
there are Drs on here who have the medical information and training and past similar cases,
it makes no sense for me to "learn" on your case and most likely waste time for you.

What to do:

1. Make a new thread
2. Ask for Dr. Mohla or Rishimba or Reva in your headline. They are homeopaths with years of
3. List all your physical complaints, date they began, what medications you are taking and
all the homeopathic things you tried and results.
4.Give your current thyroid test results and any other test results.

Wait for one of them to respond. And one of them will help you- For Free.


simone717 7 years ago
Ok this is a great response, very imformative, so I have no idea why you keep focusing on what you don't know.

Whether or not these similimums were well-chosen is up for debate, there is no way for me to know if they were ill-chosen or there is a block.

When I took synthroid and felt great, it was not just great, I had never felt that good in my whole life, so apparently this is a congenital problem which points to miasm.

Thyroid is not the only pathology, to use your word, it's a whole syndrome of gut issues, celiac-esque symptoms, cfs, etc. This is exactly why I am interested in homeopathy since treating specific pathologies has not worked out.

My best case scenario is that there has been environmental poisoning since a young age, which must be curable. Worst case is there is block like you say and it's worse than just poisoning.

I am going to make a new post like you said.
William.W 7 years ago

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