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sleepless joint pain and timidity

i am 49 year old male. body weight is 53 kilograms. hight is 162 cm.since long i am having a lot of problems. icannot sleep until 2am or 3.i am suffering from pain on knee, sole, thigh, muscle, sholder, hand and joints.i cannot walk more than 100meter. after that i feel pain and stiffness on the muscles of legs.but on last month i have crossed a river around 1 kilometer long and the water level in the river was above my knee. i didn`t felt any pain or stiffness on that journey. on the last day i have walked a kilometer on the road and now i cannot walk or stand up from the seat today.i am consuming 2 diclofenac sodium tablets/day. it is only the temporrary relief for my problem.i like salt,and sweet and hot foods. likes cool drinks also but if i drink a glass of icy drink i have problem for my throat after 3 days.i am smoking minimum 20 nos of cigaratte a day. i tried my better to release from that. but untill now i cannot.i have contacted several hompaths in our location with my problems. but i didnt found any progress with their medicines. now days i am a daily visitor of your site. so i understood that i havent consulted any good hompath yet. because the hompaths which i consulted till now didnt ask any more questions as i read in your site about hompaths. they will ask "where is the pain ang when it comes" that is all to prepare a paket of pills. (sorry for my poor english) my profession is tv mechanism. my body is hot. iam married and have 3 childrens. also i am suffering from yellow discharge from ear.over exited for sex but impotency. and never satisfied at home even for a small mistake or irregularity from the family members makes me impatient and nervous. my wife says i am angry always. i feel shy if there is some guests at home. my hand is shivering when i write somthing in a office or the presence of others. if alone ok no problems. i sleeps 2am or 3. if there is no disturb from others i will sleep up to 12 am. it very hard to get up early morning. urging to urinate and frequent urination. especially if i think about this problem and on cold season. my father and young brother have problems ( peripheral neuropathy) and both are taking sleeping pills daily. but i never used it.my skin is very dry.i am applying glycerine after bath and wearing full sleeve shirt ti hide from the public. even in hot whether i am taking bath in warm water.i cannot sleep or lay with an empty stomach. i feels abad smell from stomach to mouth if empty. i cannot talk loud or long because i have cough on talking more. i am nervous and will shiver when angry. i like to sleep on left side and face down on pillow. there is bad smell on the navel even if i wash on all bathing.i havent performed any blood, urine tests yet.so i am requesting you to advice me what i have to do or where i have to go to get my problems resolved. expecting your favourable answer.
thanks in advance
  kplavunkal on 2006-01-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Your symptoms are

1. Sleeplessness
2. sleep after 2-3am
3. Joints pain
4. Stiffness of muscles
5. Desire for cold drinks
6. Desire for tobacco
7. Yellow discharge from ea
8. Desire for sex
9. Impotency
10. Impatient
11. nervousness
12. Anger ness
13. Hands are shivering on presence of other
14. Desire for hot bath
15. skin dry
16. Empty stomach Aggravation
17. Cough on talking

Use for select the remedy from complete repertory and other Kent repertory.
Patient Name :Mr. kplavunkal -- Date: 20/01/2006
Physician Name: Dr. Deoshlok Sharma

[Complete ] [Mind]Anger, irascibility:Tendency:
[Complete ] [Mind]Restlessness, nervousness:Tendency:
[Complete ] [Mind]Impatience:
[Complete ] [Sleep]Sleeplessness:
[Complete ] [Extremity Pain]Joints:
[Complete ] [Extremities]Stiffness:
[Complete ] [Generalities]Cold:Amel.:
[Complete ] [Generalities]Tobacco:Desires:
[Complete ] [Ear]Discharges:Yellow:
[Complete ] [Male Genitalia]Coition:Excess of:
[Complete ] [Male Genitalia]Erections, troublesome:
[Complete ] [Extremities]Shivering:Upper limbs:
[Complete ] [Generalities]Hot:Applications:Amel:
[Complete ] [Skin]Dry:
[Complete ] [Generalities]Fasting, while:Agg.:
[Knerr ] [Voice Larynx, Trachea and Bronchia]Voice:Talking:Cough, aggravates:

Total Symptom 16
Medicine name Symptom Marks
Calc carb 13 30
Arsenic alb 13 27
Staph 13 27
Bryonia 12 27
Phosphorus 12 26
Rhus tox 13 25
Kali Carb 12 25
Nux Vomica 12 25
Sil 12 25
Sep 11 25
Sulph 11 25
Bell 12 24
Merc 12 24

Your are advise to continue Calc Carb 200 daily one dose for a week and stop the medicine till getting the result and report me. Try to avoid smoking. and email me the blood report of CRP Test

Dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
thank you Dr.deoshlok sharma for your favourable response.tomorrow i will get the prescribed medicine and i will post the progress. it would be appreciated if you could tell me how i can prepare 1 dose. in water or powder. i am planning to boil the drinking water for 20 miniutes and keep it cooled. then 2 drops of medinine in 15 ml of water. is it ok?. if not ols tell me how to proceed. thank you once again for your kind advice
kplavunkal last decade
2 drops of medicine in 15 ml of water is ok in every morning.
thanking you by-by
deoshlok last decade
Dr.deoshlok sharma

i have started the medicine from 22nd january as your advice. i will post the progress and blood result as early as possible.
thank you onse again for your kind support.
kplavunkal last decade
Dr.deoshlok sharma
I have started my medicine ( calc carb 200)on Saturday. The last four days I had pain on legs and arms. There were swelling on fingers and toes too. Also I felt as there is bubbles on my soles. It was too hard to step on due to pain of sole. Today I feel better except there is pain in knees and heel, No swelling. I kept away from diclofenac sodium tablets since 3 days. The ear discharge is remaining the same. I performed a blood (CRP) test as your advice and the result is 6mg/ltr. Please advise me for the further steps. Thanks a lot for your advice and this forum.
kplavunkal last decade
Dr.deoshlok sharma
pls respond
kplavunkal last decade
today my knee and muscle pain increased. also there is pain and swelling on the point finger of my left hand. i feel too much pain on knees (back side) while sitting or standing. medicine is contineuing. please respond
thank you
kplavunkal last decade
Try CALC CARB, as advised by DR.SHARMA, but if it seems to be not working, then take 1 dose of LYCOPODIUM 200, 5 drops in some water, and wait for the progress for 3 to 4 days,
then report about the progress.
NOTE. if you take LYCOPODIUM 200, the please do not take CALC CARB, again after this.
drsajid last decade
there was a progress after start with Calc. carb. as advised dr.sharma. from today i have all these problems. also it was advised to take for 7 days. today it is the sixth day. now i feels pain on the lef foot also. i dont know is this from calc. carb. action. s
kplavunkal last decade
so please conform about the contineuation of Calc. carb. untill 7 days or shift to lycopodium.
thank you for your kind response.
kplavunkal last decade
please 1st complete the time period, as advised by dr sharma, then after 2 days start LYCOPODIUM.
drsajid last decade
thank you dr.sajid mahmood. i will complete the period as advised by dr sharma and i will post the progress.
thank you once again for your sinsere support
kplavunkal last decade
i have completed calc. carb dose as advised. still i have pain on my both legs. yesterday there was pain in the right heel and on evening it was shifted to the left heel. today the pain is passing to the upper part of leg and joints.ear discharge is remaining same and there is itching too.i have`nt took any other medicines except cal.carb for the past 7days. please advice the next step.
thanks for all experts in advance.
kplavunkal last decade
take 1 dose of LYCOPODIUM 200, 5 drops in some water, and wait for the progress for 3 to 4 days,
also report back.
NOTE. when you take LYCOPODIUM 200, then please do not take CALC CARB, again after this.
drsajid last decade
thank you for your response. as i am located in a remote area (village) i can get the advised medicine on monday only. so i will get it on monday and i will post the progress.
best regards
kplavunkal last decade
dear kplavunkal,
please email me all the detail once again might be some where in wrong in my prescription for selection of medicine for that please send me more detail from www.doctorhelpe.com/senddetail.htm
here long quostioneris are there and go at every word and thing twice to before sending to me.
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
i have completed calc carb for 7 days , lycopodium 200 one dose for a day . now it is 3 days over. from yesterday i feel too much pain on my left knee. also i seems a pulling sensation on the nerve of the knee. the pain aggravates on moving the leg. i cannot walk or move my leg due to this pain. please advice.
kplavunkal last decade
Dr.deoshlok sharma
pls respond to my e-mail. now it is 3 weeks over Iam still waiting for that
thank you
kplavunkal last decade
Now it is one month over and I didn`t get any reply.
now the pain is shifting all over the joints and I am taking dichlofenac potassium tablets 3T/Day. please respond.
Thank you
kplavunkal last decade

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