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Reactions to Nat Mur 30C & I need help to find the right remedy

I am new to the forum to get help with my symptoms.
Please excuse my english, since it is not my native language.

I am 28 years old, Female.
5.3 feet tall and weight 99 pounds.(Skinny)
Asian with fair skin.
My blood pressure is low all the time 90/45.
Blood test came out normal.
Urine test came out normal.
No family illness. They all lived up to late 90s without illness.
My mom has low blood pressure.

I am the person who dont have strong energy and easily get exhausted BUT didnt have any severe health problem nor got illed easily as I grow up. I didnt even catch cold easily.

The only problem I had was the ear infection which occured after I took swimming class for a year when I was 5. My mom took me to the hospital and doctor have treated me with antibiotic. I quit swimming class right away and it never occured again since then.(I visited swimming pool occasionally as I grow up with no problem)

Yesterday, I took 2 doses of Nat Mur 30C each dose in 9 hours apart.(One before I go to bed, one after I got up)
After the second dose, I started to feel extreme drowsyness as if all my muscles lost its energy. So I went back to bed and took additional sleep for 6 hours but I couldn't sleep well because of angry nightmare. These are new symptoms appeared after taking Nat Mur because I normally sleep very well. I also had to run to the bathroom in urge to diarrhea as soon as I got up.
The reason why I took Nat Mur is because I thought it matches the most physically and mentally. About a day have passed and I see no improvement yet.

Let me analize all the symptoms that I am going through for the past 2 years.

I am suffering with chronic dandruff with oily scalp. Facial skin is oily as well and at the same time, the outer layer of skin is SCALY and SHEDDING without thickening so it became extremely thin as time passed. Yellow crusty oil is comming out of every pore on my face and inside of ear. Acne is not that severe, just few but the problem is that it leaves the scar and the hole of enlarged pores every time the new one appears. Pores on my whole face are enlarging as well and this stresses me out the most. I feel like my skin have lost its ability to form a new skin cells and it is loosing all the collagens and elastisy very rapidly. The skin on the body is extremely dry and thin. White powdery flakes fell off just by rubbing softly with hands. Some parts of my skin looks like im in my 80s because of its dryness.

I have cracks on my fingertips. It doesnt hurt nor shows redness but it is just there all the time.

I have vertical crack on the middle of my toungue as well. It doesnt hurt nor burn even when I eat spicy food, but the crack is quite deep. The color of the tongue and gum are pink. My lips are very dry and it peels. The color of it is sometimes pink, sometimes red. The color of my lips are quite irragular since middle of upper lip(horizontally) is a lot lighter then lower lip.

Stretch marks started to appear on my knee, upper and inner thigh even tho I havent got any weight.(even a pound)

My facial skin and stretch marks somehow look simillar to the picture of zinc deficiency patient,(I searched them on google) but taking 50mg of zinc for month didnt help at all.

I am constipated as well. I go to the bathroom about every 2~4 days, and once the dry round stool comes out, then diarrhea happens within 30 minutes. This repeats untill I empty the whole bowel.

I always get headache one or two days BEFORE MENSES and it vanishes as soon as mense starts. I also get headache if I stay too long under the sunlight or sit by the window when sun shine comes through it. Headache ALWAYS start on the back of my head along with stiffness at the back of my neck. While I go through headache, thick mucos comes out of my throat which I NEVER experience without headache. Sometimes headache extend to the LEFT side of my head and the pain pounds as if heart is pounding in my head. Once the headache happens, the best thing that I can do to cope with it is to avoid TV, all kinds of light, sound and sleep in the silent dark room after taking pain killer.

I think my menses are quite normal even though pain happens occasionally. Sometimes I use painkiller on the first day of it. Pain usually happens on the first two days but quite mild so that I can endure it without painkiller. Flow and quantity seems normal. No clotting and color is red.(not to bright, not dark) NO PCOS. I feel the mild heat flushes on my face as soon as mense starts. For the past 10 years, I always experienced that my skin gets completely cleared up on a day that mense starts. And then it got messed up 2 weeks later when I ovulate.(Unfortunately not anymore. My skin doesnt get better even with menses. It stays the same no matter what.)

I dont crave food nor take large meals, but taking meal regulerly is important to me. If I skip the meal or endure hungryness for long time, I get really bad headache and start to shiver the whole body along with pounding heart.(I am NOT A DIABETIC tho)

I dont like snackes and junk foods. I like to keep my diet clean as possible.

I dont have any allery nor sinus problem.

I like to keep my windows open when the air is cool. or keep the airconditioner on when it is hot and humid outside. I HATE HOT and HUMID weather even when I suffer from dry skin on my body.

I am sensitve to cold weather as well but thats the thing that I can endure. I like Fall the most since the weather is not humid nor hot.

I sweat mostly and alot on my scalp, face, tip of the nose, between the nose and upper lip area, upper back and under the armpits WHEN THE WEATHER IS HOT. I think I sweat alot when I exercise compare to my friends.
I DONT smell bad even when I sweat alot.(I asked it to my family to make sure I dont smell bad)

I dont feel thirsty most of the time and taking large quantity of water makes me feel nausea.
Recently, I crave spicy food. Temperature of food doesn't really matter. My mom told me that when I was little,(aroud 7 years old) I used to pour salts in my soup and said it is delicious.(This is the main reason why I chose Nat Mur) I dont crave salt that much anymore. Thesedays, I CANT tollerate foods that are too sweet(such as cake) because it makes me feel nausea just by smelling the sugary sweetness of it.

I have bluish dark circles under my eyes.

I bruise easily around my knee area without bumping it.

Sometimes there is pain in my RIGHT KNEE and RIGHT HIP JOINT.
I cant walk for long because the right hip joint hurts so bad.

If I stand up from sitting or lying position, my vision black out(with bluish fog) for about 5 seconds but I dont feel any dizzyness.

99 percent of the symptoms I analized above have started after I got sick. The very first sign was enlarged pores and excessive heat that were bursting on my face all the time.(This excissive heat has been subsided now but happens occasionally.) And then, skin suddenly started not to healing properly.

As time goes on, whole body became extremely dry and flaky while my face was greasy and dry at the same time. I always had oily skin after the puberty but even with oily skin, I never had large pores nor scars. I only had several small pimples just before menses and it always healed completely without leaving scars. I always had oily scalp but never had dandruff that sticks on my scalp.

I used to be very positive, talkative and outgoing person who likes to hangout with friends, but after my skin got totally messed up I started to avoid meeting people and became very depressed. I used to love to look in the mirror and mend myself to look better, but thesedays it feels miserable just to look in the mirror because of my bad skin. I really want my nice skin back so that I can up my selfesteem.

At first, I thought that I might be the pulsatilla because of physicall symptoms, but I guess the personallity is quite different. I am not that strong independent women like sepia but I dont depend on other person emotionally like pulsatilla does. I have pretty strong ego and mood doenst swing easily. I can make decision of my own without asking friends' opinion. I think I am very sensitive to everything that exist on earth.

I dont cry easily in front of people even when I am sad. But when I was little girl, I used to cry easily in front of people. I know what I like and dont like clearly. I am the person who think that outer look is very important as well as inner beauty, so I care a lot about how I look. It doesnt really matter how other people think. It dissappionts me even with one pimple on my face and I get stressed out of it even the whole world dont care about it and say that I look good. I always like to keep myslef well dressed with fresh makeup everytime I go outside. I always think that my life would have been much better if I had perfect skin all the time.

I like to sing and enjoy listening to the music. I like to watch scary movies. I am not scared of ghosts. I hate brutal scenes and always close my eyes or skip the scene if possible.

Thesedays, I cant stop worring about thief with knife comming into my house so I check the window several times when the sun goes down. I never had experience of theft.

Thank you for reading my long story.

Can someone please help me out to find the right remedy?
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  Bluerose on 2015-09-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I believe nat m was not a bad choice, but the potency selsction was not right.

You may take nat m in 200 potency (single dose) and wait for 1 week, then update.

mani_jee 7 years ago

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