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Very challenging case - 8 MDs & 4 Homeopaths have failed - Kindly help !!

hello doctors,

I am a 35-years-old Indian male who immigrated to Canada in October 2013. Two wrong things happened after my immigration.

1) I got a very bad news about my marriage (spouse infidelity) and went into extreme stress/anxiety for 10-11 months &
2) I was exposed to -52 degrees celsius w/o Sun for 8 months.

I started suffering from weak thin hair and inability to control urine. Few times urinated in pants.After staying in that city for 8 months I decided to leave that city forever and go to a better place. So I moved to a coastal city where there was Sun, sea, lot of people and natural beauty. Here there were many indian restaurants and I started eating out a lot. Lot of spicy food, fast food. I believe my Gut that was already weak due to bad time in the previous city, finally broke down. I started passing stool 6-7 times a day. Disintegrated loose stool but not watery. I started suffering from extreme fatigue, weight loss, bone pain, muscle spasms, hair fall, skin disorders, gum bleeding, teeth sensitivity, light headedness, bad sleep, dry bitter mouth and throat etc. Doctors here could not understand anything. I rushed back to India. I met a renowned homeopath from my city. He gave me GERMANIUM for 6 months. I had it for 2 months but there was no improvement at all. I left it. I went to the best Gastroenterologist of Apollo. After tests he said he could not find anything except SIGNIFICANT LOW B12 AND D (VITAMINS). He asked me to get supplements and injections. He diagnosed me with IBS. Took all supplements and vitamin levels came up. NO IMPROVEMENT HAPPENED. I waited for 5 months, still no improvement. I went to another homeopath. He gave me ALOE SOC 30, HYDRASTIS, CHINA 30, NATRUM PHOS, KALI PHOS. Aloe Soc gave shape to my stool. Other than that no improvement. I returned to Canada and somehow started working. After 3 months again my body gave up. I started suffering from exterme fatigue and could not walk even 100 meters. I lost my job. Contacted a Homeopath in USA. He gave me ACID PHOS 6. Slept for 2 days well. Other than that no improvement. After 14 days he gave me IGNATIA. After 8 days my fatigue went high. He changed it and gave me ACID PHOS 30 C (5 CUP TECHNIQUE) No improvement. Head started spinning weirdly and badly. He stopped it and gave me PULSATILLA 30 C ( 5 CUP TECHNIQUE). Nothing posetive or negative. Now he gives me NUX VOM 30.

Met few MDs again. They saw my B12 AND D LEVELS have again fallen. Asked me to be on supplements for a long time. Went to a Naturopath. Her medicines failed too.

NOBODY has been able to cure my IBS AND MALABSORPTION till date. These 2 are the reasons of all other symptoms. Grief could be one of the reasons BUT it is not the only reason. SPICY PROCESSED FOOD, NOT EATING ON TIME, SKIPPING MEALS, WRONG COMBINATION OF FOOD, EXTREME WEATHER EXPOSURE are also important reasons. I was very healthy before I came to Canada. I was 76 kgs and now I am 63 kgs. I have dark scaly patches on legs and on hands. Bald small spots on beard, moustache, and side head and refuse to fill. High teeth sensitivity (left side) that cant take even air or wind on it. I cant digest MILK, NUTS, BUTTER/CHEESE, SPINACH, COCONUT, CHOCOLATE, SPCIY FOOD, LEMON JUICE, VINEGAR, ORANGE, PINEAPPLE, CHOCOLATE, COFFEE, MAIDA, CUCUMBER, BEATROOT, RAW VEGGIES and I cant eat the same quantity like before. I eat only 60% of that. Else I will have to rush to the toilet. Now I go to the toilet 2 times a day if I have exercised extreme precaution. i am alive on rice, boiled veggies, fruit juices, curd, boiled eggs,and black tea with Quinowa cookies. Else, 4 times. Its been 12 months I am on a very strict diet but no results still. I had fresh fruit juices and smoothies daily; no effect. I have to walk 30 min after every diet to digest meal. I cant sleep after lunch any more like I used to. I just dont get sleep. At night I get disturbed sleep. Wake up 3-5 times. My face is dead and dull. Full face filled with spots and tiny eruptions. Brown patches on legs and hands spreading. Waist is 28 from 34. Wind and cold makes my bone pain and muscle problems rise. Sun makes me feel better. No strength below waist. Eyes cant take much light. Prefer semi dark rooms. Very lethargic now. Taking bath, washing clothes, grocery is a huge matter now.

Intellectual. love philosophy, literature, music, art, photography. Love travelling and exploring new places. Extremely adventurous. Day dreamer. Great imagination. Can speak extremely well. Loner. Very high sex drive. Frequent masturbator since 15. Suffered ED and premature ejaculation since 18 due to 2 reasons: 1. excessive masturbation and 2. depression at 14 that lasted till 19 (Father used to beat 2-3 times a week mercilessly). Became 70% better with homeopathy medicine. Loves pastries, potato chips, cakes, sweet cookies,chocolate, dosa, pizza, beer, roasted chicken, biryani, aalu/gobi parantha, salted cashews, fresh fruit juices, gulaab jamun, rasmalai and jalebi etc. Very critical thinker. Fussy. washes hands often. Loves neatness and cleanliness. Loves order. Hates contradiction. Argues well. Seeks logic and reason behind every decision. Trains and teaches and explains well.
Sweats a lot in Indian summers. Cant sleep with sweat on body. Sweat leads to itching when dried. Bathing relives. Thin body with small shoulders. Bones heavy and strong since childhood. Dry skin since childhood. Sleeps with chest facing mattress and face on the right side. Thirsty (generally) and urinates too many times (since illness). Prefers dim light in room always. Not educated. Childhood depression took away memorizing power and concentration. Avoids educated people as cant answer their questions. Isolated life since 15. No festivals celebrated in 18 years. Did call centre jobs and woke up at night for 10 years. One or max 2 frnds. Like minded only. Hates non sense chatters. Speaks to walls when home alone. Dreams of starting education again, getting a desired job in wildlife protection and marry an intelligent/non materialistic female. Beer intoxication used to give a lot of relief. No whisky ever. Can cook well and do all homely chores very nicely. Always late at work- at least 3 days a week. Bad sleep wakes up late. Lethargic. Taking bath is a big deal. Misses school days. Remains lost in childhood days. Loves integrity. Helps poor and needy people. Very kind. Shows lot of empathy and sympathy.Abusive when angry. Might slap too. Anger vanishes fast. But grief in mind always remains. Emotional and impractical.

Pls cure my IBS & MALABSORPTION and my most of other symptoms like bone pain, fatigue, and muscle twitching, and 13 kgs weight loss will disappear. You might have to give me some other medicines for bald spots and dark scaly skin. GRIEF is just one of the reasons. It is not the only reason. Not having meals on time, skipping meals, and over processed food are also strong reasons along with exposure to merciless cold.
I have spent a lot of money on doctors in the last 13 months but got 0 result. I will pay 10,000 INR as fees and gratitude to the doctor who cures me completely. May be Acid Phos was a good remedy but maybe the potency was wrong. Please study my case thoroughly and give me THE RIGHT REMEDY. This disease has made my life hell. I know homeopathy can cure people like me like a miracle, but only when the right remedy is given.

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  Boynotwell on 2015-09-02
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I can try to help you out..
Answer these questions -

1) Who are all in your family? How is your relationship with them?

2) How was ur mental and emotional status during 2013 after the breakup of marriage?

3) What is your occupation? How do u manage ur work or jib with all these problems?

Kindly explain these in detail..

homeodr 6 years ago
" After 14 days he gave me IGNATIA."
What potency?

Do you have Colocynthis 200C?
nawazkhan 6 years ago
1) My Father, Mother, and my younger sister.

I am deeply attached to my mother and love her. We talk daily.

I love my sister and she loves me too but we talk once in few years.

I am not attached to my father. We dont talk unless extremely urgent. He ill treated me since childhood days. Never loved. Never helped in anything. Always found reasons to beat me mercilessly. He did that because my mother started loving me after my birth and her attention point was me and not him. He never loved her and that made her
depressed all the time.

2) When I was in India my spouse was in canada for 3 years. She was alone here . She realized she is no more in love with me and started looking for men for good time. When I came here I discovered about one relationship. I broke down into tears. I cried for 3 days. Then i started talking to mother and cousin brother for emotional support. It was terrible time. It was cold and snowing outside and nobody was around. I wanted to run away back to India but it was not possible. I had no future back home. Me and her still live under same roof but we have decided to end the marriage. We dont touch each other. She probably looks for men in office. I cant look for women. I am sick and unemployed. We will part in 6 months time. There is a govt rule in canada where u have to live together for 2 years after immigration. her character before marriage was not good. she was with many men between 14-22 years. she promised me that she wd change, but she failed to change. i want to lead a single life where i dont get to see her again. this relation has given me too much pain.

3) I worked as a customer care officer in a pvt company here. salary was good. its been 3 months i quit because of health.prior to that i went to india for medical help for 5 months. prior to that i worked in retail where again i quit because of health. if i dont get well soon i will have to go back to india and live with parents.
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Boynotwell 6 years ago
nawaz khan

ignatia 6ch - one globule only
8th day my fatigue went very high. i quit job.

no i dont have cloc ...
Boynotwell 6 years ago
why do you keep washing your hands ?
what are the diseases. that run in the family?
telescope 6 years ago
R u still taking nux vomica?
How many doses have u been taken of nux vomica??
homeodr 6 years ago

I see some Psychological issues which are creating impact on your body physically.

First of all change your id from Boynotwell to Boyabsolutelywell.

I don't want to interfere in homeopathic advises of my friends on this forumn but will advise you something different which can be done in parallel to Homeopathy and will not interfere with it anyway but will support it instead.

from acupressure and acupuncture perspective I assess excessive dryness and coldness in your body.

So start warming up energy points as shown in the attached pictures with three incense stick burned together and kept perpendicular to your
hand at each point shown in the picture. Be careful not to get your hand burnt keep the burning portion of sticks 1-2 cms away from your hand but can feel the warmth.

Warm each point for 2-minutes. You will not be able to warm the points continuously for 2 minutes, as you may have burning sensation so take the sticks away for 1 minute and bring back to the point once you feel comfortable again to warm it.

This way warm every point on frontal and dorsal side of your left hand. 3 times a day.

report the changes you feel after three days.

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vk804 6 years ago
frontal side
vk804 6 years ago

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vk804 6 years ago

Today was the second day I took nux 30. One globule yesterday, one today. Prior to that Pulsatilla 10 days. One teaspoon water from the fifth glass after throwing first 4 glasses (as per 5 cup technique). This was given to remove head spinning effect of Acid Phos 30 C. Pulsatilla failed to remove that effect.
Boynotwell 6 years ago

Please take Ignatia Amara 200C, 4 drops mixed in 2 sips of mineral water, 1 time a day, for 3 days.

Also, get hold of Colocynthis 200C for later use.

Many prayers for your good health.
nawazkhan 6 years ago
You can continue with dr. Nawaz khan's prescription if you want..If needed I can prescribe later...
Ignatia 200 or 1M is also my first choice of remedy..
homeodr 6 years ago
Also discontinue Nux vomica now.
homeodr 6 years ago

I have a question. Will there be any side effect of Ignatia 200 in case it does not work the way you are expecting it to work and if yes, in how many days/weeks will that effect vanish ?

Last time on the 8th day it made me very weak and I lost my job. I am asking this as I am all by myself in a foreign land. Pls dont mind.

Pls tell me the purpose of Colocynthis ?Thanks.
Boynotwell 6 years ago

I highly appreciate your help. If both of you say IGNATIA then I must give it a shot.
1 question. I tried 6. Should I directly go to 200 and skip 30 ?

Pls dont mind me asking this.
Boynotwell 6 years ago
Ignatia 6 was very low potency, low potencies act at physical level while 200C or higher potencies act specifically on mental and emotional level of an individual.
homeodr 6 years ago
Dear homeodr,

Please take it from here. It appears that our first posts got crossed.

Many prayers for you and the patient.
nawazkhan 6 years ago

I have ordered that medicine. Ir would be here next week.

I have a question. I stopped nux vom 10 days ago and I took NATRUM MUR 200 - 2 doses (4 pellets each). I am waiting for results for the last days. Like hair growth on small bald spots and removal of dark scaly patches from legs. I can take Ignatia 200 C after Natrum Mur ?

Will IGNATI also take care of my hair growth and skin apart from IBS AND MALABSORPTION ?

How many doses of Ignatia 200 c and how many times pls ?

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Boynotwell 6 years ago
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mani_jee 6 years ago
Have u noticed any changes after taking Natrum Mur?
Since u have taken Natrum Mur we will first need to analyse the action of remedy whether it has acted or not.. If it has acted then how far it has acted..
So Wait f0r 10 days from the time of Natrum mur prescription.

Ignatia will take care of hair and skin problem too..

You have to take single dose of Ignatia ..Only once..No repetition..

Before taking Ignatia please report the changes u notice from Natrum Mur..
homeodr 6 years ago
Sir one does means 4 pellets directly on or below tongue?
Boynotwell 6 years ago
4 pellets under the tongue..
homeodr 6 years ago
Its been 4 days. No action till now. But there is something I would like to inform. All my life I had a habit of sleeping after lunch for 45 min - 1 hr. Since this sickness started I could never sleep in the aftenoon. I would lie down and get up after 5-10 min only. After taking natrum mur I lie down for 35-40 min. I still dont get sleep but feel little sleepy.
Rest all problems are same as they were.

Will inform you after 1 week.

Thank you !!
Boynotwell 6 years ago
I guess 10 plus days are over since I took 2 doses od Nat Mur 200 X.

First two days I could sleep a bit in the afternoon which I was unable to do for the last 12 months. After 2 days that effect slowly faded away.

There has been no change in any other symptom. But I have noticed one thing. On my knees there were 2 big bald spots after hair stopped growing there. One tiny hair has come up in both the spots. No hair improvement on head, beard or eye lashes.

I took Nat Mur for taking care of my bald patches and the skin problem. Should I repeat a dose of Nat Mur 200 again ? Or should I leave it and start Ignatia 200 ?
Boynotwell 6 years ago
How do u feel mentally after taking NAtrum Mur?

Is there any improvement in terms of IBS symptoms?
homeodr 6 years ago

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